durarara 11

I honestly can’t even read my next move. In the end, what I want to see is humans other than myself. How they react in the situation that cannot be expected, to observe that is the biggest motive of my life. In order to achieve that, I will both cause trouble and help as much as I can.
—  Orihara Izaya to Ryuugamine Mikado, Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 11(Translation by Mizaya).

is it supposed to be Chikage’s and Izaya’s encounter from LN?

“When he was walking while thinking such things—
He noticed that a strange man was approaching him from the front.
After the man looked at Chikage and his entourage for a second, he passed by them while smiling lightly——
And just like that, he went inside of the hospital and disappeared.
Although Chikage felt some discomfort about the man, he kept walking without especially paying any attention.

——Who was that guy?

——Isn’t he hot wearing black clothes in the summer?” [x]

where is that ‘tongue’ thingy!? lol 


Durarara!!x2 Ketsu || Ep. 11: Life is an Unknown Course
Sure I wanted to see him. My best friend, that i’ve even dreamed about… If that creeps you out, then get out of my sight. Nothing but creepiness from now on. People…. The bonds between them getting tangled up in each other… Things that will bewilder you… You’re gonna see enough of that to make your eyes bleed…. Didn't I tell you? I’m fed up with it. Nobody’s more sick of this than me.”

“Because I am already an ‘unnecessary thing’, aren’t I? That’s why I will destroy everything including myself. When everything becomes brand new and the Dollars go back to the state of the beginning, I am planning on starting something. It could be interesting if I rejoin the Dollars with Sonohara-san and Masaomi.”

Durarara Light Novel 11, Translation cr. mizaya