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Happy New Year!

Above is an end of the year review of what happened in the Gorillaz fandom in  2016 plus some individual character stats and picture tallies. If 2015 was the year of hype, 2016 was the year where the hype died, came back to life, took a few wrong turns and then finally hit its stride by the end of the year. Whether we had official news or not, the fandom STILL made things happen. With 2016 over, it’s looking like we’re finally getting to the album release. Thanks for keeping things interesting during what could have been another year of waiting ❤️.

One note about the picture counts: I didn’t count the times there were duplicates of the same picture, but like, with a different filter or something (example: that  triple Noodle post in different color gradients that counted as one.)

Other stories and events (some of which are ongoing): Guessing the meaning of instagram activity i.e. who is Mavis?, trying to figure out the release date before an actual release date (looking to the number 23 for answers), debate over Noodle (in general), and finally, memes. Feel free to add on anything I may have missed!

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Your rising sign is ALWAYS your 1th house??

Yes, but I can understand why you are asking this. For example: I am a Leo Rising, but I have Virgo Moon in the First House. So.. would that make me a Virgo Rising? The answer is no and here is why that is:

Fig. 1

You see the bold black line? The bold black line is pointing to my ascendant sign and your ascendant sign is  ALWAYS the sign on your first cusp (meaning first house) because it starts your first house. In my case the bold black is pointing to the sign Leo meaning the sign Leo starts my first house.

Fig. 2:

The two lines I have highlighted is my full first house. “Full First House” meaning the first line (the upper line) starting in the sign Leo and the second line (the lower line) ending in the sign Virgo. The number “1″ inbetween the the two highlighted lines indicates that this is my first house. As you can see the sign Virgo occupies my first house more than my ascendant sign Leo. The reason for this is my ascendant sign Leo is at 28° degrees. When your ascendant sign is in a later degree, then it is likely that the sign on your second house cusp will occupy the majority of your first house, but that does not mean the sign on your second house cusp is the sign on your on first house cusp. In the example above: I have Moon in the First House in the sign Virgo, but that does not mean I am a Virgo Ascendant. It simply means my Moon in the First House in the sign Virgo affects my Ascendant in the sign Leo.

Fig. 3:

If you go to astro.com and go to “Free Horoscopes” (a drop down menu will appear) Select “Personal Portraits” under “Short Portraits”. If you keep scrolling down, you will see a table of your House positions using the Placidus house system. In the example above, the order of my house positions is listed. “Ascendant” meaning 1st House, “Imum Coeli” meaning 4th House, “Descendant” meaning 7th House and “Medium Coeli” meaning 10th House. This House position (Placidus) confirms that I have Leo in the First House and not Virgo. The only thing can disrupt the order of the houses is an interception and a duplication. 

Fig. 4

The picture shown above is an example of an interception. An Interception is when a sign is completely engulfed in a house. In this example, you can see the sign Aries is intercepted in the Second House as well as planets in the sign Aries in the Second House. Since the houses are a reflection of each other, the sign Libra is interception in the eighth house as well since Aries and Libra are opposing signs.

Fig. 5

The picture shown above is an example of a duplication. A Duplication is when different houses both begin in the same sign. In this example, the Third and Fourth House both begin in the sign Taurus. Since the houses are a reflection of each other, both the Ninth and Tenth House both begin in the sign Scorpio as well since Taurus and Scorpio are opposing signs.

Fig. 6

In the example above, The House Position table noticeably has Aries and Libra missing or intercepted and Taurus and Scorpio repeated or duplicated. This House table solidifies what was just discussed prior. If you have an interception then you are going to have a duplication because all the houses must be in a sign.

Overall: The Rising or Ascendant sign is always your first house, but there are several factors can make it appear that is not the case when really it always is.

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Tips for making something glow in Medibang Also, I am confused about what the blending modes mean?

Ani made her own tutorial here for the blending modes➡ http://everythingfirealpaca.tumblr.com/post/121757012372/i-havent-seen-this-talked-about-anywhere-so-i

To make a picture seem to glow:

  • You can make a Water Brush (See Here)
  • Another option to blending is clicking Add Brush>Type>Blur (or Smudge–whichever you want!)
    • these brushes are on the same layer the picture is on where you want to make the picture appear to be glowing
    • MediBang also offers a Finger brush
  • Using an Airbrush on another layer beneath the picture itself works too!
  • have whatever brush you have, and make it almost transparent (about 4%, depending how dark the brush is) and outline the picture
  • If you Duplicate the layer the picture is on, moving the copy underneath the original, you can then go Filter>Gaussian Blur…
    • select the picture then going to Select>Draw Selection Border…is another option
      • However, make sure to have the color you want the glow to be before bordering it
  • Two brushes you can use are:
    • Glow Brush:
    • Laser:

The rest is one your own to do✨!


