ALF - Squad Headcanons

Chapter One: Basic Information

Here are some ALF-Headcanons from the ALF-Family Squad. Since there are so many, I’m just going to post some basic Info first so y’all know what we all talking ‘bout.

  • Silver and Red are Twins
  • Silver’s Name is Oliver Duskin but he prefers to be called Ollie
  • His middle name is Reginald. No one knows tho, except Red who threatens to expose him on a daily basis.
  • “Watch it or I’m gonna use your middle name!” - “Nooo.”
  • They totally have this love-hate sibling relationship going on between them
  • They’re also Russian
  • Red’s name is Natasha but her last name is Belinsky instead of Duskin because she kept their Father’s name, while Silver took their Mother’s last name (there are more HC’s about the Duskin/Belinsky Family, but they got a chapter for themselves, otherwise it would be way too much)
  • Silver and Blond are in a loving and respectful relationship what else is new
  • Meanwhile K is a pinning mess and Jay is oblivious af
  • Red’s just happily living the lesbian lifestyle
  • Obviously none of them are straight
  • Red’s also done with those idiots on a daily basis
  • It’s like, her constant mood
  • Jay may appear to be their Leader but in Reality it’s just Red
  • Blond’s real name is Nathaniel (Nate) Dawson, which leads to a lot of Dusk/Dawn Parallels
  • Blond calls Silver his Sun, while Silver calls Blond his Moon (because they’re cute af)
  • And yes, Silver refers to Nat/Nate as n^2 or the double N Duo
  • Red immediately tells him to stop
  • She also hates it that Blond’s name is Nate
  • She wanted to fight him to see whose the better Nat(e)
  • Blond’s just like: “We both know you could kick my ass in ten different way, we don’t need to fight.”
  • From then on Blond is only referred to as Blond or Blondie
  • Silver calls him Nate when they’re alone tho
  • Jay’s Name is just Jay ‘cause he’s boring like that
  • Jay Kingston
  • K was the last to join their little group to help with the Tech-stuff (Jay’s terrible with Technology, he’s like a very clueless Grandpa trapped inside a young man’s body)
  • he stayed because of Jay his love for Jay Animals (and beause he can’t stand the thought of Jay setting another Computer on Fire ‘cause he tried to google something)
  • K’s name is Jonathan Kim
  • They all live together in one house because they’re GayLF (Gay Liberation Family)
  • Jay pitched in more money than the others ‘cause he’s the rich kid of the group
  • The others don’t want him to do it but he thinks they deserve nice things
  • They also have a group chat called ‘Animal Liberation Front’ that Silver constantly changes to ‘Gay Liberation Front’
  • Jay always changes it back ‘cause he wants them to stay “professional” they aren’t lol
  • That was also back in the days when Jay still thought he was straight. That  changed later on tho (much to K’s Delight)

That was about it! Gonna update with more specific Headcanons soon (’cause we have a lot and it’s only been three days since we started all this, so there’s way more to come).

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