during templar training

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Morrigan and Alister are basically an old married couple

No, no they are not.

Morrigan and Alistair are radically different people with very different upbringings and motivations whom by the nature of how they were raised were taught to view people like each other with suspiscion and disdain.

The idea that to be married requires mocking and hateful banter and the ‘I hate you why’d I marry you?’ Is a really gross trope long used by television to grant permission for two characters can be cruel and manipulative of the other. Any pairing based on this is at its core abusive.

From the minute she meets him, Morrigan is openly mocking of Alistair. She picks upon very sensitive subjects: his intelligence, his parentage, his love of the warden. I believe she does this for sevetal reasons: out of pure disdain, for this is the representation of the people who have been the reason for her to not leave the Wilds, why her and Flemeth moved all the time, and now shes forced to help him. And also out of insecurity. Morrigans greatest fear is in being posessed by Flemeth, is in no longer having autonomy, and despite how stupid they might seem to her men like Alistair can, and oft are far too willing to use their powers and attempt to break mages like her. Plus if youre playing a female Warden, she leaves the Wilds knowing that all of her plans hinge on having to have sex with a man who she already dislikes and made up her mind about.

She looks at Alistair in suspiscion, dislike, differences on a total moral basis, and perhaps a twinge of fear, and I’d argue just one of those traits makes a relationship a problematic one, let alone all of them.

Now on Alistair’s side, he has a built in minor suspiscion of mages, particularly apostates. He’s good with Wynne and Amell/Surana because theyre the kind of mages he was taught about, he knows what to expect and they are aware of his former templar status and what that could spell. But Morrigan acts in defiance, she eggs him on, insults and mocks him, and even though he has no intetions of turning her over to the Circle or templars, he is very open with the Warden about the extent of his distrust.

Alistair has spent his entire life having to experience people making him feel unworthy and uncomfortable. From Isolde, to the sisters in the Chantry, to the templars during training. He states that with Duncan and the wardens is the first place he felt at home and felt wanted, but even then, Duncan coddled him because of being Maric’s son. He shrugs off what Morrigan says and attempts to turn it back on her (unsuccessfully) as his own defense mechanism. His side of the relationship with Morrigan is one of imbalance, distrust and verbal abuse.

While we know that both Alistair and Morrigan prove to be loving and considerate people in a romantic relationship, thats because of the Warden getting to know them and showing them everything that they do not show each other: consideration, patience, respect, trust, an openness to their feelings and ideas. Morrigan and Alistair are not capable of doing this to each other, meaning there is never any good in their relationship to help them work through any of the bad.

So I see where your statement comes from Nonny, but the trope is a gross one and Morrigan/Alistair is an impossible and ultimately abusive pairing.

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OOOOOHH could you maybe do pokemon teams for the companions from origins aswell??? Thanks!

Alistair: Arcanine, Magikarp, Hawlucha, Butterfree, Fraxure, Lapras

Alistair has had arcanine most of his life, and he recently evolved it. Magikarp he found in a puddle and felt bad for; it eventually evolves into Gyrados and wrecks people’s shit. He found Hawlucha during templar training and made friends with it. He caught fraxure as an axew after becoming a Grey Warden, and Lapras he caught near Lake Calenhad.

Oghren: Dugtrio, Donphan, Golem, Piloswine, Bidoof, Zubat

Since Oghren has lived most of his life in Orzammar, most of his pokemon were ground or rock type– dugtrio, donphan, and golem. Like any member of the warrior caste, he had these pokemon both as friends and as fellow warriors. Following his departure to the surface, he found swinub in Soldier’s Peak, which evolved into piloswine, and evolves into mamoswine by Awakening. He also found a bidoof on the surface, which he easily caught and befriended. In the Deep Roads, he also found a zubat, which evolves into golbat and later crobat by Awakening.

Sten: Mienshao, Scizor, Pangoro, Pidgeot, Carracosta, and Snubbull.

Under the Qun, pokemon keeping is allowed, but only certain pokemon with certain professions. Members of the antaam are given and train their pokemon from the start. This was the case for Sten and all of his pokemon, save for snubbull, which he found while travelling with the Warden. It kicked one of his pokemon’s asses and he decided it was a worthy warrior. It evolves into Granbull sometime during Origins.

Loghain: Druddigon, Noivern, Poliwrath, Aggron, Stoutland, Sawsbuck

Loghain has had most of his pokemon for a long time. They’re just as serious as he is, and veterans, all. They’re tough to beat in a battle.

Shale: Nosepass, Boldore, Lunatone, Solrock, Golett, Electabuzz

Shale didn’t understand why anyone needed pokemon, but rock-type pokemon seem to be attracted to her, so she starts letting them follow her. Slowly but surely they grow on her. She did, however, purposefully catch electabuzz when she learned the electric-type moves were super-effective against flying type. She trains it to keep pigeons and other flying-types away.

Leliana: Murkrow, Swirlix, Nidoqueen, Roselia, Frogadier, Weavile

As mentioned in the last pokemon post, Leliana has the pokemon mentioned above. Most were caught during or prior do her time as a bard, save for swirlix, which she caught to save from darkspawn. Most of them fully evolve by the end of Origins.

Zevran: Murkrow, Liepard, Zorua, Ariados, Mawile, Grovyle

Coincidentally, Zevran also has a murkrow, and it likes to play with Leliana’s. All of his pokemon were given to him by the Crows during training to aid in his assassinations. They’re all deeply loyal to him, and all of them are fully evolved by the end of Origins.

Morrigan: Gothorita, Espeon, Delphox, Trevenant, Nuzleaf, Misdreavus

Morrigan’s pokemon are all ones she befriended as a girl in the Kocari Wilds; often she was lonely, and they would come to keep her company, and started following her. A few times, she would run away from the cottage to be alone, but they would always find her. All of them fully evolve by the end of Origins.

