during the month it took you to leave me

I filled my gas tank to 33 dollars and 33 cents
and told you it was for you
because it was your favorite number.

I organized our belongings
(white t-shirts—books—toothbrushes—
baby, this is where we keep our sweaters)
as if using the word “our” would embed myself
into what you call home.

I bought flowers from a homeless man
because you are a botany major.
I wanted to bring them to you,
wilting and loveless, and show you how
I can nurture something worth saving.

There is a five-finger scar above my breast.
There is an orchestra on my neck shaped like your pulse
from all the nights you held me the way
you only hold something slipping.

There are 6 states
pressed like stubborn flowers
between the last time I kissed you and today,
but you still feel like a sound caught in my throat.

—  Sierra DeMulder, “During the Month it Took You to Leave Me”

I filled my gas tank to 33 dollars and 33 cents
and told you it was for you
because it was your favorite number.

I organized our belongings
(white t-shirts—books—toothbrushes—
baby, this is where we keep our sweaters)
as if using the word “our” would embed myself
into what you call home.

I bought flowers from a homeless man
because you are a botany major.
I wanted to bring them to you,
wilting and loveless, and show you how
I can nurture something worth saving.

There is a five-finger scar above my breast.
There is an orchestra on my neck shaped like your pulse
from all the nights you held me the way
you only hold something slipping.

There are 6 states
pressed like stubborn flowers
between the last time I kissed you and today,
but you still feel like a sound caught in my throat.

—  Sierra DeMulder, “During the Month it Took You to Leave Me”
The Joker x Reader - “Old Habits”

Everyone in the underworld answers to The Organization. This only happens once, but you will be auctioned to the other members that already served their term and for 6 months you will belong to that person. You have to do anything they ask, both on personal and business level. All the profits go to The Organization; you can’t keep anything for yourself; you can’t escape, you can’t avoid it, just postpone the inevitable. After your 6 months, you can choose and stay as a bidder (just like you did).

“We’ll start the bidding at $500.000 ! “ the auctioneer points towards The Joker, who is chained to the wall and sure doesn’t look pleased with this evening’s events. But there is nothing he can do about it and he is aware of it. He certainly fought them, that’s why he’s tight up. J should have known better but …there he is.

You lift your hand up and so do several more.

“You’re popular, Mister Joker” the announcer snickers and you know J enough to notice he might snap soon. Please don’t do anything reckless, it’s only going to make it worse, you think to yourself, worried.

“What about a million dollars, hm?”

Poison Ivy turns towards you, winking:

“Wanna share him? We can go half-half girl,” she bites her lip, enthusiastic.

“Not on J, Ivy”, you answer, determined to hold your ground.

“Uhhhh, you’re no fun Y/N! But I can understand how powerful an old flame can be… ” she sighs, playing with her hair.

“ 2 million?” you hear and you lift your hand again. So many wanting him… If anybody else gets The Clown Prince of Crime it won’t be pretty. He can probably handle it… and yet something inside you doesn’t want you to give up.

“ 5 million! “ you raise your voice and all heads turn towards you.

The Joker finally notices you and grinds his teeth, definitely not glad with the encounter.

“6!” Ivy waves at the auctioneer, excited.

“7!” you keep on going, irritated she is just doing it to antagonize you.


You take a deep breath and loudly exclaim:

“12 million!” People start talking and whispering and Ivy pouts, already bored:

“She can have him for that price,” she giggles, elbowing you. You pinch her arm, smiling and relieved you won.

“12 million going once, going twice…. Mister Joker is sold to Miss Y/N for 12 million!”

Everyone starts clapping and congratulating you; he just stares with a blank expression on his face, wanting to kill everyone in the huge room. At least he didn’t do anything stupid for once.


“Untie him,” you command once J is brought to your quarters. He starts cussing, trying to kick the guards and you cover his mouth while they take the chains off.

“Please shut up, you’ll get in trouble. It’s your turn and there is nothing you can do about it. If you run or try to trick them, they will take away everything from you and you’ll have nothing to get back to in Gotham, you know it. Most than likely you’ll end up dead; they don’t like rebellions, no matter who the person is. Are you good now?” you ask and his chest goes up and down really fast but he nods a yes. “Good, “you let go and the guards are done too. “Leave us,” you signal and once they are gone you close the door behind them, finally relaxing a bit.

“Where the hell were you???!!!” he stomps towards you, extremely furious and pushes you so brutally you almost fall on your back. “You just left me without a word???!!  Gone for 8 months and now I find myself here with you as my buyer for the next half a year?!!! Do…do you know how long I’ve… I’ve searched for you?” he takes it down a notch, keeping his hands in his hair, panting.

You just regain your balance and calmly inform him:

“You know I postponed my time for as long as I could until they didn’t play along anymore. They came for me at my apartment and I had to go. I couldn’t contact you because they don’t allow it, you know the rules. I thought you would have guessed on why I disappeared…I didn’t leave you…” you blink faster, rubbing your cheeks, not wanting to get too emotional about it.

“Why didn’t you come back, hm?” he points his finger at you, still mad. “Your 6 months were up two months ago!!!”

“I stayed for you!” you suddenly scream and he frowns, not expecting it. “I knew your time will be up soon and you won’t be able to avoid it. I wanted to buy you so none of the ones having a grudge against you will !!!! Once you leave you can’t come back so I stayed. That’s why I chose to remain here as a bidder, you, you…ungrateful JERK!!!” you lash out at him, upset and almost regretting your decision.

“Jeez, thanks,” The Joker has the nerve to sarcastically mock you, even if on the inside he gets the picture.

“You dare talking to me like this, J?!” you tremble with anger, trying not to have a meltdown. “You know this is everyone’s chance to get revenge on those whom they don’t like or have a grudge against. And you, King of Gotham… “ you smirk, fuming with vexation,”… have a lot of enemies among our own. You should be so grateful right now that you’re mine and not someone else’s! Do you know Ivy wanted to share, huh? Do you know what happens to the men she buys? I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. Harvey hates you, he would have torn you to pieces until the bitter end of your 6 months. Riddler would have driven you insane, really insane; you wouldn’t have recognized yourself at the end of your time!!! You think you know mind games? HA! Try his!… And the list goes on and on!”

You take a deep breath because spitting out this stuff made you all worked up.

J definitely seems speechless for once; he keeps on looking at you up and down, debating:

“Who… who bought you?” he utters, taking off his jacket and placing it on the bed.

“I was lucky it was Dr. Freeze,” you sniffle. “Due to his…condition, I mostly just had to do the business part for The Organization. A few times…”, he sees your eyes getting teary, “…I don’t want to talk about it, OK? And then I stayed…waiting for you…so I can get you and nobody else. That’s how much I cared. But don’t worry, that’s not the case anymore,” you hiss at him, regaining your composure. “ I just wanted to repay you for that time during the Wayne Industry heist you saved my life. I don’t want to owe you, understand?” you quickly make up a reason this way it won’t show how hurt you are. He has no idea what you’ve been through and what it took for you to stay when all you desired was to leave and run back to him.

The Joker just lifts his shoulders up, puckering his lips:

“So this means I don’t have to sleep with you and all that stuff since I’m yours for 6 months?”

“Exactly, I don’t want you to touch me; just worry about the business part of it and get them as much money as they want!  I’m responsible for you so try not to get us both killed. Then you’re done and that’s it. If you want to stay as a bidder afterwards, it will be your choice,” you grumble, shaking your head since J is really getting on your nerves.

He deliberates for a few seconds before talking again:

“So…what am I supposed to do if I…get…the urge, Doll?”

“What?!” you snarl, not amused. The Joker was hoping it would make you smile.“Whatever you did while I was gone!” you bark at him and head towards the bathroom, adamant to take a shower, maybe it will help cool you off.

You hear the knock in the door and it scares you. Were you two really loud?! Hopefully they didn’t hear the argument or you’re in big trouble.

“Take your shirt off, quickly!” you tell him while you pull your dress over your head, taking your bra off and tossing it to the side. He knows why so for once he does as asked and you push him in bed, getting on top of him really fast and covering everything you can with the blanket.

“Come in,” you turn your head and one of the guards walks in, averting his eyes when he sees the both of you like that.

“What is it? I’m busy enjoying my prize!” you growl, covering your breasts with your hands.

“I’m so…so sorry to interrupt, Miss Y/N. I have the Organization’s list of everything Mister Joker has to do for 6 months, all the heists, kidnappings and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” J replies, irked, getting on his elbows. “Just get out, we know the drill; the lady’s having fun, OK? She sure wants her money’s worth so I have to get back to business, like…NOW!”

“Leave that stuff on the table,” you point with your head and the guard obliges, turning around afterwards and exiting your quarters.

“Of course, m-my apologies again,” he nervously stammers, closing the door.

“Good, this helped, it looks believable,” you whisper. “Would you take your hand out of my bikini?!” you slap his arm, trying to kick him in the crotch as you get off him.

“Heyyyy, watch the merchandise, you paid 12 million for it!” J snickers and he doesn’t like the fact that you’re still upset. But he was a complete ass, so…

“You’re not worth it, trust me…” you sadly reply and he bites his tongue because he sure wants to say something very mean. “I’m going for a shower, I have 2 more bathrooms in my quarters, pick one,” you let him know with a sour expression on your face, heading back towards your own.


“So I’m sleeping here?” he inquires, slamming 4 pillows on the bed.

“Yes, you know the rules: you have to sleep in the same bed with your buyer. Sometimes they raid the rooms at night, they sure don’t care about privacy too much. You can’t lock the doors, ever.  We have to follow protocol.”

The Joker huffs, fiddling around with his boxers before sitting down.

“How was sleeping in the same bed with Dr. Freeze?” he inquires, watching you roll your eyes:

“Cold!” you shortly reply and continue: “This is a double king so there’s plenty of space. Make sure you stay on your side, don’t try your sneaky ways with me,” you warn him, getting comfortable under your comforter. You reach your hand and turn off the lamp when you hear:

“Hey, Y/N, do they have stripers here?”

“Shut the hell up, J!” you place the cover on top of your head, hoping he’ll be quiet.

“No, seriously, do they?” he tries again.

Since you don’t answer, The Joker assumes he can continue yapping:

“I think you should know I might have got somebody pregnant.”

“For God’s sake, give it a rest, will you?” you turn on the other side. “I don’t care!”  but after a few seconds he is so pleased to hear your muffled voice from under the covers: “Did you really?!”

