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Dragon Other-kin Fashion and Self Care
(Red and Green)

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White Tea and Jasmine Foaming Milk Bath 2 Pack - $11.95
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My Summer Glam tutorial is ideal for those of you going to a Wedding, a Prom, or just a special occasion in the daytime where you want to sport something subtle with a touch of glam! 

I decided to include how to prep your skin before makeup to help keep you shine-free all day, as well as keep your makeup in place for longer. It’s important to prep your skin first, particularly in the Summer months as the warm weather will aid the wear of your makeup much quicker than in the Winter months. 
There are tips and tricks in there for all skin types, particularly oily skin. 

Products Used / Recommended:

Bioderma Sensbio H20 Cleanser (Normal / Sensitive Skin)
UK: http://bit.ly/29O9gkK
Global: http://bit.ly/29UoOVf

Bioderma Sebium H20 Cleanser (Oily Skin)
UK: http://bit.ly/29O9dWe
Global http://bit.ly/29ZS53i

Bioderma Acne Prone Skin Moisturiser
UK: http://bit.ly/29O9JDK
Global: http://bit.ly/2abVEoi

Bioderma Pore Refiner Moisturiser
UK: http://bit.ly/29MCPHm
Global http://bit.ly/29ZSbrs

Bioderma Moisturiser - Sensitive Skin
Light http://bit.ly/29MDCIe
Rich http://bit.ly/29MC01e

Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF15
UK: http://bit.ly/29UDKGH
US: http://bit.ly/29ZTgiX


MAC Face & Body Foundation
UK: http://bit.ly/29MDCrO
US: http://bit.ly/29Oa614

Barely Prep & Blot Sponge http://bit.ly/29MEht5

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Foundation (Oil Free)
UK: http://bit.ly/29OaNaH
US: http://bit.ly/29OaGvS

Jay Manuel Photo Illusion Concealer

The Amazing Concealer
UK: http://bit.ly/29Oc15A
US: http://bit.ly/29Ob1Pg

NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Global - http://bit.ly/29Qs3yM

Makeup Geek Mai Tai Duochrome

Makeup Geek I’m Peachless Duochrome

E24 Flat Shader Brush - Blank Canvas Cosmetics USE DISCOUNT CODE: SHONAGH for 10% OFF http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/products/e24-flat-shader-lay-down-brush-previously-e26-flat-shader.html

Makeup Geek Roulette

Blank Canvas Cosmetics USE DISCOUNT CODE: SHONAGH for 10% OFF
E23 Pencil Brush - http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/products/e23-short-pencil.html

F10 Small Socket Blender - Blank Canvas Cosmetics http://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/products/e10-small-socket-blender-new-synthetic-version.html

Makeup Geek Creme Brûlée

Diego Dalla Palma Brow Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
UK: http://bit.ly/29OddGn
US: http://bit.ly/29OdicY

Pinky Peach Glitter - Certifeye http://certifeye.co.uk/product/peach-glitter-pigment-2829199

M-26 http://bit.ly/29xoxdr
I-24 http://bit.ly/29S133S

Inglot No.89 AMC Eyeliner
UK: http://www.inglotuk.com/Eyeliner-AMC_Eyeliner_Gel.html
US: http://www.beautylish.com/s/inglot-cosmetics-matte-collection-amc-eyeliner-gel-89

Crown Brush Angled Liner C160-¼

Eyeko Eye Do Mascara
UK: http://bit.ly/29MHusV
US: http://bit.ly/29MHjOd

Certifeye Lashes - Cosmo

Maskcara Beauty Cream Contour - Stone http://www.maskcarabeauty.com/products/contour?variant=1050514148

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
UK: http://bit.ly/29yNPEi
US: http://bit.ly/29UvYcp

ZOEVA 127 Luxe Cheek Brush
Global - http://bit.ly/29JxX5m

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush - Sparkling Bellini

Bioderma Hydrabio Setting Mist SPF30
Global http://bit.ly/29O7DUs

Diego Dalla Palma Shiny Lips - Rosetto


Working with Cream Shadows: A Few Tips

I don’t often work with cream shadows in my tutorials, because most of the time I want to let the shadows speak for themselves. But there are times as well when you need a cream base to really take the intensity up a notch.

Above is a very quick tutorial for a metallic silvery-minty party look, as well as lots of swatches plus a couple of before-after shots to show you how I like to layer creams and powders.

