duri art


I’ve recently caught up on the curse of strahd dnd campaign on twitch with the wafflecrew and I’m absolutely in love with all the characters

this is @projared‘s diath woodrow and @commanderholly’s strix!! i literally love all the characters so much they’ve got a good crew and i definitely want to draw paultin and evelyn later if i get the time!! i took some liberties on some design stuff but i hope it turned out alright

i HIGHLY recommend listening to the campaign its so good


MOON: Amethyst - steven universe tarot (x)

Illusion // Anxiety // Uncertainty // Creativity

Amethyst may have a tough yet carefree persona, but it serves as a mask to hide her insecurities and anxieties, even from herself. As the series keeps going, she searches for who she really is. The fog is scary, but with one step at a time, the possibilities of who she can become are endless.

I’m really pleased with this one! Amethyst is one of my favorite characters and I had a lot of fun drawing her hair and the water