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klance stuff part two

• Lance and Keith are the type of couple that dont even notice they gravitate towards each other anytime & anywhere until Pidge calls them out on it like they’re fucking magnets.

• When Keith first got a fever, his temperature got really high he started being delirious, crying and thinking Lance was his mom calling out not to leave him alone.

• Can’t really tell you how Lance reacted to that. (wreck)

• During seating arrangements when it gets to crowded Keith just stands and sit on Lance’s lap while Lance guides him and automatically wraps his arms around Keith’s waist like its the most natural thing to do.

• Keith is very lowkey scared of horror movies so after looking nonchalant during the whole movie and goes to bed, he hides under the covers and buries himself between the wall and Lance and tries to tighten his boyfriends hold around him.

• He also threatens Lance of telling Pidge to experiment with his beauty products if he ever teases him about it.

• Lance is very thankful for Keith’s fair skin because he can always easily make him blush as red as a tomato (and also easily make a hickey very visible).

• During a mission when Lance needs to keep sniping, he doesnt even need to turn around and worry when there are enemies approching cos Keith is with him. That’s it.

• There’s nothing really surprising about them anymore. Pidge walked in on them once in Lance’s room tying Keith’s hair in multiple little pigtails while Keith was polishing his knives (yes knives not knife)

• Lance sometimes tries to go to Red maybe to find a connection similar to how Keith felt Blue’s energy in the desert. Red is a lil shit and plays around with Lance, trapping him in her particle barrier or suddenly lifting him high up by the back of his jacket hanging from her mouth.

• Keith would have definitely laugh at this if it weren’t for Red doing the same thing to him too. Same connection definitely.

• One time during a supply run, the gang separate and a chameleon alien theif forms into Lance just to be sneaky and his biggest mistake was approaching Keith first because he saw them close together.

• (a punch and a knocked out alien later)
“How’d you know it wasnt Lance??”
“It didn’t call me any pet names”

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How to BTS would spoil you

This boy would defitnaly spoil you by cooking a large meal for you when you got home from a difficult day at work. He would then clean up and start a warm bath with lots of bubbles and soap and minerals all to soothe and distress you. Finally at the end of the night he would pick you up bridal style and take you to the bed that he had just washed, so it was nice and warm for his queen. You to would lay together and talk until you drifted off to sleep.

I fell like Namjoon would want to buy cute, and pretty things for his girlfriend. Like if you two went out and he saw you looking at a cute dress, or shoes, then he would either take you into the store to get you fitted, or wait until later to surprise you with the clothes. Then since you had this new outfit he would take you to a nice restaurant that feels very homey to show off his amazing girlfriend.

Yoongi would be very separated from you for a few days which had you worrying. He was usually busy, but he would tell you everything he was doing, but now all he would tell you is “I’m working on things.” You sat by yourself once again one night watching TV when you heard a knock on the door. You got up confused because you never had visitors. When the door was opened there was a note and a bouquet of roses; The note said, “Meet me in the place that keeps me from you.” This defitnaly meant the studio, so you head there. As you walked in you heard a beautiful piano song with Yoongi singing along, as you got closer you saw candles and chocolate. When Yoongi saw you he walked to you and pulled you into a hug. “You’re my inspiration.”

Hoseok being the sunshine he was would wake you up in the morning with eggs, bacon, toast, and a smile. He would tell you to get ready in cute clothes, but wouldn’t say where you to were going. He would take you to an amusement park where you two rode all the rides. Then he would take you to a open hilltop where you two had a private picnic. Then to make sure you knew you were spoiled he would take you to a pet store to pick out a “Puppy as cute as you.” As Hoseok said. When you got home he would cuddle you close and tell you how much he loves you.

This little mochi would be so excited to spoil you at your favorite sushi restaurant because he knew you how much you love sushi. Later that night he would take you to a drive in theater where he would the back if his truck with pillows and blankets. He would bring you close to him in an attempt to comfort you during the scary movie only to have you comfort him instead. After the movie he would act super tough while being low key scared while walking into your shared apartment, and grabbing on to your arm because of the dark. “Ohh…Ummm….I just wanted to make sure you’re OK love.” He would lie, but you thought he was so cute.


This boy would most likely want to take you shopping much like Namjoon, but much more lavishly. He would take you to his favorite store, Gucci, and there you two would get matching outfits, all the way down to the sandals. Afterwards he would take you to a super fancy restaurant and let you order whatever you wanted. While you were eating he would have roses delivered to the table, along with a small orchestra ensemble to play you romantic music. “I love you so much (Y/N)!” He would blurt out blushing. “I love you to my Gucci Prince!” You would respond with a kiss on his cheek.


This boy would want to spoil you by taking you to all of the arcades in the city. At first he would let you win, because he thought you would be bad at the arcade games, but when you won the jackpot on three games in a row he started to fight for victory. When you two were out of tokens, you found yourselves with handfuls of tickets that you gladly traded for a large plush Pikachu that you named Kookie. You gave Jungkook a kiss on the cheek and said, “I’m so spoiled aren’t I Kook?” Jungkook looked at you blushing and responded by saying, “Of course my beautiful princess anything for you.”


La Vie en Rose

Request: For the Drabble list thing , can you do 5&3 <3333

3. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”
5. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

Word Count: 1819

A/N: Reader is 17 here~Starts off 16, but is 17 cause woo time skips. But wow I just realized I slightly changed things a bit. So basically. May doesn’t know Peter is Spiderman. But it also doesn’t take place during the movie. But Peter is 16. So, after the movie, but May doesn’t know. YIKES! (Im really only explaining this like this because I’m splitting this into different parts. The next part will go more into the title).

Summary: the reader grew up with Peter and when the reader’s mom dies, May takes her in.

Warnings: None.


You and Peter grew up together. Kind of. Peter’s aunt May was your mom’s best friend. When Peter’s parents died when he was young he went to live with his Aunt, and May would often invite you and you mom over so Peter would have a friend to play with.

The only thing is, you and your mom moved away when you were 10 and you only saw Peter and May about once a year.

So, when your mom died, you found out she had put May as next of kin, and you were shipped off to Queens to live with Peter and May.

It was odd moving back to the city you had called home for so long. After living in a small town in Maine for six years, it was odd being back in a big city.

Of course it was a difficult transition when your mom died, trying to get used to May and Peter again. May treated you like you were her own daughter, and Peter was so nice to you.

You had had a crush on Peter for as long as you can remember. Probably eight or nine years. It was always something small where it would always sit in the back of your mind, but wouldn’t really hit you unless you and your mom went to visit.

By the time you were 15, you and Peter had exchanged phone numbers when you stayed with them for a week with your mom. You had kept in touch after that. You would text at least once a week, mostly telling each other about your days.

Moving to Queens really wasn’t easy. May tried her best to help you, but Peter was really the one who go through to you.

One night, shortly after you had moved in he had heard you crying in your room. He had let himself in and sat down on your bed with you.

He began to tell you about his adjustment to Queens when he was really little and how hard it was for him to make friends, to get used to staring a new school at such a young age, and get used to May and the city.