1.There are 4 types of cream shadows in general

  • Old-school creamy - MAC Cream Color Bases and elf Cream Shadow Duos are the creamy kind that don’t really set. I usually give this a miss on the lids as they will crease in 5 minutes.
  • Solid pots and sticks - Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, Maybelline Color Tattoos, MAC Paint Pots, Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams all belong in this category. They are hard at room temperature but will melt slightly on contact. These are the most common, but also problematic because many of them dry out after awhile and become impossible to use.
  • Bouncy creams - Chanel came out with the first ones in their Illusion d'Ombre range, and then Dior had Fushion Monos which are equally beautiful in texture and color. Lancome came up with limited edition Hypnose Drama Eyes creams but the textures are a little more hit and miss. But overall, these jelly- and mousse-like textures are the latest generation cream shadows and combine smooth intensity, incredibly dimensional multi-pigmented colors AND long-wear. Even when they start to dry out, they don’t go all hard and are still usable for a long time. By far my favorite texture but they tend to only come from more expensive houses.
  • Liquids/Creams - These easy to use creams come in tubes with doe-foot applicators or squeeze tubes and many are available in drugstore ranges. They set and stay on fairly well, but the textures tend to be quite sheer once blended out, although they are also easiest to work with for beginners who want subtlety.

2. Pick complementary tones for a quick win. 

If you’re working with neutral brown toned shades, pick a brown cream shadow. If you are doing a blue-toned look, try a blue toned shadow.There are no rules, but just remember that applying cool toned shades over clashing warm toned bases and vice versa and neutralize colors and make everything look muddy or just sludgy and grey. (On the other hand, if you have a shadow that is too brassy and orange or yellow for your taste, a silvery base can help to cut the yellow-ness.)

Beige and black goes with anything so it depends whether you want a smoky look or a soft look. 

3. There are different textures/finishes. 

  • Matte and Satin - and I include beige eye primers along with this group cos they work the same way; these allow shadows to stay true to their original textures
  • Metallic/Pearl - usually the most popular and commonly available finish; these can help intensify the shine of shimmery shadows and help them look even more metallic.
  • Sparkly - a lot of the bouncy mousse-like shadows tend to be in the sparkly category where you see a ton of little flecks and sparkles when you look close. Often, the little sparkles show up through a layer of shadow, so if you want to jazz up a regular powder shadow, a sparkle shade works.

4. Play with duochrome shadows and pigments.

Often, the same color will look completely different when applied over different bases. (See the last image above; Winter Veld mica from Coastal Scents is a beige pink pigment with an icy blue shift when it hits the light.) This means you can combine different creams and powders and come up with completely different looks. 

A cheap source for duochrome shades is mineral makeup sellers online. Often, these loose pigment shadows aren’t formulated with enough or the right type of binders (it’s easier to get the formulation right with pressed shadows) and don’t stick to the lids very well, so pairing them with cream shadows is perfect. 

Ultimately, you CAN just pop a cream shadow on your lids when you have 2 minutes but I find many colors tend to look patchy and uneven on their own, and they’re really at their best as intensifiers and transformers for powder shadows.

If you’ve never tried interference pigments, go check out elf’s Eyeshadow Transformer palette and pop each of the shades over a dark cream shadow.

My favorite sources for pigments are coastalscents.com and tkbtrading.com. Not every color is great for use directly on the lids (these are almost pure color pigments and supposed to be mixed with fillers and binders), and I’d stick with the shimmers and metallics unless you’re a pro and DIY blending and formulation.

Just make sure you get the sample sizes because you can get a ton of colors for just $20. Invest in the full 1 oz packs/jars only if you’re a makeup artist and need to use truckloads of pigments on a regular basis.


I’ve been meaning to post about one of my favorite eyeshadows ever and @zynab1929‘s post about Fyrinnae eyeshadows has inspired me to do so! 

I’m wearing Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Mephisto over brown and black eyeshadow (you can’t quite tell, just adds a little more depth.) It’s technically not a pressure sensitive eyeshadow though it somewhat acts like one. I love to blend the hell out of it for the muddy, coppery duochrome look, then pack it on in the crease to show off the true opacity of the matte blue base and red sheen.

It’s really glowy and amazing in person and I highly recommend it if you like bruisey colors. Serendipity is also worth checking out - it’s like Mephisto but without the blue base and it looks great layered over anything.

When you blend a blue with a pink duochrome, and a pink with a blue duochrome, you get… this.

I was working with raw mineral pigments but you can get the look with 

center: MAC Cornflower pigment

inner 1/3: Urban Decay Fishnet or MAC Stars n Rockets

outer corners: MAC Flashtrack

[EDIT] P.S. I also had a little MAC Concrete (matte brown along the socket!)

I did spray my brushes with a mister AFTER picking up the colors, to get a smoother and more intense finish.

(And this is a day look, no matter what they say. Cos duochromes look WAY more psychedelic and much better in daylight.)


Violet-tinged “neutrals”

I’m using 3 interesting shades in this pictorial. 3 shades that come off almost neutral, but are actually duochrome colors that have a blue/violet shift.

You will need:

  • Primer (if you are working with loose pigments like I am)
  • Black creme gel liner or shadow
  • Smoky violet shadow: Make Up Store Volcano
  • Periwinkle violet-blue shadow: Pupa Cosmic Beauty Iridescent Pigment 001
  • Beige shadow with a blue shift: Coastal Scents mica in Winterveld
  • Black liquid liner: Givenchy Parad'eyes in Black
  • False lashes: I used a Japanese lash design (Diamond Lash in “French”) with dense tufts at the outer corners. Use any lashes you like!