duo shoot

there’s a cockroach era photoshoot where everyone except ruki and reita are just posing to show off their stuff really hard 

it’s the most unintentionally hilarious thing 

I mean

what are you even trying to show??? “ohh yeah i have… pockets… and a shoulder…” actually Kai is too young and small here let’s move on i’m getting uncomfortable 

wait actually uruha is a bad example because this is just his natural state in this era but LOOK AT THIS

!!! boy is a hoe

I guess AOS should feel a little satisfied by this; we miss Fitz so much that nobody’s sure if they actually heard his voice or if it’s just wishful thinking! At least I know Fitz and Hunter’s Excellent Adventure in 2 episodes time is going to do amazing things for my dash haha I can see all the celebratory gifs and edits already 

Jemaine Clement Confirms ‘Flight of the Conchords’ HBO Special and U.S. Version of ‘What We Do In The Shadows’
TCA: The special will likely be filmed as the Conchords embark on a U.K. tour this spring.
By Michael Schneider

It’s business time: “Flight of the Conchords” may be returning to your TV screen. Jemaine Clement, one half of the comedy music duo, told IndieWire on Friday that he and Bret McKenzie will indeed be filming a special this year for HBO.

Clement was light on the details, but it appears that the duo will be shooting the special for HBO timed to their upcoming U.K. concert tour. Clement and McKenzie, who previously did a series of American festival tour dates in 2016, will hit the U.K. and Ireland this March and April. Clement said the Conchords are now prepping for their return to the stage.

“It should be fun,” said Clement, who was at FX’s portion of the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday as part of the cast of “Legion.” “We’ve done some of it before, some of it will be new. Some of it we’ll be working on in the next few months.” HBO was not available for an immediate response to the news.

As for how the Conchords have evolved, “We’ve grown up,” he said. “We’re not the characters from the TV show, in real life we’re dads now and listen to different kinds of music. The trickiest thing about touring again is getting used to your instrument again. Usually, I take my guitar in the van on the way to work to get used to it.”

On TV, the critically loved “Flight of the Conchords” series had a way-too-brief run of two seasons, consisting of 12 episodes in 2008 and 10 episodes in 2009.

Meanwhile, Clement also confirmed that a U.S. television adaptation of the film “What We Do In the Shadows,” the 2014 film he and Taika Waititi wrote, directed, and starred in, is now in the works — with plans to shoot a pilot later this year. Clement said he wouldn’t appear in the U.S. show, but is writing it.

“It’s pretty close, we’re going to film a pilot,” said Clement, who declined to identify the outlet. “This is about a documentary crew in America.”

Separately, Clement just wrapped “Wellington Paranormal,” the New Zealand TV spinoff of “What We Do In The Shadows.” The show is expected to premiere later this year.

“It’s a small show, just six episodes so far, about two cops in Wellington who go and investigate ghosts and werewolves and that kind of thing,” he said. “We finished filming about two weeks ago. It was really fun but tiring, we’d start at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then finish 12 hours later.”

“What We Do In the Shadows” began as a short film by Waititi and Clement, and was later reimagined as the film, a comedy that centered on a documentary crew that followed four vampire roommates — Viago, Vladislav, Deacon, and Petyr — and their relationship dynamics. Waititi also recently confirmed that the “Shadows” film sequel “We’re Wolves” is in the works.

As for a “Conchords” movie, Clement had nothing new to report on that front. He told IndieWire in 2015 that “we have actually started writing one. But who knows if it will ever be made, we’ve written some notes for some different film ideas. We’re not down to the stage where we’re going, ‘The film is going to be like this,’ it could be this, this, this, this, this.”

It looks like “Conchord” fans don’t have a film to look forward to yet, but can at least anticipate the new special soon.

anonymous asked:

Why is Columbine so overrated? Virginia Tech surpassed it in kills, many kids who shot up schools were troubled teens and Eric and Dylan weren't the first duo to shoot up a school.