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do you know how to do that glitch effect? *struggles*

[ I most definitely doooo. I’ll show you how using the gif I use as the header(?) image of my blog! uvu

1. Draw your picture

2. DUPLICATE YOUR PICTURE AND THEN using a smudge tool, smudge random parts of your picture. This can be literally anywhere.

3. GO BACK TO THE FIRST LAYER AND DUPLICATE IT. Then, select the ‘Clipping’ box (or whatever it is that allows you to ONLY colour in what you have drawn and prevent you from drawing outside your image) and fill in your image with Yellow, for example..

Then, change the mode to ‘Add’ or ‘Multiply’, whichever you prefer and turn down the opacity a little. Next, using the lasso tool, carve out random sections of your image and scatter them all around the place (as shown on the picture above.) Move this image a little to the right.

4. DUPLICATE THIS LAYER and using the smudge tool, smudge random parts of your character once again.

5. DUPLICATE YOUR VERY FIRST LAYER ONCE AGAIN AND REPEAT THE PROCESS ON NO.3, except now change the colour and carve out different selections with the lasso tool. Move this image a little to the left.

6. Repeat the process on No.4.

And now you’re done!!! The finish glitch gif is shown below!

I hoped this helped!! And wasn’t confusing aa ;~;. ]

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so i saw your repetitive fade effect for gifs and was wondering if there was a similar method with using a regular image and not a gif. if not thanks for your time!! :)

Yes of course! You don’t need Animstack to do it for a single image.

1. Just duplicate your picture layer and move the top one to the right or left (the same like in the tutorial).

2. Then, right click on the top layer and choose “Add layer mask” and hit “Add”.

3. Next, use a black colored soft brush and paint over the parts you want to erase. You will see the effect happening as you do this since the bottom layer will show up.

Repeat the steps again to have a repetitive effect with another duplicated layer.

4. Flatten the image by right clicking on a layer and choose “Flatten Image” before saving your image. :)


It was so difficult to contain this all in one post. Basically wanted to show off the Digimon merchandise I have! I collect things from every season. Kind of got a head start because a lot of my figures are from childhood. 

( I don’t do trades, but if you have things for sale I will buy even duplicate items. )

First picture: Posters, an autograph from Robert Axelrod(Voice of Armadillomon and Wizardmon), a drawing of Ken from my little brother. Not pictured is my autograph from Derek Stephen Prince(Ken, Veemon, etc.) because the signature is on a plush from a different fandom.

Second: All my current cosplays. Kari Kamiya from season 1, 2, and Tri. Ken Ichijouji school uniform, Digimon Emperor, Davis Motomiya, Rika, Mimi Tachikawa(Tri), Arukenimon, Gomamon kigu. 

I also have the Tri Digimon Kaiser in progress!

Not received in the mail yet: Kuramon and Salamon plushies. DemiVeemon as well, but I don’t have pictures.

Games: Digimon World DS, Digimon World Dusk(Not pictured), Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Digimon Rumble Arena 2(Not pictured), Digimon World Data Squad, Digimon All Star Rumble. I also play Digimon Masters Online.

Movies/Shows: Digimon The Movie(VHS and DVD) Seasons 1-3 in full, a VHS with some season 1 episodes. 

Digivices: Ken’s D-3 and Davis’ D-3 are licensed and fully functioning. Kari and Joe’s are replicas. I also have a functioning D-terminal.

Figures: MAIN ones are Ken Ichijouji. Joe Kido, Imperaldramon, Chaosdukemon, Imperialdramon Paladin mode.I have a ton of tiny ones, like Henry, Sakuyamon, Diaboromon, Keramon, Arukenimon, Etc.Too many to count up.

Plush: Palmon(x2), Gomamon(x3), Wormmon, Leafmon, Black Agumon(Limited Edition, Agumon(x2), Tsunomon, Gatomon, Cutemon, Kudamon, Greymon, Bukamon, Patamon(x2), Terriermon, Lopmon, Veemon

Everything else
: Over 200 cards from seasons 1-2 + the movies. Many keychains, pins, Lopmon hat, the comic, Joe Kido’s bag which is kinda hidden behind, Digimon Kaiser CD, Lunchbox, Agumon cup etc. Not shown is commission works and stuff I got online!! May be missing one or two items I forgot to list.

This is pretty much everything. I’ll take clearer pictures later. More will be added to my collection soon! I won the Digimon Crunchyroll fan contest so I should be getting some stuff from them as well.

So your mod finally did it.

I BOUGHT SOME UGLY MERCH. Specifically, that magical classic… Unpainted Crotch Goku!

I decided a proper product review and unboxing post was in order, so let’s go!

Box: pretty cool actually! We’ve got pictures of people beating each other up, a handy guide to identifying the Ginyu Force members for some reason, a diagram of Goku power walking, and the same picture of Piccolo three times. No really, look:

…it’s the same Piccolo on the top, front, and bottom of the box. Okay then. Too many of the same Piccolo is better than no Piccolo at all, so we’ll move on and actually liberate Buns Crotchku from his box.

