You see me

Making moves and now …
U wana text me

living my life and now …
You wondering “wyd”

With another girl and now …
U wana fuck on me

Loving myself and now …
U wana learn

Unbothered and now …
U tryna bother me

I dont get it .. u can show ppl exactly who you are they will like every bit of you, but scared to handle you and then go out looking for you in everyone else …. then they can’t find duplicates so they return with that “hey big head” scenario…. tryna hold on to conversation or what lil bit you do give ..
This shit is for the birds

So I changed my template again, and actually really like it this time :) (I hope it doesn’t glitch hehe)

A question to you:

Can you tell me if my blog looks fine on your monitor? For all I know, my browser displays websites 1350 by 635 pixels, which looks accpetable:

(The worst thing I think can happen is the background image being duplicated/repeated on larger monitors)

Thank you!! :) Have a great day!

anonymous asked:

Hi spwl,I need your help I downloaded your A Few spwl Child to Toddler Conversions(the one that has afromama in it) but when i went to cas,all the hair made my toddler sims either bald or appear blue or red.What do I need to do to fix this and also if I need the hair meshes where can i find them?

Heyyyy :D, I addressed this here. All the required meshes were, of course, linked in the download post. The hair will be updated sometime this week to not require the mesh since S4S was updated.

anonymous asked:

Are you announcing the winners the day vampires comes out?

Hi yes I am. The giveaway will be officially over when the game pack comes out and I won’t count any reblogs after that. It will probably take me maybe 30ish minutes to enter the reblog data into a spreadsheet, filter out any duplicates past 2, and then generate the 3 random numbers so they won’t be announced ~exactly~ when the pack is released but yes the same day. :)

anonymous asked:

Okay, but how do you usually apply the blur tool for your art????? It looks super duper nice and soft and!!!! AAAAAA pls teach your secrets ;w;

it’s super easy!!

here is a little twitter doodle, with all my lines and colours in one folder to make things easier.

flatten the colours and lines so they’re all together on one layer. this is the time to do tonal correction/adjustments if you’re that kind of person. then duplicate the layer.

apply a gaussian blur to the top layer. the degree of blurring should be higher if you want a more intense soft glowy effect, and lower if you want it to look crisper.

lower the opacity of the blurred layer until you like the way it looks and that’s all! easy peasy!

anonymous asked:


i just saw! i was going to adjust my guess from “across the stars” to “across the galaxy” to avoid duplicating the word “star(s)” and because the word “galaxy” hasn’t been used in a title yet, but it was always unlikely.

i’m fine with this, it was one of my guesses for episode 9 actually. and i’m happy because it’s more evidence for my korra conspiracy theory considering “the last airbender” and “the last avatar” 👀👀👀👀

i really don’t know what it’s referencing though, i guess luke. it doesn’t fit with the theme of the jedi rising again but whatever it’s just a generic dark title lol, but i am annoyed they’re reusing a word. menace clones sith hope empire jedi force … jedi. could have been galaxy

Some time-lapsed inking…

Had to get this creepy image on paper! 😁 The supercomputer #HARDAC is reactivated into the android #Batman Duplicate. #HisSiliconSoul was one of my favorite episodes, dark and disturbing, a robot who truly believes it is human and showcases Batman’s cunning against the exact copy of himself! How awesome was that! 🤖🤖🤖



I’d like to hire a couple of admins to focus on different things (ie: sns, concert/fantaken, endorsements, programs, news updates). It’s hard enough as it is to handle sns updates but all of the other things is quite a work load so it would be best to divide the duties among different admins.

If you are interested in applying to join FYSR’s team, please submit the following application and we’ll let you know if you fit with what we’re ideally looking for. I’d like to make sure this site remains active.


Blog URL you will be using:

Do you check twitter/tumblr/instagram at least once a day?:

Can you post updates at least once a day?:

Will you check previous updates on FYSR prior to posting new updates? (This is to be sure no duplicate posts are made):

We have a variety of tags that need to be applied to new posts. Will you be able to adhere to the current tags and apply them all to the post? (ie: A photo of Seungri and GD uploaded on instagram by Seungri that is a brand new, unprofessional photo would be tagged as “seungri, g dragon, gri, 170122s, sns: insta, p: selca, with: g dragon, pair: gri” where as a post uploaded by TOP on instagram of a fantaken photo of Seungri would be tagged as “seungri, t.o.p, topri, 170122s, sns: instagram, pair: topri”):

We’re looking for 1 separate admin (at least) for each division; social media, endorsements, programs/dramas/film, concert/fantaken, music promotions, new updates. Which of these divisions will you be able to handle? You would have to check daily for new updates. (We have a list of sources we’d be sharing with you to do so): 

What is your email associated with the blog you will be using? We need it to add you when accepted. (Don’t worry, I’ll be the only one looking over the applications):

For future reference, what is your expertise with themes and html?:

Thank you! Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us right away after applying. It may take me a bit of time to review them but I’ll try to get through them as quickly as possible.

- Adri


Introducing the Strange Biology Redbubble store!

Now you can show off how much you love skeletons, or antelopes, or two-headed animals, or actually this blog with official merch!
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Interceptions: FAQ

“What is an interception?”
It’s called an interception when an entire sign is contained in a house, falling between two cusps rather than on either of them. This is what it looks like.

