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Yuri Plisetsky is the definition of teenage rebel. He spends practice time on his phone, he’s a little brat to everyone except for the few people he likes, and he acts grumpy like it’s in style. Throughout the series, he’s had this cool exterior and has been dead set on not letting anyone in and even trying to end relationships before they begin (see: Yuuri Katsuki). He would do anything to protect his image of being the best, and this is clearly shown in the WTTM manga where he says he was upset Katsuki beat him in the free skate scores even if he ended up winning gold. 

Yuri Plisetsky wants to be the best and feels he has a lot to prove. 

When he saw Victor go on the ice during Yuuri’s exhibition and Yuri went wild, it was no surprise he would end up going wild and doing something to completely clash the feeling of Victuuri’s skate. Yuri not only wants to be the best, but he wants to be remembered. 

Which is why Welcome to the Madness makes sense. 

He seems to be showing off the signs of teen wanting to grow up too fast syndrome, which everyone goes through. This could be his breakthrough moment, showing that he can be the Eros he once desired in the beginning of the series. He choreographed it himself for crying out loud. 

His creation of WTTM could come from the fact that he is inspired by Victor Nikiforov, shown in how he wants him so desperately to be his coach in the beginning. Victor was always striving for a new angle, to surprise the audience, and Yuri could have picked up on that. He could have wanted something completely different than the purity of Agape and the beauty of Allegro and decided to do a 180. He wanted to show how good of a skater he was by skating to different types of music and expressing different emotions. He wanted the audience to feel something as he skated. 

I don’t feel that WTTM is out of character for him, in fact I was the opposite of surprised when he came onto the ice with his dark clothes and sex appeal. He’s just a boy who wants to prove himself and be as well versed as he can and I think the creators did an amazing job showing the dynamic of his character with the addition of his exhibition skate. 


Last night was the opening of the Star Vs The Forces of Evil Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, and here are the two pieces I contributed to the show! It was such an honor to be a part of the exhibit and an even bigger honor to work on the show during Season 2. The exhibit runs from 4/8 to 4/23 if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. It is filled with beautiful and inspiring pieces of art. You won’t want to miss it!

9th March 2017

Some of my notes from the Versus Rodin exhibition during my Art excursion 😄 Featuring the recently purchased Daiso Soft Marking Pens in the Ash colours and some of the washi tapes I recently received in the mail from Kawaii Pen Shop and Aliexpress 😍

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Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art (1940)

Curated by three of Mexico’s leading art historians along with the painter Miguel Covarrubias, “Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art” had originally been intended for a French museum, but was rerouted to New York due to the risk posed by shipping precious artworks by sea during World War II. This unparalleled exhibition featured some 5,000 examples of ancient, colonial, folk, and modern Mexican art. It filled the entire Museum and even extended into the courtyard, where MoMA staged an open-air Mexican market with stalls selling ceramics, leather goods, and other crafts, flanked by a series of giant pre-colonial statues. Perhaps the central attraction of this lush presentation was the presence of muralist José Clemente Orozco, who worked over a period of 10 days on the 9 x 18" fresco Dive Bomber and Tank as crowds watched. The exhibition has a lasting legacy at MoMA: among its holdings of Mexican modernism are works by 54 of the artists represented.

See out-of-print catalogues, music brochures, images of the installation, and more at mo.ma/2q2zDPp. 34 of #52exhibitions #MoMAhistory #tbt

[José Clemente Orozco with his fresco “Dive Bomber and Tank,” commissioned by MoMA during the exhibition “Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art,” May 15–September 30, 1940. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.]


Gruvia had a strong presence in both exhibitions of Mashima-sensei’s artwork. During Sensei’s Fairy Tail exhibition, you could purchase a Gruvia-only ticket on one of the days of attendance, and a Gruvia badge was also for sale as merchandise for the fans. Both exhibits had special couple postcards of Gruvia one could receive as a gift for attending, or for purchasing merchandise. Mashima-sensei even labeled the Gruvia postcard available during the Fairy Tail exhibition “Autumn of romantic love.” 

Plus, some of Gray and Juvia’s moments in Sensei’s current exhibition were considered important enough to be displayed in their respective panel collections. Considering how much is involved through history with Gray’s character especially, it’s pretty telling that some of the most signature moments include Juvia.  

And as if the above weren’t already enough, Mashima-sensei also took the time to personally add an additional new Gruvia drawing to the walls of his exhibits each time. 

Gruvia’s firm presence among Mashima-sensei’s lifetime of artwork doesn’t just show his own love for the pair he created, but his acknowledgement of the fans enjoyment of Gray and Juvia’s relationship, as well. “Gurejubi” is immensely loved by the Japanese fans, and there were tweets from those attending about their happiness that sensei drew Gray and Juvia’s characters together on the wall while they were there.

a few weeks old but!! this was my submission for the world order international fanbook that was delivered during their 2017 art exhibition!

