Finally we have the networks, which just increased debit interchange to the maximum allowed for small transactions, costing merchants more (Durbin places a cap on debit interchange; networks previously had special low rates for small transactions, part of an effort to lure spending from cash to plastic). Think for a moment about the four-party model, and where it is weak. Whether through shortsightedness or petulance, the networks appear to be giving small and medium sized merchants another reason to seek alternatives to the four-party model. And many new firms are hoping to provide alternatives.
Call the Co-Sponsor of PIPA and let him know where you stand!

His name is Dick Durbin. He is normally AWESOME. I’d argue that he’s the best US Senator we have right now. (He was #2 when Feingold (D-WI) was still in office.) But his stance on PIPA is … bleh. Call him and urge him to drop that horrible piece of legislation!

DC = 202.224.2152

Chicago = 312.353.4952

I'm laughing so hard at all the Durbin fans who think that unfollowing Adam will help their guy

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delusional people!

I don’t care about Durbin, I don’t hate him.

if there really are glamberts turned into durbinators (?) who support that stupid campaign on twitter… then please, don’t call yourself glamberts


Quotes from Today's live feed with Senator Durbin, Reid Menendez and DREAMER Tolu

Passing the #dreamact would reduce the deficit by about 2.2 billion dollars - Durbin

“This is not just a piece of legislation. It is a matter of justice.” - Durbin

Passing the Dream act is a move to make our country safe - Reid

We don’t know when there will be a vote on the Dream Act, that’s something we have to work on. - Reid 

Passing the Dream act is a move to make our country safe - Reid

Jose Gutierrez, was not even a permanent resident or citizen when he died for his country in combat. Nothing more patriotic. -Menendez 

“Too many young people like me are carrying burdens that we were never meant to carry.” -Tolu 

Its been ten years since i graduated as an engineer, i have yet to work one day in my field - Tolu Olubunmi #Dreamer #dreamact #stories

we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - Tolu

 Last comment at #DREAMAct press conference, Reid raises possibility of using a House #E-Verify bill to move #DREAMAct.

Via: Twitter 

Meeting With Durbin.

le waiting like:

Durbin enters all like:

We talk about how disappointed we are that the DREAM Act didn’t pass like:

Durbin’s all “But I’m going to bring up the December version again” like:

We explain how we cannot support a bill that leaves so many DREAMers out like:

He goes on to explain how he needs to run that version or else it won’t be bipartisan.

And we’re all like, “But we want a good legislation”:

We go on with the meeting and state out asks. And he agrees to them.

And just when we think the meeting will be over without him mentioning the story about the Korean girl, he metiones it and we lol like:

Built another block! I’m not sure if the smallest one is staying there, I was thinking of moving it onto the awkward 40x20 lot in the ‘hood (it’s all the way on the left of the street, the 3 shown lots are currently in center/2nd most right and most right), but they look so cute together. I do wish there was less inactive space between the lots though.

Broccoli mandate is next

This is just sad.  And this is a Harvard professor.  Not that I should really expect anything better from someone who teaches at Harvard.  I don’t think common sense is a prominent thing there.

Sen. Durbin: The point raised by Senator Lee – the “buy your vegetables, eat your vegetables” point? I’d like you ask to comment on that because that is the one I’m hearing most often. By people who are saying “Well, if the government can require me to buy health insurance, can it require me to have a membership in a gym, or eat vegetables?” We’ve heard from Professor Dellinger on that point, would you like to comment?

Prof. Fried: Yes. We hear that quite a lot.  It was put by Judge Vinson, and I think it was put by Professor Barnett in terms of eating your vegetables, and for reasons I set out in my testimony, that would be a violation of the 5th and the 14th Amendment, to force you to eat something. But to force you to pay for something? I don’t see why not.  It may not be a good idea, but I don’t see why it’s unconstitutional.

I actually like broccoli.  One of the few veggies I eat. 

But if you think the government has the right to mandate us to buy health insurance than why can’t the government force us to buy veggies, force us to buy a car from general motors or how ever else they chose to run our lives.