His maniacal laughter resonates in the bedroom and you decide not to say anything anymore.


You wake up sweating, feeling really hot and you realize why: he got under your comforter and he’s squeezing the life out of you in his sleep.

“J, wake up, go on your side!” you take his hands away from around your waist, not wanting him so close to you. “This better be your gun!” you push him away, not entertained at the situation.

“Nope, not my gun, you know I sleep naked,” he groans, half asleep. “Old habits, don’t flatter yourself,” and he tries to snuggle by you again.

“I’m not. Stop bugging me, I mean it!” you punch him in the arm, aggravated again.

“Don’t hit me!” he musters, trying really hard not to hit you back. “…What the hell is this?!” J grumbles, feeling your skin from under your t-shirt.

“Not all my missions were easy, I have more scars now, “you confess, not happy at the memories, pulling away from him and he finally lets go and rolls over towards his side of the bed.

“I’m sure you deserved it,” he maliciously responds, getting cozy with his pillows. He certainly likes to bite.
“Just make sure you do what you have to do for your 6 months and then you’re done…we’re done with this nonsense…” you sulk since you are fed up with his crap.

“Whatever, I don’t give a damn!” he has one last outburst before winding down. “Hey, Y/N, can you imagine me sleeping in the same bed with Dead Shot or Harvey? Those guys are boring.”

And you thought he was done. But you don’t reply.

“But Ivy though… that woman knows how to make other men want her and… ouch, hey, watch it!” The Joker protests when he receives one of your pillows right in the face. “ I’m keeping this one too,” he decides, and he hears you mumble not very nice things; it pleases him to realize he still has the power to antagonize you.


He came back from one of his mission with a black eye. Because of his pale skin, it looks so much worse than it is.

“Can you see?” you ask, staring at his eye: definitely doesn’t look clear blue anymore: just red, swollen and inflamed.

“Somewhat,” J sighs, grabbing the ice bag from your hand and placing it over his bruise.

“You should go to one of the doctors here, I don’t want you to go blind,” you pout, unconsciously keeping your hand on top of his.
“I thought you don’t care, Doll,” he pushes your hand away, pretending to be in pain.

“I don’t,” you are fast to respond. “I just want you to be able to continue with your assignments, remember I am responsible for you.  Are you sure you don’t need a doctor?”

“Pffttt, I’m OK, I’m The Joker. I don’t need anybody for anything,” he puffs, hinting at you not being important to him.

Like you need clues.

“Yes, honey,” you make it a point of being overly sarcastic while saying it, “we are all aware of that!” and you slam the door, leaving the confused J sitting on the couch with a displeased expression on his face. He sure believed you will put up with his temper and venomous remarks and baby him. This is what you used to do…


He returned from a robbery with two bullet wounds in his right arm. The medical team took care of that and patched him up well, but you know it’s not going to be easy: he’s never been a good patient.

He keeps on tossing and turning, wincing in pain while you want to nap. You try not to pay attention but he won’t quit. You even cover your head with a pillow; it’s no use.

“Doll, I think I have a fever,” he whines, pulling at your blanket.

“Uuuhhhhh,” you get up on your side, wishing you have shared him with Ivy so she can get a taste of his wonderful interpersonal skills. But since you didn’t…joke’s on you. “No you don’t!” you snap but move towards him anyway to check. Old habits

“See? I’m burning up,” J complains and starts purring when you touch his forehead.

“You’re fine, you don’t seem… too…hot…” you utter and glare when he takes your hand and kisses it.

“I am hot, maybe horny, can’t really tell,” he flashes his silver smile at you, winking.

“Stop your stupid games!” you back out, regretting you felt for it.

“What games?! I got shot and I’m in pain. Com’ere,” he gestures for you and it makes you cringe.

“No, I’m fine where I am,” you decline and The Joker is not used with rejection. He opens his mouth to say something vicious and you just ignore him. “Good night!” you cut it short, wanting to rest. You manage to put your ear plugs in, not willing to listen to a single word that comes out of his mouth anymore. He sure blurred out a lot of things that you didn’t hear.


2 in the morning and you wake up startled, not knowing why. You stretch, adjusting against your body pillow when you hear J groan in his sleep, uncomfortable from his fresh wounds he got on another commision today.

He’s dozing off in the middle of the bed and since you have the nightlight on you can distinguish the grimace of pain on his face and messy green hair all over the place. You watch his restless sleep for a while and bite your cheek, worried without even noticing. You move close to him and touch his forehead but it doesn’t seem like he has a fever.

You remember how you used to comfort him when he got injured in the past and you press your lips against the bandages, not even knowing why you’re doing it. Old habits

“What are you doing, Pumpkin?” J yawns, scrunching up his face with his eyes closed.

“Kissing it better,” you bitterly reply and can’t help but sensing your heart beating faster when he answers:

“It does feel better…” and he softly pulls on your hair, snoozing, playing with the long strands until he’s out cold again. You wouldn’t know that what you did sure relaxed him; he wouldn’t admit to it even if it kills him, but he really misses your touch. Old habits

You swear in your mind this is the only time you will be nice to him since he really screwed up. You have to be strong, this way you can have revenge for all the anguish you suffered for his sake.


Today is the end of his 6 months service and The Joker ended up being stabbed on his mission. Since it’s quite a superficial lesion, they allowed him to take the rest of the day off. He mopes around the quarters, delighted his ordeal is over with. He sure didn’t enjoy serving his time for The Organization. So much money, diamonds and guns he got for them and he couldn’t keep anything. He completely detests it but there was no way around it.

Where is she? J wonders since he didn’t see you at all today. He really wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

You enter the rooms with the 4 guards and seem deep in thought. When you leave the premises for good you have to always be accompanied by them; you can’t take anything with you; all stays behind.

“Finally, Y/N, let’s get out of here!” he impatiently grabs your hand and starts dragging you out. “Walk faster!” J barks and after a few moments you yank your hand away, staying behind while the security team closely follows his steps. He turns his head, reaching for you again while pacing down the hallway.

“Come on, what you are doing?! Move it!”

“I’m staying…” The Joker hears your voice echoing and he halts, alarmed, not even knowing why he has this strong desire for you to follow him.

“You’re what?!” he tilts his head, irritated and wants to head back towards you but the guards won’t let him.

“You can’t go back, sir, you know the rules. Please keep on walking!”

“What the hell are you doing, Y/N?! Let’s go!” he yells, trapped in between the wardens.

You blink fast a few times, hesitant. You sure want to get out of the place as fast as him… yet:

“They’re bringing Frost in tomorrow,” you talk loud enough so he can hear you. “I want to get him; a lot of them hate Jonny for his connection to you.”

“That’s so stupid, Doll! I thought you want to run out of here as soon as I was done with my time!” he shouts as the guards make him move again.

He keeps on looking back and you don’t say anything; you just lift your hand and wave a faint good-bye, your eyes getting watery while watch him depart. You don’t even know why you are so upset; he’s definitely not worth it.

“Fuck!” J grumbles, irked he won’t see you anytime soon. He can’t understand why his selfish self keeps on having doubts about leaving you behind; you’re definitely not worth it. “Hold on!” he gets the attention of his wardens. He takes a deep breath and passes his fingers through his hair, wanting to keep his mouth shut but something inside makes him pronounce the words: “I’m staying as a bidder.”

“Are you sure, Mister Joker?” one of the guys double checks.

“Yes, I’m sure, even if I’m aware this is the most stupid ass decision I’ve ever made…besides dating her, of course,” he scoffs, heading back towards you.

You pretend you don’t care at all when he comes in front of you and starts rambling, dramatically gesturing to accentuate his feelings:

“If you think you will get Frost and sleep with him in the same bed without me supervising the whole damn thing, you’re wrong!”

“Huh?!” you look so confused when he angrily hugs you.

Him and his stupid jealousy… Old habit.

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“You would never leave me. Right?”

Her voice was so soft and quiet, but Leia’s words started Han more than her somber tone. He turned over in the small bunk- the same one they’d shared during their wonderfully long trip to Bespin. (Han already missed those blissful months but he was anxious to get back home.)

Her hair, like a cloud, was spread around her- across the pillow, over his arm. Han took a few strands into his hand, played with it, amazed by its delicate softness. He reached forward to caress her face and left a kiss on her forehead.

“Never, Princess,” he swore, thinking back on the last memories he had before the carbonite. “I’d have to be an idiot.”

anonymous asked:

JungKook scenario where the reader is the gf. She's one year ynger and suffers bullying at school, JK doesn't know until he finds a box with notes such as "U r so ugly" "Go away" "Disappear" "We all hate you" in your room. He decides to visit her high school to see what's happening and finds out how her classmates treat his gf, like an scene where the students beat hear? So she cries alone. Kind of sad, if it's too rude it's ok not do it~

hello good morning/afternoon~ 

From: Jungkook~

Have a good day at school, cutie. Do you work and study hard! I’ll try to visit you between schedules. I love you, okay? Don’t be late for class!

You looked at the message with tears in your eyes. You didn’t know how you were so lucky to have Jeon Jungkook as your boyfriend. Since you two had been dating, he’d been nothing but amazing to you, and had always kept a smile on your face and love in your heart. But you could only keep up the façade of being entirely happy for so long.

You rose from bed and automatically winced at the pain in your side from when a student pinched you yesterday… what had you done to deserve the cruelty from your classmates? Why did they chose to treat you this way… why would they treat anyone this way?

Each day that you rose from bed to go to class was filled with agony. You didn’t wanna face your bullies. You wanted to hide away and stay in your room. The pain that they filled you with was too much to bear. People ran away from their bullies all the time… why weren’t you allowed to?

“Mom?” You said, entering the kitchen. You saw your mother putting her keys in her purse as she rushed to leave for work.

“Yes, sweetie? Make it quick; I’m running late.”

“I don’t feel so good. Can I stay home today?”

She looked up at you and groaned. “You can’t keep doing this. You have to go to school. Now, go get in the shower. If I hear that you skipped today, you’re grounded for a week—no, a month.”

It wasn’t your mother’s fault that she was so calloused to your wanting to stay home—you’d never told her of your situation. Hell, you’d never told anyone. You were too ashamed. The “mother, I don’t feel good” method had worked maybe once or twice, but she eventually caught on to you wanting to skip school, and now she never trusted when you didn’t want to go to class. She kissed your forehead before exiting.

“I’ll be going now. Have a good day in school!” She said as she closed the front door behind her. You sighed, folding your arms and standing in solitude.

