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"Everything will be okay"

Send “everything will be okay” to take care of my injured muse.

Calidus breathed heavily. He was clutching his left side. Blood ran over his fingers, coming from the gashes in his heavy armor. He had gotten too cocky and the dragon he was fighting had found an opportunity to strike. The beasts claws had torn through his armor and some of his flesh. It wasn’t fatal, but it wasn’t pretty.
The Dragonborn had rushed to the first place he thought of ; Castle Duor. It was the nearest place with people he trusted. But people backed away, scared to deal with the bleeding, enraged man. He looked at the General as he approached, and brought his hand away from the wound. The man had his trust.
“Krosis.” He sighed deeply, swaying a little bit as his head clouded from blood loss, “I got too cocky.” A small grin touched his lips, despite the anger he held at himself, “But when am I not cocky?”