“I remember that on my second day here in Queens, May told me that someone was coming to see me, and that they were my age. And a few hours later, you walked through that front door. As soon as you saw me you ran over and shoved two toy cars in my face asking if I wanted to play. I was six, Y/N, but I knew that I had made a friend and I would be okay,”

After he had told you this, he pulled you into a hug and held you for a while. But before you knew it, your lips were on his and you were pulling his shirt off. The next morning when you woke up naked next to Peter, you both agreed that it would be best if nothing like that were to happen again. It would be too complicated given your situation.

After that night you and Peter remained close. One could argue that you were even better friends than you were when you were little. And your crush had grown. Living with him only helped it grow into something more than a crush. You couldn’t help but admire Peter.

May was amazing support to you and helped you adjust to living in an apartment in Queens.

When the new Semester at school began you joined Peter at Midtown High School. When Peter introduced you to Ned, you clicked instantly.

Your Friday nights soon turned into a time when you, Peter, and Ned would hang out. The three of your would study or watch movies or go out and wander the city.

One night, almost a year after you had moved in with May and Peter, you were helping May with dinner.

“I have to say, Y/N, since you’ve moved in, we’ve had go out for take out a lot less,”

You laughed, “well, in your defence, you just never set the timer on the oven and leave the food in for too long,”

“Well, that’s very nice of you to say, but why don’t you go get Peter from his room while I change and then we can eat,” May said, heading towards her bedroom.

You walked over to Peter’s bedroom door and knocked twice.

“Peter?” You asked

Suddenly there was a loud bang at the front door, it swung open and Peter fell through.

“Peter? Oh my god, are you alright?” You said

You rushed over to where Peter had fallen on the floor.

Peter quickly hopped up, held a hand over his face and tried to make a run to his room.

You stood in front of him, not letting him pass you.

“Peter Parker, what’s going on?”


“Then take your hand off your face,”

Peter slowly removed his hand from his face, revealing a giant bruise below his left eye.

“Oh my god,” you said

“Please don’t tell May,”

“I’m not going to have to tell her, I think she’ll notice,”

“Can you please just help me cover it up,” Peter begged.

You hesitated for a moment, May had welcomed you into her home and took you in as her own, you didn’t like lying to her.

“Fine,” you agreed.

You allowed Peter to pass you and head into his room. You went into your room and picked up you makeup bag and headed back into the hallway where you ran into May.

“Y/N, did you get Peter?”

“Uh, yes… he’s just - uh he’ll be out in a second. He just needs my help with something,” you said and quickly moved past May and entered Peter’s room.

Peter was sitting on his bed when you walked in.

“So, I have to use makeup to cover that up,”

You pulled Peter’s desk chair close to his bed so you could sit and fix up his face.

“So are you going to tell me what happened?” You asked, rummaging though your makeup bag for your concealer.

Peter remained silent.

“Peter i’m not going to help you unless you explain this to me,”

Peter sighed “Look, I got into a fight,”

“You’re lying,” you said, applying the concealer to Peter’s face.

“Yeah, okay well then if i’m lying you’re an idiot,” Peter said, (knowing that you are extremely smart and not at all an idiot).

“In that case, I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. Tell me the truth Peter,”

As Peter went to open his mouth Peter’s bedroom door opened and May walked in.

“Guys it’s dinner,” May paused and looked at what was happening, “Y/N, are you putting makeup on Peter?”

You and Peter exchanged a look.

“No?” You said

May eyed you both suspiciously.

“What’s for dinner?” Peter said, standing up and walking out to the table.

“Y/N and I made a lasagna,” May answered as the two of you followed Peter to the table.

“It was my grandma’s recipe,” you said, taking a seat.

You stared Peter down the entire meal, hoping he would get the message that you weren’t finished with the conversation from earlier.

“Y/N, you haven’t touched your food. What’s going on?” May said

“Nothing, May. Sorry. It’s just been a long day at school and I could really use Peter’s help with my calculus homework,” you lied

“Well, why don’t you eat something and then you two can go study,” May suggested.

After dinner, Peter helped May clean up while you waited in your bedroom for Peter.

Eventually he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“I need answers, Peter. You can’t just walk in here all bruised and ask me to help you hide it from may without an explanation,”

“I wasn’t lying before. I really did get into a fight. Someone tried to steal my backpack and they punched me, and they stole my backpack,”

You were hesitant to believe him.

“You’re really not lying to me?”

“C’mon Y/N, I would never lie to you. You know that,“ Peter said.

“Actually, I clearly remember this one time when we were eight that you lied straight to my face,”

“No, Y/N, please don’t bring up the barbie incident again,”

“Peter, you cut off my barbie’s hair. I will never get over that,”

“How many times do I have to apologize for that? It’s been eight years,”

You shrugged, knowing every time you brought this up you got Peter all worked up.

“Peter let me ask you something,”


“Who is she?” You asked.

“What?” Peter said, confused.

“Ive deduced that you must have a girlfriend. You sneak out almost every night, you claim to be at your Stark internship every day after school, but I don’t buy it,”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,”

“Again, I still don’t buy it,”

"Well, what about you, Y/N, do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?” Peter questioned.

“Oh yeah, great job turning the tables on me there, Peter. But you know there hasn’t been anyone since Gwen,”

“Shame, you guys were cute together,” Peter said.

You and Peter stayed silent for a while before Peter spoke up again.

“Y/N, remember not long after you moved in with me and May and how I told you about the first time we met and what I remembered,”

You nodded, remembering what else had happened that night.

“I know we agreed that nothing should happen after that night, but I just always thought something would,” Peter admitted.

He sat and stared at you, waiting for you to say something.

“You know what, I think i’m gonna go. All this sneaking out has left me extremely tired,” Peter said.

Peter placed a light kiss to your forehead and got up to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?” You said, stopping him at your door.

“I’m actually kind of waiting to see if anything will happen with this one girl,”

Peter gave you a small smile, said goodnight, and closed the door behind him.

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Hello, good luck with your new blog ❤ May I request some headcanons for Amajiki, Todoroki and Shinsou with their shy s/o who loves watching horror movies with them even though they get scared really easily, but it's ok because they get to squeeze their boyfriend a lot? I hope it makes sense ;-; Thank you for your time!

Of course! This is so totally me XD! I hope these are good enough, and thanks to you for requesting!

Word count: 839.

Tamaki Amajiki:

  • He himself doesn’t really like horror movies, but when his s/o tells him that they want to watch one with him, he just cannot refuse and accuse himself of scaredy cat when they are acting so brave in comparison.
  • Okay, scratch that last part, he tells himself in his mind, slightly amused. Even though he is barely enjoying the movie himself, because he is constantly jumping at every scene, he can’t help the relief when he sees his s/o was as unready for this as he is.
  • Is happy when his s/o starts clinging to him for dear life for two reasons, both of which he will never ever admit without a red blush on his face.
  • First one is, obviously, that he enjoys such intimate physical contact with his s/o, even if it embarrasses him slightly; it feels so warm and the movie doesn’t even seem so scary anymore.
  • Second one is that their attention brings his own to them, and away from the movie. He ends up staring at them for the rest of the movie, taking in their furrowed brow, the little startled jumps, the, oh, so dramatic drop of cold sweat running down their cheek…
  • Won’t really mention their reactions when the movie is over, and will even tell them it was okay to jump a little here and there, like the sweetheart he is. He actually enjoyed the situation and, even though he would be a little wary and warn them that they might not be able to sleep well afterwards, he wouldn’t mind repeating with another horror movie some time.

