during the whole trailer

Okay but Daryl totally slept in Jesus' trailer!

I mean, there is that scene at the beginning of the episode where Maggie, Sasha, Enid and Jesus are in the trailer while Daryl is alone outside.

Maggie brings food to Daryl and then go back to the trailer and the door is left open during the whole scene. And it probably stays open after.

I can totally picture Daryl waiting for everyone to be asleep before entering the trailer and laying somewhere on the floor to sleep.

After that, Maggie apologize to Jesus for taking over his trailer but I mean, her, Sasha and Enid were already living there for awhile and we didn’t see her apologize before so that might mean another person is living in the trailer now. Daryl.

And then AGAIN at the end of the episode Gregory tell Jesus there’s too many people in his trailer. And AGAIN, Maggie, Sasha and Enid have been there for a long time and Gregory didn’t complain before. So I take it as a proof Daryl slept there too and was considered to be living there.

So this is pretty much #CONFIRMED. Daryl slept in Jesus trailer.

Also can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Gregory confirmed there were plenty of rooms in Barrington House but Jesus welcomed Maggie, Sasha, Enid and Daryl in his tiny trailer because he wants them there and considers them family? Yeah, yeah me too!

My dream made me so mad I woke myself up

Let me explain. In my dream, Thor 3 was released today and my parents (who don’t even live in the same town as me) were paying for my ticket to see it. Awesome fucking day, right? WRONG. I sit through a SHIT TON of commercials, and the movie starts. Except Thor’s no where to be found. For SOME REASON, it starts out with Tony and Steve were doing their I hate you/we’re friends and I love you bs that you usually read in fanfic, and NO OTHER Avengers are around. After about ten minutes of “Domestic Avengers: Angst, the Movie” I realize this is actually “Domestic Avengers: Angst, the Short Film”. It abruptly ends, more trailers start playing, and I’m thinking to myself, when the hell is Thor 3 going to start? I close my eyes, nap during the trailer, only to find that I SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMN MOVIE??? And it was a midnight showing so I couldn’t go again, and I work the whole next day. I was so angry in my dream, that  I raised my blood pressure to the point that I woke up. It’s noon know and I still haven’t recovered.

anonymous asked:

My aesthetic is Bellarke in the trailer. Clarke during the whole trailer: A leader, speechifying, stoic, arguing, standing in front of an army. Clarke with Bellamy: Just a girl, puppy eyes, vulnerable, needs a hug. Bellamy during the whole trailer: A leader, fighting, taking responsibility, determined, shooting. Bellamy with Clarke: Just a boy, heart eyes, guard down, wants to hug her so bad. WHAT'S THIS??

Ok, I’ve looked it up and according to the dictionary this is what is known as two idiots in love.