@taylorswift I JUST SENT OFF MY UNIVERSITY APPLICATION FORM TODAY AND IM SO HAPPY!! I’ve applied to Oxford, Durham, King’s College London, Nottingham and York to study English next year and I really hope that I get accepted (preferably to Oxford 😬). Your songs have been the soundtrack to my life since I was 12 and I can’t wait to see the journeys I get to take the reputation album on with me! Love you

Taken from my instagram: @hstudies. Here’s my library study session from tuesday. Basically, my college at Durham had to be evacuated after the electricity shut off. Although this led to a super fun, giant sleepover with all my friends, it meant that we were shattered the next day and, because we couldn’t go back to college, we were forced to study in the library all day! I’m still working on this essay (physical geography) and hoping to get the reading finished today, so I can start writing tomorrow. 


Happy St Cuthbert’s Day!
St Cuthbert’s Society, a college of Durham University established in 1888, is named after the saint and on or around each 20 March celebrates with a magnificent feast. “Cuth’s Day”.

*Saint Cuthbert (c. 634 – 20 March 687) was a saint of the early Northumbrian church in the Celtic tradition. He was a monk, bishop and hermit, associated with the monasteries of Melrose and Lindisfarne. After his death he became one of the most important medieval saints of Northern England, with a cult centred on his tomb at Durham Cathedral. Cuthbert is regarded as the patron saint of northern England.

Read more from BBC’s Religion and Ethics

Images: St Cuthbert Gospel

Hey so i have a little less than 4 months until I start college at Durham in Oshawa and it would be pretty sweet to get to know others who are starting then too. Im going into music business administration/management and i will know no one so if you are too lets talk :) or if youre going to durham at all lets talk too :)


Request: “could you do one where y/n moved to canada alone for university and she&shawn become a thing & he asks her to move in with him??” 

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Word Count: 2,843

Warnings: None 

A/N: This request was interesting, and I had to do some research tbh, but I hope ya’ll like it!! xx 

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The previous streams of red and orange that beamed through the sky disappeared out of her view, puffy white cotton ball clouds invading every spot in the sky. The window from your passenger seat on the plane was your only sense of comfort as you got farther and farther from your home and closer to your new experience. Durham College in Pickering, Canada was something you hadn’t expected would be happening in your life. Your destiny in Canada was not something you were looking forward to, but as you grew fonder of the place, paradise got closer and closer to where you needed it. 

Your first year of college was difficult. You still hadn’t gotten used to the idea of being so far away from your home. However, as you got closer and closer to your career of being an artist and musician, Pickering began to grow on you. 

Today of all day’s was quite difficult. You were in the middle of your second year at Durham, and your Instrumental class was beginning in a few minutes. You were flunking a few of your classes, which had added tons of stress upon your shoulders. You worked hard every day to bring them up as well as you could, but every time you seemed you were getting somewhere, some more weight was added onto your shoulders. Moments before you got ready to leave your dormitory, your mother had called. She said she needed to tell you something. The bad news was that your brother got into an accident. The good news was that he would be okay, but he was still in pretty bad shape. 

You sighed, your body feeling as if it weighed tons as you began to walk to your class, the tattered journal you had to take notes held loosely in your arms. You made your way through the entrance, where a grand wall of windows aided in gleaming rays of sunlight throughout the glass sculpted building. 

People scattered and skipped to their classes, all the while turning and talking to their colleagues around them. You spoke to know and kept your head down, slowly taking your time to get to your Instrumental class. Slowly, students began to diverge and move their seperate ways, whispers quieting down into a dull buzz. 

Your feet brushed against the ground, and you began to pass the auditorium Durham had created with very ample space. Suddenly, a gentle voice rang in your ears, humming a melody you hadn’t heard before. The soft strumming of a guitar echoed throughout the auditorium, and you froze in your spot by the two large double doors, peaking your head in to see someone sitting on a stool on top of the stage. A microphone stood in front of him and he looked down at the guitar in his hands, strumming his fingers gently against the cords. 