For someone who looks like he’s got his bits danglin’ in the wind, he seems pretty stoic about it! His crotch isn’t the only paint error, check out his unpainted joints, wrist thingies, and lack of boot details. I guess they put all the budget into duplicating that one picture of Piccolo and none of it into the paint job.

Of course, the big question is: can he pose?

I’m pleased to report that yes, yes he can. What use is an action figure if you can’t put him in a ‘peeing dog’ position, for example? Well, our pal Grossku definitely delivers there! However, his leg posability is limited by the knee fabric plastic molding, and his joints feel pretty loose.

Final opinion? The best money I ever spent.

He’s our new blog mascot! Get ready for occasional posts of his lame adventures!

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Hiiii! Nice to meet you, I go by King. I REALLY LIKE the last two pictures of Yuugo that you made! Especially the colouring, it's so soft and lovely. I like how much life it gives the pictures for how simple it is. Would you mind giving me some tips on how you do it? I'm not expecting you to make a whole tutorial! I know those are very time-consuming. If you have any tips or know of other tutorials to get the same effect, I would love to learn it. I wish you all the best! Have fun drawing!

Hello, it’s nice to meet you, too! Thank you very much, I’m very glad you like them :D

This is going to be a mini tutorial haha Anyway the process is really easy, actually! Everything is done in SAI. For editing the picture I use Photoshop.

1. The lineart.

Starting in SAI. I use the brush tool for lineart. The lines are black at first, but later on I color them. In here I used browns and blues.

2. Base colors

Every color is on a separate layer and I’m also adding a lighter shade on top of it with the water tool to make a gradient effect.


For shading I use violet, purple or blue and set it on multiply. I use the brush tool for this step. Though I didn’t like how the shading on the nose so I used the water tool for shading it instead.

4. Light

Now I grabbed blue and violet again and used the water tool again on the blue part of hair. The blue is left on a normal later. The violet parts are set on overlay. To make the yellows of his hair lighter I took light yellow and again used the water tool. The same with the eyes. I made them lighter with yellows on overlay. I also lower the opacity when it looks too light.


More shades and light. Everything done the same as earlier.

6. More light!

I made a new layer, set it on screen mode and then I painted the light with the brush tool. Also I used a new layer set to multiply to paint the shade in the eyes. The shade isn’t completely grey, just like the light parts shouldn’t be completely white (I usually use light yellow to do that).


Painting the card


Multiply on the card and it’s almost done!

9. Finishing touches

Next I save the file as .psd and open it in Photoshop. I duplicate the picture, set the copy to color burn and change opacity. Also I add white light with airbrush and edit a few things here and there.

And done!

Hope it helps :)

different types of screencaps tutorial

quick tips:

i used ps5, i always make sure the size of my screencaps are 250px x 140px, you can either resize your caps to that size or do the drag & drop tutorial onto a blank canvas with those measurements. anyway i hope you enjoy this tutorial.

 now i will show you different methods of creating different types of screencaps:

pastel screencaps.

okay, i’m going to teach you to go from


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Hi! So I've noticed that a lot of fansites whitewash their edits before they post them. Do you know of a way to un-whitewash them? :o

hello, anonymous! ahh yes, I do know of a way to unwash an edit (or at least try to restore it back to the best way possible). but keep in mind that sometimes it can be difficult, depending on how much it was edited.. if the face is completely white then it can look really strange if you try to unwash it again. but give it a go! good luck ~

I just tired to unwash a picture, this is how it turned out: 

if you want to see how I did it then click on the ‘keep reading’ sign below.

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Family at the Beach (Olivier Giroud Imagine)

Funnily enough, I’ve been wanting to write an Oli eversince I saw the pics of him in the beach with Jade (these pics). So…thanks @footballerindreams​ For the push to write this :)

Disclaimer: Story below is fictional; i have no connection to the athlete mentioned in the story.

Family at the Beach (Olivier Giroud Imagine)

I lowered my book a little and checked out what the loves of my lives were doing. My husband and our daughter were frolicking in the water. I swear I could hear her giggles as her father splashed water on her, despite that we were in a crowded beach surrounded by many other families.

I loved summer, I got to have my family together for 24/7, something difficult with my husband’s working schedule. We got to go to the beach, my husband was half-naked for most of the day.

“Is that the French Football player?” I heard a passer-by ask her friend.

I turned my head to see two pretty girls probably in their early twenties checking someone out. I smiled and pretended to read my book as I eavesdropped.

“Yeah! Olivier Giroud. Holy jesus! That body!” Her friend observed and I nodded. My husband, Olivier Giroud, was wearing short black trunks and his abs and chest above that exposed for the world - what glory.

“And he’s playing with his daughter. How cute. Get me a man who can do both.” Said the first girl.

I couldn’t agree more - A father with his daughter, a daddy to me.

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