(there’s a clip of joony looking at it aaaa!!!)

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how about Supernatural in a Yuri!!! On Ice au? :D

YES EXCELLENT. (and this turned into destiel because oops)

  • cas is victor in this au. known as castiel krushnic, he’s russia’s top skater with five time gpf wins. he’s everyone’s favorite, practically unbeatable. during his latest skating year, he finds himself losing inspiration and desperately needs to get it back. 

  • dean is america’s top skater, but because of his intense lack of self worth he thinks he could easily be replaced with anyone (not to mention he’s older than a lot of the other skaters because he couldn’t begin skating competitively until after sam was in college.) he gets into an argument with john right before the free skate of the gpf, and that’s why he completely screws up and lands in last. he’s convinced it’s because he’s a crappy skater and not because he was emotionally distressed from the fight, and on top of it all his idol, castiel krushnic, doesn’t even seem to recognize him as a fellow skater when he sees him in the hall. he returns to america dejected and lost.

  • fast forward. dean’s unsure of if he should retire or not, so he decides to blow off some steam by skating cas’s routine from the current season. he’s amazing at it from having watched so many times, and unbeknown to him sam is secretly recording him while he skates the routine. sam posts it on youtube and it goes viral in a day. 

  • anna is the one who finds the routine online and links cas to it. he watches and immediately decides that this is it, this is the inspiration he needs. he flies to kansas and offers to be dean’s coach, and while he gets a little bit of snark from dean about it (which in reality is just his way of hiding how much he’s panicking over the castiel krushnic wanting to be his coach), he agrees. 

  • they clash a lot at first. dean doesn’t like change and cas is suggesting adding in jumps he’s never even fathomed before because he’s convinced he just can’t do them. cas argues back that if he can perform his winning free skate routine, he can afford to add in that quad flip he’s so afraid of. it’s during this time when cas realizes just how deep dean’s insecurities and self doubt runs, so he tries his best to encourage dean and push him whenever he can. 

  • when they begin competitive season, dean tries adding in the new jumps cas suggested. he lands the quad loop but still struggles on the flip. before his last gpf qualifying round before being named to the final, he has a heart to heart with dean about his potential and how he believes in him, sam believes in him, and of course, how if he truly is going to succeed, he needs to begin believing in himself. that day, dean lands his quad flip for the first time in competition. cas races out onto the ice afterwards and kisses him. 

  • dean makes it all the way to the grand prix final, to nobody’s surprise but his own. between the kiss and now, him and cas have been spending every waking moment together and he’s absolutely sure that despite all odds, he’s fallen hard for his coach. because of this, he tells cas that he’s going to retire after this season so he can return to competition, which cas does not take well at all. (imagine dean saying that he’ll say yes to michael in s5 and put that push up against the wall situation here but without the beating). cas is livid because he’s too talented to retire, not yet, and they argue for a long time before they agree to both make their decisions after the gpf is over. 

  • his short program has a few bobbles because he’s kinda stressed from fighting with cas. cas, noticing this, talks to him before he skates his free program and tells him that he’ll respect any decision dean makes and tells him to do his best. this helps dean a lot, but it also makes him realize that he doesn’t want it to end here. he loves the ice and he loves cas and he’s not about to give that up so easily, so he fights with everything he’s got. in the end he loses out to samadriel (seriously how can a kid that young skate that well?) but promises that he’ll come back and win gold next year. that’s when cas admits that he misses the ice too and they agree to compete together. 

  • and yes, they do pair skate during the exhibition to cas’s routine and it’s beautiful??? and pure???

  • other random things: gabriel is christophe, bobby is celestino, benny is phichit. sam is like the triplets (always posting dean’s performances on social media) while charlie is yuuko. jody can be minako! idk who would be yakov though. 

anyway, this is probably not what you were looking for at all but *gestures to it with a ‘i tried’ poster*

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

Haunting images reveal the human zoos where spectators would gawp at Black and Asian families caged in enclosures just 60 years ago


The horrific reality of America and Europe’s human zoos has been uncovered in a shocking series of snaps. Here, a young Congolese girl is handed food at a Belgian exhibition in 1958.

Children were not spared the savage treatment. This child, believed to come from Asia, was exhibited in Chicago in 1891.

Among the more tragic tales was that of Congolese man Ota Benga. He was finally released when public opinion turned against his cruel treatment.  But Ota struggled to adapt to American life and committed suicide six years after he was released.

Filipino men were required to perform dances for gawping spectators during the grim exhibitions.

Native Americans were pictured as zoo attractions at St Louis’s World Fair in 1904.