You entered school quickly, trying to just walk and mind your own business as always, hoping the students would ignore you as you wanted them to.

And as always, they didn’t.

“Hey! Hey!” You heard a familiar unruly voice say behind you. You walked faster. “Is she ignoring me? Has she lost her mind? Hey, dumb ass!” The boy said, and you felt someone roughly grab your shoulder.

You flinched as you were turned around. The boy and his friends stood, towering over you, smiling mischievously.

“Did you ignore me on purpose?” He asked, feigning a pout.

You shook your head. “N-no, I-”

You jumped as your books were smacked out of your hand, and your binder fell apart as it crashed onto the floor. He and his friends laughed, and he patted your head. “Pick up your raggedy binder. And fix your hair.” He said coldly before he and his friends walked away.

These were the main students who’d made your life hell for the past year. Last year, the school got a new Korean-American student who suffered great bullying because of his weight. While helping him with his Korean and befriending him, his bullies quickly became yours. And when he transferred because of the bullying he faced, the bullies ganged up on you solely. It all happened so quickly that you didn’t even know how to tell your family members around you. You were never popular, but you’d never been bullied before. The pain was unbearable as your bullies abused you mentally and physically. You didn’t know how to be vocal about it. It was too embarrassing. It was too scary.

You walked to your classroom, and as you entered, the class fell silent as always. No one ever bothered to defend you, or even bother talking to you. The friends that you had before the bullying started had left your side, informing you that being around you risked them being bullied as well. You were all alone.

You sat in your desk, and immediately stood as you felt liquid seeping in through your skirt. You looked down, and noticed spilled milk in your seat. Snickers filled the classroom as the class laughed at you, and began to snap pictures of your soiled uniform.

“That’s enough,” the instructor said, entering the class. “______, go clean yourself up.” She said absent-mindedly. You were used to your teachers brushing bullying aside. Your school was highlighted as one of the best schools in Seoul, and to save face, bullying was often ignored or brushed under the rug. They figured if they didn’t say anything, maybe the problem would just… disappear.

You went to the bathroom quickly, milk from your skirt running down your leg.

Once you rinsed all of the milk out of your skirt, you held it under the hand dryer, feeling lucky that the milk had barely gotten on your underwear. You didn’t even wanna go back into the classroom. School had literally just started and you were already having a rough time. You closed your eyes and sighed, trying to calm yourself down.

“Hey,” you heard Jungkook’s voice say softly in your mind. You imagined him standing there with you, holding your hand. “It’ll be okay. Smile. I love you.”

You opened your eyes and exhaled. How easier things would be if he could be here with you all of the time. You readjusted your now clean skirt and headed back into the classroom reluctantly.

The day ended, and you headed home quickly. The rest of the day was almost as rough as the first few moments. A new bruise had begun to form on your leg from when one of the girls in your class tripped you on your way out of the school, and you tried not to obviously limp. You were just happy to be out of there.

As you turned the corner to your house, your eyes brightened immediately as you saw Jungkook sitting on your porch, a smile on his face as he saw you.

“Jungkook!” You yelped, running to him. He held his arms out to you, and when you met up with him, he held you tightly, spinning you around as you two embraced. You felt all the horrors of the day leave you and be replaced with tender happiness. You exhaled against him, feeling entirely content for the first time today.

He looked at you and kissed your forehead. “I missed you.” He said, cupping your face. You smiled.

“I missed you, too. Come in! Are you hungry? We can order a pizza.” You said, letting him into your home.

As Jungkook sat in the living room ordering pizza, you went to your bedroom to sit your books down. You counted the books brought home, and groaned when you realized you didn’t have your agenda.

“Dang it,” you huffed, opening your backpack and hoping you’d left it in there—only to be greeted by a wad of papers.

Your heart immediately stung. You knew they were all notes from your classmates, probably placed there when you were cleaning your skirt. You opened one.

No one here likes you.


Go away.


You’re disgusting!

As you read them, they became harder and harder to decipher with the tears building in your eyes. You sniffled, wiping your eyes.

“No,” you mumbled. “I’m here with Jungkook, and I’m happy. I won’t worry him with my tears.” You told yourself, taking the papers and holding them in your hand.

You reached under your bed into an old shoebox, and took off the lid, and looked at the other notes collected from over the past couple of months from other times your classmates decided to leave you notes. You placed them in there quickly, and slid the box back under your bed.

“I have to go now. We have a program to be at in a few hours.”

You smiled. “I’ll be sure to watch it. Do well!”

He leaned in to your ear. “When you see me hold up a heart during my part, it’ll be for you, okay?”

You laughed. “Okay. I’ll anticipate it. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He said softly, kissing your cheek, and parting. You sighed, sitting back on the couch where he once was.

And once again, you were alone.

The next day of school started, and you were once again reluctant to leave the house. As you walked to your classroom, you heard a group of students talking.

“Did you see Bangtan’s live stage yesterday?”

“Yes! Jungkook was so cute~ did you see his hand heart? He’s so precious!”

You could only smile to yourself, knowing it was directed at you. It felt like your personal, precious secret. There had been rumors of Jeon Jungkook being in a relationship, but the suspected girlfriends were always in girl groups or trainees, never an ordinary girl like you. Part of you wanted the relationship to come out with hopes that maybe if your classmates knew who your boyfriend was, they’d leave you alone, but you knew Jungkook wanted your identity kept hidden for your safety, which was something you appreciated… if only he knew you weren’t even safe in your own school environment.

You sat in your desk and pulled out your phone.

From: Jungkook~

I have a surprise for you ♥

You smiled.

To: Jungkook~

Really? I can’t wait oppa!

You held your phone in your hand and sat up straight in your desk, excited for whatever surprise he was setting up for you.

“Hey,” one of your bullies said, approaching you. The smile on your face shattered quickly. “Sorry about the milk thing yesterday.” He told you, a blank look on his face.

You swallowed. “I-It’s okay.”

“Yeah, we wanted to show you one way or another how much of a cow you are.” He said, feigning a sweet smile. His friends snorted at you, and you jumped when one of them pried your phone from your hands.

Oh no! What if they see that I’m texting Jungkook? Will they know it’s Bangtan’s Jungkook?

You luckily noticed that the screen was locked, and that they wouldn’t be able to see your messages, or your pictures with Jungkook. Still, you wanted your phone back.

“Please give it back!” You said quickly, and immediately regretted your tone of voice.

“Hey, hey,” one of the boys said, frowning at you. “Who are you raising your voice at? Don’t be disrespectful to us; are you dumb?” He reached for your side again, and pinched you again in the same spot that he had earlier in the beginning of the week, and you yelped in your seat, feeling the sting radiate through you. He twisted the skin for what felt like hours before yanking away. As he did so, his friend dropped your phone on the ground, and stomped on it once.

“Your phone’s a piece of crap, anyway.” He tsked, and the walked away, leaving you at your desk. You leaned down to get it, and gasped when you felt just how sensitive your side actually was now.

Trembling, you grabbed your phone, now with a shattered screen. You sniffled, trying desperately not to cry, as you knew crying in front of them only made them abuse you more.

So, you sucked up the pain yet again.

You headed home slowly, for every step that you took caused more and more pain in your side, and your limp from yesterday threatened to come back. You felt so overwhelmed with pain.

Why did they do this to you? You never did anything to anybody. You’d always been kind and nice to everyone, and you never judged or made fun of anyone for anything. You preferred to be unseen, fading into the back. You didn’t want to be the basis of anyone’s attention, definitely not the attention you were getting from your classmates. How long would you have to put up with this? Who said this would stop after you would graduate? What if they followed you to college, to the work field, and throughout your life? You couldn’t deal with this pain. It was too much. You didn’t want to face them anymore. You couldn’t face them anymore.

“_______?” You heard Jungkook’s voice, and you realized you were in front of your house. He stood at your porch once again, a heart-shaped red balloon in his hands. A look of pure horror and concern face as his eyes became more and more worried as he saw you standing there, limping and crying, holding your side.


“What happened to you?” He said, approaching you quickly and holding your face. The concern on his face made you feel sadder. In all of the pain and heartache in your life, here he was, genuine and pure and in love with you. It made you cry more. He took you by the hand and brought you inside.

Jungkook sat you down at the kitchen table. Since he preferred to go somewhere quiet and unknown to the public when he was off of schedule, you snuck him a key to your house to stay there while your parents were away for work. He sometimes used this to his advantage to surprise you, like today—only he hadn’t expected to find you in the state that he found you.

“What happened?” He asked you again, looking you in the eye. You could only look at him sadly.

“I… at school, I… I tripped, and broke my phone-”

“Your phone’s been crushed in, _______. This isn’t just some crack from ‘tripping.’ Your phone is literally crushed. Someone did this purposefully. And you’re limping and holding your side! What happened? Who did this to you?”

You shook your head. You didn’t want to tell him. He’d be so worried about you, and you didn’t want him worrying about anything while he was so busy with his schedules like this.

“Jungkook…” you sighed, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I promise… I promise. I just tripped.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“Because I was embarrassed that I tripped in front of everyone! Jungkook, I promise. I’m fine, okay? My phone is in the state it’s in because when it flew out of my hand, a boy stepped on it accidentally. I promise, oppa. I’m fine.”

He shook his head, not believing you for a moment… but he didn’t want to be too persistent. It was obviously something you didn’t want to talk about, and he didn’t want to pressure you into talking about more than you wanted to. Instead, he pulled you into a tight hug.

“Okay,” he whispered to you as he wrapped his arms around you. “I’m sorry for not believing you.” He told you.

You hugged him tighter. You wanted him to know so desperately. You wanted him to help you so badly… but you were too afraid to worry him. You couldn’t put that pressure on him.

“What was the surprise?” You asked him, remembering his text from earlier.

He smiled. “Go in your room and see.”

You headed back to your room steadily, ignoring the pain you felt in your side to keep him from noticing. When you opened the door, you smiled a giddy smile, noticing the small picnic setup he’d put there as a guitar rested on your bed.

“Jungkook! This is so cute!” You cooed, sitting down on the blanket he’d set down. He sat next to you, grabbing his guitar.

“You like it? I wanted to do something for you since I’ve been so busy lately… can I play you something?”

You nodded, a smile on your face. He began to strum the instrument lightly, and started to sing Lost Stars to you. You always appreciated him singing to you. It was always so intimate, a side to him that wasn’t available on radio shows or live stages. It was just you and him. He wasn’t BTS’ maknae at times like these or an idol. He was just your sweet and incredible boyfriend.

