Mourir en député (1792 - 1799)

In his excellent book La liberté ou la mort: mourir en député 1792 - 1795, Michel Biard establishes a list of the deputies of the National Convention that died unnatural deaths (e.g. assassination, suicide, execution); since he focuses on the conventionnels whose deaths were connected to their function as representatives of the people, Biard’s list is confined to the period between 1792 and 1799. In total, it comprises 96 names – over twelve percent (!) of the circa 750 deputies of the National Convention.

Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau, assassinated (21 January 1793).

Marat, assassinated (13 July 1793).

Baille, suicide (2 September 1793).

Sautarya, died in consequence of imprisonment (27 September 1793).

Gorsas, guillotined (7 October 1793).

Birotteau, guillotined (24 October 1793).

Valazé, suicide (30 October 1793).

Antiboul, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Boilleau, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Boyer-Fonfrède, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Brissot, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Carra, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Duchastel, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Ducos (Jean-François), guillotined (31 October 1793).

Duprat, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Fauchet, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Gardien, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Gensonné, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Lacaze, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Lasource, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Lauze de Perret, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Lehardi, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Lesterpt-Beauvais, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Mainvielle, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Sillery, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Vergniaud, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Viger, guillotined (31 October 1793).

Lidon, suicide (2 November 1793).

Coustard de Massy, guillotined (6 November 1793).

Philippe Égalité, guillotined (6 November 1793).

Gasparin, died en mission (11 November 1793).

Manuel, guillotined (14 November 1793).

Cussy, guillotined (15 November 1793).

Chambon, assassinated (20 November 1793).

Doublet, died in prison (24 November 1793).

Asselin, died in prison (5 December 1793).

Kersaint, guillotined (5 December 1793).

Rabaut Saint-Étienne, guillotined (5 December 1793).

Valady, guillotined (6 December 1793).

Noël, guillotined (8 December 1793).

Fabre, died in combat (20 December 1793).

Grangeneuve, guillotined (21 December 1793).

Dechézeaux, guillotined (17 January 1794).

Bernard, guillotined (22 January 1794).

Cloots, guillotined (24 March 1794).

Beauvais, died in consequence of imprisonment (28 March 1794).

Condorcet, suicide (29 March 1794).

Basire, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Chabot, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Danton, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Delacroix, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Delaunay, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Desmoulins, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Fabre d’Églantine, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Hérault de Séchelles, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Philippeaux, guillotined (5 April 1794).

Simond, guillotined (13 April 1794).

Rebecqui, suicide (1 May 1794).

Masuyer, guillotined (26 May 1794).

Guadet, guillotined (19 June 1794).

Salle, guillotined (19 June 1794).

Buzot, suicide (24 June 1794).

Pétion, suicide (24 June 1794).

Barbaroux, guillotined (25 June 1794).

Osselin, guillotined (26 June 1794).

Vidalin, died en mission (22 July 1794).

Le Bas, suicide (28 July 1794).

Couthon, guillotined (28 July 1794).

A. Robespierre, guillotined (28 July 1794).

M. Robespierre, guillotined (28 July 1794).

Saint-Just, guillotined (28 July 1794).

Perrin, died in prison (14 October 1794).

Carrier, guillotined (16 December 1794).

Féraud, assassinated (20 May 1795).

Brunel, suicide (27 May 1795).

Rühl, suicide (29 May 1795).

Maure, suicide (3 June 1795).

Duquesnoy, suicide (17 June 1795).

Goujon, suicide (17 June 1795).

Romme, suicide (17 June 1795).

Bourbotte, guillotined (17 June 1795).

du Roy, guillotined (17 June 1795).

Soubrany, guillotined (17 June 1795).

Briez, died en mission (23 June 1795).

Tellier, suicide (17 September 1795).

Lebon, guillotined (16 October 1795).

Collot d’Herbois, died en déportation (8 June 1796).

Cusset, shot (10 October 1796).

Huguet, shot (10 October 1796).

Javogues, shot (10 October 1796).

Charlier, suicide (23 February 1797).

Bourdon de l’Oise, died en déportation (22 June 1798).

Casabianca, died in combat (1 August 1798).

Rovère, died en déportation (11 September 1798).

Bonnier d’Alco, assassinated (19 April 1799).

Roberjot, assassinated (19 April 1799).

