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do u guys have any recommendations for bright eyeshadow palettes like the urban decay electric palette? i considered the morphe 12p but ive heard bad things abt them + the shipping is an astronomical $10 for me :(

I don’t own any of these palettes (except UD Electric) so I unfortunately have not had a chance to work with them myself, but they look stunning in photos and have good reviews from what I’ve seen and read. I hope they work for you!

W7 Cosmetics is known for releasing their own (significantly less costly) versions of Urban Decay’s palettes. This one is called Neon Nights and from what I understand, it can be purchased at drugstores in the UK, or from Amazon.

Coastal Scents has a wide variety of eyeshadow palettes (similar to the likes of Morphe, BH Cosmetics, etc) including this all-matte collection of neons. The Creative Me #1 Palette costs $14.95 on the CS site. 

L.A. Girl also has a very bright version of their Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection, appropriately named Neons. You can purchase it directly from their website or SleekHair for under $10.00.

PS - If you’re still interested in Morphe, you can use the code “ADOPTLOVE” to receive 10% off, which will discount the shipping cost.

- Sabrina

The Dying Detective...or could it be The Dying Brother?

A lot of setlock evidence has been pointing toward this series covering the canon story of The Dying Detective, but I’m beginning to believe we are being duped. What if it’s not Sherlock that is faking his death to catch a criminal but Mycroft? 

 This is Moftiss we’re dealing with, if they can mindfuck us, they will! So let’s think out of the canon box. How many of us have been fearing Mycroft’s days were numbered after TAB? They want us to believe Mycroft is going to die, and that’s exactly what we are going to think until the very end. What a better way to do it than by using The Dying Detective plot.

It gets even better, I think Sherlock is really going to believe Mycroft is dead and John is going to help Mycroft pull it off. John is a doctor after all, and Sherlock trusts John. If John declares Mycroft dead, Sherlock will believe it.

 Now take a look at this picture of Sherlock, does this man look like he’s on a drug binge or does he look like he’s grieving? He looks like a man that has totally lost his way to me.

Of course this could all be wild speculation on my part, or wishful thinking, but I like this theory. I’ve got theories on the chase, the limo, etc, but I’ll save them for Spoilercast.                                                                 

Things we should be on the lookout for to prove it’s Mycroft’s funeral.               1. His parents!  We have had ring watch, now it’s time for Parent Watch!           2. St. Woolos Cemetery. If Mycroft dies, they would more than likely bury him at the same place they fake buried Sherlock


​Fans of the hit series were duped by bogus quotes. Not cool.

Teen Wolf fans - it’s time for a little rumour control. Social media was ablaze with talk that - wait for this - Harry Styles was being courted for a role on the hit MTV series. The ‘news’ came from an interview that Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis apparently gave to a fan website.

“We do want Harry Styles in our show,” Davis is quoted as saying. “But we’re still in talks with people, directors, agents. So we can’t confirm anything yet.”

Except MTV has now confirmed to Digital Spy that the interview is fake - and that Davis never spoke about casting Styles on the show. So put out those fires, Twitter - Harry Styles. Teen Wolf. Not happening. Teen Wolf has aired five seasons on MTV and has been renewed for a sixth. - Digital Spy

Episode 03 x 23 Lizzington is not Dead

Well this episode was depressing.Red totally got duped by Mr. Kaplan and it did not end happy at all. Anyway I am not doing an episode recap. Instead I want to talk about this episode’s effect on Lizzington along with some quotes from articles and Twitter.

I have received many messages asking me if Lizzington is dead. Rather than answering all those messages individually I decided to write my thoughts out here. I do feel Lizzington is still in a slow burn. It did not advance in this last episode, but it didn’t die either.  Here’s why:

1) The true betrayer was Kate Kaplan. Faking Lizzie’s death to get her away from Red was her idea. She needed to talk Lizzie into it. It was not Lizzie’s idea:

Sure Lizzie went along with it because she does want to protect Agnes. And she knows Red’s world is very dangerous.

Here is what Jon Bokenkamp said about this in the Deadline article:  “I also think it’s important to remember that this whole idea — Liz faking her death — this didn’t come from Liz’s or Tom’s; it was Kaplan who concocted this plan. Liz only went along with it (while in child birth).”

2) Lizzie did not seem overly thrilled to see Tom, even though she had not seen him for many weeks. She did this for Agnes, not Tom. She was already with Tom. She didn’t need to escape to be with Tom:

3) Alexander Kirk is Lizzie’s bio Dad. Can we please move on now DaddyGaters?

4) More proof Red is not related to Lizzie:

Also remember Dom told Red he killed his entire family. So he is not related to Katarina either.

5) Megan Boone confirmed that Liz loves Red in the EW article:

How do you think Liz and Red’s dynamic has evolved since the show began?  “Once she became aware that his actions always sprang from self-interest, his interest in her became less and less flattering. Red’s veil of mystery and intimidation became threadbare, and that broken human being he shows glimpses of to the audience in private moments became visible to her. That’s when she stopped being enamored of him and started to actually love him.”

