On this day in 1912, a screen legend was born…celebrating the irresistible charms and mighty talent of Eugene Curran Kelly, known to movie lovers the world over as Mr. Gene Kelly! (August 23, 1912 - February 2, 1996)

Takamine Hideko 高峰秀子 (1924-2010) wearing a “Durbin” in Shufu no tomo 主婦之友 (Housewife’s friend) magazine - The “Durbin” clothing is like a dress with a collar that Mrs. Deanna Durbin wore in the movie “One hundred men and a girl” - Japan - 1939

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Finally we have the networks, which just increased debit interchange to the maximum allowed for small transactions, costing merchants more (Durbin places a cap on debit interchange; networks previously had special low rates for small transactions, part of an effort to lure spending from cash to plastic). Think for a moment about the four-party model, and where it is weak. Whether through shortsightedness or petulance, the networks appear to be giving small and medium sized merchants another reason to seek alternatives to the four-party model. And many new firms are hoping to provide alternatives.
Call the Co-Sponsor of PIPA and let him know where you stand!

His name is Dick Durbin. He is normally AWESOME. I’d argue that he’s the best US Senator we have right now. (He was #2 when Feingold (D-WI) was still in office.) But his stance on PIPA is … bleh. Call him and urge him to drop that horrible piece of legislation!

DC = 202.224.2152

Chicago = 312.353.4952


What is wrong with me? I appear to be completely incapable of building stuff I actually need for my world, like the gym and a public pool, but I have no difficulties building random unnecessary stuff. :-I

I do have to admit the views from this lot are amazing, and the water spring (pool) fits perfectly into the landscape. And more surprisingly, it is actually usable, despite all of the rocks (I have rocks on the bottom and walls too).


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