And you were his beautiful and kindhearted girlfriend who he’d began to feel scared for. What weren’t you telling him? You were obviously not okay… why didn’t you trust him with whatever information you were keeping from him? You weren’t as good of a liar as you thought. He read right through you, and he knew something was wrong. He knew someone was hurting you.

As he finished his song, he looked at you, tears in your eyes.

“Ahh,” you laughed, wiping your tears. “That was so beautiful; I can’t believe I’m crying!”

It began to pain him, seeing you so obviously hurt but still managing to smile. He quickly leaned over to you and kissed your lips.

You blinked. “What was that for?”

“I love you.” He told you. You smiled.

“I love you, too, Jungkook.” You reached over to get some food from the picnic setup, not noticing him still staring at you carefully. He was scared for you. What you were dealing with had to be something serious for you to not share it with him.

I have to find out what’s going on, he thought to himself, watching you. I have to find out on my own and help her. I can’t just watch her suffer like this.

You had a good feeling in your heart. You felt good at school for the first time in months. Yesterday with Jungkook was magical. He always put such a wonderful and warm feeling in your heart. You felt so lucky to have him.

“Hey, cow!” You heard your bullies call behind you. Still, the good feeling in your heart lingered. You didn’t want to let them bother you today. You were so happy. Did they really have to mess that up right now?

You kept walking.

“Hey! I know you hear me!” One of the boys called. You continuously ignored them. What would they do, trip you again? Spill more milk on you? Pinch you again? They’d caused you so much pain over the past year, how else could they hurt you? What could you take that you hadn’t already experienced from them?

In that moment, you felt yourself being pushed into the lockers. You toppled over, falling to the ground, your books falling out of your hands.

When you reached to get them, your cheek was kicked roughly, and you could only fall over and grab your face, entirely shocked.

You began to tremble with pain. Did he just… kick you in the face? The taste of blood filled your mouth, and you sat there, shaking, now more scared of him than you’d ever been.

“You keep ignoring me! Do I not deserve respect? Are you too good to answer me?” He yelled at you, punching the top of your head. You curled up, trying to block his hits. You were so unbelievably frightened now. You wanted to apologize for ignoring him, but you knew that meant nothing. He was pissed now, angrier than you’d ever seen him. He wasn’t gonna stop hitting you.

So, you ran for it. Leaving your books, leaving the droplets of blood from your mouth that had dripped on the floor, you ran to the bathroom, tears and blood streaking on your face.

You cried hysterically on the bathroom floor, holding your cheek and your chest, as your heart was beating so rapidly. You were actually scared. For the briefest moment in your mind, you feared that he would’ve beaten you past the point of ignoring the pain. You would’ve walked away with a broken limb or worse. He was completely relentless today. And you were his method of relief for whatever reason.

There was a lot of commotion outside of the bathroom door suddenly. Screams and yells were heard, and running footsteps sounded in the halls.

What happened? Had he gotten in trouble by administrators? If so, you wanted to be able to tell them what had happened to you. You wanted to say something now. The way he treated you—the way they all treated you—couldn’t go on any longer.

You braced yourself and opened the bathroom door, only to stop in your tracks completely.

Jungkook stood there, a look of anger on his face that you’d never seen before, as your bully rested on the ground, cowered over the same way you previously were, and holding his face. Jungkook grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the mouth, making you jump.

“How dare you put your disgusting hands on someone like that?” He screeched out through punches, hitting your bully repeatedly in the face. He drew his hand back for another punch.

“Jungkook!” You yelled, still trembling. Your heart felt as if it would explode. He came… he saw you being abused by one of your bullies. You knew this wouldn’t be good for him. You knew news of him fighting a high school student would get out and make headlines. You wanted to stop him, even though he was the first and only person to do anything about your situation.

He looked up, and when he saw you, his face softened. Dropping your bully’s collar, he went to you, and pulled you into a tight hug, and you saw everyone around stare at the embrace.

“You’re shaking,” he said, his voice breathy. You could tell he was filled with adrenaline. You put your hands on his face to calm him. “I…I came in, and I… I saw him hitting you…”

You smiled, shaking your head to silence him. “Thank you. You have to go, Jungkook. You’ll get in trouble for fighting him.”

He grabbed your hands. He was almost in disbelief how in a moment like this, with blood and tears still on your face, you managed to be concerned for him. “You’re coming with me. I’m not leaving you in here with these students. Come on,” he said, holding your hand and walking with you out of the school as everyone stared on silently.

“Thank you… yes, I’ll tell her. Thank you.” Jungkook stood with his phone in hand, contacting your mother. You were stunned silent that he’d actually called her. When he hung up, he turned to look at you. “Your mom is devastated that you didn’t tell her. She almost didn’t believe me.”

You sighed, scooting back on the couch as you took the ice pack he’d given you off of your cheek. So much had happened. You couldn’t even think about your own situation as you feared for Jungkook. News would come out about this. You would be known as the rumored girlfriend. He would be known as the idol that beat up that kid in his girlfriend’s class.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going through this?”

“Because you worry so much. And you have so much on your plate, Jungkook, I don’t want to worry-” He cut you off by kissing you softly on the lips. When he pulled away, he touched your hand.

“I don’t care what I’m going through or how stressed or busy I am,” he began, “I will always have time for you. Don’t ever hide things like this from me, okay? Your safety and your happiness is my top priority. Promise me that if something this serious is happening to you again, you’ll let me know immediately.”

“I promise.”

He then pulled you into a tight hug. “You’re transferring schools.” He said as he pulled away. Your eyes grew.

“W-what? Transferring where?”

“To the School of Performing Arts. My school.”

You almost choked on air. “What? I can’t go there, I can’t even sing.”

He smiled at you. “Remember when you told me you wanted to study abroad for Communications?”

You blinked at him. “You remember that? I was just talking, I didn’t really mean to-”

“Communications is offered. And from there you can study journalism or broadcasting or anything. Anything to keep you close to me and away from those assholes at your old school.” He squeezed your hand. “Everyone there is either an idol or a future idol. And the ones who aren’t are there to be close to idols or protected by them. Thirty percent of my class are just younger siblings of idols who need better protection from their schools. You’re my girlfriend, and I’ll protect you.”

You could only smile at him, amazed at how wonderful he was. Jungkook was truly like your own angel. You leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“I love you. I’m not gonna let any bad things happen to you from now on, okay?” He promised you, holding up his pinky finger.

You laughed, and wrapped your pinky around his. “Okay.”

okay i was working on this one for a while since i was so worried about it turning out strangely. also bully scenarios always make me so upset. bullying is such an awful thing Dx thank you for your submission!

He’s very protective of you while you’re pregnant and he gets teased (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -it was brought during an interview about it and when he tried to defend himself the others began teasing him about it. His need to constantly text you when he goes somewhere, you were barely 4 months along- “no no no it’s not that often that I text her. I just like to check she’s very active and stuff I just want to make sure she’s alright”

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Dongwoo: -he was the one who took you everywhere he could, he just loved knowing you and his little one were safe. He was teased relentlessly when you weren’t around by the boys- “leave me alone she’s my girlfriend who’s carrying my baby I want to know they’re safe all the time” 

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Woohyun: -they always took the opportunity to bring up the past pregnancy how he practically went insane when you would do something ‘dangerous’ and how it was getting close to the time where it was time for is panic to set in with baby number 2- “it’s not going to be that bad this time. I sorta know what to expect”

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Hoya: -they were pointing things out to him that he didn’t realize he was doing. He didn’t let you go anywhere without your jacket or texting him every place you went- “she’s 6 months pregnant. I want to make sure my family is safe. You don’t understand”

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Sungyeol: -he didn’t know he was doing anything overly protective he thought it was normal to glare at any males who looked at you. He was made the butt og the joke one of the times they brought it up- “she’s-um I love her and my child. I don’t like others looking-I sound really possessive of them” 

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Myungsoo: -he let them it’s only became a thing because of you being close to date and he just started freaking out about the baby’s future. To the point he was running around the dorm when he visited worry about it all- “I know I know. I am just really worried about this all. I am going to be a father within the month and I am extremely scared”

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Sungjong: -he didn’t care what they thought he was just being cautious about the safety of the baby. His constant calling and needing to know you were safe was something you found cute- “yeah you can start to tease me when you get a girl and get her pregnant. Of course someone would have to deal with you like Y/N deals with me and my ways”

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Luke Skywalker x reader 🍊

Readers POV
No smut
Fluff ☀️
It’s so short I’m sorry..
Anon asked:
Hey! can I please have a Luke Skywalker imagine where you are pregnant with his baby and he is Super Super protective over you. thanks xx love your writing btw

Super cute ask 😭💕 sorry it took so long to post!! Hope you enjoy 😘

Luke was known for being protective over me. He would hold me close at cantinas and during dinner parties. He would watch over me when Leia and I would talk, or when we raced around the millennium falcon. But since I’ve been pregnant for about 6 months? He’s been so protective he never ever leaves my side, no matter what. He even requests to stay home from small tasks just so he can watch over me.
There was an attack on the rebellion and Luke and the rebellion fighters were going back to fight back. But Luke was so reluctant, I told him I would be fine with Leia but he kept saying he would rather stay. I told him he had to, I ordered him to. He didn’t argue at my raised voice.
“I love you.” He yelled from his fighter plane. As he was about to go out to win, hopefully.
“I love you too!” I yell back smiling widely. I wave to him and walk back to the control room. Leia greets me right away by kissing my cheek then my baby bump.
“How is my baby mama?” She chirps.
“I’m great!” I smile and hold my back.
“Tired though.” I add looking around.
“Well sweetie lets get you to my place and we can take care of you there!” He smiles. As we walk to her big house not the rebel base planet she tells me all about her and Han. They are planning on children too, but not at this moment in time. She asks how Luke and I are doing and I tell her the same old same old.
“He’s always there when I need him.” I smile looking at the beautiful sunset.
“He loves you a lot.” She smirks at me.
“I love him too.” I grin,“I’m so glad we are having a child.” I place my hand on my stomach.
“Want some tea?” Leia asks from the kitchen.
“Oh! Yes please.” I laugh.
She brings out the tea and I feel the excitement rush through me. I haven’t had leias tea in ages. It’s amazing.
“Good?” She asks, all I do is bid happily and laugh to answer.
Luke is scheduled to return soon. The resistance had won and I knew he would be in a good mood. I can’t wait to see him. I hear the familiar roar of space craft and smile widely. I step outside and see the fighter planes fly past my head to the landing base. Luke will be home soon. I prepare dinner and set up some Cozzy blankets on the couch so we can snuggle, he loves to snuggle when he gets back from missions or anything really.
“Y/N!” I hear from outside. I giggle and run to the door. I swing open the door and I’m greeted by a massive hug. He swings me round and around until he gets dizzy.
“Oh I missed you.” I say still clinging onto his pilot suit.
“I missed you too.” He smiles at me.
“You made dinner?” He laughs.
“Yes I did handsome.” I reply kissing his cheek.
“Aw and blankets to cuddle.” He says in a sweet voice.
“You bet.” I laugh. I love it when Luke comes home.
“How are you and the baby?” He asks taking a bite of his pasta.
“We are both healthy and safe.” I smile also taking a small bite of my cheesy noodle.
“That’s so good to hear.” He smiles.
Once we are done with our meal we lay down on the couch. He lays down on his back and I lay next him him with one arm sprawled out on his body.
“ I love you ” was the last thing I had said to him before I fell asleep peacefully. Knowing I’d be safe when I wake up.