I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing here. It’s not about the kills. It never was about the kills.  Columbine was the first of it’s kind. It was the event like no other. Two boys, from good homes and a “top” school, working together secretly planning for months to blow up their school and kill a mass quantity of students. They caught the school administration and the authorities off guard with their pants down. The world watched in abject terror as they had never seen such a thing before calculatedly planned by our own kids. Luckily the bombs never managed to go off but the boys still managed a terrorist-like siege on the school. SWAT had no clue what sort of animal they were dealing and because of that fact, the boys were allowed the upper hand over the authority that stood outside helpless for hours.  Sure, there weren’t many kills but the psychological terror of something grand scale that had never happened before is what defines Columbine..and to this day.   Columbine was the blue print that defined all future school shootings. I hate to use this term, but this event became the “pioneer”.  Other disenfranchised kids got the message loud and clear from the boys - regardless of the Basement Tapes never being released.   Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech mentioned that he himself was inspired by Eric and Dylan and ‘got’ what they did and why.  Virginia Tech was a result of Columbine.  Without Columbine, it’s not too terribly likely that Cho would’ve felt compelled to do what E & D had done to make his own rage-cry mark on the world. Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and all the rest after it.. are a repeat performance to the point where people have become completely numb to these events.  No, it was never ever about surpassing kills.  In the end, surpassing kill count is meaningless.  Just look at Sandy Hook: massive kills and children. Yet, sadly, the world has managed to recover and forget so quickly. People tend to see it as ‘more of the same’ derived from Columbine.  Expecting to trump Columbine through kill counts is irrelevant.  It  just never was about that. Any would-be shooter that thinks it is, is deceiving themselves. They will always be another just another disillusioned, isolated, marginalized casualty jumping off the same death cliff of Eric and Dylan. Columbine will always be the definer, the start of the end of an innocent age. Yes folks, now even our youth can make war along side adults.  Other shootings thereafter are merely the ripple effect still echoing from that epicenter eighteen years ago.  The world is stuck on brushing yet another faceless, nameless shooter under the carpet and deflecting on how mental health should be better, bullying should be prevented or talks of tighter gun control.  Yet, nothing ever changes in society and the cycle of destruction continues on in this karma-like repeat spell that Eric and Dylan helped create in our global consciousness. 


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“In the mood of writing more bughead soooo… hit me with your prompts?…”

First of all thank you so much for creating such amazing stories! I’d love to read a story involving prom/ school dance. Betty wants to go with Jughead but he’s not crazy about the idea of going to a school event like that.

Hope you like it, dear!! Thank you for your lovely words and for requesting!! 


“But, Juggie—”

“Betty, I said no.”

A childlike pout adorned the blonde’s luscious pink lips as she dropped her back on her leather seat at Pop’s, the action filling the silence with an icky squish sound. The conversation was pretty much going on and on like that since she had entered the small dinner and sat next to her beloved boyfriend, who these past days wasn’t so beloved but seemed to drive her to the wall with his stubbornness and his nonexistent desire of earning any social skills. At this point Betty was either gonna give up or smother his ridiculously handsome face with that laptop of his, that had his attention the whole hour she was trying to change his mind.

Topic of conversation: Riverdale High’s 20s decade dance. The whole school was filled with a gazillion of posters and excitement was pouring from every corridor of their high school, as this themed dance was a first time thing and very much anticipated. Needless to say, the Jones boy was grumpy and easily irritable this whole week that the preparations had reached their zenith. He didn’t quite get the big deal; it was just another event added to their long list of pep-rallies and jubilees, this being even worse, because it demanded attire from some too far gone golden era. Yeah, Jughead, wasn’t going to attend that.

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I understand Dre wanting Demika out if she wants to stand a chance at winning the game. What I don’t understand is why she is wanting to do it so early, like they will always be a bigger target then her as well as, they are two people who have her back 100% of the time!!!

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Bonne Nuit || David x Reader

Prompt: David has his first break up and you’re here to act as support and play a bit of a part in helping him get over it alongside the campers. 