Quietly, you snuck past the double doors and into the auditorium, watching intently as the brunette haired boy began to sing into the microphone. 

“How many times can I see your face? How many times will you walk away? I just have to let you know…”

The melodic tune reverberated throughout the auditorium and your lips parted, your body suddenly relaxing. You placed your journal on the seat closest to you and sat down, listening to the boy who sang with his eyes closed, his fingers expertly strumming the chords of his guitar and voice smoothly running past his lips. 

“… and I have to be honest with you baby. Tell me If I’m wrong, and this is crazy, but I got you this rose, and I need to know… Will you let it die or let it grow?” 

The humming you had heard just a minute ago returned, and your chest swelled at the sound, a small gasp escaping your lips. Your eyes that were hypnotically trained onto the boy were now looking to your side, where you saw your Instrumental teacher entering the auditorium with your entire class. The boy on the stage stopped humming and looked up in the same direction, suddenly noticing you in the front row. 

“And here we are. Oh, Y/N, my dear. There you are! You’re right on time, come on! Over here, my love!” Your teacher beckoned you to sit in the middle of the front row, and the boy on the stage watched you as you walked over. He sent a small smile your way, and your cheeks suddenly began to burn. He most likely knew you were watching him, since you were the only one who was not standing with the class, but sitting in the audience. However, it didn’t seem like he minded. 

“Now, class. This will be our lesson for today. Now a few weeks ago, I told you that we’d be having a special guest today to teach us some special tricks with becoming a musician… So… I would like to introduce you all to Mr. Shawn Mendes!” 

Certain students that surrounded you gasped, quiet whispers being sent throughout the crowd. 

“That’s Shawn Mendes!” 

“Isn’t he the guy who got famous off of vine?” 

“Oh my god! I’ve listened to his music before! He’s so good!” 

It seemed as if you were the only person who didn’t know who this person was. You watched as he made his way down the stage and to your teacher, waving shyly to the students and giving everyone a small ‘hi.’ 

He stared at you for a few moments, and you blushed, looking away and towards the ground. 

“Hey guys!” He said happily, laughing when two girls in the back started to squeal in their seats. 

Your teacher rolled her eyes. “Now, now, girls. Calm down. He’s not here to put on a show, he’s here for educational purposes. Now, Shawn. Tell us how you began your career.” 

Shawn explained how he first started publishing covers onto Youtube and decided to spread them through Vine, which is where most of his fans had discovered him. When he was just sixteen, he signed to a professional music industry, and a few weeks after released a new single called “Life of the Party.” 

He was very sucessful, and he was just eighteen. Later on in the class, your teacher asked Shawn if he could play a short song for them, and Shawn happily obliged. He made his way up the stage and grabbed his guitar, wrapping his fingers around the microphone in front of him. 

“So, this song came off of my most recent album called ‘Illuminate.’ I hope you like it, this is Roses.” 

Slowly, Shawn began to strum his finger over his guitar, the soft melody you had heard before class had started reaching your ears in a matter of seconds. 

You smiled gently at Shawn as he began to sing the song, his eyes training on yours as you swayed in your seat. He grinned at you, causing you to turn a deap shade of red. You knew your classmates noticed that he was staring at you when you heard whispers around you and noticed some of them pointing at you in the corner of your eye. 

You didn’t pay attention to them. Instead, you kept your eyes on Shawn, completely in sync with him as his delicate and raspy voice resonated throughout the auditorium. He hit rifts and the velvety bridge effortlessly, and you just couldn’t bring yourself to look away. You grabbed your journal and noted the title of the song and some of the lyrics, all so you could be able to find the song and download it to your phone later. 

When the song was over, you applauded him and smiled brightly. He was amazing. No wonder he’s got such a sucessful career at such a young age. 

The next thing Shawn was asked to do was seperatly talk to every student in the class, and give them some advice on how to start off their career. Shawn decided that he would save you for last, for you were the most intriguing to him. 