6) Jon Bokenkamp confirms Red and Lizzie’s relationship is still everything:

“….our fans, the really die hard fans, they were pissed when Liz died! They’re smart enough to know that Red and Liz are the show. The questions of who Red is to her, why he cares so deeply for her, what he wants from her — that’s all that ultimately really matters, and when we took Liz away from them the fans were rightfully upset. Hopefully, they see we’re not going to abandon that relationship, no matter how strained it becomes. And believe me — it will be strained. But that relationship is everything.”

7) Tom and Lizzie are not the end-game

 A couple of things to remember here. This episode did not end with Tom and Lizzie together. Lizzie was kidnapped by Kirk and last we saw of Tom was he was knocked out by Kirk’s men. So we don’t know where Tom or Agnes is. But he is certainly not living a fantasy life with Lizzie right now.

Megan Boone on whether Tom and Lizzie will find happiness: “I don’t think we’re at the happily-ever-after point of The Blacklist… I’m not sure we’ll ever be. “

Also, we know Tom is moving to the spin-off. If Tom and Lizzie were the end-game they would not move Tom to another show. Sure he will cross-over from time to time, but cross-overs to not an end-game make. We will find out in Season 4 what causes Tom to leave Lizzie’s life.

8) Lizzie will evolve into a stronger woman which should help create a more honest, real relationship with Red

Here is what Megan said about this in the EW article: “… but I think Red will have a very different woman to deal with at this turning point in the series, and he will be forced to evolve and compensate for her newfound autonomy.

Honestly to me this is a good thing. I think Lizzie was too dependent and weak around Red. He would not give her the answers to her questions. So she could not trust him because of this. And this does not make a good basis for a real relationship. And because of this I don’t think either one of them was ready for a relationship with each other. So no they weren’t romantic - yet.

In the future though, Red will have to deal with a “new Lizzie’ now. And I think he will be forced to be more honest with her and stop hiding stuff from her. They can have a more “adult” relationship once this happens.  And this leads to the possible development of a romantic relationship. Which I think will happen eventually.

Also it is clear Red loves Lizzie more than anything. If they are not related (and this seems to be confirmed over and over even by Daniel Cerone) whatever his love for her now can easily become romantic if it is not already. And we now know Lizzie loves Red. so I don’t care what Cerone says because….

9) Trust what you see on the screen!

Above gif from @asundayinaugust

So I am staying on this ship!

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Hi! Can you recommend a replacement for MAC's Heroine lipstick? I've been weaning myself off of them, but this is one shade I've been finding it impossible to get a replacement for...

I highly recommend the @temptalia dupe list, she has a ridiculously huge archive of swatches. Here’s the search for Heroine: http://www.temptalia.com/makeup-dupe-list/mac-cosmetics-lipstick/heroine/ Colourpop Grind looks pretty close to me.

-mod c

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Does anyone know a dupe for jeffery stars scorpio liquid lipstick? I checked dupethat and they said there isn't anything like it so I'm just...

It is a unique shade and I’m not familiar with any dupes, but there’s a hand-full of other purple-y “greige” lipsticks that can compare

Makeup Monsters
Liquid Lipstick, ‘Wolfsbane’

Matte Attack Liquid Lipstick, ‘I Want Candy’ (currently sold out)

Gerard Cosmetics
Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick, ‘Gravity’

Give Me Glow Cosmetics
Matte Liquid Lipstick, ‘Medusa’

Again, just some suggestions but definitely no real dupe here. Sorry about that!
- Sabrina 

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Belgium warns against using Facebook’s reaction buttons

It may be tempting, but try to resist hitting that reaction button on Facebook — or else, Belgium’s law enforcement is now warning, according to Yahoo News. Belgium officials think that Facebook is using the reaction buttons for more than aesthetic reasons — and they may be duping Belgian citizens.

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I read the article that Jess just posted with the quote by Sam when he says if he and Cait were together he wouldn't say but if you really read the interview he says they were asked about it and they told the truth and the fans were upset and felt duped and they were flattered that people thought that but it was a compliment to their acting. I mean I interpret that to mean that they aren't together bc he said they told the truth. I think Sam loves her but I don't think they are together 😪

anon, if every celebrity was totally honest about their relationship status why do you think Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie later said they’d been dating on and off for years before coming out? Of course Sam is going to say they’re telling the truth. That’s the narrative that’s out there right now - Sam and Cait aren’t together, they’re just great actors and great friends. He’s following the narrative and getting a lot better at it. Doesn’t make it true. He also said, and maybe you didn’t read this part, that they wouldn’t say if they were together. He has his stories a bit confused. Hard to keep all the lies straight, I guess.

I also will never ever understand why people think Cait doesn’t love him just as much as he loves her??? In every situation where people think they’re not together, for some reason, Sam is made to look like a poor puppy stuck forever in unrequited love with his co-star while Cait is cold-hearted and unfeeling and doesn’t return the sentiment. Meanwhile, you have moments like this:

and this:

and this:

so can we please stop this Cait doesn’t love him bullshit? She may be occasionally better at hiding her emotions but she turns into a giggling, blushing pile of mush around him.