Todoroki Shōto:

  • Is unfazed by horror movies, so it’s pretty unlikely that his s/o will get a “no” as an answer from him. It could be a sit com, a romance movie, a sci-fi movie and he would still not care as long as he got to spend time with his s/o.
  • Would stay quiet during the movie’s development, partly because he doesn’t really react to his s/o’s reactions, and partly because he is also very amused about them.
  • Won’t mind it if his s/o jumps to hug him, but he will quietly offer to turn off the TV and get another movie if they weren’t liking the one they were watching. Probably the best idea, but his s/o seemed very determined about watching the movie; so be it, he thought.
  • He would pause the movie from time to time, despite his s/o’s protests, because he felt like they needed a rest after those scenes that scared them the most; he would bring them close, feed them a snack, pet them and, once they weren’t trembling, he would resume the movie.
  • He wouldn’t want his s/o to feel bad because they were feeling so scared and he didn’t even flinch, so he will maybe fake a jump at a random scene that wasn’t even supposed to be scared and it’s so false it hurts Todoroki, my boy, you’re making them feel worse.
  • Won’t admit that he really enjoyed having them close the whole movie, but that doesn’t mean he would like them to watch another movie that would scare them. “You know, I’d rather hold you close because of a romantic scene than because of a scary one.”

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • Also pretty chill about scary movies, and is pretty surprised that his s/o seems to brave about watching one; he never really thought they were a horror-movie kind of person, but it doesn’t really changes what he feels towards them.
  • Well, it does. He never thought it could be so amusing to see them cling to his arm and swallow their previous words of courage. This was so priceless, and his smile looked almost as sadistic as the assassin’s in the movie. His s/o really didn’t know where to seek comfort seeing such expression.
  • Is going to tease him during the movie and after the movie finishes. It’s just an experience that he cannot let slip. “[Name], you might just severe my arm if you hug it too tight.” If they pull away, startled about his statement, he will just bring them close to his chest and chuckle mockingly.
  • “You didn’t need to come up with this excuse of a movie to come close to me.” He says as he nuzzles their neck, and he means it. As of usual, on movie nights (which are pretty often with Shinsō) he doesn’t have any problem slinging an arm around his s/o’s shoulders to bring them close.
  • Still, he will stop the movie if he sees that the situation goes too overboard, like if he sees them crying. Then, he is going to drop every teasing behavior and turn dead serious, comforting them and refusing to resume watching the movie.
  • The night probably ends up with cuddles and snuggling, and a teasing Shinsō. He is pretty soft-hearted about his taunts, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t persistent about them; he loves seeing their frustration and hitting him with a pillow. Yes, pillow fights ensue. They ain’t sleeping that night.
Dating Jared Headcanons

Reminder that requests are open!

-So much reassurance between the two of you
-He’s so nervous that he can’t treat you right, and he doesn’t deserve you, but it translates to false overconfidence
-also super protective and jealous at the drop of a hat
-When you’re out, he’ll be all strong and cocky, but as soon as you’re alone, it changes
-he becomes so soft and caring
-Hope you like talking during movies because this boy never stops
-After ruining many movies, you now just choose to watch them at home
-he always knows how to make you laugh and cheer you up

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Shunk (Shiro x Hunk)?

I’ve honestly never considered this ship before… but I think I’m here for it

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
    • Okay Hunk only gets this one because he occasionally steals pick up lines from Lance
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    • Hunk is a Mess™ after every disney movie he’s a sucker for happy endings
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    • Neither of them they are responsible adults who know silverware should not go in the- okay it was Shiro
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    • Hunk does and Shiro plays along but then he guesses Slav as a joke and Hunk gets offended
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    • They’re not evil like that it only ever happens on accident
  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
    • Hunk is obsessed with Chopped and Shiro’s obsessed with House Hunters it’s a constant fight for the remote 
  • Who laughs more during sex?
    • Hunk, he’s really ticklish okay don’t judge him
    • They switch, sometimes racing to see who can get to bed first because it’s a house rule whoever gets there first gets to choose who’s big spoon and who’s little spoon

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Can you write something about one of the newbies or something for some reason not knowing about Ash and Ali and then finding out ?

It was Mallory’s first week with the team. She felt like she had done a good job and impressed everyone with her hard work and dedication. She had also become friends with most of the girls on the team. They all treated her like a baby sister and she loved it. Mallory was incredibly smart, but sometimes she missed the things that were right in front of her face.

One night, the entire team decided to have a movie marathon at the hotel. They set up blankets and pillow sos that everyone could pile up on the floor and enjoy the movies. Ashlyn and Ali were right next to each other, just like they always seemed to be. Mallory didn’t think anything of it. They were best friends and they were together all the time. It makes sense that they would sit together during movie night as well.

After the first two movies were over, Tobin decided that it was time for an intermission, mostly because she wanted to go find more snacks. It was then that Ali spoke up. “I think I’m gonna take a little walk to stretch my legs. Feel free to start the next movie without me.” Ashlyn watched Ali walk out the door and then looked at her watch. “Yeah guys, I could use some fresh air. I’m gonna go see if Ali wants any company.” By the time Ashlyn finished her sentence she was almost out the door.

Julie and Christen, who were still sitting on the floor next to each other, made eye contact and laughed.”They are the cutest.”

It was then that Alli Long shouted, “Krashlyn forever! I ship it!” and made everyone in the room burst into hysterical laughter.

Mallory leaned over to Alex and whispered, “What’s Krashlyn?” because she seemed to be the only one that did not know. Alex just sighed and said, “Poor, innocent, baby Mal. You have so much to learn.” Mallory just shrugged. She was the new kid after all. She would figure it all out sooner or later.

A few of the girls wandered back in when Mallory remembered that she had snuck some macaroons in her bag. She told everyone that she would be right back and not to start the movie without her. She new that Kling, more than anyone else would appreciate that she had brought macaroons for them to snack on. Mallory sprinted down the hall and ran right by Ali and Ashlyn standing behind a corner. She was a little bit slower on her way back though. Ali and Ashlyn heard her making her way back down that hall and they figured that if they just stayed still and quiet, she wouldn’t even look in their direction. Just when they thought they were in the clear, Mallory stopped a few steps ahead of them and turned around.

“Oh hey guys.” She smiled and gave Ali and Ashlyn a little wave. “Are you guys gonna come watch the next movie?”

Ali spoke first. “We’ll be there in a few minutes. We just had to talk about something really quick.”

“Yep.” Ashlyn responded. “Go ahead and start without us. We’ll catch up in a few.”