“So, tell me. What do you think of all of the other students?” You teased as he brought you behind the stage, where he talked to every student seperatly. 

He laughed and got comfortable in his seat. “They all have a vision for their future, but I’m not so sure that they’re all practical. Then again, I never would’ve thought that something like this would happen to me.” 

You nodded. “Yes, I can understand that. I mean, even if someone were to experience something so huge for such a long time, you can still be amazed by the progress that you make and what can happen between the time that you start your career and the time that you end it.” 

Shawn smiled at your statement, finding it unsual yet very interesting. “No one has ever said that to me before.” He admitted, agreeing with you. 

You laughed, sliding back in your seat. “Yeah, well I guess I’m not just anybody.” 

Suddenly, a sly smirk made its way upon Shawn’s face. You noticed, your hands beginning to fiddle with each other nervously on your lap. That smirk can make a girl go weak. 

“Well, I guess not…” He chuckled, rubbing his hands together. “So, tell me about yourself. What do you want to be after college, or even during?” 

“I want to be a musician. Or an author. Or both. But I would most likely enjoy becoming a musician. Music is the only thing that can bond so many different people together and put them in one place. Music is not just words and melodies to me. It’s a beginning and an end, where everyone can come together and enjoy something that doesn’t involved order or chaos, it’s just… it’s just a longlasting sign of love.” 

Shawn stared at you, something bright shining in his dark brown eyes as he smiled widely at you. You left him sputtering in his seat, trying to find the right words in order to continue the conversation. However, he couldn’t find anything to say that would sound even remotely inspirtational than what you had just said. 

A jovial giggle abruptly escaped your mouth, and you laughed with Shawn as you watch him stutter in his seat with no words. 

“Did I leave you speechless?” You laughed, leaning forward. 

Shawn laughed loudly, nodding his head. “U-Uh, yeah actually! You did!” 

“Oops!” You teased. 

It was a few weeks after you had first met Shawn, and you were able to bring up your grades. College was ending soon, and you were happy with where you were standing. Shawn had recently just gotten off of tour, and you were on break. He decided to visit his home, and had been staying at his old house for a few days. 

Heat radiated throughout your body as your feet moved across the ground at a fair pace. You felt like going for a jog today, and so you had your earbuds in, ‘Powerful’ by Major Lazer blasting through your ears. You were thinking about your career and how you planned on starting it. 

Shawn had given you great advice, but you still weren’t sure where to start. Instead of thinking of the future, you stayed in the present and looked down to your feet, listening to the lyrics that resonated throughout your brain. Your mind was relaxed and body working hard as you ran past a small park not too far from Durham. 

Suddenly, as you rounded a corner past the trees, a gentle breeze swaying them side to side, you ran into a solid figure, your body falling backwards to the ground. 

“Shit!” You cursed as you felt your elbows scrape against the concrete, tensing as a stinging feeling made its way into your veins. You stood on the ground for a moment, taking in the pain as you removed and earbud and heard a familiar voice above you. 

“Crap, I’m so sorry. I didn’t watch where I was-… Y/N?” 

You slowly looked up to be met with the familiar dark brown eyes of Shawn, and a sudden blush made its way upon your cheeks. 

“Shawn…” You sighed in relief, glad it wasn’t some stranger jogging for fun.

You watched as Shawn held his hand out to you, and you gladly accepted it as he began to pull you up from the ground. 

“Well, isn’t it a coincidence that we, of all people, run into each other while jogging.” Shawn laughed, lifting you up from the concrete. 

You suddenly hissed and grabbed at your arms, the pain from the impact against the concrete pulsing through your body. Shawn furrowed his eyebrows in worry and pulled your arms away from you in order to examine your elbows. Blood slowly dripped from some small cuts that had formed, and Shawn shook his head. You decided that you would finally answer him. 

“No, it’s not that much of a coincidence.” You grinned, slowly checking him out. 