When one sign is intercepted, its sister sign will be as well; in this chart, the sign of Cancer is intercepted in the seventh house (between the 7th & 8th house cusps) so Capricorn is also intercepted, in the first house (between the 1st & 2nd house cusps). The cusps end up landing on the signs on either side.

Planets can be intercepted as well; an intercepted planet is simply a planet posited in an intercepted sign.

“What is a duplication?”
Duplications are caused by interceptions. A sign is duplicated when two house cusps fall within it. This is what a duplicated sign looks like (from the same chart as the screenshot above).

Again, when a sign is duplicated, so will its sister sign be. In this chart, Gemini is duplicated on the 6th & 7th house cusps, and Sagittarius is duplicated on the 12th & 1st house cusps. This is because the houses & signs form axes.

Interceptions & duplications cannot happen in equal house systems.

“What do interceptions & duplications mean?”
They indicate an immense imbalance of energy. The intercepted signs are buried, repressed, overshadowed, and basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. On the other hand, duplicated signs work on overdrive & typically have “too much” influence. Both of these things are very unhealthy.

“What do intercepted planets mean?”
Intercepted planets are hindered, internalized, weakened, and (again, like intercepted signs) basically not allowed or able to operate normally in the chart. They have to be reached & brought out, like retrograde / 12th house planets in a way. They’re trapped because their mode of expression is stifled.

“How do I regain balance & heal my intercepted signs / planets?”
This is a very personal process that no stranger can help you through without analyzing your natal chart as a whole. Remember to use common sense; look at what the sign/planet in question is associated with, locate the core of the problem, and make the healthy decisions you feel will solve it.

“Once the imbalance & issues of interceptions / duplications are resolved, where would the intercepted signs manifest, since they have no influence over the areas of life represented by the houses?”
They would manifest through the placement of their ruling planet, and possibly as a shadow of the house they’re intercepted in (behind the influence of the sign on the cusp). When the function of the sign is healed, its energy will come through no matter what, so you just have to look for it.

“What if the ruling planet of the intercepted sign is very strong?”
It may be relatively easier for you to bring it out, because you have an equivalent energy to channel it through. Or the interception may not be much of a problem at all – the ruling planets function similarly to their signs, so it may work itself out naturally. It depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the ruling planet of a duplicated sign is intercepted or weak?”
If it is weak, there will be less of a problem, because the sign will not be as consuming & will have limitations. If it is intercepted, it will be even more of a confusing experience, because the excessive expression of the sign will not have a clear course & the native may end up subconsciously trying to repress it entirely or inflate it further. It also depends on the rest of the chart.

“What if the house associated with the intercepted sign is strong?”
It may increase the influence of the archetype, or have no effect. (Note: it will not increase the sign’s energy, only the power/prominence of its archetype.)

“What if the house associated with the duplicated sign is weak?”
It will likely not have a notable effect.

anonymous asked:

If you watch the video, Freddie reaches towards the candle, Louis pulls him back so he doesn't get burned. Briana does not flinch. She doesn't move the cake away, in fact she moves to flip her hair instead. That girl is not a mother. [sorry if this is a duplicate ask - my mobile died as I was sending it before]

Couldn’t agree me, she doesn’t have a maternal instinct in her body. Austin rushing into the frame shows more maternal instincts than she does.

It’s okay to feel intimidated by duplicates of your same muse but it is not okay to act out on that feeling and make the other muns feel unwelcome or send any other muns hate just because they play the same character that you play  (◡‿◡✿)

I didn’t reach any milestone, but I felt like doing one anyway 👋


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Happy New Year

Happy new year, my friends!  Enjoy some New Year’s angst!  This just sorta came to me, and I had to write it down. 

Dedicated to:

@ktrosesworld, @nannyogg123, @thedeliriumtennants, @goingtothetardis, and @pillie-biper10, who all sent me personal happy new year wishes, and to @miss-duria-blue and @wordsintimeandspace, who sent me comfort and well wishes last night because I’d had a shit day.  You guys are all so full of awesome and loveliness and joy and humor and the best things in humanity.  Thank you for bringing a bit more color to my life.  You’re collectively one of the better things that happened to me last year.

Characters:  Tentoo/Ten x Rose

Rated:  All Ages

Themes:  Angst, introspection, memories, love, comfort, New Year.

Word Count:  1300

Rose Tyler’s eyes snapped open as she awoke with a jolt, her whole body tense with the agitation left behind by what must have been a bad dream.  The memory of it had already dissolved as she shook the final cobwebs of sleep from her mind and entered fully into wakefulness.  Her heart was pounding, and she realized she was hyperventilating.  Swallowing dryly as she reached up to wipe a glaze of sweat from her forehead, she methodically slowed her breathing and waited for her heart rate to follow.

The room was still shrouded in darkness, all vague shadows and lumpy silhouettes, splashed with pale blue where moonlight was creeping through the cleft in the window drapes.  She looked beside her at the sleeping form of the Doctor, lying half on his stomach, legs and arms sprawled at juxtaposed angles.  She couldn’t see his face.  It was turned away from her, smashed into the pillow.  Miraculously, he wasn’t snoring.  He almost always snored.  It was a nice snore, more like a soft purr, which she found comforting.  It seemed fitting that he wouldn’t be snoring now, when she was feeling restless and upset, though she couldn’t quite grasp why.

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