Words: 3193

Warnings: SPOILERS TO CAMP CAMP SEASON 2 EPISODE 7 !!!!!! okay but a lot of fluff and crying david, swearing, and supportive mom Gwen, counselor Reader, Reader is usually super patient, reader is lowkey gay for the waitress, oh and Max is actually trustworthy of the reader

Author’s Notes: This concept has been swollen in my mind since the episode came out for FIRST members, and I felt compelled to write this out. Also, a lot of the beginning dialogue and some in between are not written by me, and is directly taken from the show. And shit this is a lot longer than I anticipated.

 “And that covers the basics of the Heimlich Maneuver.” Gwen said with a gentle tone, glancing over toward David with an almost pitiful smile. You cleared your throat and cut in for her, both of you sheepishly walking toward the teary-eyed counselor.

“David, would you like to demonstrate what we’ve learned on the dummy?” You asked quietly, hands clasped in front of you. David sobbingly met you both half way with the dummy being pushed by the shoulders, stifling an array of soaked tears.

“Sure thing,” David cried out, sniffling before continuing to speak. You could hear Max grumbled something on the lines of, “Oh, God, here it comes.” And upon more usual situations, you’d scold Max for being so outwardly rude, but this time you couldn’t help, but silently agree.

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‘Training’ (Hawkeye X Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Fighting


Request: Hello love! I just found your blog today and I’m already in love with it. And can I a Hawkeye x reader fluff where they’re both Archers and they love to prank the others? THANKS!

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You had known Clint for years. When you were both in the circus together, you were a duo together, shooting arrows together, and performing archery tricks together, like shooting fruits off each other’s body, and other challenges.

You trusted each other greatly through your training. You knew his weaknesses, and he knew yours. While his specialty was accuracy, yours was speed, and agility. This meant you were often the thing to avoid as he took shots, including him trying to hit targets on you while you performed tricks on poles and doing flips, and trying not to hit you.

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Being shot is actually what Heero would, if not want, then certainly expect if their situations were reversed. And we know he didn’t come to rescue Duo. He came to shoot him.

He changes his mind the second Duo quips about Heero actually shooting him because that’s when Heero realizes that this isn’t what Duo wants or expects. It’s only then that this turns into a rescue mission.

As much as Heero is guided by his own principles, he’s able to take in and adjust to the feelings of others. It’s what he does here with Duo, and it’s also, imo, one of the most interesting facets of his personality.


More catching up! These photos are from Katsucon when I shot with Destined Perfection Photography! I was so happy to be able to do this duo shoot with @lacee-girl as my Espeon! She’s so gorgeous! *_* Like seriously she’s too beautiful for words, I’m sorry my presence brings down the beauty of these shots. XD I also have a solo from this shoot! (I couldn’t find a nice way to arrange it with the other three so putting it down here instead so it doesn’t distract from how pretty the other three are!)

Target Ranks

Gonna open the floor up for MASSIVE DISCUSSION -AGAIN-!!!!!!  (This is all for research purpose, I swear.)

How do you rank the boys in terms of marksmanship with guns?  We know they can all shoot, and shoot well.  BUT how do you rank them?  If you have ranks for handguns and long range, include them!  Or if you just have a general rank.  You don’t have to include reasons if you don’t want to.  I want to see the fan consensus, because I may or may not have use for this information in a fanfic.

My rankings are a general rank.

1 - Heero:  Because he practically grew up with a gun in his hand, the ‘Perfect Soldier’ trope.

2 - Trowa: Same.  Child mercenary, his Gundam is pretty much nothing but guns, so he’s got some accuracy handy.

3 - Duo: He DID shoot Heero in the beginning of the series, so that takes some skill.  

4 - Wufei: Just because he prefers his sword over guns, in my opinion. (Based on his duels with Treize.)

5 - Quatre: He does use guns, but as the closest to pacifist, and anti-murder (anti-life taking?  Does that sound better?  I can’t tell), he’d use them the least.  Proficient in case of emergency, but not as skilled as Heero or Trowa, who could probably shoot with a gun in both hands at the same time.