“Okay. See ya guys later then.” Mallory smiled at them and headed back down the hall.

When Mallory got back to the room, everyone except Ali and Ashlyn were present. “We can go ahead and start guys. Ali said she had to talk to Ashlyn about something.” As Mallory was speaking, she made her way over to Kling, to offer her a macaroon.

“Alright guys. I think it’s time that we expose Mal to the wonderful world of Krashlyn.” Allie said.

Everyone huddled around and Mallory joined in. “First of all, they were not talking when you found them.”
Mallory was confused. “Ummmm… Yes they were. I saw them.”

“That might have been what they were doing when you walked by the, but trust us, that is not why they were out there.”

Suddenly, a light bulb went off for Mallory. “Ohhhhh.”

It was a good thing that Ali and Ashlyn said that they could start without them because it had been about thirty minutes since Mallory got back and they were supposed to start the next movie. But, instead of watching a movie, the entire team sat in a huddle and explained to Mallory, the story of Krashlyn. Some of the girls even pulled out their phones so that they could show her pictures and videos going all the way back to when the two first met. Mallory heard the story of Ashlyn obsessing over Ali even when she thought she didn’t stand a chance. She saw pictures of them doing everything from playing in Germany together to walking down the street laughing.

“I can’t believe I never noticed that they were a thing. I just thought they were best friends.”

Tobin responded. “Well, they are best friends, but also so so much more. They couldn’t survive without each other.”

Mallory had a small smile on her face. She was glad that she was finally clued in on ‘Krashlyn.’ Just as everyone was spreading out back to their spots to watch the next movie, Ali and Ashlyn came back in the room.

“We said you didn’t have to wait for us.” Ashlyn said.

Alex responded. “No worries. We didn’t want you guys to miss out.”

They were about an hour into the movie when Mallory crawled over to where Ashlyn and Ali were cuddled up together. She tapped Ashlyn on the shoulder and waited for her to look up before she whispered, “I can’t believe you moved to Germany just to be with her.” and she pointed to Ali. Ashlyn smiled and whispered back, “I would crawl to the ends of the earth to be with her.”

Mallory made her way back to her original spot and smiled. Krashlyn is so real.


if you love(!!!!!!!!!) La La Land as much as this blog does, go check out this video by @doddleoddle on YouTube!! she captures so many of the emotions this movie made me feel during/after the movie, so GO CHECK IT OUT!! (I cannot exaggerate how fucking accurate this video is!!!!!!) #nonspon but i love you so much dodie <3

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The anon who hung out with her crush last Sunday. IT WAS AMAZING! We watched a cure for wellness and his rents weren't home but dad came back halfway through but then left us alone when we decided to watch moana as well. During moana my crush put his arm around me kinda with the way we were laying heads together feet in opposite directions) and I got so hot and red I swear but he said I didn't look red. And then we fought over a pillow b4 the third movie and during that (1/3)

movie after I stole the pillow and laid a different way he used my leg as a pillow for a while and once he stopped I sat up and then put the pillow in my lap and stretched and then when I stretched he dove for my lap basically and put his head on the pillow. Like HIS. HEAD. WAS. IN. MY. LAP! And then I played with his hair omg so great! My phone went off and he went to get it for me cuz he took them b4 the first movie. And then he sat down elsewhere and after I texted my mom back I (2/3)

laid down and he was bummed that I couldn’t play wth his hair anymore because he liked it and so he laid elsewhere so I could! (3/3)

ahhh this sounds like such a sweet day!! i’m really happy for you friend :)

i’ve been thinking lately on how the idea of trust (and distrust) plays out in winter soldier. the child development theorist erik erikson framed the stages of life according to a series of conflicts which must be resolved or else disrupt an individual’s functioning, and his first conflict – the foundational one – is trust vs. mistrust. of course an infant (or child, or–to a significant degree–adolescent) can’t “resolve” anything on their own; the determining factor is the child’s environment – the presence or lack of stability, consistent provision for their needs, reliable caretakers, and so on. the development of trust or mistrust can then be framed as a matter of pattern recognition: the world teaches you what to expect of it, whether it is a safe place for you or not.

i think about this a lot, for reasons personal and related to the work i’ve spent most of my professional life doing with kids. i don’t think infancy is the only time the world can prove itself unsafe in a way that permanently – or for a very very long time – changes one’s orientation towards it on this axis; there are any number of things which can flip that switch later in life. switching it the other way, in my experience and observation, is considerably more difficult. (this is part of why i care a lot about how iron man 3 explores the trauma of what happened in new york.)

back to crying about superheroes: one of the hysterical texts i sent tumblr user fourpatch during my first viewing of winter soldier was about nick fury reflecting on pierce’s deception: “this [actual thing that happened in the world] is the kind of thing that gives me trust issues.” (the others were “TOUGH WAY TO LIVE/GOOD WAY NOT TO DIE” and “I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS MOCKINGJAY SHIT.”) i care a lot about nick fury’s grandfather; i care a lot about the fact that when nick fury catches police officers eyeing him, his kneejerk response is a resigned wariness. i care a lot about “the last time i trusted someone, i lost an eye.” the world has primed nick fury for certain expectations by treating nick fury a certain way – and i appreciate the story of his grandfather as a (mild but relevant) gesture towards the fact that these expectations are also a matter of historical and familial inheritance related (implicitly but IMO obviously) to race. i like that – to me at least – the movie does not rule out a place for his (or natasha’s) mistrust, even as the balance ultimately tips in another direction. a tough way to live can keep you alive; without that, nick and natasha both literally might not have survived long enough to reach a point when other options presented themselves as achievable, much less (in natasha’s case at least) potentially preferable.

steve is hard to talk about in part because of the weirdness i keep mentioning about the first avenger: the position suggested by the circumstances we are given about fictional character steve rogers’s life is not the position in which the movie situates him. meaning: i love fandom constructions around steve’s poverty and first generation immigrant status and so on, but in the world of the first avenger, informed IMO by its decision to style itself after movies made during the war it’s set in which means movies made during a time in which pop cultural orientation towards the concept of America was pretty sunshiney partly as a result of that war – anyway: in that world, steve’s idealism gets translated uncomplicatedly into a trust in the united states government.

winter soldier traces among other things the dissolution of that particular trust, and the thing is, the hydra infiltration plays out differently for steve than it does for nick and natasha. he’s disappointed, and to some extent betrayed, but his trust in people generally persists. for nick and natasha, it lands more profoundly, i think: it’s a lesson that no matter how low you think you have set your expectations, the rug can still be swept out from under you.

which brings me to the other way i have of thinking about trust, which i think is perhaps also a vision of it offered by the movie: trust as a choice about the kind of life you want to live; as a decision about which trade-offs you are willing to make. we get some of this i think with sam’s implication that a reason to go on is a thing you find and build with deep and sustained effort, as well as in his trust in steve. but i think the movie’s focus by the third act is obviously on steve.

