Kassai Epilogue

This is not an official translation. All translations done my me. @kujiragi has looked over, helped edit, and given much needed second opinions. Thank you for the help! And enjoy~!!

”…In the end, what are you here for? What could the ruling commander of the Natsugawara group come over here for?”

Thinking he lost to the other man’s pace [of the conversation], Izaya asked the question indifferently. At that, Byakuyamaru answers in an aloof attitude.

”Officially I’m here for sudden stadium inspections. Hearing that you were here though, I wanted to see the man who twisted Takioka around his finger. Depending on the circumstances, I even made preparations to win over [your] group. I did a lot of research on you and ‘Candiru’.”

”Is that so? Then have I measured up to your expectations?”

”Right now, I still don’t need you.”

”That’s rather harsh.”

Receiving the expected answer, Izaya shrugged his shoulders seemingly in relief. Byakuyamaru started to talk of “Izaya Orihara” to him disinterestedly.

“You are unable to give yourself praise from the bottom of your heart. Even if you desired the recognition, it cannot be fulfilled. More than anyone, you do not want to be acknowledged as Izaya Orihara.”


“So instead you give praise to other people. More than others would.”

“Have you come to counsel me?”

Izaya says in amazement. After Natsugawara replies with a simple ‘that’s right,’ he continues.

“What you really want is not praise for yourself. Isn’t it the same kind of person who can applaud the accomplishments of others the same way and from the same perspective as you?“

Then stopping what he was saying once, he laughs while giving a large sigh.

“Well, there’s no one like that. Not that sort of human.”

“So you came all this way just to harass me?”

“Can I say some disagreeable things? After all, thanks to you the Natsugawara group has taken terrible damage from the decline in stocks.”

“Though I think by driving out the Takioka siblings it would be a great benefit for your company years later?”

“And that is why I’m not charging reparations. Be grateful for that. I will allow it once. How about you return [the favor] one day.”

The Natsugawara head laughs as he stands up, beginning to straighten his own chair. Izaya throws out words insincerely towards his back.

“Well then, let’s meet again, Byakuyamaru Natsugawara-san.”

“Before me, how about you meet up with that old friend of yours in Ikebukuro. I think you should pay a visit to that underground doctor and that lover of his after such a long time.”

“I will see about that. If I have time that is.”

After the storm had passed, Izaya muttered to himself as he leaned his body back against the back of his wheelchair.

“Really now, is that guy a hypocrite or a sly man…? Why is it that such troublesome humans gather around me?”

Natsugawara’s words were understood without being expressly told by others. And Izaya felt alright with that. There was still no one around him that would raise a roar of applause together with him. And he understood himself that it was because of his lifestyle as Izaya Orihara. Izaya does not even think of the fragments of being given an acclamation by others.

“Izaya-san! Hurry up! It looks like Munakata is practicing his batting! Let’s watch closer up. They said there is a space for even a wheelchair, Izaya-san!”

“…If you insist. Well then, could you push my chair a bit?”


Right now, not just yet.

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Based off this post from @itsnotloveifitsjust. I remember a lot of people asking Narita about what characters eat, how they cook (if they cook), and other things like that. So for those that were every curious, here you go:

Q: I’ve been thinking about this…What do Anri-chan and Mikado-kun do for meals…?

A: Anri mainly gets bento from the convenience store. Mikado cooks food on the stove for himself a lot.

Q: Does Izaya using cook for himself…? Or does he mainly go out to eat…?

A: I have the establishment that he likes to see the faces of the people who made the food, so I think has gone out to eat at pretty nice places a lot.

Q: On the contrary how is Izaya’s cooking ability?

A: He can at least make nabe dishes. By himself.

Note: I was tempted to translate this as “he can at least make things in a pot” since “nabe” means “pot” or “pan”. But I feel like Narita is mostly referring to nabemono in general. Like stews and soups….And hot pot.

Q: Narita-sensei, good evening! Happy Birthday for Izaya!!! This is a sudden question, but Izaya and Shizuo seem to be able to cook, so quite frankly who is better?

A: I don’t know. It’s not like they had a cooking showdown or anything, and since I think there is really need to know I have not decided. My apologies.

