during the workshop


A witch that I drew during a workshop that I gave a few weeks ago :) we chose a theme together and picked ‘magic’ :) the right one is a sneak peek of a drawing I’m finishing for my upcoming sketchbook! kickstarter launches on September 12th. also: i’m excited for fall. bring on halloween and all the other good things.

I see U!!! ❤❤❤ Certainly one of the most beautiful owls in the world, the Crested Owl. Photographed by guide Jess Findlay Photography during our annual Ecuador photo workshop.

Party of None!

Story code: D 2002-076
Origin: Denmark
Writing: Michael T. Gilbert
Pencils: Vicar

An awesome person on Discord shared the link to this story a couple weeks ago (please tell me your Tumblr username again so I can credit).

This is the story that The Secret Gardener is a loose sequel for. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and was pleased to discover that it was actually published in many languages, including English and Arabic! If you can find it in your country, support the artists and publishers by buying it.


On Gladstone’s request, Gyro neutralizes his luck.

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|| needy ||

{summary: i’ve never been so needy before in my life.}

A lot of readers want more fuckboi!peter parker, so here’s || absolutely || written in his pov 👅👅👅

im also gonna put this out there but cartel’s [[the perfect mistake]] is fuckboi!peter parker’s theme song ♡

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warnings: mentions of sexual content, explicit language & attempts at an attack


Despite everything that’s being said about me (even if most of them are true), I genuinely did love Liz Allan, and she was honestly the first one I have ever been intimate with.

I met her on the academic decathlon team and recall joining it solely for the purpose of getting closer her, the team’s captain. I was in love with the waves of her dark hair and constantly imagined what her smooth, mocha skin would taste like against my lips.

When we started dating, it was like a dream come for me.

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A lot of people don’t believe me when I say that I’ve only been sewing for a little over 3 years. Previous to that I had only really ever sewn plushies, pajama pants or pillows during Guide Guide workshops aka I could put fabric through a machine and sew in (sort of) straight lines but not much else. I had never used a clothing pattern before, I had never used anything other than a basic straight stitch, and I had never bought fabric. October 2012 was the first time I ever sewed any garments completely from scratch and those were my Fushimi from [K] vest and coat and now this October (2015) I will be competing at the Master’s level for cosplay craftsmanship. So I figured I’d give a short rundown of how I taught myself how to sew and how I improved.

1) I watched a lot of Project Runway (the earlier seasons… Annnndreeee, where is Annnndreee?). While this didn’t help much in actual sewing, it got me familiar with a whole lot of terminology and types of fabric and outfits. Plus it also showed me where people tended to take shortcuts and when those shortcuts tended to fail. 

2) I got a very basic sewing machine and I READ THE ENTIRE USER MANUAL. I started off on a Singer Simple which was a gift from my parents (who actually bought it 2 years earlier but never gave it to me thinking I’d never use it… HA!) and I went through every single English page of that user manual. I became familiar with all the parts of my machine, how to thread it, how to change bobbins, how to clean it, how to fix jams, all the different stitch types, and I practiced sewing a bunch of random stitches on scrap pieces of fabric just to see what they looked like and how they changed when I changed different tension settings.

3) I got a basic sewing book (from like 1965… it’d probably better to get an updated/current book) that acted as a glossary of sewing terms. I had no idea what 50% of the stitches I needed to use were called so this became very useful later when I bought my first pattern.

4) I bought my first patterns and chose something fairly simple to start off with which was a lined vest (followed by an immensely more difficult jacket). I went with Simiplicity patterns after doing a lot of googling for the most new-user-friendly patterns.

5) Then I FOLLOWED THE PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS. It seems like an obvious step but even now I sometimes skip a step and then later regret it. Everything the pattern said I needed, I bought. I bought the specific types of fabric, interfacing, thread, buttons, I did not deviate from their suggestions for the first trial run. Then I read through the pattern instructions, cut out all the corresponding pieces for my size and got to work. The key was to work slowly and re-read things as I went. I also used my sewing book and google to help better explain some of the instructions that were not 100% clear to me just starting out. I also looked up youtube video tutorials on how to iron seams, sew darts, properly clip curved edges, sew button holes, and finish inside seams. Research, research, research!

