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Hello! I wanted to ask if you know any popular asian-american musician. I realized the only popular artists are bruno mars, hayley kiyoko, and asian american youtubers. Do you know any? (Also, I love your blog! 😊😊😊)

You know I was thinking about posting a question like this on my way to school today because I wish I knew more Asian artists. Especially since our #Music tag is getting redundant.

Run River North recently just performed at SXSW, they’re a AA band that is currently on tour with Rooney. 

US the Duo are a couple that got their rise to fame from Vine and recently had their single ‘No Matter Where You Are’ featured in the film ‘The Book of Life’! They’re also headlining Identity LA - a FREE AAPI music festival in LA produced by Wong Fu Productions & Far East Movement next month 

Dia Frampton is one artist I’ve followed for years. I used to be obsessed with her band Meg & Dia growing up. She came in second place on the first season of The Voice and recently released a new album called ‘Bruises’. She’s been very vocal about age-ism in the music industry and has also recently broken into acting.

Anderson .Paak is an artist I really wanna see live soon. I loved his performance on Ellen earlier this year (his son makes an appearance and it’s very adorable). He’s also in apart of the duo NxWorries. 

Kina Grannis is an artist I’ve been listening to since the 7th grade. She posts a lot of covers on Youtube but you may have heard her songs here and there in ads (most specifically her single ‘Valentine’).

Also tumblr won’t let me post anymore videos but a few other AA artists I know of are Mitski, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, AJ Rafael, Black Eyed Peas, Jessica Sanchez, TRACE, Dumbfounded, Jhene Aiko, and Sophia Black.

Some other Asian artists who aren’t AA that I like are DEAN, Yuna, Swet Shop Boys, Jane Zhang, Jay Park, Naomi Scott, M.I.A., Zayn, and Charli XCX

Please leave suggestions of Asian artists we should check out and post!


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An art.

I had a duo partner from school whom I dated for a while. He was charming and funny but I later found out it was a ruse. In reality, he was possessive and controlling. He would verbally abuse me for mistakes or for playing with other boys. I got fed up and broke up with him, blocked him and changed my summoner name, but he suddenly showed up at my house, and I’ve never given him my address before. My dad and the threat of police drove him away, but I’m scared he’ll show up again.

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Five years before Mission: Romance, Frank decides to make sure Darcy is properly taken care of.

And because I have no self control, you get another fic!

Why is it so damn hard to find people in the Olicity fandom that actually understand and care about both characters equally? We just had an incredible episode all about how morally grey these characters but all i see on here is people trying to make it black and white in their need to defend their fav of the duo. ‘its Oliver’s fault” “no its felicity’s fault”. They literally both gave their POV in the episode and are both justified on their thinking gtfo with that bs,

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Consider: Gay Mac and lesbian Dee bonding over years of compulsive heterosexuality, because they both totally understand how it feels to be pressured into being straight. Especially now that Dennis isn't around to chastise Dee all the time (he's so terrible to her!) she can finally hook up with the Waitress, or Artemis, or both. Mac gets a boyfriend and Dee gets a girlfriend and Mac & Dee become the unstoppable gay duo of our dreams.

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Since we all missed their birthdays, do you think we can get some spoiler free info on Tegan and Karolina? Love you guys! Take it easy on the finals

Hey Anon!

I AM SO SORRY, really. Trust me when I say I did my best to keep up with Sweet Elite stuff, but now that my exams are over, I’m going to get back on track!

And of course you can get some info! I was planning on doing some trivia anyway if I hadn’t missed their birthday :)

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  1. Tegan was the third male character I created for Sweet Elite!
  2. Tegan was not initially planned to have a twin sister, and espacially not a twin like Karolina. But after considering all the possibilities, I gave in. 
  3. Tegan was initially supposed to have a more eccentric personality at first, but I decided to give that more to Tyler and instead go for the introverted blushing mess that he is.
  4. Speaking of Tyler, I initially didn’t plan on this iconic duo to be friends…but some things simply cannot be avoided!


  1. Karolina was initially planned to be a more developed than average bully character, but adding in a little backstory, story arc and deeper motivations really changes the dynamic!
  2. Karolina’s height was supposed to equal that of Tegan’s (6′1). It was later changed to be less than that (5′9-10), but still kind of tall! 
  3. Along with Axel, she is the only one of the main 10 who has an established professional portfolio in her industry: her modelling work.
  4. Karolina is one of the most fun characters to write while writing the script!

Hope that makes up for me forgetting!

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i'm soso sad that we just saw our last jasper/bell hug..... my father/son duo is gone..... and bellamy is going to be so fucking broken over that for the rest of his life and so am i