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  • Namie: A week ago, my boss was shanked.
  • Izaya: Namie
  • Namie: It was all over the news.
  • Izaya: Namie oh my god
  • Namie: He died that day.
  • Namie: Sometimes, I can still hear his voice.
  • Izaya: You're fired.
  • Namie: Which is honestly kind of surprising. I was sure he'd be in hell by now.

Orihara-kun and I are way too different, after all… I guess he found that amusing in his own way.

It can be said that what destroyed Ryuugamine Mikado was his distorted love for the “Dollars of the past” and everything around him.

Kida Masaomi, who became scared of facing his best friend.
Sonohara Anri, who tried to be a third party.
Heiwajima Shizuo, who gave the pure boy a “longing for power”.
The Headless Rider, who made the line between reality and illusion ambiguous.
Kuronuma Aoba, who tried to take advantage of him and approached him.
Rokujou Chikage, who didn’t punish him for creating the Dollars and didn’t give him the chance to make things up.
And Orihara Izaya himself, who pushed his back a little in the beginning.