i do think – and i cannot make myself objective enough to figure out how much the movie is conscious of this, lol @ me – this is a decision easier for steve (as others have pointed out, the only white man on The Final Team) to make than for the others, not because he tends towards blind faith but because the odds he uses, from accumulated experience, are different, weighted more in favor of believing in SHIELD agents to stand up to hydra, in favor of believing in the possibility of salvation for bucky. (i think on the helicarrier the choice not to fight is not quite giving up and not quite a show of faith; i think it’s the gamble he has decided to live with.) in a way you could say the things that make steve trustworthy, averse to nick and natasha’s compartmentalizing M. O., are the things which make trust feel like a better option. and like–i feel weird about how significant the trust which is easiest for steve in particular to throw himself behind (the orientation favored by that one white guy on The Final Team) is framed in a significant light by the movie.

but i also find it kind of depressingly apt. it rings very true to me that a necessary kind of faith which will often run counter to the reality of the world – necessary on a societal level, necessary in the long run on a personal level (“you would have done the same thing”/“i know. that’s the problem”) – is more accessible for people towards whom the world is less hostile. it’s brutally unfair. i think the movie doesn’t suggest otherwise. i think the movie makes room for the legitimate place of mistrust, the times when you need it. i like that keeping the circle small keeps nick fury alive, and that in a movie about a superhero whose weapon is a shield, a loaded .22 kept nick fury’s grandfather’s money in his bag.

and i like also – and here i think i am largely handwaving but it’s my blog and i’ll latch on to accidental pearls of wisdom in these ridiculous movies if i want to – i like that through this lens it becomes evident how much natasha’s decisions – to trust steve, to release information that includes her past, to decide to look for a new way of living even before she knows what it will be – are the bravest acts in the movie, because her life has made those choices so much harder.

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hey idk y but i find it supercute in fics when lena calls kara puppy and like i cant get this out of my head that lena ditches her own gala to be with kara so its like lena is all dressed up and kara is in sweats just eating chinease in her loft while watching a movie and lena posts a pic in instagram and the comments are blowing up about if theyre dating and days later cat calls lena and literally gives lena a shovel talk over the phone bcus in my mind cat is like super protective of kara

Why anon, i’m supposed to be studying. But I couldn't resist this so I wrote a little something. Also, it’s on ao3 

Kara “puppy” Danvers everyone

It’s just another gala, Lena thinks to herself. Another gala without Kara. Something about her being too sick to come. Lena sighs as she forces another smile for another old white guy who doesn’t care about her company or what it means, only the potential money he could get from it. Which is none. 

She closes it early, earlier then ever before. She tells her assistant she’s feeling odd, which isn’t exactly false. In truth, she does feel odd, odd about her feelings towards Kara. She can’t stop thinking about her. It’s like her mind trails towards her when it shouldn’t, and what better way to get rid of that, or make it worse, than to visit the girl who occupies her mind?

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who’s the cuddler:

Bokuto. Bokuto needs cuddles to survive. Any excuse to touch Akaashi is a good thing to do in Bokuto’s mind.

who makes the bed:

Akaashi…..tries. At a certain point, he just stares at the bed with the covers thrown everywhere and just sighs really loud and long and turns the bed into a big blanket nest instead which makes Bokuto really happy.

who wakes up first:

Bokuto has too much energy in the morning. Akaashi does not understand and also curses himself a little for finding a bf that is THIS excited at six in the morning. Bokuto is just so smiley and positive in the morning that Akaashi can’t really be upset though.

who has the weird taste in music:

Bokuto. Bokuto is a Kids Bop, High School Musical, Boy Band FIEND. Akaashi cries a lot inside and tries to get Bokuto to listen to some classical music. Bokuto falls asleep almost immediately. They meet in the middle on pop songs. Akaashi has great taste in indie pop music and Bokuto enjoys the ones with a cool beat. Akaashi is also secretly into hard metal and Bokuto is really surprised and also really into Akaashi being into hard metal.

who is more protective:

Bokuto is certainly more showy about being protective but let’s be real Akaashi’s the one who’s going to actually do something about it. Bokuto is a dumb buff owl child. Akaashi can fuck you up with his eyes okay do not mess with his captain/dumb but loveable bf.

who sings in the shower:

Both of them. Bokuto is terrible and alternates between being loud and unapologetic and really aware of how off-key he is and hating it so he sings really quiet and keeps trying to hit the same notes over and over. Akaashi has a nice singing voice and tends to sing at his normal speaking voice. Bokuto thinks it’s the best thing ever and starts requesting Akaashi sing ALL THE TIME. He claims he won’t be able to sleep unless Akaashi sings and then starts vibrating in excitement when Akaashi gives in and sings. “This does not seem to be making you sleepy, Bokuto-san…..”

who cries during movies:

Bokuto is shamelessly bawling every time. No matter what the movie is, really. If the movie is just a tiny bit sad for one moment, Bokuto is crying. Akaashi gets in the habit of bringing tissues to movies and periodically passing Bokuto a tissue during sad parts. Bokuto also squeezes Akaashi’s hand really hard during movies and apologizes profusely when Akaashi can’t really feel his hand  after the movie. Akaashi is the type not to cry at movies ever. When asked, he will tell you he found that part sad. He didn’t cry about it though. He never does. Bokuto makes it his mission to find out what will make Akaashi cry but he always bawls too hard himself to even know if Akaashi is crying or not.If the movie is cute, Bokuto is crying a little and also bouncing up and down and hissing really loudly, “Akaashi did you see that? That was soooo cute Akaashi!!!“ They get kicked out of movies a lot.

who spends the most while out shopping:

Bokuto generally. He needs a lot of food, he is a growing man and also a growing volleyball player okay. He also is interested in anything owl-related, anything cute, or generally anything that catches his eye for more than a few seconds. Akaashi gets really good at saying no and resisting the puppy dog eyes. Akaashi’s weakness is anything fashion related. Bokuto doesn’t get it but tells Akaashi to buy it all anyway so he is exactly no help when Akaashi is debating whether to buy a really cute item of clothing.

who kisses more roughly:

Bokuto tends to kiss hard when he gets really into it/excited/when he needs some comfort. Akaashi likes to give Bokuto cute little pecks sometimes because Bokuto implodes a little bit. However, Akaashi does like rough kisses and those tend to overheat Bokuto too, so he tends to switch things up between the two for maximum flustering potential.

who is more dominate:

Bokuto likes being on top and Akaashi is chill with this, so Akaashi does a lot of topping from the bottom because Bokuto can sometimes get overwhelmed and/or flustered. However, every once in a while Bokuto needs to be pampered and Akaashi will top and Bokuto will REALLY REALLY BE INTO IT.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 Bokuto is a precious dumb owl bby and Akaashi is really freaking attractive and sarcastic and together they are both hot and dorky and THAT’S NOT ALLOWED OKAY

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Tomco *0*


  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy? Oh god, Tom definitely would be the one. He’d mostly likely do it while Marco is studying for his psychology courses and send a message like “Hey babe, if you get cold tonight, I’ll gladly make your insides melt ;)” 
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? Marco does all the time, even after watching the movie more than 10 times. But if it’s Tom’s first time watching one, he’ll keep asking Marco questions during the movie, until Disney does their fucking thing and he gets really angry and goes like “HANS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, PIECE OF SHIT” Then he’d cuddle near Marco, telling him he loves him repeatedly after that scene.
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? Tom did and he enjoyed the show
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? Tom does of course! Even from long distances, retractable hands yo
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? Marco does that, knowing that Tom’s body is a literal furnace. Tom makes high-pitched squeaking noises that makes Marco laugh
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? Tom. “Tom please don’t tell them that …he told them that.”
  • Who laughs more during sex? Marco actually giggles most of the time, while Tom is being gentle at first and leaving kisses on his neck. Until Tom decides it’s the time to get rough.