As Biard notes, one could add a few more names to the list. Three deputies died while being on leave after a mission (due to illness, in most cases), which is why they do not fall into the category “died en mission”: d’Anthoine (19 August 1793), Petitjean (8 March 1794) and Gillet (4 November 1795). Another representative, Aubry, was fructidorisé in 1797 and deported to Guiana, but he managed to escape to Dutch Guiana, where he died of an illness on 17 July 1798 – hence not en déportation, strictly speaking.

Ten incomplete thoughts on UFC 216

Due to work, I missed the main card except for the main event which I managed to get home in time for. Anyways here’s what I got based off of the prelims and the FX card.

1-  Demetrious Johnson is our ugly baby

This is a Jerry Jones-ism so forgive me but I think it fits if you think about it. Have you ever seen a couple that just had a baby—and the baby’s ugly? To everyone on the outside, the baby is absolutely hideous looking but to THEM, to those parents, it’s the most beautiful thing ever because its THEIR baby. Demetrious Johnson is our ugly baby. For some fight fans and casual consumers, Demetrious Johnson is a midget who has boring fights against limited competition with a weird personality. He lacks a demographic, a definable fanbase by which an organization can capitalize on his gifts. He’s destined to be the guy or the man who fight fans have no interest in. His mere PRESENCE on a card or an event signifies skippable to them. He is almost a fan repellant at this point. He is, in many ways, an ugly baby.

But he’s our ugly baby. He’s the best fighter in the world as of right now. Where as other see boring fights over limited competition; we see dominant performances vs good fighters who would be great in a world where he doesn’t exist. Whereas they see the hit but don’t get hit style as boring, we see endless activity through a variety of channels designed to minimize risk BUT still promote action. He finishes fights. He challenges himself to be better. His dominant reign has never featured two fights alike and while you can be bored with the dominance, it’s still dominance. It’s still one man dominating a host of opponents of various shapes, sizes and styles. All of which unique, all of which remind you that what you’re seeing is special and what everybody else sees is irrelevant. Who gives a shit if he’s an ugly baby, he’s YOUR baby.

Mighty Mouse, in a climate where fighting often and fighting consistently on TV isn’t really worth as much as it should, will never be respected for what he is. He’s our ugly baby; the thing only we can truly appreciate. You just gotta go with it.

2- The Uniqueness of Combat Sports; Good and Bad; was on display.

We begin with the good. The 1 v 1 nature of MMA (and boxing and etc) makes it so much more free flowing as to the how and why we get the matchups. There is no set schedule—so when Derrick Lewis hours before the show can’t go? You just get another guy on display! Out comes Walt Harris who had a fight scheduled previously who gets bumped up the card. That’s the fun thing about MMA; it’s never always laid out to perfection but 9/10, it ends up being just fine. Instead of not getting a Werdum fight, we get Werdum vs Walt Harris on like six hours notice. That’s really cool.

And the negative? Well in no other sport would an obvious matchup not happen on account of money. The brackets are what they are, the Yankees and Red Sox don’t immediately get to play one another in the ALCS. Who wins is who wins. Tony Ferguson vs Conor McGregor is the fight to make under all categories except for one—-which happens to be the biggest one. At the risk of upsetting the Nate Diaz fans, imagine if the Lakers last year took the place of the Spurs to ensure that the NBA would garner the biggest ratings for their playoffs. It’d be stupid—but MMA is a stupid sport sometimes. So we’ll sit and wait to determine whether the right title fight will take place or whether the most economical title fight will take place. Either one will do.

3- Mighty should SERIOUSLY think about retiring.

There’s a theory that flyweight would’ve had a better chance of surviving had it not been for Demetrious Johnson, the aforementioned ugly baby of MMA. Let’s test that. Mighty Mouse should seriously consider pulling a GSP. Just take off for a while, work on the Fox team/whatever network is next team and provide analysis from a distance. When the opportunity arises for him to come back aka when there’s a title fight that makes sense, he should return. Let’s see if HE is the problem of it the division itself is a problem.

4- Tony Ferguson is a once in a decade type fighter

No, I don’t mean that in the sense that he’s a prodigious athlete or some special draw. He’s not Conor or Ronda or whomever else has been tabbed with such a label.  I’m talking about a guy who is a fighting freak; one of those fucked up type of guys who has these fights that the average human being couldn’t fathom and even pro fighters would try to avoid. He began the third round shouting at Kevin Lee about how this was going to be his round and he legit just marched dude down, ate whatever fire was coming his way, got up from takedowns and then when shit got hairy on the ground, he went elbows into armbar into triangle. Tony Ferguson fights with this unrelenting confidence and this air of inevitability. “At some point, I’m going to get you. And when I do? You aren’t going to do shit about it.” Ferguson isn’t just a great fighter, he’s a savage sadistic will breaker. You don’t see guys like that come along, not in today’s MMA where fans think fighters play it safe more than ever before.