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Sound of Silence

Characters: Klaus x Mute!Reader

Prompt: Can you do a klaus x reader one shot please? Where the reader is maybe mute but klaus still loves her. And it’s such a surprise and even his siblings are confused but they see how gentle and affectionate he is with her

A/N: italics are things the reader signs

Originally posted by eventhedevilwasonceanangel

Klaus speed over to your side of the car, opening the door for you and offering you a hand.

You placed your hand in his and let him help you out of the car with a grateful smile.

It came as a surprise to everyone when Klaus started to take an interest in you. You had tried to stay out of his way, but he appeared everywhere you went, silently keeping your company until one day you couldn’t take it anymore and scribbled down a note on a napkin – What do you want?

Klaus had scanned the note before leaning back in his chair.

“You are intriguing, love. I know you don’t like me right now, but you will.”

You had raised your eyebrow, but Klaus only smirked. The next few days Klaus showed up even more often and you found out that he was able to understand sign language. You were surprised at fist, but considering his age it wasn’t unlikely that he learned it.

You were still wary, but you found yourself enjoying Klaus’ company more and more – he was charming, a gentleman and you were able to have deep conversations with him.

Once he asked you out on a date your fist instinct was to decline, but he seemed so genuine you just couldn’t.

Letting Klaus take you out on a date was probably the best decision you ever made. No matter what people said about Klaus you never had such a loving boyfriend and the deep connection between you both was undeniable.

Klaus led you towards the mansion, holding the door open for you. He offered you a place on the couch before he poured himself a glass of whiskey. Setting the glass down on the table he vanished, appearing only a few seconds later with a glass of wine for you.

“Here you go, love.” He said, handing you the glass.

Thank you.”

Klaus sat down next to you and effortlessly pulled you on his lap, one of his arms curling around your waist while he held his glass in his other hand. Content you leaned into his hold, resting your head on his collarbone. You had been so excited during the art exhibition Klaus had taken you to that you now were exhausted, but it was so worth it.

Klaus chuckled when you yawned, his warm hand slipping under your shirt to gently trace your skin.

“Seems like someone was a bit too excited today.”

You lifted your head so Klaus could see you roll your eyes, “Don’t act as if you didn’t love it. You bought 5 paintings.”

Klaus laughed, lightly squeezing your hip, “To be fair, I bought 3 of them for you, love.”

You didn’t?!”

“Oh, I did.”

Knowing that it was no use to fight with Klaus you let your head fall back on his chest.

Thank you, but you really have to stop buying me stuff.”

Klaus pointedly ignored your words, pressing a kiss on top of your head instead.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Rebekah strode into the room, flashing a grin at you.

“Ah, y/n. Has my brother finally brought you back? I still want to show you the new dress I bought, but my dearest brother never seems to let you out of his eyes.”

Klaus groaned, pulling you closer to him, “Sister, can’t you see y/n and I are spending time together right now?”

You hit Klaus’ chest, glaring at him for being so rude before you turned to Rebekah with a smile.

Why don’t we have a sleepover tomorrow, Becca? You can show me the dress then,” You signed, making sure your movements were slow and distinct since she just recently learned sign language.

Rebekah’s face lit up, “Perfect! You can sleep in my room and no sneaking to Niklaus in the middle of the night!”

Klaus groaned again and dropped his head on top of yours, “But I wanted to take you to dinner, love.”

“Too late, brother. Y/n and I made plans first.” Rebekah sassed.

Knowing that they would be bickering for a while you took a sip from your wine, only half listening to them arguing about who would be spending time with you tomorrow.

Their argument was cut short when Elijah walked into the room, loosening his tie with a sighed. You waved at Elijah from your spot on Klaus’ lap.

He nodded at you politely, “Good evening, y/n.”

“Ah, Elijah. What is troubling you this time?” Klaus asked, placing his whiskey glass down on the table.

“There are some witches in town. I do not know what they are up to, but it can’t be anything pleasant.” Elijah explained.

Klaus placed his hand on your thigh, rubbing small circles across your skin. Rebekah and Elijah started to discuss if they should pay the witches a visit, but you soon blocked out their voices focusing on the feeling of Klaus’ arms around you.

Klaus didn’t seem to pay attention to Rebekah and Elijah either, instead he randomly placed kisses on your head or nuzzled his nose in your hair.

Roughly 20 minutes later the front door slammed open and Kol came strolling into the room, a bottle of whiskey dangling in his hand.

“Brothers, Sister,” Kol greeted nodding towards the rest of the Mikaelsons, “and the lovely y/n,” he added, walking up to you and lifting your hand to press a kiss on top of it.

You smiled at Kol, but Klaus gracefully pulled your hand from Kol’s grip, glaring at his brother.

“Can’t I have any peace in my own house?” Klaus complained, holding you a bit tighter.

“I see. Still trying to hog y/n all to yourself?” Kol joked.

