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Hi! First of all, I love your edits, they are all gorgeous and I hope you know that ♥ And secondly, would you mind making a mini tutorial on how to make the drawing effect gif as you did here post/158606758288/hogwarts-houses-ϟ-slytherin-or-perhaps-in? I would really appreciate that

aah thank you!! this is so kind of you to say :”) and sure thing, hun! I’ll be explaining how to make something like this from this photoset:

what you’ll need: 

— photoshop 
— patience 

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Tokyo Ghoul x Persona 4 Crossover

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Do you use what effect to make the lines in this color? I love the colors you choose

awh thank you!!! I duplicate the line art layer, colour the lines a dark red-ish brown and lower the opacity to about 30% then on the other layer (above the red line art) I put the layer on overlay and thats it :P I hope this helps <3

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What affect is that on the drawing when you're finished? Like, it's an affect in the drawing of your Tumblr Banner; idk how to describe it but Scribs has it on their art, I may have to send you a post 😅

i just duplicate the line art then blur it. Then make a new layer and i use the filter Perlin noise and just play around with that until i get the kinda fuzzy static i want. I use clip studio so idk how that would translate to whatever program you use?U can google tv static,copy it, and then put it on overlay that should work for most programs :s

Infographic Tutorial (Photoshop & Illustrator) + ribbon texture PSD download

Here’s a tutorial on how I made this infographic, as requested by Anon! 

I’m no expert on either program or infographic-making, this is just how I went about the process. It involved tons of experimentation and it’s hard to explain clearly so I’ve divided it into a few parts:

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Eh, this is probably a weird question, but bear with me here. So I really love your art, like tons and tons, and so of course I've been looking at it a lot. And I noticed you sometimes do a neat lil' 3D looking effect on your lineart, which is really cool looking. How do you do it? Is there like some trick or something? I'm so curious! Sorry for asking about this but I just really want to know, lol.

It’s not a weird question at all! Hopefully you don’t mind me publishing this so I can share it with other peeps!


A bit back I mentioned I use two main programs for makin’ my art.
Those are SAI painter and another more obscure program, Photoscape!
Photoscape is what I usually use to apply the effect!

Open up photoscape and go to the “editor” tab

Once in that tab open up an image of your choosing and choose the menu “Filters”

and select “Cellophane”!

and that applies the “3D” effect! Which you can toggle from light…

To heav–AAAAH

however! You can also simulate this effect in any other program simply by making some duplicate layers! but the end result is a little different

On the left is me duplicating my lines and changing their colour and on the right is what I get from using Photoscape!

Hope that helps!

Trials of the Ocean Lord: an Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke ruleset

Disciple of the ocean: You may only ever catch and use Water-type Pokemon. You may only pick Mudkip as your starter.

Use what you’re given: You may only catch the first wild Water-type Pokemon you encounter in each new area. However, if you already own a Pokemon of the same evolutionary line as said first wild Water-type, you may choose to keep looking for the next wild Water-type.

There can be only one: If you choose to catch a duplicate evolutionary line, you must release the one you already own immediately after capture (You may not choose which one to keep)

Luck’s blessing: Shiny Pokemon may always be caught, but unless they are Water-type, they may not be used. In order to use a Water-type shiny of a duplicate evolutionary line, the one you already own must be released as if the shiny were a regular encounter.

I suppose: An additional Pokemon may be caught strictly for HM usage if absolutely necessary.

You have failed them: If a Pokemon faints, you must release it.

Fair and square: You may not use Pokemon in battle whose level exceeds that of the strongest Pokemon of the next gym leader. After all gyms are beaten, Steven counts as the next gym leader.

Honor-bound battle: The battle style must be Set.

By your own strength: You may not use any healing items in battles.

Ocean Lord’s honor: As Kyogre is the first wild Water-type Pokemon in Origin Cave, you may catch it. However, you may not use the Master Ball to do so.

The price of power: At the beginning of the challenge, you are given 50 Sapphire Tokens. You must pay a Sapphire Token to do one of the following:

  • Use the Pokemon Center or any other full party heal (excluding those that are part of a scripted cutscene)
  • Depositing a Pokemon that is not fully healed into the PC
  • Having a Pokemon undergo Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion
  • Sending out Kyogre into battle (this may stack with the previous point if Kyogre is holding the Blue Orb)

The challenge is won when Steven is beaten. The challenge is lost when you would have to release your last Pokemon.

