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[DL] Drama Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 #6

it’s Friday again… and it feels weird watching Takigawa Eiji on screen knowing he had his accident last week during filming…

anyway, you know the drill:

you should read them because I added something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know Stephen and Emily must have known they were being papped during filming but was IT really necessary for him to be holding her ring finger. That much detail is something most wouldn't pick up on cause we would all be freezing about general hand holding. Do you think maybe Steve does these little things unconsciously.

Oh, I’m sure he does. It just all comes naturally and he probably forgets he’s in public… or just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. 

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I missed kyungsoo tonight ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Same here.. ://////

It’s very rare that he misses schedules, so it felt really strange. But it wouldn’t make sense for him to fly 10 hours and then go back to Korea immediately and fly another 10 hours again, and then be completely exhausted during filming. It’s bad as it is for him to be shooting until February..

I hope ppl don’t give him a hard time for missing this schedule.. I’m worried about Soo tbh :((


When I saw the first pic with Bill and Jackson together, I quickly thought of a moment during filming where they’re doing the opening sewer scene and they made a lot of takes and when they finally got it, Bill quickly crawls out of the sewer to ask Jackson if he’s ok and telling him he did great and all just for Bill notice him yawning, so he picks him up and heads to his trailer to lay him down for a nap. 




Because of the time and circumstances of their world, Therese and Carol have to very carefully navigate their relationship. A lot remains unspoken out of fear and unknown, so small moments of physical contact become big moments. Todd Haynes uses this, making sure that the weight of each of these moments are very present in the film, which allows the moments to not only progress the relationship of Carol and Therese, but they become visual progression of the story in the film, telling the audience much more than dialogue could in such little time.


taekook in run bts! - ep.16