6) To re-iterate: TAKE YOUR TIME. Slow and steady wins the race. It took me probably a solid 4 days to sew a very simple vest that would probably take me maybe a couple hours now but damn it was one of the cleanest looking vests I had ever sewn. I made sure not to rush anything and gave myself lots of time.

7) I kept practicing. The more I sewed, the more familiar I became with how garments were put together and where I could change things to better fit my size or how to alter things to better fit the garment I was trying to create. I experimented whenever I could on scrap fabric to see what would and would not work for stitching and ironing.

3 years later and I can now draft my own patterns and sew dozens of different types of garments with dozens of fabric types. I would attribute 90% of my learning experience to taking it slow at first and researching as I went. I didn’t allow any guesswork on the first couple of projects I worked on because how would I ever learn if I didn’t look into how something was properly done? Google, youtube, tutorial blogs (wink wink), reference books, and pattern instructions are you friends, do not take them for granted. 

Pictured at the top on the left is the first Kirishiki vest I (rush) sewed in July 2012 without following instructions and trying to do it myself. The vest on the right is from December 2012 after I decided to take my time and follow instructions and actually learn while I was sewing. You can improve 100% just by taking your time, doing some research and following the instructions.

Bonus: What I bought for my sewing starter kit

  1. A green rotary/cutting mat. They can be really expensive but I have been using my large mat for 3 years straight and it works wonders at not only protecting the surface you are working on, but giving you a nice sturdy pinning and cutting surface that is self-healing and doesn’t get destroyed by pins and exacto knives.
  2. 1 large and 1 small pair of orange handled sewing scissors.
  3. A 6" x 24" clear sewing ruler.
  4. A pack of white/blue fabric pencils.
  5. A box of standard pins, plus a pin cushion.
  6. A pack of extra bobbins.
  7. A pack of standard sewing needles for hand-sewing.
  8. A pack of standard sewing needles for my machine.
  9. An iron and mini ironing board. 

Happy sewing!


mbti as occurrences near my university

ESFJ: free tea and cookie events during exam week that no one goes to

ISFJ: puppy petting workshops during exam week that everyone goes to

ESFP: bright green hippie van occasionally seen throwing loaves of bread at people

ISFP: a farmers market outside of Starbucks

ESTJ: hundreds of “research participants needed” posters. everywhere you look. Even the bathrooms.

ISTJ: the campus security service door. people are seen inside, but never entering or leaving.

ESTP: the people who canoe over a mini lake that happens in the centre of the university every spring due to poor water drainage

ISTP: the pontoon bridge over that lake that just spontaneously appeared one day

ENFJ: passive aggressive chalkboard in a student store instructing people to not be fucking idiots to the staff and tries to make you feel bad just for being there to buy something

INFJ: vegan food truck that only sells two different curries at 12 dollars each

ENFP: half defunct parkour practice area

INFP: poster for a political club that says “join the side that won the Cold War”

ENTJ: the student government election week that no one pays attention to but everyone complains about anyway

INTJ: big bin where a bunch of old computers and computer parts are thrown at the beginning of each year

ENTP: whoever put the Young Conservative club across from the Young Communist League during a club festival

INTP: big, complex looking clock in the student centre that hasn’t worked for years

Welcoming Ramadan

Sunnahs of the Prophet (saw) during Ramadan

I attended a welcoming Ramadan workshop a couple of days ago. Sharing some notes on the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) during the month of Ramadan that were discussed during the workshop. 

a. Having suhoor

Having suhoor is the sunnah of Prophet (saw). Many of us skip this sunnah by eating before sleeping and waking up later to pray fajr. 

Irbadh (RA) narrates that Prophet (saw) said while calling a person to suhoor: “Come towards the meal of Barakah” (Abu Daud). 

Do not skip suhoor this Ramadan for it’s a sunnah and there is barakah in it. Having something sweet in suhoor is also a sunnah. 