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do you mind sharing your brush settings? your lines are always so smooth and soft!!

Not at all, nonnie! 

I pretty much just use the default brushes in Clip Studio Paint Pro, making small adjustments to the few I use the most.

For most of my stuff I use this ink brush:

This brush for sketches and hair and some colouring:

I’ve been using this one for colouring lately and I love it:

And this is the ink brush I use for my webcomic lines. I duplicated the default rough ink brush and tweaked the angle and put full anti-aliasing.

The rest of the time I just use default brushes! Hope this was useful :)

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how do you make your logo/banners/headers/etc?

hey anon! instead of studying for the SAT, which is tomorrow, which is what I should be doing, here I am, ready to answer your ask!okay, so 

  • I make my graphics via Photoshop CS3 (an older version of photoshop tbh)!
  • if you do not have photoshop, i have a masterpost of photoshop alternatives right here!
  • if you want to know how to make similar graphics like mine, i have a tutorial on how to do that right here!
  • a quick rundown of how i make my stuff is literally
    • choosing a font (either handwriting/scripty font or a blocky, square but organized font)
    • and choosing the right colors
    • and putting them on a white background
  • if anyone else is interested i can make another tutorial on how to make a more “complicated” or a graphic with more steps than just text and a background! (anon, if you want this, pop me an ask and i’ll gladly give you a tuto)
  • but otherwise, as long as you follow what my tutorial (linked above) says, you can make graphics like mine!
  • also, i made a quick header as an example. 
    • it’s a red/pink background with text and two white lines. 
    • i duplicated the text and put them behind each other (stacking them)
    • and changed the colors from dark to light. 
    • and then i added two white lines just for the hell of it
    • and that’s it!
  • idk if this helped, anon, but i hope it did?

i’ll probably make another tutorial about making graphics but it’d be nice if you guys told me if you want me to make one (means i’ll throw it out faster haha)

hope this helped, love! xoxo


companion swears: supplemental

you’ve probably seen the work done by @nervation​​ recently on companion swears -  here’s a link to the masterpost of that work, which includes all the audio (Cait’s is hilarious, I just cried laughing listening to it).

this is a little bit of analysis I’ve done to build on that, because I cannot resist a spreadsheet, even at the weekend. I wanted to benchmark the swears to account for number of lines, and do a couple of tests to see how the swears compared by faction and so on.


  • my methodology is more programmatic and hence much of this has not been human-verified. speed over quality, soz.
  • there is some duplication - any lines that are repeated to reference player character’s possible gender will be counted twice.
  • however, it’s line- rather than word-based and doesn’t take into account multi-swears. these things probably don’t balance out but let’s pretend they do and leave it at that, yeah? :D
  • also I have directly included ‘heck’ and ‘crap’ as real swears because the intent is there even if they are fairly mild. Mac - you don’t escape me that easily.

without further ado…

1. Which companion has the highest swear factor?

As expected, Cait wins out, swearing at least once in 12.1% of her lines. She’s roughly middle of the table when it comes to number of lines overall, snuggled up right by Hancock, so she really is as foul-mouthed as we know and love her to be.

2. Does Cait swear more than the average Raider?

No. I mean, you have to take into account the fact that most of the time you encounter a Raider you are trying to shoot them in the head, so it’s not exactly surprising that they wouldn’t be best pleased.

NB these are generic unnamed members of the faction, and an average across each voice used to record the lines.

3. Who is the sweariest faction leader?

Go Desdemona! I was a little surprised by this, but I suppose the data does include all the player character conversation options, which probably skews the sweariness down as not all those options will include swearing.

Well. For some people’s characters, if not my own. :grins:

4. So who is the sweariest of them all*?

*where all is defined as npcs with more than 100 lines

 The winner is:

Originally posted by actualwidowmaker

Glory, who swears in an impressive 22.8% of her lines. There are a couple of people with fewer lines who swear more but 100 seemed as good an arbitrary cut-off point as any.

see below the cut for a couple of bonus non-swearing-related factoids.