Dancing On My Own (Chris Beck Imagine)

Requested by Anonymous: omg I love your seb fics and I was wondering if I could request an angsty Chris Beck x reader one maybe based off of sad, beautiful, tragic or back to December by Taylor swift where the reader and Chris are together/in love before his mission but he comes home and breaks her heart when he tells her about falling for Beth and how he’s having a baby with her and it isn’t until years later when he’s invited to the wedding of the reader and some other character that he regrets leaving her ilysm

A/N Okay so I already had an idea like this called “Dancing On My Own” so I decided to combine the two together, I hope you don’t mind!


Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?
It’s a big black sky over my town
I know where you at, I bet she’s around
Yeah, I know it’s stupid
I just gotta see it for myself

Before Chris left, he kissed Y/N and promised that they were gonna spend the rest of their lives together. The pair never said goodbye. They always just said ‘I’ll see you later.’ They never believed in goodbyes. Y/N shared with Chris her belief that everyone finds their way back to each other, there is never a goodbye. Chris loved that. One month into the mission, they talked almost every week, going on and on about how much they loved each other. Six months later, Y/N was glad to see him at least once month. When she found out they were going to do a rescue mission for Watney, selfish thoughts clouded her brain. She felt awful that the only thing she was worried about is if her and Chris’ ‘relationship’ could survive even longer than what was planned. 

Y/N stayed tuned in the NASA updates on TV, hoping that all was well with Chris and the team. When she turned on the TV and saw a live broadcast of the team, including Watney, she couldn’t help but feel a weight lifted off her shoulders. But her world came crashing down when Chris and Beth shared a kiss in front of the whole world.

Chris didn’t plan to fall in love with Beth. It’s just that one night, or day, who actually knows, the two of them were the only ones awake and she just looked so beautiful under the dimmed lights. And the way she responded to Chris’ astronomical language, it was amazing. Y/N never understood what he meant. He loved the fact that Beth always laughed at his jokes rather than make fun of his horrible attempts at being funny. He liked that he and Beth preferred the same cereal and that they both liked the same music. He didn’t mean to love Beth and completely disregard Y/N’s feelings. It just kind of… happened

He hoped that Y/N didn’t see the live broadcast, he doesn’t want to break the news to her that way. She deserved better than that. Chris felt bad that he promised Y/N that they’ll be together when he returned. She was still his best friend after all. They were best friends before they were lovers, not that they made it official before he left anyway. Chris was glad he didn’t ask her out officially because that would’ve made their situation ten times more difficult. 

Now, here he was standing outside of Y/N’s apartment with his duffel bag in hand. He fixed the baseball cap on his head, wiping the sweat off his palm, before ringing the doorbell. He heard shuffling and things being knocked over, making his heart race. How was he supposed to break his best friend’s heart?

Y/N opened the door with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Her eyes were puffy and her hair was thrown in a messy ponytail. “Chris, what are you doing here?”

Chris smiled sadly at her, pushing the door a bit more to see a better view of her apartment. Empty pizza boxes, tissues, and bottles of booze. “Just wanted to say hi. What? Aren’t you happy to see me, Y/N?”

She stiffened when he leaned in for a hug. He sensed her discomfort and backed away, leaning on the post outside her door. “Where’s Beth?”

He flinched at the harshness of her voice. She’d never been that cold towards him. “Oh, so you saw the broadcast?”

“The whole fucking universe did, Beck.” 

“I’m sorr-”

“Don’t apologize.” She sighed, readjusting the slipping blanket. “Just don’t talk to me anymore. Leave me alone.” 

“Y/N.” Chris choked out, holding the door open in fear that she might slam it in his face. “Please, can we talk? You’re still my best friend.” 

Y/N laughed bitterly, smacking his arm off the door. “That’s the thing, Chris! I’m your best friend but you… God, you’re so much more than that to me and before you left, you made me feel like maybe I was more than that to you too. But I was wrong, wasn’t I? I’m just your best friend and Beth is your something more.”

“I didn’t mean to fall in love with her.” He immediately regretted his words when he saw her choke on a sob. 

She wiped her tears on the blanket on top of her, adding another mascara stain on it. “You love her? What else do I need to know that I obviously don’t?”


“No, tell me, Chris.” She pushed.

Chris’ eyes darted to the floor, not being able to look at her in the eyes. “Me and Beth, we’re expecting.”

“Oh my God.” Y/N cried, not even making the effort to make it seem like she wasn’t. “She’s pregnant?”

“Yeah.” He gulped. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“You know I had this whole speech on how you should choose me, love me, and be with me. Kinda like that one Grey’s Anatomy episode where Meredith practically begs Derek to choose her.” Her mind darted back to a distant memory of sobbing into Chris’ chest as the episode played. “But now that she’s pregnant with your baby, Chris, I’m not gonna take that away from you or her or your child.”

“So you’re not mad?”

It took Y/N all her strength not to punch him in the face right then and there. “Of course I’m mad. I’m mad because you promised something that you knew you couldn’t fulfill and you didn’t bother to give me a heads up about it. I’m mad because all this time, I’ve been sitting here, missing you, loving you, while you were up in space screwing someone else. Did I even cross your mind while you were up there? But as much as I’d love to hate you for loving someone else, I know I can’t. You can’t help who you fall for, hell I fell in love with you. Beth loves you and you love her and you both love that child. Your child. So yeah, I’m mad but I’m happy for you, as your best friend, that you found someone to love as much as I love you. And I’m glad that its someone smart and beautiful that captured your heart. And I’m glad to know that you’ll have a mini you running around in nine months. But I’m so devastated that I wasn’t smart enough or as beautiful as she is for you to fall for me completely. And I’m upset that its not gonna be a mini us that’s gonna be running around in nine months. I know best friends are supposed to be here for each other during hard times like this but please, I’m begging you. I can’t look at you right now, just leave me alone. Goodbye.”

Chris was somewhat relieved when the door was slammed on his face. He didn’t know what to say after Y/N’s speech. He took one last look at her door, and walked away.

I’m in the corner
Watching you kiss her
Oh oh oh
I’m right over here
Why can’t you see me?
Oh oh oh
I’m giving it my all
But I’m not the girl you’re taking home
Ooh ooh ooh
I keep dancing on my own (I keep dancing on my own)

Things just got harder for Y/N since then. She always somehow saw pictures of Chris and Beth on her social media feed. She unfollowed Chris but their mutual friends met up with him and posted pictures. Y/N really couldn’t explain her feelings because yes, she was happy for him, but she was upset that she couldn’t be happy with him. 

A couple that she and Chris were friends with came over her apartment, giving her love after finding out what happened with them. Though, Y/N and Chris were never official, everyone knew their love was real. It was a once in a lifetime type of feeling. It confused them to find out that Chris decided to pass up on such an opportunity. They were all happy for Chris, truly they were, but they couldn’t help but despise him deep down. While Chris was gone, Y/N was hopelessly devoted to him. 

Y/N didn’t leave her apartment for months. Losing the person you loved was one thing, but losing your best friend along with it is something much harder. She stayed on her couch re watching old Grey’s Anatomy episodes and watching corny space movies that Chris loved so much. She ate mint chocolate ice cream, the ice cream Chris hated but bought anyway because he knew Y/N loved it. She ate the same cereal for breakfast, froot loops, missing Chris’ rude remarks about it being the worse cereal ever. Y/N watched the ants feed off of the frosted flakes that she never touched because she hated it but he loved it, that’s the only reason why she kept it. 

Chris was starting a new life with Beth, the woman he loved. Everyday he’d roll over and find her sleeping on her side of the bed, a glow radiating off her skin. He’d watch as her flat stomach slowly grew larger and larger as time went on. When she was too tired, or lazy, to cook breakfast, he would reach up on the top shelf and pick up a box of frosted flakes and milk from the fridge. It was unusual not to find two cereal boxes on the shelf. He was used to that. Chris would catch himself picking up mint chocolate ice cream when Beth was craving something cold, forgetting that Beth was allergic to mint. He wouldn’t say this out loud but he kind of missed Y/N’s rude commentary when something cheesy happened in space films. 

I just wanna dance all night
And I’m all messed up, I’m so out of line, yeah
Stilettos and broken bottles
I’m spinning around in circles

Y/N finally left her apartment after five months of sulking in the dark. She went out with her old high school friends and partied at some underground nightclub. She drank and danced and let go of all her problems for one night. For the first time in so long, she was finally happy. Maybe it was the alcohol or the adrenaline pumping through her veins but suddenly she was ready to forgive Chris.

Chris got a call from a number he never thought he’d see again. Y/N. He unplugged his phone from the charger, being careful not to wake Beth. 

“Hello, Y/N?” Chris whispered, slipping on his house shoes and walking out of their bedroom. 

“Chris!” Y/N giggled, stumbling past the drunk people in the club. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been okay, yeah, how about you?”

“I’m feeling great right now!” Y/N sighed, leaning against the wall. “I just wanted to call and say I forgive you for everything. I wish you and Beth the best.”

Before he could even respond, the call was ended. He stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what to say or even think. That night, it hit him just how much he missed Y/N.

The next morning, there was screaming. So much of it. 

“Why were you talking to her at 4 in the morning, Chris?” Beth asked, her palm laying flatly on the table. 

“She was my best friend!”