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Like others, I believe that it's not Jack's fault that Easter was ruined and that he didn't betray the Guardians, but when I get to where Jack actually searches for his memories when he is about to help the mini-fairies I start to doubt whether or not him not betraying the Guardians is actually true because he actually just goes off to do what works for him and not others. So, I was wondering what your thoughts were on whether or not that makes what Jack did a betrayal after all.

You probably thought I was never going to answer this, huh? XD I actually really liked your question, and it was a great opportunity to do some prep work for an upcoming chapter, so thank you!

I’m sure this has been analyzed to the max by the fandom, but I can’t say I recall reading anything substantial about it myself. So it was fun to approach it with a blank slate, realizing that other fans have probably come up with a variety of other eloquently executed explanations I may explore later.

I meant to just jot down a few sentences, but it kind of turned into a clunky, chunky ol’ analysis again- complete with funky grammar. Ah well.

Jack’s “Betrayal”

Another Rambling Essay by the Can’t-Do-Things-By-Half Ostrich

To me, Jack’s actions in this scene and how we assess their merits are all about context. There are two crucial things to consider: Jack’s perception of his own empowerment and the nature of the conflicting motivations. Basically, what he thinks he can do and the compelling forces at work. And then wrap that all up with what he does in the aftermath. (oh geez, this really is like an essay, ew)

First, Jack is in a very different position from most of us. We often tell ourselves we can’t make a difference, or we feel like we’re invisible, or we allow circumstances/people to make us feel insignificant. Well… these are all LITERALLY true for Jack.

He really isn’t used to his actions impacting others. He isn’t used to being able to make a difference or being recognized or accountable when he does. It’s a terrible kind of ‘freedom’.

He doesn’t see the change in someone’s expression when he says the wrong thing. When he does something a little reckless, no one looks his direction. Think about how we learn things like compassion, discretion, responsibility, consideration, loyalty, selflessness. It’s partially how we’re hardwired, but mostly it comes through interacting with others, picking up on the effects and reactions, and adjusting our behavior. We learn from experience to think of others who may be impacted by what we do. We are shown that we have choices and that they matter. Jack, by virtue of being unable to directly interact with others, has been seriously deprived of these growth opportunities.

His thoughtlessness isn’t because he doesn’t care about people. He HAS developed a high level of compassion and has an innate selflessness, even though he’s been virtually isolated. And he shows very strong signs of picking up on the other positive characteristics I mentioned throughout the course of the movie, which is one of the reasons he is a character worth admiring. With no reaffirming words or actions directed his way for his entire immortal existence, he still has held onto an open and caring heart. (How can you not be emotionally invested in someone like that?)


Given that he doesn’t interact with people, there is little to show him that his decisions affect them. He wishes they did, but has been taught not to believe that. There is no feedback loop. There is a permanent barrier. He faces a constantly reinforced message: his words and actions have no impact. And whatever he DOES manage to do gets attributed to something else.

Have this “message” repeated over and over and over for 300 years, and it probably wouldn’t even occur to you to think about your decisions in reference to other people (unless it’s REALLY obvious). His social skills are seriously underdeveloped. He’s been conditioned not to equate his actions with consequences.

So the thing with the Guardians, where suddenly people are expecting something from him, are relying on him, would be so totally foreign… and not something he could easily believe in (it’s not hard to understand his initial reaction to them, on so many levels, but that’s another discussion).

I’m actually surprised he adapted so quickly to the attention and responsibility- in just a few days! It speaks so strongly about his character. Very endearing. (It’s one of the things that is so fun to play out long-term in fan works. Cuz you KNOW it’s not going to be that easy, even if he made tremendous progress during the events of the movie.)

But back to early-movie Jack. After enduring centuries of belief in his own futility, he logically has developed a coping mechanism: simply ignoring the questions and implications as much as possible. I kind of think his whole life over the past 300 years has been an exercise in distracting himself and not thinking too hard about what he’s doing. Thinking about it would mean acknowledging the emptiness of his situation, which is not something that is in his nature to dwell on. To even ask the question, “What should I do today?” or “What should I be doing in this moment?” would be to face the reality: it doesn’t really matter. There is no lasting impact to be made. If he didn’t have such a strong Center that recognized the value of moments for their own merit, he’d probably have been caught in a state of permanent apathy… or worse. Thank goodness he’s made of stronger stuff!

I think the snowball fight early in the movie is an excellent highlight of this. His presence and effects are pointedly ignored twice leading up to it (by the kids when he first lands and then by Jamie and his mom), and yet he resiliently rises to try again to do something. Buuut, of course, the focus quickly shifts and it just ends up reinforcing his lack of impact and purpose. Hah, for Jack it’s not even “Why do I exist?” It’s “DO I exist?” Haha, poor Jack… (I shouldn’t laugh.)

While he hasn’t given up after three centuries (strong kid), when he focuses on having a lasting impact it only reinforces the harsh reality that he is uselessness beyond that single fleeting moment of fun he worked so hard for. He is eternally temporary.

You see lots of signs of this unempowered mentality throughout his time around the Guardians. Hard work and deadlines are for people who have something to achieve, and that’s not him. The way he stands at a distance and holds back from their activity is probably more a reflection of his own lack of self-worth than a wariness of them (although that’s there, too). Because what can he do, anyway?

And yet there are a number of little instances that start to suggest something different to him. His actions maybe matter??

He rescues Baby Tooth (only to have her later kidnapped, sniff). He helps collect teeth (with a nice little reminder of his invisibility, sniff). He finishes off a Nightmare (gets so excited, how cute) and through his actions gets everyone in an uncoordinated battle with Pitch (leading to Sandy’s death, sniff). He changes the Guardians’ approach to interacting with children and helps Easter prep go smoothly (only to have it later destroyed, SNIFF! Stop it, story writers!!!).

It’s interesting to see him start to process the idea of his own impact with Sandy’s death (a big negative… that actually makes him question his own role) and making Easter (a strong affirmation… that makes him hopeful about what he has to offer).

All of that leads up to the “Jack Betrays” scene where it seems to finally sink in a bit.

However, it takes more than a few suggestive hints to learn this lesson. Going into that situation, he still has this whole deeply rooted expectation that his actions don’t matter in the first place.

Second point of consideration! Yeah, there were two, remember? The conflicting motivation? It’s kinda huge.

Hearing his sister’s voice and feeling a tug of memory.

