Those of us who speak Spanglish know that there are certain words we just don’t know in Spanish. So, what do we do? We substitute the English word in its place. Example: Voy a comprar una mermelada de blueberry, which means “I’m going to buy some blueberry jam.”

Non-exotic fruits that are often used to make jam find themselves in this category of unknown Spanish words. Luckily Spanish does have a name for these fruits:

  1. Raspberries = frambuesas
  2. Blueberries = arándanos
  3. Cherries = cerezas
  4. Apricots = albaricoques; damascos (Lat. Am.); durazno (Mex.)
  5. Plums = ciruelas
  6. Blackberries = moras; zarzamoras (Mex.)
  7. Grapefruits = pomelos; toronjas (Lat. Am.)
  8. Pomegranates = granadas

The words in the graphics are the Spanish words for each fruit as used in Spain.