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We stood in silence for Briere; a split second decision and a tragic loss. #21.

We stood in resistance against bankruptcy; we almost lost it all.

We stood strong for Lemieux; we were the backbone.

We battled for Lemieux; cancer came knocking.

We cheered for Lemieux; fight won and captain returned.

We cried for Lemieux; a retirement no one saw coming.

We cheered for Lemieux when he returned; our leader back on ice.

We held our breath for Crosby; the next one.

We sheltered Evgeni Malkin; a piece of the core yet to be built.

We stood behind Fleury; and stood when he could not.

We hoisted The Cup with Crosby; our core now built and decided.

We stood behind Crosby; concussions, injuries, and lockouts.

We stood behind Crosby; the golden goal.

We lost our voices for Evgeni; who kept our team strong.

We stood behind Olli; offering a shoulder to lean on.

We cried for Super Duper, a powerful presence and piece of our family; ‘Pascal Dupuis would never again play hockey.’

We offered a family and love for Phil; 'Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion.

We made a comeback with Sullivan; and hoisted the cup again.

We stood behind Flower, protective and faithful.

We stand behind the team, the players, and other fans. We share the losses, heartbreak, injuries, and disappointments.
But more importantly, we share the wins, the happiness, players returns, and triumphs.

We are the fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins and we are proud.

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I like to think that Erza Miller (playing Leon Depuis) is a good cast for louis or nicholas (probably nicholas since erza is good at the "losing my mind" look)

Ezra has this sweet mischevious/devilish quality that’s more Nicolas than Louis to me, but @thelionscrimsonclaws liked Ezra as Louis on this post.

I haven’t seen this movie but I should. Ezra looks great in period costume. I saw him in We Need to Talk About Kevin, he was gr9! I’d screentest him for Nicki.

^Lookit this sassy trying-not-to-smile smile ;D

^This little flash of smile…

^Idk what to call this except I really like it…

^”TF U SAY ABOUT LESTAT” He bout to smack a bitch.


“It’s been hard,” Dupuis said. “The knee, the puck in the neck, this is all stuff you come back from. You’re a hockey player. You’re supposed to come back from that stuff. It’s the risk you take as a hockey player to be on the ice. The other stuff, the clot, the lungs – that has nothing to do with hockey.”