This is the first time in his life, we have to assume, that he’s presented with something that gives it a hint of context and purpose. The first thing ever that connects him to his past. And it strikes right at his heart’s memory. I hold to the belief that even without mental memories, he knew his first family in his heart. “That voice, I know that voice…” When he heard the call of his little sister… who he obviously loved to the point of being completely selfless… 

It’s not surprising that Jack would hyper-focus in on that sounds and all it meant. You can see in the Overland sibling memory scene that he didn’t give a single thought to himself when focused on her. And in the present time, those instincts are still there.

So this humongous, world-changing lure is dangled in front of him. Identity. Meaning. Love. Come and get it, Jack.

Actually, this is, to me, one of the cruelest things I think Pitch does in the movie. Using Jack’s former family to break his ties with a potential new one. Only to offer him a false (or seriously messed up) one when he is most vulnerable. (OK, I’ll save all that for my Jack/Pitch analysis, but I’ll just say… Pitch… that’s cold. Nyuk nyuk.)

So, taking these two points of context into account, that tiny moment when he was driven from the immediate needs of others to the greatest needs of his life, is pretty darn understandable. Not that it excuses him from the consequences, but I’m sure he didn’t even recognize it as any kind of a trade-off- he would open their cages in a minute, rejoin the Guardians in a sec, he still had time for all that, but this opportunity was what he’d been waiting several lifetimes for! Can you imagine the desperation? (PITCH! Why are you so good at manipulatiiiiing?!?!)

Let’s take a moment to remember this was all a carefully crafted trap. Intended to lead him to the wrong decisions before he even realized they existed. Temptation at its finest.

And yet, the second Jack DOES realize that there is a trade-off here, he lets his own need go! Pitch presents him with what he wants most, and he doesn’t go for it- recognizes that he is being presented with a betrayal and flat out rejects it.

He cares about the Guardians, their role in the world and what they think of him. But by that point it’s too late.

I think it is very clear that Jack puts others before himself as soon as he has the clarity that 1) He actually can, and 2) This requires identifying and acting on choices, trade-offs. Often it is a matter of both awareness and sacrifice.

The scene you brought up, lbigreyhound13, is pivotal. It was the culminating, enlightening moment. Pitch slapped Jack in the face with his own consequence. ‘Your actions matter, and if you don’t control them, someone/something else will.’

As soon as he had gained this clarity, realized his actions were having a direct impact, he became very careful and focused about what he was doing. He finally had the power to make decisions and have them matter, and he obviously took that very seriously every step of the way throughout the rest of the movie.

In the immediate aftermath of the “betrayal,” Jack is feeling all the negative consequences of his empowerment.

He sees the harm of his new ability to take meaningful action or inaction. (Oh, very clever, Pitch, to make him fear the abilities and opportunities you knew he was gaining. Ugh.) At first he’s in shock trying to understand this strange new effect, and once he realizes it is damaging, he tries to remove himself from the mix, minimize his harm. (Whoa, Frozen.)

Let’s break that down.

When he’s being rejected by the Guardians (which is what Pitch had taunted him with- “Even if you do the right thing, they’ll still reject you.”), he’s already full of remorse and predisposed to believe it’s all his fault (thank you again, Pitch). With the nagging suspicion that he deserves to be rejected (Pitch had already played with this embedded fear, remember. “…you make a mess wherever you go…” “What did you do, Jack?”).

Notice that even though he is becoming convinced his actions can only mess things up, in the next scenes you can see his desire to put others before himself as much as possible and the conscious decisions he makes in response. He may believe the lie about himself, but he is staying true to his values regarding others (this is where Pitch screwed up in his next appeal).

Memory box finally in hand, all he can think about is the Guardians and the children. He doesn’t plunk down and watch his memories at last. He rushes to rejoin the Guardians.

He goes to them worried and confused. He feels totally blindsided by the consequences of his minor, unintended decision.

If you watch his face when he sees Bunny’s invisibility, and then hears North’s explanation, and then processes Tooth’s questions, realizing he has his tooth canister in his hand- you can see him really trying to put the pieces together. My actions. These consequences? (We’ve all been there, dude. *pat pat*)

As Jack is trying to process what happened and apologize, his words and expressions are asking for guidance on how to understand everything and communicate about it. How did this happen? Is this my fault? I didn’t mean to, I didn’t even realize I could… I’m so sorry.

Sadly, every word and reaction from North, Tooth and Bunny reinforces that the only possible explanation here- certainly the only one they naturally consider-  is that he is not only at complete fault, but unforgivably so. He betrayed them and has to go.

Sheesh, of course he would internalize that. He sees that he failed to care for the needs of others, just as he was starting to think he was capable of it, resulting in both the ruin of Easter and the Guardians’ disappointment in him. What is there to explain, and why would he expect them to listen? Of course no one will listen and no one can help him figure this out or make it better, that hasn’t changed.

Jack’s conclusion: all he can do is wreck things for the Guardians and those they protect. There is nothing “very special inside.” No valuable Center he can contribute to the world. Better to go somewhere far away where he won’t cause more problems. He is actually choosing to be alone at this point, because that seems like the only non-harmful thing he is capable of anymore, perhaps the only thing he deserves. Not only that, he is seriously tempted to give up what is vitally important to him (throw his memories into the sea, whoa), even though it will no longer make any difference to anyone else, just as a self-punishment… he hurt people, lost his chance for a better life- maybe he doesn’t deserve answers, either.

In the very same scene, when he is offered what is important to him again (identity, purpose, a connection with people, family love)…

…When it is pointed out that this is the only way left for him to get those, he still refuses to betray the Guardians, to cause people more harm, to achieve the most important things in life for himself the wrong way. Now that is moral strength of character.

And if that wasn’t enough, he gives up the only thing he has left, the only thing that has allowed him to interact with the world at all, to have any kind of enjoyment or sense of self for all those centuries, in order to do the only thing he thinks he still can to help a single, small ‘someone else’. To right one of his wrongs in some little way.

And, hah, that has terrible consequences again! He and Baby Tooth both end up in a ditch, hurt and helpless! He can’t do anything right! Argh!

Cue the lowest point of the movie for Jack (geez, out of how many?!), and the second turning point. Pitch had shown Jack he was finally capable of having an impact and had tried to convince him it could only be negative. To which Jack basically said screw you, I just won’t have an impact at all, then. (So many parallels to real liiiiiiife and the way people try to silence otherrrrs!) Again, he believed the lie about himself but stayed true to his compassion for others.

But thanks to some pretty vital memories, Jack finally saw that he was capable of helping and protecting people. That he had done it before. And was meant to do it again.

Jack’s final conclusion: I can do something good for others. I should do something good for others.

And from this point forward, he totally runs with these convictions front and center.

Trying to free the fairies.

Helping Jamie believe.

Facing the Guardians- not fearing their rejection, but instead concerned for them.

Facing Pitch alone and with resolution, to defend his friends and the children.

Bringing the Guardians and children together around Fun.

Standing up to face Pitch alone again.

And again. (Jack, please rely on others, now.)