“And she was also the woman you loved before you met me!” She snarled, her breathing ragged at the intense situation. “That makes me feel so uneasy!”

“Beth, I don’t know what you want me to do.” He sighed, sitting on the couch. “I chose you, didn’t I? I chose you as the woman to love. I chose a life with you. I chose you and our baby.”

She flinched, turning away. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what? Call this little guy our baby?” He waited for her response. Chris stood up, his head in circles. “It is our baby, right?”

Beth remained silent, dropping her face in her hands. He tried to hold her hand but stopped when she stiffened. “I’m so sorry, Chris.”

“No,” He laughed, backing away. “No, why are you sorry? Beth, why are you sorry?” 

She ran towards him, trying to hold him. He just shook off her attempts. “I’m so sorry, Chris.”

“Who’s is it?”

“Chris don’t do thi-”

“Dammit, who’s the father?” 

Beth croaked out, “Watney.”

“What?” Chris shook his head in disbelief. “H-how?”

“On the way back home, me and Watney got to talking about how we were before he was left on Mars. We were just friends with benefits, Chris, you have to believe me.”

“Why did you need a friend with benefits at that time when you had me?” 

“Chris, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” He said, rubbing his temples. “I’ll have my things picked up in the morning.”

And I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh oohh
And I’m right over here, why can’t you see me, oh oohh
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, oohh
I keep dancing on my own
And oh no

Chris moved away from that town. He moved to Boston, wanting to get a fresh start. He started teaching astronomy at a local university, wanting to share his experience with some interested students. He stayed in touch with some friends back home, giving them his new address so they could visit sometime. All his friends were getting married and having kids and he wished that was him.

He came home from work one day with a fancy white envelope on his doorstep. Chris picked it up, analyzing ‘Chris Beck’ in fancy font. He unlocked his door, walking in and tossing his bag on a nearby chair. He opened the envelope, feeling his chest tighten when he read the words. 

‘You and a guest of your choice are invited to Chace and Y/N’s wedding. 

When: October 8, 2016

Where: St. Philomena Parish Chapel (Ceremony)

White Swan Hotel (Reception)

Time: 2:00 PM (Ceremony)

5:00 PM (Reception)

Hope to see you there.’

He arrived at the reception at 5:15 PM, wearing a grey tuxedo. Chris greeted some old friends of his, asking them how they’ve been. Nearly everyone was married or with children, he felt stupid for showing up alone. He sat at his designated seat, waiting for the happy newly weds like everyone else. 

Their limo pulled up, making everyone rise to their feet to show respect. And there she was.

It’s been three years since he last saw Y/N and wow, did he miss a lot. She was glowing, a smile plastered on her face as if she had no care in the world other than her new husband. Chris couldn’t help but smile knowing that someone could fulfill what he couldn’t. Y/N deserved the world and he was glad that she finally got it. But a part of him wished he was the one to give it to her.

The happy couple took the dance floor for their first dance. They danced to ‘Moonlight’ by Ariana Grande, a song Chris knew too well. Although he hated pop music, Y/N loved it and insisted for him to give some songs a try. Surprisingly, he enjoyed some of them, ‘Moonlight’ being one. He felt his heart tighten as she placed her head on Chace’s chest, rocking back and forth slowly. Chase placed a kiss on her forehead, making Chris look away. Why did he even show up if he knew it would hurt him this much?

After he and Beth split, he sat there thinking about Y/N and how badly he did her. He missed not having to share his cereal in the morning. They always ran out of frosted flakes in his and Beth’s old apartment. He missed laughing so hard, his stomach hurt, whenever he watched space movies. They slowly became boring after a while. He hated that he and Beth listened to the same three songs over and over because they liked the same music. He missed the stupid Top 40 songs that were always playing in Y/N’s car. He realized that he loved Y/N and he never really did stop. At first he was skeptical in believing that, but seeing her belong to someone else for the rest of her life, really proved his theory correct.

He met up with Beth before he left for Boston. He convinced her to tell Watney that the baby was his. Chris found out the two were getting married a year after he moved, he was happy for them. 

So far away but still so near
The lights come up, the music dies
But you don’t see me standing here
I just came to say goodbye
I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh oohh
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, oohh
And I keep dancing on my own

As the song ended, Chris stood up, wanting to leave. He was happy for her, of course he was, she deserved the universe, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t know how to grip to the fact that the woman he loved was starting over with someone else. Then it hit him. This is how she felt when he told her about him and Beth. He bit his lip, trying to stop his tears, as he walked over to the scrapbook.

‘congratulations, best friend. best wishes. i’ll see you soon. - c.b’




I loved you first (chapter 3)

I don’t think I’ve ever had a character talk to me the way Emmy has been talking to me lately (it is both helpful and annoying) so chapter 3 is ready!

This story is already so close to my heart and I can feel it growing with every chapter, it’s been very…cathartic is probably the best word I can use for it, I desperately needed to write this.

So once again, be prepared for feels, this is actually the first chapter that really got me good so I should probably apologize right now: this might end in tears again, I’m truly sorry…

There will be smut in later chapters, for now it’s just feels and maybe a little bit of fluff.


Previous chapters: 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


I loved you first (chapter 3)

I waited for him at a table for two outside of Covent Garden, it was a gorgeous day out and the place was packed with tourists and Londoners having their lunch. I was nervous, not only because part of me feared I would be seeing Catherine again and not Tom, but the other part was even more nervous about him actually showing up this time.

‘What’s a gorgeous woman like you doing out here eating all by herself? Do you mind if I join you, darling?’

His voice in my ear made me jump from my seat and he immediately put his hand on my arm to calm me.
‘I’m sorry, that was creepy, wasn’t it?’ he flashed me one of his dashing smiles and then lowered his eyes and shook his head as if he was actually embarrassed.  

‘Just a tad,’ I smiled, ‘So first you send you girlfriend on me and now you creep up on me? What’s up with that?’

He laughed while we both sat down, he looked flawless in his light blue shirt with his sleeves rolled up.
His hair was a little messy and shorter than I was used to but I could still see some errand curls fighting to come out.

‘I’m so sorry about last time,’ he said, giving me a sincere look,’ the meeting was very last minute, but Cath told me you two had a good talk?’

‘Yes, we did,’ I answered,’ she’s really nice.’
I looked him straight in the eyes to prove I wasn’t faking it this time and he smiled back at me.

‘That’s good to hear.’

We ordered our lunch and enjoyed our wine and the chatter around us for a few minutes, I had forgotten how my nerves disappeared each time I was actually with him, and how even our silences had always been comfortable.

‘So, tell me what’s been happening in your life,’ he then said,’ how is Boston treating you?’
‘Pretty well actually,’ I answered,’ it took some getting used to during our first months there, but it’s starting to feel like home now.’

After my parent’s divorce my mother got offered a job in Boston, nobody believed she would actually take it but apparently the other side of the world from where my father lived seemed like her best option so she jumped at the chance. And asked me to go with her.

I would have never dreamed of leaving London had she asked me the year before, but her timing was impeccable. London had something, or rather someone, I wanted to get far away from too at that time so I followed her and never looked back.

‘I have a job as a secretary in a small law firm,’ I continued,’ it’s nothing too impressive but I like it.’

‘That’s great, Em,’ he nodded his head,’ I’m glad things worked out for you and your mum. She deserves all the good things coming to her, you both do.’
I gave him a thankful smile.

‘How about you?’ I asked.

‘Well,’ I could see a little hesitation on his face before he continued,’ I work for my father’s firm now.’
‘You caved?’ I asked surprised.

‘Yes, I caved,’ he confessed.
‘Wow, I thought that was the last thing you wanted? What about the acting dream?’
‘It’s exactly what you said, a dream,’ he said with a sigh,’ there comes a point in your life where you have to stop chasing silly dreams and start living your actual life, you know, grow up. Dreams are sometimes just that, they’re not always meant to come true.’

His voice had taken a serious tone and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was one of those silly dreams he had just stopped chasing over the years.

‘Do you hate it?’ I asked, putting the smile back on his face.
‘No, I don’t hate it,’ he then said,’ I don’t love it, but…it’s a good job. I could do a lot worse.’

‘You could also do better.’

‘Stop it, alright,’ he shook his head,’ I had one successful play on the West End and two small tv guest roles and that was it. It wasn’t enough to pay the bills, it never would be, I had no choice but to give it up.’

‘I always believed it would happen for you, you know,’ I then confessed,’ that one day some big shot producer would take one look at that gorgeous face of yours and see that you had more passion than anyone else he’d ever seen on stage.’

The smile he gave me was almost too adorable for a grown man but he was still shaking his head.

‘I’m really sorry it didn’t happen, Tom,’ I then said softer.
‘Thank you,’ he reached for my hand across the table and took it in his while he looked me in the eyes,’ but I’m good, Em, honestly. People change, dreams change, I’m happy where I am now.’
I tightened my grip on his hand as I nodded my head.

‘Are you, darling?’ he then asked softly while his piercing blue eyes stared deeper into mine,’ are you happy?’


It suddenly seemed hard to form the rest of my words, there was nothing coming out of my mouth, instead my eyes were filling up with tears I did not want him to see.

God, why was it always so hard to lie to him?

I was rescued by the waiter who chose this perfect moment to bring us our lunch, we both thanked him and started eating in silence, giving me the chance to compose myself.

‘God, I missed fish and chips so much,’ I said after I had taken a few bites.

He just looked at me in a big grin, the hair may be different and his face was a lot sharper than it was back then but the goofy little boy with the angelic curls was still right there in that expression and I couldn’t help but smile.

‘Is that what you missed most about London?’ he then asked.
‘You are what I miss most about London,’ my answer had rolled off my tongue without thinking and I avoided looking at him for a while as I continued eating.

‘I wanted to call you so many times,’ he then said, putting his fork down as he leaned back in his chair,’ I swear one time I was in a cab on my way to the airport to come get you…’

‘But you didn’t.’

‘I didn’t think you wanted me to,’ he said,’ you made that very clear I recall.’
‘Yeah, I did,’ I sighed.

‘Anyway, Emma talked some sense into me and told me to let it go if I ever wanted any chance at being friends with you again,’ he then confessed,’ so I did.’
‘Well, thank god for Emma,’ I said with a weak sarcastic smile.

‘So, is there anyone…special in your life?’ he then asked carefully.
‘It’s just me and mum,’ I answered truthfully.

We continued our lunch in silence, his eyes found mine every now and then and I could see the soft little smile forming on his lips every time they did.