Q: (Unknown)

A: I’m sorry, I don’t know what your cooking capabilities are, so I can’t answer that…For now, he can make curry > Shizuo.

Q: Thank you for the reply. I can only cook mochi, so Shizuo is amazing! As you would expect >< Does he also make cocktails?

A: For cocktails, Shizuo can make various ones.

Q: Narita-sensei, good evening. Before I heard you say that “since Shizuo has done bartending he can make cocktails.” Would he be able to tell the origin of cocktail names? Or is it he doesn’t know anything of that kind of small detail and can only make them?

A: He’s studied it, so if it’s to some extent…that’s how I feel. Of course, from professional bartenders he falls short.

Note: The “tell” in this case is as in to “inform someone of something.” Not like in the case that he can recognize a cocktail, so to me that’s a bit more advanced.

Q: Good evening Narita-sensei. I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity and ask this! Is there a character that has ever had the sake Shizuo makes?

A: Just about Kasuka.

Q: Does Shizuo usually cook?

A: He does. Like cup ramen or something.

Q: Then what you said about making curry was a retort pouch? Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ 

A: It’s alright. His younger brother can make the perfect curry from mixing spices.

Q: I have a question but…how is Durarara’s Shizuo-san’s cooking? Is there anything else besides curry he can make?

A: Well, about the normal average male living on his own.

Q: Narita-sensei good evening. This is a question, but is there any particular food Masaomi is good at making?

A: Not anything specifically, but since he’s been living on his own for a long time I feel he can handle most cooking on average. He makes food with motivation if it’s in front of a girl.

Q: Narita-sensei thank you! I love Shinra-san so much that I want to marry him. But, I have a head so it seems that’s impossible..By the way, does Shinra usually cook for himself? I got curious about this recently.

A: He cooks for himself.

Q: Is there a particular food Shinra and Dotachin are good at?

A: I haven’t decided.

Q: Good evening, and sorry for the sudden question. The Orihara household has the parents absent, so what do Kururi and Mairu do for eating? If it’s not hindering anything in the original story, I would be glad to hear an answer.

A: They receive a relatively punctual allowance, so that can manage cooking for themselves pretty well. 


By Your Side

The apartment is very quiet when Izaya gets home. He knows Shizuo should be there; the other’s key is still hanging by the front door, his shoes are still toppled one over another in the entryway. But there’s no trace of him in the front room, no sound of vague experimentation in the kitchen, and Izaya is left frowning in the doorway while he toes his shoes off and unwinds his scarf from around his neck.

“Shizu-chan?” he calls, deliberately lilting over the nickname so the sound of his voice will carry the clearer and still pass for offhand disinterest. “Are you home?”

“Yeah,” comes back the reply, faint with distance and the barrier of a door but still audible against the quiet backdrop of the rest of the house. Izaya waits for something else: a clarifying explanation, the sound of a door opening, the appearance of Shizuo himself coming down the hallway. But there’s nothing further, just that one brief acknowledgment, and Izaya is left to frown irritation down the silent hallway. He shrugs his coat off with more force than is necessary, casts it onto the hook alongside the door without any care for the motion at all, and when he steps into the apartment to continue down the hall it’s with his footfalls coming hard on the frustration along his shoulders.

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How companions behave when playing truth or dare with Sole alone.


  • This one is an older ask, the person who asked I sent a reply to with some more questions and this the original ask dissapeared, feel free to make yourself known then I’ll add your tumblr-name :) 
  • This was an ask for someone who preferred a one-shot fanfic originally, so that is still coming up with the main companions. Otherwise it’ll get a bit too crowded, not to mention too many people on this list who would certainly try to kill each other.


Loves the game and always tries to get people to play it with her. ALWAYS wants people to choose truth. No exceptions. Any chance she gets to find out more about the others she takes. She does not, however, always want to reveal her own secrets…

A daredevil at heart she cannot choose anything else but Dare. She’s convinced she can handle anything anyone throws at her and actually seems to be right at that. She tends to mock the others for being so tame in their dares and/or questions. Likes playing the game with Hancock for the exact reason that he kind of goes all-out too. Lies as soon as the questions are about her family or more scarring parts of her past.

