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Kida Masaomi is a very outgoing and enthusiastic city boy who convinces Mikado to go live in Ikebukuro. Even though his demeanor seems quite friendly, Masaomi was previously a color gang leader. Due to the the growth of the Dollars, however, he’s forced to return to his position in the Yellow Scarves, which opens old wounds. After finally settling unsolved matters, Kida goes away with his girlfriend, but later on he reappears to prevent his friends from joining the “dark side”, which he knows by his own experience that once done, it’s a lost cause.”

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its where he keeps all his power

what the conversation between anri mikado and masaomi probably looked like at the end of drrr
  • Masaomi: I lead the Yellow Scarves
  • Mikado and Anri: Ya we figured that out
  • Mikado: I also lead a gang, I lead the Dollars
  • Masaomi and Anri: Wow thats cool how could we have ever known
  • Anri: I own a demon blade that loves people so it kills people
  • Mikado and Masaomi: wtf