Durban Poison

•Strain Type

•Physical Attributes
Beautiful dark tiny nugs. These nugs are small, dense and round & will stick right to your finger tips. I suggest to use a grinder especially for this strain it can be too sticky to break up at times.

•Dank Level
Ahh man this bud has the strongest pine/earthy smell ever! It’s so pleasant your nose will appreciate this aroma it’s so fresh.

•Taste Test
A full sweet rush with a little tannng to have you coughing in desperate need for some water. Right after that your taste buds will be wide awake wanting another pull. It’s like a sweet poison honestly…hmmm maybe thats where they got poison from?? ☺️

•Body Effect
HEAVY HEAD HIGH MANNN… It’ll get you focused though your creativity will be on point. Perfect for a Bake in the morning it’ll have you grooving the whole time. Non-Stop laughter, Dry Mouth & a case of Sweet Tooth may be some side effects.