Innocent little thing asks only super nice questions such as ‘did you ever have a pet’ or ‘ What is your blood type’. Her worst dare was asking someone to get Sole a drink because they looked dehydrated. She’s spared by most because of this, as well. She also has a tendency of severely oversharing.

Stays out of it but is a keen looker-on of what’s going on when other people are playing. She just stands in the corner and kind of observes what happens. When asked to join in she immediately refuses though. However amusing to watch it may be, she doesn’t want to divulge her own secrets.

 Scribe Haylen:
Surprisingly much more up for anything than people had guessed. Doesn’t shy aware from a dare every once in a while and can ask pretty deep questions. She reveals in such a way that she picks up on much more than she might be leting on. 

Offering emotional help to anyone who has revealed some sort of deep-seated secret. He’s genuinely concerned whenever he hears something bad and shocked when someone did something even moderately scandalous. He’s the pure-hearted sweetheart of the bunch and reacts a lot like Curie, minus the oversharing.

Takes the whole thing a little bit too seriously. He doesn’t trust most people enough to play it properly, frequently refusing to do a dare. In general he tends to pick truth, so when he joins the others tend to try to keep it not too extreme. He generally doesn’t have a tendency of lying (technically even that goes against his morals to some extent as trusting your brotherhood is part of the brotherhood way) making him very bad at it when he tries. If he’s has a couple of drinks he’s more easy going and more likely to go with it, especially when people dare him to kiss someone else. As long as it’s someone he doesn’t dislike (leaving few people).

Deacon’s up for a round of truth or dare at any point, and is damn good at it cause nobody can distinguish lies from truth when they come from him. As usual he maintains his elusive persona through unbelievable stories. Because of it, few people want to play truth or dare with him in the first place, as he ‘cheats’ anyway. 

Porter Gage:
Notoriously doesn’t trust people enough to play Truth or Dare. In a raider camp, it’s just not a very advisable game as it only takes so long before people get out the guns and the dares turn into some sort of russian roulette (sometimes literally). Still, considering he  isn’t interested in pouring his heart out to right about anyone he picks dares, but only joins when Sole pretty much commands him to. 

Hancock considers it an excellent way of lightening up the mood a bit and is always up for convincing others to join in. Everyone is taking everything way too seriously anyway. At least like this, the interesting stories come out. He is pretty much up for anything as well, as long as it’s fun. He has the bést stories to tell and aims to get a reaction out of people. He’s against deep emotional questions during the truths but he’ll go with it if they come up.

No matter how much people try to get him to do dares, he refuses out of sheer principle. Unlike many others he refuses to make himself look like a complete idiot, especially when this involves doing anything that might be against someone else’s will in one way or another. He’s the responsible adult in a lot of ways, making sure it doesn’t get out of hand when the alcohol flows a little bit too richly.

Maxson officially dislikes truth or dare primarily because he likes not putting his personal life on display, let alone his past. He’s fine with being the mysterious enigmatic leader of the Brotherhood and seeks to keep it that way. He does, however, keep somewhat of an eye on what’s going on and is secretly highly amused by all that is going on. He’s only in his early twenties all. Oh, and he interferes when people are dared to kiss his Sentinel. Even though people can’t seem to figure out exactly why…

MacCready is all too familiar with this game thanks to his time in Little Lamplight. Obviously, the kids enjoyed getting under each other’s skin and playing those kind of games. Although he remembers them with less booze and far fewer sex-related questions, one thing certainly didn’t change: too. much. information… He has a preference for dares, as he avoids speaking about his kid and late wife to people he doesn’t 100% trust as he refuses to run the risk of anyone deciding to blackmail him through Duncan.

Preston is too honest for truth or dare which ensures that everyone always wants him to join. You can count on the stand-up guy to actually always tell the truth, ensuring that some (Hancock and deacon in particular) try to drag out some less honorable answers.

Likes truth or dare because it brings some fun into the settlement. He’s kinda moderate when he plays it, meaning that he doesn’t ask ridiculously wild dares or too deep-digging truths. Keeps it low-key, keeps it fun and sees it as a good bonding experience. Usually tells the truth when asked for it, as he’s just not ashamed of what he’s done with his life so far and doesn’t mind owing up to mistakes.