5- Greg Jackson had a bad night.

I didn’t see any of the main card fights beyond the main event but this goes to the Duquesnoy and the Ray Borg fight. In the former, it felt like any adjustments after the first round were nil for Duquesnoy. Unorthodox only works when fighters are afraid of it and you execute it with near perfection. The unorthodox offense and footwork of Duquesnoy was figured out pretty quickly by Stamman and the adjustments were….I unno. MAYBE Duquesnoy got some great advice and he just didn’t execute on it. His third round was abysmal from start to finish and outside of Stamman nearly giving him the fight by virtue of being an idiot, it was not the performance we expected from a top prospect. As for Ray Borg? WHEN has clinching with Mighty Mouse ever worked. I watched a bushel of Demetrious Johnson fights in a row and pointed out that the clinch is where he excels—so Borg clinched and wrestled. Even if Ray Borg isn’t a good striker, you have a better chance of starting something on the feet. Furthermore, you HAVE to tell your fighter to never go for the neck on Mighty Mouse. Everytime he takes guys down, they chase that desperation guillo because he feeds it to them. Every single write up I read involved some form of “Borg chases a guillotine” but that never works. NEVER. The gameplan didn’t seem to give Borg a single shot.  Also felt like Lando Vannata engaged far too much vs Bobby Green BUT I’m not gonna hold dude responsible for that.

6- I think Kevin Lee is making a right choice jumping up to 170 lbs

I made the comparison of Gray Maynard for Kevin Lee at 155 lbs. I think that’s still apt—but I think Lee going UP in weight is the right idea. Kevin Lee said he weighed 185 lbs or more vs Tony Ferguson and so that gives you an accurate window of what MOST 155 lbers are weighing after rehydration and etc etc etc.  Lee will not be at that big of a size and strength disadvantage vs guys at 170 lbs. Look at how MOST 155ers who have moved up have been able to hold their own vs genuine welterweights. The difference is not that massive and so I figure Lee with better cardio will pop into that top 10 discussion.

7- I need a good reason why there’s no 165 and 175 lb divisions

Just curious what the excuses are. I understand it might not curtail weight cuts but it can’t hurt for sure. Unless you’re going to tell me 185 lbers are going to try to kill themselves to make 175 lbs but if thats a concern, just establish a weight percentage rule. Weigh more than 15% of your intended weight class? Move up or move out! If you’re concerned about MMA watering itself down then I mean are you not realizing the quality of talent between 155 lbs and 185 lbs? That’s a stupid excuse. The quality of fights will improve because people aren’t dying to make weight that intensely. You’re at least TRYING something. Two more titles? 99% of you people don’t even care who the champ is anyways if he’s not a star so how does it impact your ability to enjoy MMA?

8- Brad Tavares is quietly becoming really good.

I’ve been harsh on Tavares because I feel like he’s better than what he’s put out recently. Over the past two fights though, he’s shown some serious improvements. He’s more aggressive while still being his usual composed and patient self. He’s got a great jab, he can wrestle with just about anybody. In many ways it felt like he always knew his chin was a little questionable and so he fought to protect that. Recently though it feels like he’s more aggressive than usual and that’s a good thing. I just think he needs to get that finish which has eluded him so far in the UFC.

9- Magomed Bibulatov losing is a bummer.

Yes yes yes yes. I know. Try to hear me out here for a second will ya? The one thing we keep hearing about guys at 125 lbs is that they’re all basically the same guy. The idea that they’re all just fighters fighting the most boring guy in the world. Bibulatov had a teensy bit of buzz on him and John Moraga, a dude who at this point is your gatekeeper to the stars, smelted him. Woooof.

10- The Anik, Rogan and Cormier team seemed to have an idea of how to work together.

Don’t know if it was the week or whatever the case may be BUT thesse guys were all on their game. Cormier seemed to fit in better and have a better understanding of what he should or should not be calling and their jokes actually seemed to work for once. Most of all, all three guys seemed to be in the zone with very little moments of  "Wow that was stupid!“ Good night fo rthis new commentary squad.