He wore a white t-shirt that had been stained with sweat around the neckline, and his forehead glistened, his brown curls damp and dark. His face looked flushed, his cheeks holding a soft rosey color to them. He looked as if he’d been running for hours. 

“And why is that?” He smiled down at you, carefully bringing you to the side of the walkway, near the trees, still holding onto your arms. 

You had never been this close to him before, and your breath quickened with the strong, minty scent of his breath invaded your senses. 

You motioned behind you, ignoring the feeling in the pit of your stomach. “My dormitory is not too far from here, and you just so happened to be jogging right around this area at the same time as me.” 

Shawn’s eyes widened gently, and a soft chuckle made its way passed his lips.”Are you accusing me of stalking you?”

You smiled widely at him, your eyes showing a glint of mischeviousness in them. “Maybe…” You teased, both of you beginning to laugh as Shawn released your arms. 

He was not stalking you, but he’d be lying if he were to say that he hadn’t thought about you as he was jogging past this area. 

You two talked and caught up with each other, and Shawn took you to the closest clinic so he could get your elbows cleaned up. You both realized that you two got along pretty well, and Shawn spent the rest of the day with you, letting his family know that he would be home late.  

You spent the rest of your day walking around with him, getting to know each other better. He promised that he would keep in touch with you, and he did just that. 

When he began his North American tour, he called you as much as he could. You talked for hours on the phone, laughing and sharing new memories with each other. Whenever Shawn had off, he would and visit you. He would help you with your music and you two got extremely close. 

The more into your relationship he got, the more Shawn realized he felt something for you, something undescribable. He wanted to be with you every second of every day. You were the first thing on his mind when he woke up and the last thing when he would go to bed. When he sang certain songs, he would think of you and how you smile at him when he says something stupid. Or how the sound of your laugh could change his entire mood and lift him up. He relished to be in your presence, and when he finally expressed his feelings toward you, he learned that you had felt the same. 

It was months after getting together with him that Shawn asked you to move in with him. He took you out on a picnic, and brought you to a secluded cabin, one with no cameras to intrude on your privacy. 

He told you how much you meant to him, and how he wanted to be around you as much as he could. Travelling and touring around the world away from you was hard enough, but not being able to see you whenever he went home was even harder. So he finally asked you to move in with him. 

You were ecstatic, excited and emotional all at once. You would finally be able to some home to the one thing that gave you happiness. The thought of being able to hug him when he came home from a long flight, or coming home to see him cooking dinner for the two of you in the kitchen you both shared was… well, there was only one word to describe it. 

It was paradise. 

Birthday Cookies - A little bit of fluff to start your weekend. Enjoy.

Dean gripped the piping bag and began decorating the dozen cookies already cooled on the rack beside him. Friday mornings were usually pretty busy at the bakery he owned with his business partner, Charlie, but he’d come in early just to get these done.

They were for Dean’s crush. At least that’s how Charlie referred to the handsome college professor. He’d been coming in since the end of August. Dean had been gone on him that very first day. He’d bought a large coffee, flavored with hazelnut cream and a plain croissant. His order hadn’t wavered in the last three months. Every single weekday, he’d stop. At first, Dean wouldn’t speak to him beyond the simple ‘good morning’ and ‘have a good day’. But after a few weeks, he’d try to converse with the man…Castiel Novak…he learned that from swiping his debit card. They spent a few minutes every day talking about the weather, the price of coffee beans, or traffic. Just mundane things, but Dean could listen to the deep timbre of Castiel’s…or Cas, as he secretly called him…voice read the phone book and he’d be happy.

Cas haunted his dreams…and his daydreams. Finally, unable to get the man out of his mind, he approached Charlie to use her mad computer skills to find out more about the professor in the dowdy trenchcoat. She teased him unendingly, but in the end, she found out that Cas was a professor of entomology at Duke University. Dean wasn’t surprised he worked at Duke, Durham was a college town and most of his clientele were either students or faculty.  She showed Dean his bio and damn, the dude was smart. A PhD for crying out loud.

