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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Amy and/or Sheldon shop for contraceptives

First of all, anon, I need to say that this is the funniest fucking prompt I have ever received in my life and I spent approx 10 minutes alone laughing at it before even thinking up a story to go with it, so thank you and bless you for making my day!

You know the drill at this point: this got LONGGG and off topic. I am playfully calling this story ‘Sheldon vs. Condoms’, which sounds far dirtier than it is. This story is mostly SFW, no porn or smut here, just lots of thinking about it! Hahahaha. And, for the record, every condom type I mention is in fact a real thing. Who knew it was such a varied industry? Set in early s10, read under the cut :)

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