Magha Navaratri.

January 28, 2017 is the start of Winter Navaratri. Navaratri is a period of nine nights when devotees of the Divine Mother intensify their worship, generally through fasting and prayer, but especially by reciting the Devi Mahatmya (Chandi Path). These days most people only follow Autumn Navaratri, but there are actually four in the year, one for each season of equal importance. Wishing you all a fulfilling winter Navaratri.

Mahishasura is the demon of the great ego, Mother Durga as the slayer of the ego is called Mahishasura-Mardini. Actually this world, phenomenal existence is in a sense a great ‘demon’, the centre of which is ruled by Mahishasura-ego, he’s the king, he keeps his subjects paralyzed with fear from going beyond its limitations, She puts that great king down simply with the touch of her toe. Fear, duality, difference, false perception, all destroyed. How amazing is Mother Durga.