Abu Huraira (RA) narrates that Prophet saw said that the best suhoor is khajoor.

b. Increase in worship

We strive to get more and more taqwa in the month of Ramadan – attaining taqwa is to stop everything that is disliked by Allah. Prophet (saw) used to increase the amount of all kinds of worship in Ramadan: dhikr, salah, nawafil, recitation of the holy Quran, staying up the night to worship. Make it a goal to increase in worship to maximize the ajar this Ramadan.

c. Decrease sleep in Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, Prophet (saw) used to decrease the number of hours he slept and used to spend that time in worship. Decreasing the sleep is also a way to train our nafs. 

Aisha (RA) narrated that Prophet (saw) slept less during the earlier days of Ramadan (as compared to non-ramadan), and in the last ten days of Ramadan he’d almost stop sleeping (Subul al Hadi)

d. Decrease in food consumption

There is a relationship between our outside actions and inward feelings. If we eat more in Ramadan than we do everyday then the entire purpose of training our nafs and fasting is defeated. Eating too much food makes us feel lethargic and diverts our focus from other activities. Going into a food coma after iftar and not wanting to do anything after is not the purpose of iftar. During Ramadan, Prophet saw used to be so busy in worship that he wouldn’t get time for food.  

Aisha (RA) narrated that Prophet (saw) would eat his night meal at the time of suhoor during the last ten days of Ramadan. (Subul al Hadi)

e. Waking up family for worship during nights of Ramadan

Do Qiyam-al-Layl during ramadan and encourage your family members and loved ones to stay up the night in worship as well.

 Aisha (RA) narrates that when the last ten days of Ramadan started Prophet (saw) would get busy in worship for complete nights and would also wake his family up for worship and would separate himself from his wives. (Muslim)

f. Complete recitation of the Holy Quran

Finish at least one Quran in Ramadan and recite it properly – recite it the way Prophet saw did. Reciting the Arabic has its own reward and blessings and learning the translation and tafseer has its own.

 Abu Huraira (RA) narrates that every year (in Ramadan) Sayyidna Jibrael would read out Quran to Prophet (saw) once, and the year when the Prophet (saw) passed away, Jibrael (AS) read it out to Prophet twice. (Bukhari) 

There is a special connection between Quran and Ramadan so read as much Quran as you can.

g. Taking shower

Even taking a shower can become ibadah if you make the intention of following the sunnah of our Prophet (saw). 

A companion narrated that I saw Prophet (saw) pouring water on himself due to intense heat. (Abu Daud)

h. Using Miswak.

Using miswak while fasting is a sunah and should be practiced. Miswak doesn’t break the fast.

Rabeea (rA) narrates that I saw Prophet (saw) do miswak while fasting many times. 

i. Encouraging children to fast

Muawwaz (RA) narrates that we used to make children fast; when we would go to the mosque we’d arrange a toy fro them made of wool and even if they cried, we’d give them food at iftar time. (Muslim).

The goal behnd this practice was to introduce children close to maturity to the concept of fasting so that when the time comes, they are mentally prepared. At the age of 7, start encouraging them and when the fast is obligated upon them they are acquainted with the practice and have less difficulty fasting.

j. Sunnah of Iftar

It’s a sunnah not to delay the iftaar: 

Qutba bin Qatadah narrates that Prophet (saw) would break his fast as soon as the sunset. (Ahmad)

It’s a sunnah to conclude fast with fresh dates, dry dates or water: 

Anas (RA) narrates that if there were no fresh dates then the Prophet (saw) would break his fast with dry dates and if there were no dry dates then he’d break his fast with few sips of water. (Tirmidhi)

k. Searching for the night of Qadr

Make special arrangements and schedule changes to permit yourself to search for the night of Qadr in the last ashore. 

Aisha (RA) narrates that the Prophet (saw) said: Search for the night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of ramadan. (Bukhari)

Dua for the night of Qadr:

l. Practice Itikaaf

Prophet (saw) use to practice itikaf (spiritual retreat) to search for the night of Qadr. Itikaf is when you seclude yourself form others in order to focus on worshiping Allah (swt). Prophet saw did Itikaaf persistently throughout his life.

