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Inktoberara!! 2017


Do you like inktober? Do you like Durarara? Well, then this is the month for you!

What is inktoberara??

  • Using traditional pen and ink, draw whatever durarara related thing you’d like for the month of October!
  • Unlike inktober, you don’t have to draw something new everyday
  • Whatever you draw, please tag it as #inktoberara!! if you want others to see it. I’ll be checking this tag and reblogging any inktoberara art to @inktoberara

((More info below the cut))

What can I draw?

  • Draw any* durarara related thing you’d like! You can make it Halloween/autumn themed if you want, but that’s up to you!
  • Beginners are welcome!! This is open to people of all skill levels.
  • If you’re shy, you can anonymously submit your art to @inktoberara but you will not be credited for your art. All other art will be reblogged from the original artist to @inktoberara
  • Draw in whatever art style you want! You can draw abstract, traditional, cartoony, realistic, anime, western, you name it! Also, you don’t have to use a fountain tip pen or anything fancy. You can just use a ballpoint pen and go wild (but not too wild, Mikado doesn’t have enough bandages for everyone) ;)

What can’t I do?

  • Don’t plagiarize. Anything submitted must be drawn by the person who posted it. If you use reference art and trace parts of it, credit/ link the original art to your post.
  • Anything nsfw must be tagged as such. Please tag for blood, gore, violence, etc.
  • Graphic porn will not be reblogged.
  • Don’t spam the tag. Please be respectful of other artists and limit your posts to no more than 2 a day.

Please reblog this post if you’re planning on participating so that other people can see it too! Have fun, and good luck!!٩( ᐛ )و✒️

hi everyone, its carmen!! this is my first follow forever and its basically a big thank you to everyone who follows me and all the lovely mutuals who stuck with me ♡ this year has been a really tough year for me - there were serious health concerns in my family, university has been wearing me out, and i lost sight of a lot of my goals. but this year, i also met so many lovely people on this site and i’ve made so many new friends who listened to me rant and helped me get back on my feet and i will never, ever be able to express how grateful i am for you guys. i love you ♡

before anything, i would like to give a HUGE shoutout to my squad (aka my favourite people in this entire world) for putting up with my bullshit and dealing with my whining on twitter. you guys were my comfort zone, you guys put me at ease and made this past summer so much fun. i love you guys so much! (hover over the ♡ for a message)

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so before i start rambling more, here are my lovely mutuals ♡ ♡

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Izaya Orihara’s White Day Message Translated~

A nice anon decided to share this with me and tumblr which a yahoo member had given her permission to share…

So here is the douchebag troll’s message to you ladies out there:

“Going out or not going out, Valentine’s day or White day - everyone has interest in some really worthless stuff. But even including their foolish interests I really do like people. You can even say I love them. That’s why to you too, who enjoys this stupid event, I’m gonna give my thanks. Thank you.”

Who We Used to Be (13): Heard

Izaya makes it off the couch eventually. His skin is going clammy with the liquid drying sticky on his fingers and against his stomach, and it doesn’t take much for his physical discomfort to stir him into motion that his mental incoherence would find it impossible to achieve alone. He moves steadily, neither rushing nor delaying, working himself through the process of getting to the bathroom and washing his skin clean of the evidence of pleasure and the sheen of sweat alike without thinking about much of anything at all. It’s an easy process, one made familiar by years of repetition and more immediate practice over the last week; Izaya doesn’t have to think about his movement, or his actions, or anything beyond the immediate reality of water running warm over his hands and washing his skin clean of any trace of the relief that feels like a distant memory even as his legs are still shaky with the force of the orgasm that surged through him. It’s soothing, almost, certainly more of a comfort than the alternative; but it only takes a few minutes, and then he’s emerging from the bathroom again, and coming back across his apartment as if he’s being pulled on a line.

He left his phone on the coffee table alongside the couch, turned up so he can see the screen as he approaches. The notification light is blinking, a crimson lighthouse warning of danger at some impossible distance away; but when Izaya picks up his phone and unlocks the screen there’s not the missed call his chest tightens to think of. There’s just a message, a single line of text that opens up across the screen as he taps on it; he doesn’t think about reading it, doesn’t have to decide if he wants to take in the information. It’s in his head as soon as he glances at it, habit too quick for him to stop himself from skimming the full line of text at a glance before it’s done.

Did you listen to my messages?

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In Honor of reaching over 6000 followers AND for Durarara finally getting a second season, I’m doing a GIVE AWAY!!!

The prize is the Durarara Season One Box-set!


1. I ship anywhere!

2. Don’t have to be following me (but of course I would love a follow since I am giving you a free gift lol warning this blog is all Shizaya though) All honest you don’t have too lol

3. You can reblog as many times as you want and likes to count!!

4. You have to be willing to give me your address, otherwise how else will I be able to send it to you? If you are under 18, make sure that your parents allow you to give your address to a complete stranger. Don’t want you or me to get into trouble now!

5. Removing all my rules on this picture post and reblogging does NOT count as a submission.

6. Last rule! If you are the winner and I don’t hear back from you in three days after I message you, you lose your chance. No excuses.

GIVE AWAY STARTS NOW (March 18) AND ENDS (May 31st) gives you more than two months to enter and have a chance to win! I’ll be picking and messaging the winner on June 2!


(Any questions feel free to message me!)