Hiddlesweek Day 2: Favourite Short Video: Fall In Love With Tom Hiddleston in 20 Seconds Or Less

even though two seconds would have been enough…


TATIANA MASLANY Interview | Canada’s Top Ten


Picture Day, Grown Up Movie Star, these are all characters that don’t fit into society necessarily, and I’m fascinated with those people. I feel very much part of that. I’m interested in these sort of constructs that exist, and what people who don’t belong in those constructs, what their construct is, you know? I’m not interested in the popular kids, like, I don’t care. All my friends are outsiders in their own way, so those are the people I’m attracted to.

1342 pixels - 2013 09 06 - Toronto - TIFF - ’ The Fifth Estate ’ Portraits - Guess Portrait Studio - by Jeff Vespa, taken from ESQUIRE Korea mag May 2014

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