Aisha (RA) narrates that Prophet (saw) performed itikaaf in the last ten days of Ramadan till he passed away, and after that, his wives used to do itikaaf. (Bukhari)

Nowadays, people take it lightly and do not understand its significance. If a person is able to do itikaaf, then it’s highly recommended that he does so in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

Let’s strive to follow as many sunnahs as we can this Ramadan inshallah!

The Get Down / symbolism+history pt.2

(since my pinball & casanova fly post got popular)

one of the mentors on the show was legendary graffiti artist Lady Pink. before the show she held a workshop with baz and the cast, teaching them how to tag, teaching them abt the history & culture etc.

one thing she said during that workshop tho was “if somebody asked you “what do you write?” you replied “well what do YOU write?” because back then they could be an undercover cop”

this really puts dizzee and thor’s first meeting into perspective. dizzee is kind of a private person (he’s constantly seen dodging questions or digs re: his personal life even before thor & even from his own family) and thor? a white stranger who could have easily been mistrusted….

so thor asks “what do you write?” and dizzee? doesn’t even hesitate to tell him rumi’s whole mythology. it really was a psychic connection/love at first sight. and baz prob knew what he was doing.

Okay yall binder question:

I taught this morning and then ran a workshop (on mental health in the classroom yeahhhhh) at a conference this afternoon and I’m only just getting home and I’m doing all the deep breathing stuff but are there any particular stretches or something that work well for post-binding all damn day (8.5 hours, I didn’t get home as early as I thought I would)?

Thank yall and so much love to you!!!

applications now open for the fanauthor workshop!

thank you to everyone who participated in my survey a few months ago about the fanauthor workshop, my (@bettydays) upcoming independent study in which i’ll be leading an MFA-style online workshop specifically for fanauthors. 

unfortunately, due to the constraints of the workshop model, i will only be able to accept a limited number of applicants, which is why i’m running an application process. here’s all the information you’ll need to decide if you’d like to apply, and how to go about applying.

both the workshop and application are free. i am doing this for graduate credit in lieu of a literature seminar this semester. 

what is a workshop?

a creative writing workshop is a round-table style discussion about writing. specifically, you read a peer’s work in advance of the meeting, and then we discuss the piece, offering constructive criticism, while the writer listens and takes notes. prior to the meeting, you also write a letter of critique to the writer.

when and where is the workshop?

the full workshop will begin on September 4, 2017. there will be about a dozen participants, depending on how many applications i receive. ideally we will meet on Sunday evenings around 7 - 9pm EST via Google Hangout, but i am absolutely willing to negotiate meeting times. if you have evenings and/or weekends mostly free, please still consider applying, even if Sundays specifically don’t work for you. you can let me know any constraints you have in the google doc linked below.

why are you doing this?

fanfiction taught me how to write and i have immense respect for it as a genre. i think fanauthors do amazing literary work, and i’d like to take what i’ve learned from my MFA so far and bring it back to the community that fostered my passion for writing. 

moreover, i like talking about writing. like, a lot. i thought it might be pretty fun to get class credit for meeting up with fanpeople once a week to talk about fic.

what would i get out of it?


  • a bunch of new friends
  • constructive criticism on your writing
  • a polished piece of fanfic to post to an AO3 collection
  • (if fall workshop) a polished piece of original fiction to submit for publication or to other workshops
  • a platform in which to ask questions you have about writing, publishing, etc. 
  • more comfort providing feedback to other writers
  • being part of something cool and weird
  • providing input for my craft essay on fanfic as a literary genre, which i plan to publish
  • the satisfaction of helping me become a better teacher

the summer trial workshop

the summer trial workshop will be held the weeks of August 21 and 28 (tentatively). we will meet two or three times for two hours apiece.

you can apply for this if you only want feedback on a short piece of writing, either fanfic or ofic, with a very small group of people. 4-6 participants will be pitching any type of work up to 10k words, and we will meet twice to workshop and go through any bumps in the process. you will read and provide feedback on a total of 3 other pieces, receive crit on one, and fill out a survey at the end giving me feedback on the overall process so i can tweak it for the full semester.