‘So,’ he sighed when we were both finished eating,’ do you have anywhere you need to be right now?’

‘Not really. Haley’s at work so…’
‘Will you spend the afternoon roaming the streets of London with me?’ he then asked softly as he reached for my hand again.

‘There is nothing I want more right now,’ I smiled and I put my hand over his, feeling my heart jump at his touch.



I knew I couldn’t keep ignoring him, he had been calling my name from the living room for about 5 minutes straight now but I didn’t want to see him, I didn’t want to see anyone right now.
All I wanted was to crawl back into my bed and forget this day ever happened.

Maybe if I just ignored him he would think I wasn’t home and just give up. I wiped away my tears as I pulled up my legs in front of me on my bed and let out a deep sigh, trying to stop the endless stream of tears.


He was shouting louder now and his voice was closer, I knew he was right down the stairs.

God please don’t come up here…

But it was already too late, I could hear his footsteps squeaking up the stairs. I quickly tried to dry my tears but I knew it was no use, I had been crying non stop for almost an hour, my eyes were red and puffy, he would take one look at me and see.

‘Em? Oh there you are, why didn’t you answer?’ he walked into my bedroom and sat down on the bed in front of me when his eyes met mine and the smile faded from his face,’ what’s wrong?’

The look of shock and genuine worry on his face was enough to trigger me and I covered my face with my hand as I burst out in more tears. He was right next to me in seconds putting his hands on my shoulders gently to make me face him.

‘What happened?’
‘It’s not important,’ I tried to brush him off.

‘Not important?’ he asked with a look of disbelief on his face,’ anything that makes you cry like that is important enough, come on, spill.’

I looked at him through my tears but shook my head.

He may have found his way to my room but there was still no way I wanted to talk to him about this.
‘No, really, it’s fine, Tom,’ I insisted,’ honestly, talking isn’t going to solve anything anyway so just leave it.’

‘Talking may not solve anything but it might make you stop crying, if just for a little while,’ his hands were rubbing my shoulders softly,’ look at me, Em, I’m your friend, right?’

I nodded my head and bit my lip when it started to shake again.

‘Whatever it is, you can tell me.’
‘I just didn’t want you to see me like this, okay,’ I sighed,’ I don’t like myself when I get like that and I…don’t want you to think less of me.’

‘Why would I think less of you?’ he shook his head in disbelief and pulled me closer to him, his face inches from mine as he looked into my eyes,’ listen here, there is nothing you could say or do to ever make me think less of you.’

I nodded my head in tears.

‘Now please tell me what happened,’ he insisted.

‘Do you remember I told you about Noah?’
‘The tall American guy from university you have a crush on?’ he rolled his eyes but nodded his head.
‘Yeah, well he’s dating Sarah now.’
‘Your friend Sarah?’ he asked.

‘Yes, my friend Sarah,’ I let out a deep sigh and let my head hang down to avoid his eyes,’ apparently they’ve been dating for over a month, I wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t caught them coming out of the library this morning, his arm around her shoulder and her face buried against his neck.’

Just the image was enough to bring the tears back to my eyes.

‘And I have absolutely no right to feel this way,’ I ranted,’ I never even told her I like him and he barely knows me, but…I just want to stab her eyes out, or his…actually both of them. I just want to break them up or hurt them. And I can’t even look at her right now, let alone pretend to be her friend.’

I shook my head and covered my eyes.
‘I am the worst friend ever,’ I continued,’ and a horrible, horrible person.’

‘Em,’ he let out a deep sigh and let his hand sink down to my waist,’ you are not horrible at all, and you have every right to hate them. They hurt you.’

‘But they didn’t mean to,’ I shook my head,’ they just fell in love.’

‘And so did you,’ he continued,’ you can’t help the way you feel, darling. You’d never actually hurt them, right. I mean…right?’

He lifted his eye brow and I gave him a little smile through my tears.
‘No of course not,’ I sighed.
‘Then feelings are just feelings, it doesn’t make you horrible, it makes you human.’

‘Well,’ I shrugged my shoulders,’ being human sucks.’

‘It’s just love, and being in love and not having it returned to you sucks, believe me I know,’ he said in a little smile,’ love makes us stupid, and irrational and a little insane sometimes, but it’s also what makes life worth living, no?’
I nodded my head and looked into his eyes.

‘Being capable of loving someone like that, even if they’ll never feel the same way, is never something to be ashamed of, Em,’ he spoke softly,’ it just shows you have a big, beautiful heart and there’s nothing wrong with that, love.’

I gave him a little smile and noticed my tears had stopped falling.
He put his arms around my waist and pulled me against his chest to hug me,’ I would never think less of you, never in a million years.’
I put my arms around his neck to hug him back and let out a relieved sigh.

‘Better now?’ he asked softly.
‘Lots,’ I whispered.

‘You should never be embarrassed about what you’re feeling, Em,’ he then spoke softly against my ear,’ no matter how ugly you think it is, I’ll always want to hear it and I would never, ever, judge you, alright?’

‘Alright,’ I smiled and hugged him tighter,’ thank you so much for being here, Tom.’

‘I’ll always be here for you,’ he whispered,’ and screw that Noah guy, he doesn’t deserve you anyway.’



Haley sat outside on the balcony of the flat when I came home that night, the sun was just starting to go down but it was still warm outside. It was a peaceful, quiet night, everything about this day had felt nothing less than perfect. 

Well, except for the part where I had to say goodbye to Tom and send him off to Catherine.
That part was a little less perfect.

The whole afternoon had been so amazing, walking around London with Tom’s arm around me, It almost felt like old times, except it wasn’t.

Catherine’s name kept popping up into our conversations, he didn’t do it on purpose, and he apologized for it several times. But when the heart is full of something…

By the time I got back to the apartment my own heart was heavy and my mood had been sinking lower with each step home.
Haley saw it on my face as soon as I sat down and she quickly handed me a glass.

‘There’s alcohol in this, right?’ I asked.
She just nodded her head and I took a long sip, hoping the drink was strong enough to numb my senses.

‘So how did it go?’

‘It was amazing,’ I sighed,’ every little bit of it, Hales, but mostly just being with him. I didn’t even realize how much I missed just hanging out with him, listening to him talk, watch that smile on his face while he guides me through all of his favorite little corners of the city. God, I never wanted this day to end. I haven’t felt this happy in a long while until…’
I leaned back against the wall and let out a deep sigh.


‘Until I realized that this is not my life,’ I said in a heavy sigh,’ it won’t be me that he strolls through London with, he’s not going to take me out to lunch or to these cute little coffee shops and book stores, and then drive up to his home at night to have mad passionate sex.’
I could hear the crack in my own voice and felt the tears sting in my eyes.

‘It will be her,’ I then added, trying to keep it together as I took another long sip from whatever drink Haley gave me.

‘And he is completely smitten, Hales,’ I then continued as I got up from the bench and started pacing around the small balcony,’ she is all he thinks about. There was not even a moment there where he looked at me for just that little bit too long or touched me just that little bit inappropriately, there was nothing in his eyes when he looked at me, nothing!’

I was somewhere between screaming and crying at this point,’ it’s over, it’s all over, Haley. He doesn’t want me.’

She was out of her seat and with me in seconds and she put her hands on my shoulders to calm me down,’ it will be alright, Em.’

‘No it won’t be! I love him so much and he just doesn’t care,’ the tears were streaming down my face and I didn’t stop them this time,’ he doesn’t even care, Haley.’

She put her arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug.
‘Let it out,’ she said softly as I returned the hug and let my tears fall freely.

‘I thought that…if he just…spent some time with me, he would…see,’ I whispered in between sobs,’ and he would…love me again.’

‘Hey, look at me,’ she said as she released me from the hug and looked into my eyes,’ he is always going to love you, Emmy, you are his best friend, no girlfriend is going to change that or the history you two have together.’

‘But I don’t want to be part of his history anymore,’ I said as I wiped my tears,’ history means nothing if there is no future.’
She stayed quiet and put her hands on my shoulders again to look into my eyes.

‘And don’t tell me that I will always have him as a friend, I don’t want to be his friend anymore,’ I then added and I put the glass down in a sigh and stepped away from her,’ I’m going to bed. Please don’t wake me.’


I woke up around 2 o’clock the next afternoon.
As soon as sleep left me images of the previous day started to come back to me like a flashback of a bad memory. I immediately wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep.

Sleep, deny, forget.

But I knew sleep wouldn’t come again so I dragged myself out of bed and took my phone with me as I made my way to the bath room.
The sight in the mirror wasn’t pretty, my make up was spread all around my eyes and cheeks from all the crying I did the night before, I looked more miserable than ever and I let out a deep annoyed sigh.

‘Asshole,’ I muttered between my teeth and I clicked my phone to find a message from Haley.

‘Party at Tom’s house tonight, I don’t want to hear any whining, we are going and you are going to suck it up. Now go out and buy yourself a dress and be ready by 9. See you tonight, cry baby.’

‘Bitch,’ I said in an angry whisper but I couldn’t help but shake my head in a little smile.

I wouldn’t know what I’d do without her.

And she had given me exactly what I needed this morning: a mission.

I took another look at my horrible face in the mirror and stared deep into my own sad eyes. Haley was right, I had to suck it up.

I was going to get that dress, and it wouldn’t be a classy Catherine dress, oh no. I was going to pick the most sexy, slutty dress I could possibly find and show that blind asshole exactly what he was missing.

I knew that was a desperate move but it’s not like I could sink any lower, right?

He talks about your child(ren) during an interview  (BIG BANG)

Y/S/N: Your son’s name

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Jiyong: -your son had recently started school and you were pregnant again. There was much tears that day from the hormones and Jiyong and to stay home to calm you down- “Y/N hasn’t been taking it so well and I understand he’s getting so big and it’s scary. Hopefully he’s going to be protective of his baby sister”

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Seungri: -your 4 year old daughter had recently started modeling in adorable little clothes. Seungri was being over protective and the other’s teased him about it- “you know no dad wants his daughter to model. I mean if she does she does but it makes me want to kill any guy that looks at her”

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Daesung: -your 1 month old daughter was a daddy’s girl and Daesung was very happy with it. He took her everywhere he could and wasn’t ashamed of the bright purple diaper bag he had to carry. Every time someone brought her up he was proud to talk about her- “Y/D/N is doing fine she was having a hard time of letting me leave without her today though. She’s my perfect little angel” 

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Taeyang: -your 18 month old son had become a must see at performances, people could tell he wanted to dance but his little body didn’t know how to so he would flail around before Youngbae would get a hold of him. During an interview they showed a video from you as you recorded him dancing to Bang Bang Bang- “he’s a little dance machine I saw he never stops moving even after we put him bed he’s moving” 

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Seunghyun: -Seunghyun took advantage of the fact he had a son. So your 3 year old wore Y/S/N and him wore matching suits to an award show. During the interview the MC teased him that he was making a mini me- “why wouldn’t I? He doesn’t look much like Y/N so it’s not hard to. Plus you can’t say he doesn’t look good in a suit”

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Motivational speeches

Backstory: Party is prepping with a rather large force to assault an enemy stronghold. They took months of preperations, gathering allies and laying the groundwork for this. After various leaders of the forces gathered talk about logistics, troop dispositions etc, a couple of party memebrs stand up and give some motivational speeches.