“As always. I still wonder how she managed to turn him into such a softy. I saw him opening the door for her again today,” Rebekah chimed.

“He’s definitely very intrigued by her, but I have to admit that I’m enjoying this changes. Klaus is a lot easier to deal with when y/n is around. If she wouldn’t be here he would already have left to kill the witches,” Elijah added.

Klaus snarled at his siblings, flashing his eyes. Suddenly the room around you blurred and when you opened your eyes again you were laying on Klaus’ bed. A pair of arms sneaked around your waist, turning you around to face a smirking Klaus.

“Now I finally have you all to myself.”

Smiling you lifted your head and gently pressed your lips to Klaus’. Klaus reacted immediately, pulling you closer until you were unable to tell where your body ended and his began. His hand cupped the back of your head, his lips lovingly working against yours. No words were needed, the kiss revealing all your shared feelings.

Sometimes silence spoke louder than words.

Hinata figma annnounced, and the prototype will be exhibited during WonFes on 19th Feb. Nendoroids for Yamaguchi, Daichi and Ushijima announced, and will be released some time in 2017. Compilation CD with all the OP and ED from the 3 anime seasons, and the ED from the Lev OVA announced and to be released on 19th April, as well as more charms to be released.

Source: Public raws for JUMP

It was just a fairytale. One of those bedtime stories parents tell their kids to make them wary of the surface. Merfolk didn’t fall in love with humans, they didn’t fall for the sweet words of seawitches and they didn’t fall out of the ocean with legs only to fall back as seafoam. It was just a fairytale. It was supposed to be a fairytale.

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Lol did y'all notice in the last episode that when Cyrus was going through his big masculinity scare that Cyrus said something and then Buffy started freaking out about her feminimity (idk the line but it’s something like what do you mean, I’m not girly, Cyrus, something like that) and I think that there is a bunch of Headcanons and questions there. Like, why did she start to panic about it? Was her insistance that Cyrus become 2. Bro her projecting, or an excuse to do something “girly” like give someone a makeover? Idk i feel like there is something there

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Chocobros reaction to their s/o seeing their hair fully unstyled for the first time? (For gladio-- maybe tied up instead?) and absolutely ADORING it? Like... getting really stoked over how cute they look....


  • He just woke up, and since he had taken a shower the night before, his hair was completely lacking the normal amount of product it usually held. Which ordinarily wouldn’t have been a problem since he was alone.
  • Or so he thought. He’d completely freeze at the sight of his S/O sitting in his kitchen staring at him with wide beaming eyes. Oh no.
  • He’d take off for the bathroom as quick as he could but his S/O would be quicker. He’d find his arms pinning to his side at they try to stop him from making it to his destination.
  • “Noctis wait! You look so adorable! Let me seeee!” They’d whine at him and go dead weight, so he’d practically be dragging them along with him with every step. Eventually he’d give in.
  • They’d guide him over to the couch and just…run their hands through it and look at him with adoring eyes. “I think this is the first time I’ve seen you like this.”
  • He’d eventually relax until they get their fill of his appearance, and then finish getting ready for the day. 
  • (They do not mention how YOUNG it makes him look.)


  • He had been in a rush and hadn’t had time to fix his hair in his usual style. Which was fine with him. He didn’t mind. His friends have seen him have lazy days before. And his S/O was busy for the day, so he wasn’t expecting to run into them or anything. 
  • But then he almost get’s tackled in the park during a photo exhibition and has to pry the person hugging him off of him. His heart drops when he sees who it is.
  • “I-I thought you were busy today!” He’d stammer, and they’d just throw back their head and laugh. 
  • “You look so different Prom!” They’d reach their hand up and push it off his face since most of his hair is currently obscuring it. 
  • He is most certainly NOT blushing. (Or so he’d tell himself.)


  • It would be a sleepy morning, with him rising before the sun for a much needed cup of coffee. It wouldn’t even really register with him that his hair is down. 
  • That is until he feels someone turn his face toward theirs and brush his bangs out of his face that he remembers.
  • “You look good like this love.” His S/O would say quietly, and then press a kiss to his forehead before wandering away. 
  • He’d be momentarily stunned, but eventually snap out of it. When he’s finally fully awake, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling to himself.


  • He tends to look pretty wild with his hair down, so the first time they see it up, they don’t say anything at first. They simply bask in it.
  • He’d catch his S/O staring and then grin at them. “Something wrong?”
  • “Just wondering what happened to Gladiolus. Have you seen him? He’s normally a windblown mess.” They’d tease, and he’d walk over to them and mess their hair up in retaliation.
  • They’d let him because as soon as he’s in range, their hands shoots out to pull the hair tie out of his hair. He’d be surprised, but still smiling. “There’s the man I know and love.”
  • He’d laugh and tie his hair back up, and go back to what he was doing. “You know you love it.” (They really REALLY do.)