Wynne: Alakazam, Wobbuffet, Audino, Swoobat, Froslass, Flaaffy

Wynne’s alakazam, froslass, and wobuffet are close to her age, and are likewise elderly. Audino was given to her in the Circle to assist her and make sure she’s healthy. She caught Swoobat and Flaaffy during her travels with the Warden.


Video proof that Alistair and Cullen were bunkmates during Templar training.

This unedited drabble has been sitting in my drafts for upwards of a year so I’m just posting it as-is.

Neb x Cullen, SFW, pre-relationship impressions.

“Check,” Cullen said, his piece landing on the marble board with a deliberate clack.


“Check. My cleric has captured your king.”


“Right there.” He pointed.

Cassandra scrunched her nose, looking at her pieces. He was right. She was cornered from every side. “You must have cheated!”

“No, I granted you a beginner’s courtesy. You left him unguarded two moves ago.”

“Ugh,” she groaned. “This is nonsense! And who decided castles can move, of all things?”

“Is this your way of admitting defeat, Lady Cassandra?”

“Why you little–fine, you win.” She crossed her arms and pouted gracelessly while Cullen reset the board, lips curled into a smug grin.

“Heil the Herald!” the two heard from outside the tent. Waves of new supporters washed into the Haven Chantry. To Cullen, Neb Trevelyan was still an anomaly at least; an Enchanter from the Ostwick Circle, the youngest of a minor noble family, trusted by the Divine in her final moments, and who wielded the power to seal the Veil at most. The rumors persisted and without fail the woman had reached a new level of mythos with a grandstanding title to match: the Herald of Andraste.

“What do you think, Cullen? Do you believe?”

He looked down at his boots, pensive. “Does it really matter?”

“If you wish to call yourself Andrastian!”

“So you don’t, I take it?”

She shifted uncomfortably while the question lingered. “I…I cannot say for certain.”

“Who can?” He stood up to leave the tent, pausing to appraise the parade of newcomers. “I suppose only time will tell whether this Herald of Andraste is a gift of faith or folly.”

Faith. That was something he was familiar with. If there was one constant in Cullen’s life, it was faith.  

Faith kept him vigilant during arduous hours of Templar training. Faith kept him persistent in Kirkwall as the city crumbled around him. Faith kept his sword steady as he struck through spindly demons while choking on ash and the putrid reek of burning flesh in the Valley of Sacred Ashes.

Every trial and tragedy only strengthened his resolve. The Maker routinely tested his to ensure a faith unwavering–and he always passed.  

When he stood in the ashen ruins of the Temple, he knew his faith was being challenged yet again. He struck through onslaught after onslaught of ruthless demons. As his soldiers’ numbers dwindled, there didn’t seem to be an end in sight.

He’d heard the Seeker’s affirmation that a full charge was at the ready when a spindly terror sprung from the rubble below. It was bigger than the last few he’d faced. The creature’s vicious claws dug into the loose gravel, piercing his ears with a teeth-rattling shriek. He murmured a prayer when it heaved violently forward and slashed against his shield.  

The battle felt like mere seconds before that enchanted mark weakened the beast. Cullen found his prayer rewarded with his own sword puncturing its chitinous hide. Standing on the Temple’s hallowed ground, the demon’s last gurgled breath fell like a benediction. By the grace of the Maker, he would live to fight another day. 

So, it would seem, would the woman with the Mark. 

He had to admit that her optimism carried an infectious quality. She’d accepted her role in the Inquisition with grace, though adamantly resisting her publicly claimed divinity. When she wasn’t scouting territory, she could be found tending to the wounded in Haven’s makeshift clinic. To be sure, having a healer on staff was a blessing. Rumor spread quickly about the mage who procured healing herbs and supplies for refugees and soon followers came in droves to partake in her abilities.

Despite being a man of few distractions, he often caught himself watching her when he made his way past the tent. When he turned the corner toward the smithy, there she was, her hair pulled away from her sweat soaked brow, vigorously dismantling piles of elfroot before dumping the leaves into a mortar. He’d commanded officers with less dedication during their entire career than she had in this one task.

Neb sensed him, and soon her whiskey eyes landed on his and crinkled as she politely smiled. 

“Good morning, Commander,” she nodded. Whenever she greeted him, he felt himself correct his posture on impulse, and every time, he felt the compulsion to offer a rare smile back as if it were sinful to do otherwise. There was a magnetism she emitted; something he couldn’t deny. Maybe, he wondered, those droves of faithful aren’t so far off? 

The Maker inspired him to do good, but if there was something to be said about the Herald, with only a simple greeting she inspired him to do better

Some notes about the fonts.

Ferelden Block: Cullen.
Square, block style writing typically found in manuscripts that are hand transcribed. Used by monks and meant to be as efficient as possible.
Chances are that Cullen learned to read and write during templar training since he did not come from a well to do family. Books in the chantry were probably written with a block style and the sisters and templars probably had similar handwriting so Cullen was taught to write like that too.

Antivan Script: Zevran.
Standard script. Nothing too ornate, but maintains a sharp edge.
Reading and writing are taught early on in the Crows, though Zevran refused out of spite for a while in the beginning. When he finally decided to learn he wanted to make sure his writing was very distinctive. It’s smooth and carefree looking, but sharp ascenders and descenders give it an edge.

Kirkwallian Plate: Varric.
Plate fonts are typically used in printing, not handwriting, and are intended to be simple to make for easier printing.
Writing is a must for any dwarf in the merchant caste, though many well off merchants and businessmen have turned to printing nearly everything. Varric learned to read and write by mimicking the printed ledgers his family used and adopted his unusual handwriting from them. He refused to change it when questioned about it.

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