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I am still not over that pair skate from episode 12 of Yuri on Ice, not just because it was freaking beautiful but also because it was a powerful political statement.

I mean, you could say that about the entire anime, and that’s great, but the same-sex ice dancing was literally a political statement, I’m not even exaggerating.

Because in the anime it took place during the exhibition at the Grand Prix Final. The GPF is organized by the ISU (International Skating Union) and they actually define pair skating as a performance of “one lady and one man”. Doesn’t that sound awfully similar to something? Like, you know, the definition of marriage in most constitutions? (including the Russian and Japanese one)

Not all viewers may be aware of this, but the pair skate is a brave defiance not only of the conservative nature of the figure skating world, but also of traditional definitions of marriage. It is an overt, straightforward and positive statement on love and how it has nothing to do with sex or gender of the two partners. Victor and Yuuri’s pair skate is presented beautifully, genuinely and is taken seriously at all times, showing the viewer the irrelevance of the sex of the partners in the presence of true love. And in a world where same-sex marriage is still impossible in most countries and same-sex competitive pair skating is still unthinkable, this is huge.

And it is more than that because, as other users have pointed out, the performance also rejects traditional gender roles, through elements like Victor being represented by the soprano in the duet and wearing a pink/purple outfit, which are colors traditionally associated with women, but despite that showing him as leading the dance on multiple occasions.

But at the same time, he often shares the lead with Yuuri, making them truly equal both in the performance and in their relationship.

(beautiful cleaning job done by @postpigeon)

Overall, the performance is not only a beautiful presentation of Victor and Yuuri’s love but is also a poignant statement on same-sex relationships and indeed, marriage as whole.

And this must be talked about and appreciated.

9th March 2017

Some of my notes from the Versus Rodin exhibition during my Art excursion 😄 Featuring the recently purchased Daiso Soft Marking Pens in the Ash colours and some of the washi tapes I recently received in the mail from Kawaii Pen Shop and Aliexpress 😍

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Haunting images reveal the human zoos where spectators would gawp at Black and Asian families caged in enclosures just 60 years ago


The horrific reality of America and Europe’s human zoos has been uncovered in a shocking series of snaps. Here, a young Congolese girl is handed food at a Belgian exhibition in 1958.

Children were not spared the savage treatment. This child, believed to come from Asia, was exhibited in Chicago in 1891.

Among the more tragic tales was that of Congolese man Ota Benga. He was finally released when public opinion turned against his cruel treatment.  But Ota struggled to adapt to American life and committed suicide six years after he was released.

Filipino men were required to perform dances for gawping spectators during the grim exhibitions.

Native Americans were pictured as zoo attractions at St Louis’s World Fair in 1904.

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Hinata figma annnounced, and the prototype will be exhibited during WonFes on 19th Feb. Nendoroids for Yamaguchi, Daichi and Ushijima announced, and will be released some time in 2017. Compilation CD with all the OP and ED from the 3 anime seasons, and the ED from the Lev OVA announced and to be released on 19th April, as well as more charms to be released.

Source: Public raws for JUMP

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My recording of Yuzuru’s new exhibition during the 2016 Skate Canada Gala practice.

If you watch carefully, the other skaters seem to clear the ice and also stand on the sides to watch. This first viewing of Notte Stellata made quite an impression on me. With the smaller crowd due to it being a practice session, coupled with the way that Yuzuru was the only one skating on the ice at the time made this version of the exhibition piece particularly memorable. It felt as if Yuzuru was in his own private little world. I think this is my favorite exhibition piece of his thus far, good job David Wilson.

PS - I hate to say this, but please do not re-upload my videos or edit and re-upload them without asking for permission. I don’t mind if you want to download the video from Dailymotion for your own viewing purposes, but please do not download and re-upload it elsewhere. I don’t like to watermark my videos, and would hate having to resort to that.

From the end of the Civil War until the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States witnessed the emergence of a full-fledged antisemitic society. Like the hysteria exhibited during the war, the institutionalized bigotry that developed afterwards reflected the biases of practically every stratum in society. As immigration figures soared, and as a significant Jewish presence emerged in the United States, people in every walk of life, from respectable working, middle, and upper classes to agrarian protesters, Protestant and Catholic spokesmen, and members of the lunatic fringe increasingly focused on the allegedly deleterious characteristics of Jews that they believed impinged on American lives. Having been thoroughly indoctrinated as children, and having absorbed conventional attitudes simply by living in the United States, Christians believed in the superiority of their faith and few Gentiles questioned the fact that the United States was, and of right ought to be, a Christian nation. They held on to traditional views of Jews as Christ-killers who remained obstinate in their determination not to accept the truthfulness of Christian teachings; as dishonest businessmen always out for material gain; and as strange, crass, and aloof individuals who insisted on standing apart from the community in which they lived. Thus, despite their acceptance as citizens in the United States, the Jew was “everywhere an alien.”

Leonard Dinnerstein, Antisemitism in America (1994)

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Book :

The Anti - Museum
An Anthology By Mathieu Copeland & Balthazar Lovay
Fri Art Kunsthalle Freiburg
König Books

For the first time, this anthology is devoted to the Anti - Museum, through Anti-Art, the Anti-Artist, Anti-Exhibition, as well as Anti-Architecture, Anti-Design, Anti-Culture, Anti-Philosophy, Anti-Writing, Anti-University, Anti-Technology, Anti-Religion, Anti-Cinema and Anti-Music. This notion (unpatented but regularly reappropriated) traces the erratic and sometimes paradoxical counter-history of the contestation of artistic institutions.

From the first Anti-Exhibition to the first catalogue retracing the history of Closed Exhibitions, from Dada to Noise Music, from ‘Everything Is Art’ to ‘NO ! Art’, the Japanese Avant-Gardes to Lettrist Cinema, and not forgetting such major protest figures as Gustav Metzger, Henry Flynt, Graciela Carnevale, and Lydia Lunch, The Anti-Museum sketches a polyphonic panorama where negation is accompanied by a powerful breath of life.

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Robert Barry

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Raster - Noton

Music & Design by Olaf Bender

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