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Layers in my average drawing from top to bottom:

  • overlay at a basically invisible 0.2%
  • addition Lighting Layer 110%
  • *a folder containing the ridiculous amount of layers for text*
  • a layer I forgot the purpose of, and may have done a little of the lineart on
  • Hidden duplicate of uncolored line art just in case i fuck up
  • actual color line art 
  • a layer i will hide and unhide 10 times before realizing its completely blank
  • color. all of it.
  • more color, if i felt like backgrounds
  • Layer Of A Thousand Merged Sketches, the sketch the lineart originated from indistinguishable from the drawing of a butt i did with my non-dominant hand
  • a layer i will hide and unhide 10 times before realizing its completely white

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I was wondering about the painting process you posted, when you paint over your lines do you merge any of your layers, or do you paint on a top layer and erase errors underneath? I love your art so much <3

Hi anon, and thank you! : ) This is essentially a case of layer discipline. In this case, I have a layer for my lines, a background layer, and a layer for my flat colours. When I decide to start painting over my lines, I will duplicate the lines and flat colour layers, and merge them into one new layer.

This lets me paint and erase as I render, while keeping a layer for the body that is separate from the background. This really helps keeping things neat, and lets me use things like clipping masks and locking the transparency.

As I’m rendering, I’ll make duplicates of this layer in an iterative manner, so allow me to go back if I need to. By keeping the lines underneath, but hidden, I can flick back to them to check that I’m still staying true to the original sketch.

This becomes really important with larger pieces, where I essentially use the same method. I’ll split the sketch into different elements as I work, which makes everything a lot easier to adjust, move, etc, and saves me time painting over if I make a mistake. In this case, I use clipping masks as I render each element.

Once I think the piece is done, I duplicate and merge all the layers for final adjustments.


I love seeing art processes, when I was looking at @seethelovelyintheworld ‘s recent one I mentioned how our process are different so she wanted to see mine. Get ready you all are going to see how I messed up even in the finished product because all I do is rush more than half the time. (Though for this mishap, I blame me all anxious about buying my NYCC tickets. If you’ve never been through the torture that is buying those tickets, you are very very lucky)

What usually happens is that I get an idea and just go straight for it (Which is bad because I need to really start thumb-nailing first, I just keep causing problems for myself) 

1- I sketch it out, I had reference from their kiss as Dark Ones in the forest. I wasn’t happy with the proportions and things so…

2- I block in shapes instead as the base. It turns out that this is a lot easier for me when drawing. It helps me figure out proportions better.

3- Sketch over it. Originally I was going to have them both in their civvies, but I missed his coat and I wanted to Draw Emma in a dress 

4- Better sketch with certain things fixed and in the clothes I want them to be in. Also Killian’s head proportion was off in the one before, so that needed serious fixing.  

5- I start with flat colours in the layer below the line drawing. I try to build it up, you can see the Killian is more rendered out than Emma, but usually I’ll do flat colours then the next step to figure out lighting before rendering out the colours more under the line art. The reason that transition is in that screen cap is because I went pretty far with Emma in civvies before changing it…. 

6- Start playing with the background colours and figure out lighting. (I usually have a plan for lighting but I was just going with the flow on this one and got too excited by their stupid little kiss.)

7- I duplicate the line layer, hide one (just incase I screw up), and keep the other and I just paint right on it so I can erase lines and change line colours. I tighten things up on this layer.

8- Fix background and fix the lighting more

Finished product after all the stupid little things I have to fix or that aren’t quite right. And I use a layer mode called overlay, to glaze some colour on them. It also helps with lighting big time. 