And right out on the front lines.

Helping ease the lingering fear of battle.

Standing with his new friends to face Pitch a final time.

Comforting Jamie with thoughtful and empowering words.

In every scene, he took action with conviction and owned it.

This is what character development looks like. :)

So in conclusion (this is an essay, after all), I don’t think Jack’s “decision” to put his interests first was an informed, aware or intentional one, therefore I wouldn’t categorize it as a betrayal. Especially considering every single conscious action afterward showed completely opposite intentions- with loyalty and a strong inclination towards self-sacrifice to boot.

There is still a lot to learn from the experience in Pitch’s lair- which Jack did- regarding unintended consequences and being mindful of his actions’ impact on others. I’m glad he never tried to make excuses or act like a victim about it. That would have taken away from the very lesson that empowered him. That now he, like everyone else, has the ability to make choices in relation to other people and take responsibility for his actions and their consequences.

The end? (There are a billion parallels to real life issues in there, but I’ll leave that for you to extract.)

Hm, that was a loooot more than you were asking. XD Did I actually answer your question?? Haha…

Clarifying points for Winter’s Time readers:

At the end of the movie, Jack recognizes he has choices, his actions impact others, etc. While still fun and carefree by nature, there is a sense of responsibility. He still isn’t quite up to speed on the personal side of that- that his own well-being is one of those things that impacts others. :) Not just his actions, but he means something to people… and how does that all work? And relying on others- that’s a learning point, too. And owning fully up to his capabilities and scope of the potential difference he can make. And forgiving himself. And many, many other things. XD

Also, as mentioned above, the idea that he has impact- it’s a revelation. Would hit pretty hard. Combine that with suddenly knowing about his past family… realizing how he must have affected them… well, that’s chapter 2 and the initial mental mess he’s dealing with in a nutshell. Think just a little ways past that, Jack…

He doesn’t realize some of his own contradictions yet. *sigh* This kid.

Are you guys looking forward to when I write the memory scene for Pitch’s lair? XD If I follow the current plot line, it’s not too far off. This helped! :D Thank you for the ask!

Coping Tool # 3-”Feeling Our Feelings.”

Years ago, I was going through a painful breakup, and understandably grieving.  For some reason, I decided to see the romantic tearjerker, “Sleepless in Seattle.”  

What was I thinking?

It can only make me feel worse, right?  

Instead, after crying during the movie, I actually felt better.  

I realized the movie helped me process my grief about my breakup.  

I discovered on my own, the Coping Tool of “Feeling Our Feelings.”  

Many people struggle with the negative feelings, sadness, fear, worry, anger, and depression.  

We do all kinds of things to comfort ourselves when we are feeling the negative feelings, food, sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, and work.  We are attempting to take the edge off or even cover up our emotions.  

The problem is that solution often becomes another problem.  

Another solution is to simply deny our emotions, which can cause relational problems, because its hard to be around someone who denies their own emotions.  In addition, denying our emotions is a stressor that can lead to stress related illnesses.  

What if we simply allowed ourselves to feel our feelings and let the emotions leave naturally?  

By Feeling Our Feelings, we are actually giving our emotions less control over our lives.  We are not giving into comforting ourselves in a harmful way, nor are we denying our emotions.  We work through the emotions, endure the emotions, have compassion for ourselves, and can even have gratitude for feeling the feelings.  

Boruto's official age during the Movie is 12

The movie took place a year or two after chapter 700 which is 10 years after The Last.

- Which means Naruto and Hinata had Boruto BARELY A YEAR after they married! Which means Hinata was pregnant with Boruto while she’s not even 20! They move so fast.

- Himawari is 6 in the movie, so Boruto is 6 years older than Himawari!

- During the Last epilogue. Since Himawari was born, the epilogue took place around 7-8 years after their marriage.

- Boruto and Himawari should be 10-11, 4-5 during chapter 700 respectively.

Pack Weekend (Part 2)

When you went outside you found yourself with a very excited Stiles , a mysterious conversation between Malia and Kira but also with a happy Liam that was glancing at you while he was talking with Scott. Lydia takes you with her to talk with Scott and Stiles . “Are you ready ?,” Lydia raises an eyebrow looking at Stiles , who is checking some stuffs in the back seats of the jeep . “Yes, we are. What about you girls?,” Scott says ’ Yeah . We were just waiting for you to leave,” you replied ‘Liam , do you want to come with me and y/n ?. So , you won’t feel awkward with the couple moments between the others,” Lydia says smirking ,and Liam only looks back and forth to Scott and Stiles. ‘Absolutely!’ he says giggling ‘Well let’s go then !’ Kira say appearing with Malia .


You decided to sit down on the back of your sister’s car with Liam . At the beginning everything was talk between you and him , and Lydia was so focus on the road and the music playing that she wasn’t paying so much attention to your talk with the blue eyes boy. But you were so tired that it didn’t take you so much to fall asleep on Liam’s lap. After 30 minutes you were finally at the Lake house . When Lydia turn to see your face and Liam’s both were fall asleep . She just smiled , in that moment you open your eyes and yawn making Liam wake up. ‘Are we at the house?’ you asked with a sleepy voice ‘Yes’ lydia answers.


Whereas the others were unpacking everything in their assigned room you were downstairs preparing some snacks with Kira . ‘Have you ever eaten a sucre crêpe, Kira? ,’ you asked . ‘No , I haven’t . ¿Is it good?’ ‘Really good..’ you are interrupted by a group of noises coming from the living room .

You smile at Kira , and you headed into the living room .
In the living room were Stiles , Scott , Liam and Lydia talking about all the things you’ll be able to do this weekend .
‘We can watch a marathon of Star Wars!’ Stiles says enthusiastic ; clearly , none of you have done it . Kira giggled remembering the night she and Scott were supposed to do it. ‘Maybe the next time , Stiles . I really want to watch a movie,’ Malia states giving him a cheeky smile . He just nodded .

'I think Kira should pick the movie then ’ you say.
Everyone agreed. You stood up to look for the movie collections you have at the house . So many movies , from the most romantics to the most scary ones . But Kira chose ‘Oculus’. Meanwhile Lydia was putting the film , you asked the others for help bring the food and drink to the living room .


When the film began , you had a bowl of popcorn in your hands . Liam was sitting next to you , it was pretty funny because sometimes you’ll start popcorn fight between you two .You’ll try to hide your face in his chest or cuddle with him,when something scary was going to happen .
You could be a badass against supernatural creatures but horror movies weren’t your thing.

Sometimes it was funny to look at what the others where doing while the movie was playing . Stiles , Lydia and Malia’s reaction to something awkward or strange happening ,also Kira taking Scott’s hand when she was scare . During the rest of the night you kept watching movie after movie , until you decided to go to sleep ….


I was so excited about the 1st part that when I saw tha amount of notes , I began to write the 2nd part . I hope you like it :) . The next part will take more time to be update ; because School will start again on Monday :/ . This entire week I was free , but at least this is the last trimester of the year :) . Well , I hope you’re having an amazing day . Bye ,love you .