From there, Charlie found his profile on Facebook. The professor’s page was set to private, so other than his picture, his place of employment and his birthday, they couldn’t see anything else. Charlie pressed Dean to ‘friend’ the guy, but Dean thought that would put him in the cyber-stalking category.

At least, Dean knew his birthday and that was why he was here early to finish decorating the cookies. They were decorated with buzzing bees and a few had the letter ‘C’ with a tiny bee dangling off the bottom of it. When he was finished, he smiled at his work. He carefully boxed them and set them aside before getting on to his regular baking.

Once Charlie and their part-time help got there, the morning flew by. Dean had two wedding cakes he was finishing up for tomorrow’s delivery and customers lined up for breads and desserts for the weekend. Dean couldn’t keep his eyes off the clock on the wall of the kitchen. At five to nine, he went to the bathroom, ran fingers through his hair and removed his icing smeared apron.

At the front, he relieved Kevin from the register and sent him to the back to wash up the morning’s dishes. Precisely at nine, Cas walked in the door, the bell tinkling to announce his arrival. Dean grinned and Cas returned it with a warm smile.

“Good morning, Dean.” The first time he’d called Dean by his name, it startled him. Then he remembered he had his name embroidered on his apron. The same apron he’d ditched in the back today because he wanted to be clean and neat.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Novak.” Cas tilted his head to the side and nervously brushed his hands over his trenchcoat. “Thank you. How did you…”

“A little bee told me,” Dean said, inwardly groaning at his cheesiness. “Here.” He all but shoved the box across the counter. The other man blinked a few times and then carefully lifted the lid. The tiny smile made Dean’s heart beat a bit faster.

“These are truly beautiful. And you made these for me?” The rich, gravelly baritone felt like a caress on Dean’s skin and he bit his lower lip before answering.

“Yeah…I mean, yes.” The man was a professor and Dean didn’t want to sound like an uneducated boob. Even if he only had a GED.

“Thank you, Dean,” Dean noticed the pink tint to the professor’s face and realized the man was blushing. He closed the box and ran his fingertips over the Geeks Love Pie logo. “I realize you are busy now, but would you consider having a cup of coffee with me later this afternoon?”

Dean stared into those beautiful blue eyes and his mouth refused to engage with his brain. Charlie came up beside him, grinning. “He would love to have coffee with you. We close at two.”

Not taking his eyes away from Dean’s, Cas picked up the box and backed up a step, inadvertently bumping into one of the bakery’s regulars, an elderly man named Frank. “Excuse me…so sorry.”

“Damn, young’uns. About time y’all stopped all this pussy-footin’ around.” He slapped a five on the counter in front of Charlie. “You called it. Won fair and square.”

Confused, Dean pulled his eyes away from Cas’ to look at his partner. “You bet with Frank?”

“Yeah, Frank here said it would take you guys until Christmas to figure it out. I took mid-November.” She reached up to snatch the bill off the counter and shoved it into her apron.

Cas was staring back and forth like he was at a tennis match, clutching the box to his chest like battle armor. “Great, thanks a hell of a lot, Charlie. Now, you went and scared the crap out of him. He probably thinks I’m certifiable now,” Dean muttered.

Cas opened his mouth to speak, but Frank butted in. “You are certifiable, but he’s nuts about you. Always making goo-goo eyes when he thinks you aren’t looking. Enough to make me want to barf, I tell you. You gonna get me my coffee or am I going to have to start going to MacDonald’s?”

Charlie stifled a laugh and handed Frank his cup. “On the house today, Frank.”

“My last class is over at two-thirty. Can I just meet you here?” Cas asked, finally able to get a word in.

“Sure. That would be awesome, Cas.” Dean knew his face was just as red as Cas’, but he didn’t really care. He had a date.

“Ten dollars on a wedding by June,” Frank called out over his shoulder as he walked away.

“You’re on,” Charlie said, laughing at the shocked faces of her partner and his new boyfriend.


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