I tend to just attack my pictures and work on 50 things at once which isn’t always the best because I end up jumping around a lot and then I have a bunch of little things at the end I have to fix. It’s my impatience, its so bad. I’m working on it lol 

u wanna post fanfics to tumblr dot com??? well that is fan-fucking-tastic m'dude, but b4 u go off and copy paste ur 300k steveXbucky furry porn onto here, pls just keep these couple of things in mind: 

  •  READ MORES R UR FREN. honestly. there r ppl who will just not read/like/reblog ur thing just out of spite bc it takes so long to scroll past it. after ur summary and whatever else, pls pls PLEASE put your fic under a read more. it just makes the viewing experience a lot more pleasant 4 everyone
  •  READABLE DESKTOP THEMES R P CHILL 2 HAVE 2. if imma read ur fic, i wanna b able to read ur fic. not everyone is on mobile all the time, and if they open it on desktop and its pale pink writing against a white background in like .0003 sized wingdings, they might not read it. tumblr has lots of themes!!!! u can write ur own!!!!! whatever u do, pls have it readable. u want to make ur fic as easy and accessible as possible so ppl will b more likely to read it!!!!!
  • UR SUMMARY AN TITLE WANT 2 B COMPELLING & UNIQUE. if u put “lol this is dumb u probs dont wanna read it” at the end of ur summary, chances r ppl probably dont!!! ur summary can b whatever u want, if its the first paragraph of ur fic or an excerpt of it or a stanza of a poem or quote or an actual summary!!! if u dunno what to do for ur summary, pick up the trashiest YA novel u can find. look at the back. basically copy that except, like, fill in what happens in ur own story. BOOM. DONE. SUMMARY COMPLETE. and as for titles, if ur writing for a popular fandom, then u might not wanna use that song title as the title of ur fic, as there may b duplicates, use a line or phrase from the song instead if ur rly heck bent on using the song!! thats cool too!! mostly, make ur fic seem appealing an worth the read!!
  • BETA READERS!!! find a fren 2 read over ur fic!! its rly nice 2 have a fresh pair of eyes to catch any plot inconsistencies/grammar errors/stuff like that. reading it aloud helps too!!!
  • TAGGING SHIT: u dont wanna tag ur fic as ‘major character death’ bc spoilers??? thats ok!!! thats for u 2 decide!!! if someone comes 2 u and asks u to tho, well, then u gotta work it out w that person. u probs wanna give warnings tho if ur dealing w possibly sensitive subject matter, like drugs, abuse, self harm, etc. u can say stuff like “general warnings for ___ and ____, pls ask me for clarification if u need it’ U just wanna not surprise anyone, thats all, esp w sensitive and possibly triggering subjects
  • NO ONE’S READING UR FIC??? shit man, i’m sorry, it happens 2 the best of us. sometimes i’ll post a fic that is rly long and ive worked rly hard on, only 2 get like ten notes. THATS OK. breathe. ur doing great. its rly hard for fics to gain traction, esp if ur a small blog. DONT LET THE LACK OF NOTES DISCOURAGE U FROM WRITING!!!! its all ok!!! 5 notes is great!!! 5000 notes is great!!! one note and its a like from ur fren is cool too!!!! try 2 find ways to get ur fic out there!!! see if there r any fic hubs for ur fandom u could submit it to, or ask a bigger blog 2 reblog it!!! i know that it might seem like no1 cares abt ur work, but u gotta push thru that!!



I’ve been asked if I could show the process of how I go about making my fake screen shots, so I provided a step by step visual process of how I do it.
I’ll explain each step here:
1. Just a simple messy sketch so I can get the idea down.

2. I clean up the sketch with clean lines, and most of the time the sketch changes a little bit.

3. Next I  just fill in the entire line art with flat colour.

4. This is an important step. This is my shading step. I create a clipping mask for my shading so that I can easily change the colour if I need to. The clipping mask also allows me to add a gradient in my shading without affecting the base colour underneath. I usually use a soft air brush to do gradients. DON’T FORGET TO LOCK YOUR MASK if you plan on adding a gradient. 

5. Next is highlights, they go in right after the shading is done.

6. After all the shading is done and I’m happy with it, I create a duplicate layer of the lines and place that layer under the original layer. I do this so that I can blur the lines (use the blur tool). It gives the screen shot a softer look.

7. The last step is to add any special filters. You can do this by making a new layer above everything and using the air brush tool to add a colour over your image. 
Just like the example below. 

External image

After this you can play with the filters in your layer box and find one that best suits your image!
Don’t forget to add text after everything!
Hopefully this will be helpful to those who have been wondering how I do these ; v ;/