X6 refuses to take part in such utter nonsense. This is a typical reason why human logic is fawlty: too much of a focus on scandal nullifies their focus on more important matters. Not to mention the sorts of answers and actions which came out of these people, absolutely ridiculous.

Reasons Why I Don't Ship Shizaya(this is just me, I'm not asking you to feel the way I do. I'm just ranting.)

Narita himself said he created them to hate each other, not love each other.

Shizuo hates talkative people(thus why he gets along so well with Celty). Izaya likes talking, talking helps him think, and he loves people to listen to him.

Shizuo hates violence more than anything, and Izaya wants to make Shizuo use it.

Izaya hates people who doesn’t listen to reasoning, and he greatly fears and hates Shizuo for supposedly possibly hundreds of reasons.

Shizuo lets Izaya, who doesn’t want to be acknowledged as simply human, win, because he refuses to acknowledge Izaya as simply human, unlike Shinra, Mikage, and possibly Namie.

Shizuo beat up Shinra(even worse than Adabashi Kisuke did), Izaya’s only friend. Why the hell should somebody love somebody who hurt their friend.

Even back in middle school, Izaya was hoping Shizuo would get restrained.

Izaya has been given PTSD from Shizuo.

Something as little as a disagreement on food got them to trying to kill each other. (from what I understand, Izaya likes bitter foods, hates sweets, while Shizuo hates bitter foods and loves sweets).

Shizuo doesn’t understand Izaya and doesn’t want to.

Shizuo hates Izaya’s “fair treatment”, and cannot think of a single positive thing to say about Izaya, unlike Mikage, who says, “Whether it’s a good thing or something terrible, he will step into the matter and calmly stir it up equally. I think I can be fond of those parts of him compared to people who are superficial.” or Kyouhei, who says, “If you want his love you have to be a friend first. Start with your own, to love him on the line, go to him as a friend on the line, and you will see that he was unexpectedly the kind of guy that has the strong bond of friendship.”, or Shinra, who confirms that Izaya is more human than anybody, and Mikage as well who confirms that he is very human which is why he’s troublesome.

Shizuo just wants to live a normal life, Izaya wants to ruin that for him, and wants him to live as a monster.

Izaya wants to connect to society, yet Shizuo tells everybody to avoid Izaya, tells people not to get close to him, and makes it impossible for Izaya to be given a chance to be loved. Shizuo is constantly jumping on and blaming Izaya for everything. Izaya can’t even eat at his favorite sushi restaurant without Shizuo waltzing in and provoking a fight with Izaya, and Izaya getting charged and blamed for the property damages. Shizuo has a huge sense of entitlement that he needs to reflect on. He does not own Ikebukuro.
Despite that Shizuo doesn’t truly try to be loved, he gets loved(and just goes along with his life), but Izaya wants and tries more than anything to be loved, but still remains shunned.

Shizuo and Izaya is nothing like Ruri and Kasuka’s relationship, nor Celty’s and Shinra’s. Shizuo is there to affirm that even Izaya has his limits and isn’t all shits and giggles. Shizuo is there to prove just how human Izaya is, along with Shinra, Kururi, Mairu, Namie, Celty, and numerous others.

Furthermore, it’s pretty much canon that Shizuo hates himself and Izaya hates himself as well. And they hate each other and have not an ounce of respect for each others’ ways of life. I’m pretty sure a relationship between two such people could be very detrimental.

Shizuo is a hypocrite though. I have no clue why he’s okay with Tom using his violence and not Izaya. But overall, I could never like Shizuo anyway.

Furthermore, I could never like somebody that provoked me for fun or framed me for crimes, and nor could I like somebody that hated me for who I am, and made it impossible to to connect to people. Also, Shizuo makes it so much easier for Izaya to be evil, unlike Mikage, Kine, Namie, Celty or Shinra who all really makes him think.

Bottom line is, even Izaya’s sisters took to Shizuo and would be willing to sacrifice him to Shizuo(just to see an actor)and get him hit by a dump truck, thanks to Shizuo’s influence. Shizuo also claims that Izaya wants to be lonely, but there have been multiple scenarios that proved against it.

  • friend: who is your crush?
  • me: *opens mouth*
  • friend: real people not fictional
  • me: *closes mouth*