duo the espeon


said: ESPEON!!!!!!! AAAAAA

Espeon! Lucky for me, I’ve been wanting to revamp my old Espeon designs for ages now. Side notes on her character I already established is: She’s infamous for picking on/being mean to her male models, is a huge lesbian who is lowkey seeing Manya, my Ursaring, and is a Naughty Nature owu)

Please check out this list to suggest which pokemon I gijinka next! Or send an ask with a suggestion!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Lumi got a new book; The Legendary Book of Legends: An encyclopedia of all things Legendary BY: Ray Quaza. (award winning best seller of Hoenn)  

Ren got a Punching bag modeled after the Pokémon Snorlax. It’s so big and fluffy and looks just like the real thing! It’s apparently also good for taking naps.

Salem got a mysterious stone his Father found while training in Twist Mountain. It’s got a few pieces of earth still stuck to it. Nothing really seems out of the ordinary about it, but it’s pretty to look at!

((And before you ask why Mara isn’t joining them, he was invited but he just… doesn’t feel like he should be there. ( still kinda shook up about his past and struggling with finding the courage to approach Fern about it) ))

((if you cant read it, open image in new tab))

Mimi: No..

Duo: Is something wrong?

Mimi: It’s my shadow… shes coming… and I’m worried what she would do to the babies.. if given the chance… If something happened to them…

Duo: Nothing’s going to happen. I promise. We should probably wake Fern about this, though.

Fern: No need. I sensed it too. That monster is coming… and I’d say we have less than 5 minutes. Mimi, Duo, you two stay down here with the children. Celebi and I will take care of the pest. Don’t come up no matter what you hear.

Duo: No. I’m fighting too. Its my family and I have to protect it.

Fern: Very well, I hope you know what you’re getting into. Come.

Mimi: ….