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Please, please, please if you have some time, can you write a fic based on the imagine "Imagine traveling with the company and confessing that you’ve never been kissed. One of the heirs of Durin offers to show you what it’s like"? My first was 4 years ago and it was horrible (especially the "after" part, when he never called me back) so I still pretend I haven't been kissed yet.

Oh, you know I will.

I’m sorry about your experience. I will try my best to make this fic extra special, and I already know who is going to do the honors.😘

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"tattoos: how do you feel about tattoos and piercings? explain." For everybody.


“Fer near four ‘undred an fifty years, I dinnae dare it. In me former line of work we were taught tha distinguishin’ marks were a fool’s lot. Yeh kept yerself as indistinguishable as possible. An earrings an wot not were prone ta gettin’ caught an torn out in fights. 

Only in t’e parst t’irty years tha I’ve started ta let all tha slide. Wee bit ‘ard ta unwire me brain sometimes, but it’s been enjoyable ta free meself up ta t’e idea.

I’ve got two piercin’s now… one weren’t me choice. Happened durin’ a particularly rowdy party on a boat wit’ a load of drunk pirates.” He laughs at the memory. “But I’ve grown quite fond of it.”

“An I’ve got a good start ta me tatts. I’ve got four. Two on me biceps, one on me neck, an one tha goes up ‘alf me leg. I’ll be gettin more over time.”

((thanks @ashesandeights ))

ophiukin replied to your post:AW IM SO SAD I WS WORKING DURIN THE RBG STREAM…

rbg is one of my fav pieces of internet media honestly.,?? its so strangely comforting.,,, nd th characters r so ., uncanny-endearing.,,, i luv rbg omfg. who is yr fav in it.

the characters are all really good but I have to say my favourite is Little King John. Happyman might be 2nd favourite. Caveman is a recent character but he’s REALLY good. who is your fave…

there is something really endearing about the designs? like the initial reaction is something like shock but once you get used to their appearances they become cute. by the time the stream got to the point where it happened, everyone could appreciate LKJ kicking his little legs in excitement hahaha

i so often see people callin out loco as bad coach that ruined tsm like?????

i aint liked tsm back then, but i started likin them cause of the loco+lustboy combo and TSM was a huge success durin their ‘era’..

how do you call urself a fan of tsm when u completely forget the amazing splits tsm had with lustboy/loco/parth lol.. 

i know fans like to find a scapegoat but……… cmon


I’m a dog mania .. so I just think , if Middle Earth is the world of dog. Everybody is dog .. it’s must sooo cute XD

This part is dogs of Durins and Bilbo :> , I wanna draw every dwarves into dog version (and Gandalf ,elf too lol ) they will come later~

I will call this series ‘Dwarf dog of Erebor' ♥ 


you may be as different as the sun and the moon

but the same blood flows through both your hearts