i just had an idea for a fic with everyone/yoongi

i think of the weirdest AUs istg

i just thought it’d be really interesting if there was an a/b/o fic and everyone in bangtan was an alpha except yoongi

BUT instead of the whole omega!yoongi x alpha!everyone thing, yoongi was a beta

can you imagine

in my head, betas are basically like your everyday human whereas alphas and omegas have the heightened senses and more carnal instincts

and betas are pretty much the minority and the majority are alphas and omegas

alphas have ruts and omegas can have heats (but not the crazy intense things that usual a/b/o fics have but just think of a week  in the cycle where omegas and alphas are extra horny, touchy, sensitive, but still able to function and not losing their minds or in pain or anything)

and yoongi’s just long-suffering, having to deal with these alphas

they’re not that bad though, especially from some of the stories yoongi’s heard about in other groups

actually, except for maybe the occasional scuffle (mostly between maknae line, sometimes hoseok & occasionally jin, namjoon is rare bc he’s incredibly good at self-control though) they’re great

sure they scent mark him and get a bit touchy and protective with him during their ruts, but he doesn’t mind bc all in all it’s not bad

they’re not the stereotypical cocky alphas and they actually listen to him and respect him as the hyung, regardless of their status

they all love him a lot and yoongi loves them all so much (maybe more than he should)

but yoongi’s here thinking, they won’t want me anyway bc i’m a beta and i’m average in every way, what can i do for them

they probably want omegas that can take care of them and be outright affectionate with them and just be everything they need

but nope

they all love him and want him and he’s just super oblivious bc he’s completely in denial about the fact that they could want him

(in this AU polyamory isn’t frowned upon but it is uncommon but relationships between people in the same idol groups aren’t uncommon either since they’re with each other 24/7)

(however mutliple alphas/beta relationship is super uncommon)

(salkghkj what am i doing with my life, why is this a fic that i want)

Davison Bloodline
1 The year is 1914. a young man sits outside his house in East Detroit; a coke in one hand and a newspaper in the other. He watches the road in front of him as he takes a drink from the bottle, looking at the paper as the sounds of horses and people walking past fill his ears. The early summer h...

Submitted by @snowbell-duo:

Set in ww1,  a historical fantasy about  Spanish super soldiers hired by the Germans 

Words: 7k+ (ongoing)

Warnings for: racial slurs, possible future violence

((Again, I don’t want to spoil it for possible readers, but your original fiction is just as creative and unique as your fanfiction! I steamed through it in less than ten minutes, you had me hooked from the get-go! I can’t wait to see where you take it from here, thank you so much for sharing it with us <3))


Dancerzz’s Duo/Trio of The Week

It Must Have Been Love

Express Dance & Acrobatics

Robby Healy, Jessica Perkins

*a personal fav :)

SeaB ¦:^) • Ok, today I watched all the fucking Camp Camp...

Ok, today I watched all the fucking Camp Camp webseries. And holy shit why didn’t I watch it before!! Such an awesome cartoon! 100% recomended! Now, as much as Max is my spiritual dude (even one of my friends compared me with him), my actual fav characters on the series have to be the Magic Kids; Harrison and Nerris! Their dynamics work so well on the show I can’t not love them (I totally ship them, don’t gonna lie about that thb).

Firstly, thank you so much for submitting this! You’re art style is so adorable! Secondly, it’s awesome to see another fan of Camp Camp! ^^

And Harrison and Nerris are my favorite couple from the show as well. :D It’s just a same it’s such a rare-pair. 

Wedding Date Duo


At the reception

“I just wanted to say thank you for accompanying me on such short notice,” he said to her, the two of them seated next to each other at their assigned table. Last minute arrangements weren’t his usual course, but when it came to weddings he often delayed in punctuality. It probably stemmed from the fact that he wasn’t a fan of matrimony and all it entailed. But since Bax was a friend of his, Miles decided he’d better join in celebration on his big day. It was convenient that he had enough pressed suits due to his job. Then there was Mini, who looked flawless in her dress as if she stepped off the cover of Italian Vogue. “You look exceptionally beautiful by the way…and I mean that in the most unprofessional way possible,” he grinned deviously, showing off his pearly white teeth. Considering she was still his boss it felt a little naughty to be so flirtatious with her, along with having her as his date. Then again when it came to beautiful women, Mile didn’t often play by the rules.


Anon Req: When Natasha turns and you can see that she cried a lot (after the scene where Laura tell Carmilla she loves her), then when the director ended the scene and Annie greets her Natasha was still emotional, can you make a GIF showing this moment? Thank you!


THank you so much for supporting us on this project. This is the most complex animation we ever tackled in our lifes, and we sincerelly hope that you will enjoy it.