the fall fanauthor workshop

we will meet 14 times over the span of as many weeks starting September 4 (provided i get all the bumps fixed from the trial run), again for approximately 2 hours apiece. during these sessions, we will workshop two pieces and also have a short craft discussion. 

prior to each session, you will have to read both pieces, provide marginal comments in the shared document, and write a short letter of criticism to the author. i anticipate the workload will take approximately 5 hours a week of your time, not including the hours you spend writing your own pieces.

each participant will be workshopped twice. there will be two cycles: one for fanfiction and one for “original” fiction (ofic). 

cycle 1: fanfiction

you will write one fic up to 10k words to share. any ship, any fandom, any content. you must also be willing to read any ship and any fandom. if you have triggers, we can discuss and work out a content warning system as necessary at the beginning of the semester. 

our craft discussions during this cycle will revolve around defining fanfiction as a literary genre. i will be taking this insight and writing a final craft essay at the end of the semester as my independent study final. 

at the end of the semester, you can revise your fanfic piece and we’ll make an AO3 collection of our work. 

cycle 2: original fiction

you will write one piece of ofic up to 10k words to share. this can be anything you want it to be. the goal of this cycle is to workshop a piece of original fiction to either apply to programs/workshops with or submit for publication/writing contests. 

our discussions during this cycle will revolve around the publication process and any other questions that come up. we will also be reading published original pieces of my choosing and discussing them from a craft perspective. 

should i apply?

  • yes, if you:
    • have 5 hours a week to spare this fall and can meet mostly at the designated meeting time one evening per week (it’s ok to miss one or two for emergencies, etc)
    • are over the age of 18
    • want to improve your writing and help your peers improve theirs
    • are interested in discussing writing with like-minded individuals
    • are willing to chat with us via webcam
  • but what if i don’t have a piece of original fiction ready?
    • that’s ok, you’ll have 6 weeks of fanfiction workshopping to prepare an ofic piece
  • but what if i’m not a student?
    • you don’t need to be. the workshop is open to everyone.
  • but what if i don’t want to post to AO3 at the end or submit my original fiction anywhere?
    • that’s okay, it’s completely voluntary.
  • but what if i suck at writing?
    • you don’t. and anyway, the whole point of a workshop is to get better.
  • but what if i write really dark stuff?
    • hey man, so do i. it’s all chill. 
  • but what if english isn’t my first language?
    • apply anyway. usage/grammar errors can be fixed and i won’t be harping on them in the application process. as long as i can understand what’s being written, that’s what counts.
  • but what if–
    • APPLY.

to apply, please fill out this google form. applications are due july 31, 2017.

if you have questions, please feel free to send me an ask

There were so many students in my room that I had to take a panorama to fit them all in the frame.  I was able to get a local women’s shelter to come in and talk to my students about healthy relationships.  My GSA kids and the Women of Power club (plus some extras) gathered together to talk about issues and ask questions.  It was fabulous. 

