For Fiki Week!
Wed, 26 Oct: warriors or kings

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I was really struggling with drawing this week, and getting motivated, but looking at @vitiscouso‘s lovely artwork super inspired me and kicked my butt into gear.  I reminded myself what styles I’m good at and just went with it instead of trying to struggle and force myself to do something I don’t enjoy.  Hope you all like it! :)


So…hear me out.  A Hobbit Haikyuu!! AU. Yeah? 

Fili’s the hesitant senior, captain of the volleyball team, and needlessly lacks confidence in his setting abilities.  Kili is the cocky, overzealous junior, who wants to be the youngest ace in Erebor High’s history.  Bilbo is the team manager, good with stats, always holding a clipboard, and of course he coaxes ex-Olympic Star, Thorin Oakenshield, to whip his team into shape. 

I just…yes.  Had to do it.

This print is available HERE!


I bought a new inking brush pen today and I did some doodles to test it out. I’m in love <3 Now all I gotta do is use it more often to get used to it… What does that mean? More durin bros doodles! :D

(Kili’s beard drives me insane… why is facial hair so hard, damn it)

I’ll use the first two for something I’ll show you once I have it finished… Maybe I’ll use that last one with puppy-eyed Kili… hmmm

Promoting the Hobbit

Dean and Aidan, or Aidean, the couple who would become the best promotional asset for Middle Earth.

This phenomenon reached its climax during the promotion of the Desolation of Smaug, when they were present at every premiere, they did lots of interviews alone, and they were also guests at special events, like the one at LA airport.

Why were they so successful? Because they were spontaneous, and real. No fake friendship for them, those were real friends.

Fili and Kili, the Durins Bros, Aidan and Dean, my Irish brother, my best friend.

They promoted the films so well because they were the real thing.

In Botfa things changed. No more Durin brothers all the time. Kili’s most important scenes were with Tauriel: this didn’t add anything to Kili’s character.

And it is interesting to notice that there isn’t a single photo of Aidan Turner and Evangeline Lilly alone, promoting the films. Aidan had no Fili with him, but he didn’t substitute him with Tauriel, either. 

The actors were not special friends (like Aidan and Dean), and Evangeline posed  with Richard or Lee or both, but not with Aidan, his love interest on screen.

Because it wasn’t real.