Opening night of "Beyond Therapy"

We had our preview last night, which was rough. Tonight is opening night. Hoping we have a decent house to play to. Feeling very nervous. Farce is so difficult. It’s all about the rhythm and the pacing, as a rhythm based play, it requires an entirely different technique for the actors involved. The audience can’t catch up to you–or you kill the play. The challenge for us has been prying ourselves away from the “naturalism”. It must be true, but farce is not natural. It’s a difficult line to toe.

All the actors in this show have great instincts, that isn’t the concern. It’s trying to stay connected at a mile a minute pace. Like an old screwball comedy from the thirties, or Gilmore girls, talking as fast as you can, thinking faster than the audience. My hope is that in the first week or so we will click into the rhythm. That’s usually how it happens in this process.

Waiting in the wings. Breathing deeply. The sudden urge to vomit before going on stage. All natural reactions. This is going to be one hell of a ride for the next few months.

Κι απ'την άλλη ,βεβαίως,υπάρχει και η θέση της Εκκλησίας πάνω στην ομοφυλοφιλία. Το Λευϊτικόν,για παράδειγμα ,στη Παλαιά Διαθήκη ,μας λέει βασικά,πως οι ομοφυλόφιλοι πρέπει να θανατώνονται.Επίσης μας λέει,πως να θυσιάσεις κριάρια και ταύρους και μας διδάσκει να μην καθόμαστε σε καρέκλα που έχει κάτσει γυναίκα που είχε περίοδο τις τελευταίες εφτά ημέρες.Μπορείς να συμβουλευτείς ένα τέτοιο βιβλίο σήμερα;
—  Christopher durang , γελώντας άγρια