22/50 Two Miserable People Meeting at a Wedding AU KiriDeku
  • kacchako wedding. 
  • Izuku is officiating cause he knows them both
  • They got tsuyu (Uraraka’s sorority sister) and kirishima (bakuou’s long term roommate that he met during a workshop about pyro spotting) to be maid of honor and best man. 
    • Izuku is a paramedic
    • Kirishima is a firefighter
    • Bakugou is also a firefighter, but is on his way to becoming chief
    • Uraraka is an architect
  • Bakugou was groomzilla. 
    • Kirishima is tired. 
    • Izuku is tired, but happy. 
  • They bond during various wedding scenes. 
    • Kirishima and Izuku helping Bakugou pick out his tux. Bakugou ends up banning them from picking out their own because they have awful taste.
      • “Do you think this is a fucking Christmas party? You’re not going to my goddamn wedding like that.” (they tried to choose full green and red suits/tuxes like in the promo pics and bakugou was not having it.)
        • Totally clashed with the color scheme (white and rose gold) that Bakugou had in mind.
    • Kirishima having been told to pick up the stationary from a store like 2 hours away, but he doesn’t have a car, and the wonderful Izuku offers to take him since he has to go pick up napkin and plate samples in that town anyway.
        • bonding over Bakugou and then comic heroes they both found out they like
        • stopping to get lunch at what looked like a great place to eat, but accidentally was a date setting (dim lights with red and dark wood interior, corner booth where they sat next to each other while trying to eat not sexy sandwiches)
          • Izuku is all apologetic when they leave because he had chosen the place, but didn’t know it would be like that. 
          • Kirishima just laughs it off and says it was one of the better dates he’s had in a while.
          • BLUSH
    • Izuku kept crying through the rehearsal of the ceremony and the vows. Kirishima was all smiles and offered him his handkerchief.
    • Izuku holds himself better at the actual ceremony, and smiles when he has to hand a handkerchief to Kirishima who is bawling during the kiss
      • cause they danced a few times during the night
  • Inko is a loud and giggly kind of tipsy and she and Mitsuki Bakugou (mama) talk about their kids. 
    • Kirishima overhears that Izuku still lives with his mom cause he can’t find a place close enough to work in a reasonable price range. 
    • Offers Izuku the “recently vacated space” in his apartment. 
      • Insert cute joke. 
      • Blushing acceptance. 
  • Cue roommate shenanigans and falling in love.
    • Kirishima being impressed with Izuku’s comic and merch collection then showing off his own.
    • One of them forgetting something and asking the other to bring drop it off at work for them.
    • Having meals together when they can since they both are used to having meals with someone.
    • Movie nights when they both have the night off, but never getting past more than one movie because they keep talking about it and what might happen and what they want to happen till it’s too late to watch something else.
    • Izuku is good at cooking, but Kirishima is fantastic? 
      • went with bakugou to a bunch of cooking classes that he took in order to surprise uraraka
        • she works a lot and he wanted to be able to do something nice for her, not that he’ll ever admit it
    • Izuku is scary good at shopping. the few times kirishima went with him, he saw the feared coupon clipping case and somehow walks out with $100 worth of groceries and only paid $36
  • They don’t admit their feelings because they’re both shy boys who don’t wanna ruin the great friendship they have
    • Bakugou and Uraraka both know what’s going on and are both tired of their shit. 
      • Bakugou wants to tell them so all the pining can be over. Uraraka doesn’t let him, saying they need to work things out for themselves.
  • That changes when one day they both get called to the same place while working. 
    • Huge fire that’s engulfing an apartment complex. Some trapped, some injured.
    • Bakugou being inside when the exit collapses and Kirishima axes his way in to get the other out. 
    • Kirishima brings Bakugou to Izuku who is kind of frantic, but holds it together enough to do his job.
    • They both get sent home after the fire is out and all the injured are taken cared of.
    • Uraraka comes to pick up Bakugou from the site. He’s fine, but no one will let him go.
  • Izuku is still shaken by the ordeal and it shows more now that they’re at home.
  • Kirishima tries to comfort him and Izuku lets it slip that he thought Kirishima was the one who was trapped.
  • Feelings start overflowing as Izuku keeps talking about how he had just heard that a firefighter was trapped and he knew that Kirishima’s station was called in and he didn’t even think that it might have been Bakugou and he feels awful that he forgot his own friend, but he really can’t stand the idea of losing either of them and
  • Kirishima cuts him off and says that everyone is okay, it’s all okay, he’s not leaving Izuku anytime soon.
  • Izuku says he doesn’t want Kirishima to ever leave. That he’s had feelings like this for a long time, but didn’t want to ruin their friendship, but today had scared him and he couldn’t keep quiet any longer.
  • Kirishima is shocked and hold Izuku closer and admits that he feels the same.
  • Peek into their Happily Ever After

One of my detailed outlines that I want to make into a fic, but can’t seem to get it beyond this stage. There is so much trope cheese. Someone please write this for me. It’s so cute in my head and my eyes and soul need it to happen.