Not the best but they didn’t suck either. Then, as I was about to move the session along this happens:

Player (had said nothing during the meeting up until that point): I stand up walk to the front of the room and cough.

DM (me): Ok, as everyone was about to leave you get their attention. What do you do?

Player: I take out my harp.

DM: Yes…

Player: “Risin’ up, back on the street
             Did my time, took my chances
             Went the distance
             Now I’m back on my feet
             Just a man and his will to survive.

             So many times, it happens too fast
             You trade your passion for glory
             Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
             You must fight just to keep them alive

             It’s the eye of the tiger
             It’s the thrill of the fight
             Risin’ up to the challenge
             Of our rival
             And the last known survivor
             Stalks his prey in the night
             And he’s watching us all with the
             Eye of the tiger

             Face to face, out in the heat
             Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry
             They stack the odds
             Still we take to the street
             For the kill with the skill to survive!”

Other player: “I… did not expect that…”

Other other player: “Well, that was different.”

Player: I bow and leave the ‘stage’.

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May I request a Sasusaku fanfic with a bit of Naruto during the couple of months Sasuke stays in the village before leaving in chapter 699? I love your writing!!

Let me tell you something about my two best friends in the whole world.

One is kind of dense and the other is Sakura-chan. And we all know that Sakura-chan is the smartest and that she’s always right. At least, that’s what you believe if you want to live a long life.

Maybe I’m not the person to say this, given that it took me years to realize that Hinata actually likes me… and maybe it’s extra bad…given that Sakura-chan was the one to tell me…. 

Okay. Let’s just forget all that.

I’ll tell you a story instead.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl. She was smart and crazy strong. And she fell in love with her prince. A brooding, avenger prince charming who liked to wear white arm warmers that actually looked pretty dumb if you ask me. Girl confesses love. Prince with bad fashion sense runs off with a creepy snake man with a long tongue. Years later Prince is now a douche prince with even worse fashion sense and nipple-revealing tendencies. Prince tries to kill girl. Girl tries to kill prince. Girl and prince team up to kill a crazy immortal goddess. 

Girl and prince live happily ever after (?)

Keep reading

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Your analysis of 307 love scene was quite moving. Did you ever wonder what it took for Alycia to get into that level or 'pain/disbelief/wonder' that triggered the quiver of her lips and chin. I might gave a little finger to know where she went to bring that out in herself, it was f****ing deep a month later and it still ruins me all over again.

Obviously I have no way of telling where she was mentally during that scene. I can only assume she was immersed in Lexa’s psyche. Wouldn’t you have cried if you had to leave this girl you briefly saw yourself having a future with on mountain to maybe die? Wouldn’t you cry if 3 months of crippling fear invaded most of your days because not only did you not know if she was safe, there was a bounty on her head? Wouldn’t you cry if that girl fought you tooth and nail as you tried EVERYTHING to show her what she meant to you? Wouldn’t you cry if you fell deeper and deeper with each passing day and every indication she gave you was that she will never forgive you? Wouldn’t you cry if that girl had to leave you this time because her people keep fucking up and she’s such a hero and leader that she has to go? Wouldn’t you cry if you thought what you’d done to harm her was too big to overcome? Wouldn’t you cry if all you could do is say goodbye and have no clue whether or not you’ll see her again? Wouldn’t you cry if she kissed you like your lips were the only ones on earth? Wouldn’t you cry if she looked at you like you were her sun, her moon, and her stars? Wouldn’t you cry if she touched you, kissed you, and took off your clothes? Wouldn’t you cry if she cried too and looked at you like she loves you back? Wouldn’t you cry if you felt like you’d died and gone to heaven?

I think she was as Lexa as we ever saw her in that scene and I think she was holding back tears not letting them loose.

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Kise, Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Akashi, and Kasamatsu at their s/o's family game night. The usually friendly and kind family is now very competitive. (They're all screaming at each other and accusing each other of cheating) The very lost and confused boys are losing and feel so out of place. What would the s/o do and the boys do? (Step out, try to calm the family down, or flip the board over and moonwalk out like a boss?)

im guessing your family probably does that XD, that’s me and my friends when we play cards against humanity or spoons. Spoons is dangerous with 12 people just saying. please do try that you make the best memories LOL

Explanations of the games used in this scenario:

  • Signal- a card game in which people are in pairs and create a signal that would be used to secretly allow a partner to know that their partner has four cards that are alike. The point of the game is to successfully send the signal without getting caught by another team.
  • Bluff- a card game where the entire deck is used; the point of the game is for the players to successfully rid all their cards without getting caught that they’re lying about the actual number on the card. If you assume someone is lying you yell out cheat, or bluff and flip the card to see if they were. If they were, the entire pile of cards is given to the liar, if not the entire pile of cards is given to the person who accused the player.
  • Spoons - objects (preferably spoons cause let me tell you using pencils and markers is deadly. dEADLY when you put 15 people in this game and 10 of them are guys, trust me, its hella fun) are place don the table-the number of them is one less than the amount of people playing. Each game a person starts it by looking at a card and passing it along. The first person to get four of the same card must take a spoon. The person without a spoon loses.
  • Mah jong- aHHh love it how does one explain it?? wELL GOOGLE THIS.

-Admin Nanacchi

Pulling his collar, Kise laughed nervously at the scene around him. Your parents and brothers were screaming at each other trying to figure out who won in signal. During the second round of the card switch, the two teams screamed out signal, only to turn at each other with a death glare. Was this really the same family that just greeted you with smiles and soft voices? Were the surely the same parents who welcomed him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek? Kise wasn’t sure as he saw your mom get into your brother’s face. He looked at you. You mouthed, ‘Don’t worry, they’re always like this’, to him, smiling at him tensely. You turned to your parents and brothers, giving them a death glare. “Let’s redo that match before onee-chan and mom do something stupid.” Your parents and brothers blinked at you before quietly sitting back down. Kise gulped. Mental note-never make you angry.

Hanamiya was a master in bluff. He always knew when someone was lying, and when they weren’t. While playing with your family, he caught every single one of your family members to their dismay. Whenever they tried to enact revenge on him by calling bluff, he revealed he had not lied causing your family to get frustrated at the fact that they had to not only pick up all the cards, but at Hanamiya for being too good at this game. “I CALL CHEAT ON YOU!” Your sister screamed at Hanamiya who chuckled. He nodded towards the deck. “Pick it up.” When she did she noticed he did place a eight. Sighing, your sister threw her cards on the table and walked out of the dining room and into her room, slamming the door loudly. Your dad glared at Hanamiya, “I’m getting revenge for her.”  You eyed your boyfriend. When he met your eyes he seemed to dare you to cheat. Damn him, damn Hanamiya.

Imayoshi looked at your parents with a slight confused expression. They had been glaring at him ever since the game started. “Ready?” You asked cheerfully. When no one responded you looked up at your parents who only nodded. Imayoshi gave you a smile. Taking that as your cue to start the game you took the cards and started. Flipping one card you looked at the value and quickly back at your cards. A four? Not needed. Sliding it to Imayoshi, who slid it to your mom, the pattern continued until someone got a full set of cards. You didn’t notice, but Imayoshi had slyly taken a spoon off the table quietly. Over time as more cards passed, he nudged you slightly. You widened your eyes and quickly you took a spoon. You parents lunged at the last spoon, screaming at the other to hand it over. Imayoshi stifled a chuckle as he watched them. “You planned this didn’t you?” You asked your boyfriend. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You sighed, you should’ve never told him your parents were competitive and vicious when it came to games.

Akashi wouldn’t admit it, but when he saw your family screaming and jumping while fighting on your playstation’s DDR, he was surprised. You had told him before that your family was really comeptitive and downright crazy when game night started. At first he didn’t believe you, but now after seeing this? He couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright,” your mom shouted,” _____ vs Akashi! LET’S GO!” “DON’T LOSE ONII-CHAN!” “BEAT YOUR BOYFRIEND!” Your family screamed. Akashi got up from his spot next to you leaving you surprised. “Akashi?” He took off his blazer, throwing it aside. Rolling up his sleeves he smirked at you as he turned. “I’m absolute _____.”
“…Oh hell naw, you ain’t beating me Seijuro!”

Kasamatsu was nervous to begin with. You had invited him to your home after only dating him for two months. Not only did he have to meet your intimidating brother, and your mom, he also met your dad, who just so happened to be a police officer. During dinner, the man had glared at him while stabbing his fork into his meat. Now your dad was screaming at you for getting all the pairs in mah jong. The two of you shouted at each other. “HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A CHEAT MOVE!?” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU TAUGHT THIS TO ME DAD!” Kasamatsu watched as your mom and brother chose whose side to go on. He never knew mah jong was this competitive. 

During the Month It Took for You to Leave Me

by Sierra DeMulder

i filled my gas tank to 33 dollars and 33 cents
and told you it was for you
because it was your favorite number.

i bought flowers from a homeless man
because you are a botany major,
because i wanted to bring them to you,
wilting and loveless,
and show you how i can nurture
something worth saving.

i made dinner for two, ate it alone.
made your bed for two, slept in it alone.
i watered all 13 of your plants in our aparment
while you were out finding what you couldn’t find in me.

i organized our belongings
(white teeshirts - books - toothbrushes -
baby, this is where we keep our sweaters)
as if using the word “our” would embed myself
into what you call home.

there is a five finger scar above my breast.
there is an orchestra on my neck shaped like your pulse
from all the nights you held me the way
you only hold something slipping.

there are 6 states
pressed like stubborn flowers
between the last time i kissed you and today
but you still feel like a sound caught in my throat.