duo shoot


Finally we’ve done this one <3 i’ve already d a solo shoot, but 2017 little group/duo Stone age shoot <3 (With juviaaaaaa lucy /o)

So Actually i work again on Levy and always on Kled … so logn i’m not really actif here sorry >n< But actually i can’t work how i want. But i do my best. So bad new about our Gajevy Shoot alavrez .. the shoot is not finish (our friend doesn’t come to the shoot … ) so we’ve done the biggest but not everything (th promess T.T) I work so hard on this i’m sorry ! but it’s so long ! 
so, Stone age Now //0

Levy: Me
Gajeel: @agils-world
Photo:Minhou Photo 

“For it is in passing that we achieve immortality.”

I honestly started crying when I saw this picture. Pyrrha is such an important character to me and I wanted to show that through this costume. I based my design on her Greek influence and my goal was to bring out the gladiator warrior that I always saw in her. There truly are no words for how happy I feel when I look at this picture.

An huge thanks to @day-matt-aaaaaaaaaaahhhh for helping to keep me sane while creating this and LXM Duo for shooting this out in the August sun in Vegas.

Warrior Pyrrha Nikos (Original Design) from RWBY

Shot at Sabakon 2016 

Sony A7+Zeiss 35mm


AnimeNEXT 2015 Five Nights at Freddy’s photo shoot Duos!

I’m the first Night Watch guard on the left!


  • EW Photog: Let's get a shot in Mulder's living room...
  • David Duchovny: Hey, what if you sit in my lap?
  • Gillian Anderson: Great idea!
  • EW Photog: Wait, um, okay...
  • Gillian Anderson: Then what if I climb the stairs and hold you from behind?
  • David Duchovny: Just get right on my back!
  • Gillian Anderson: And I'll wrap my legs like this...
  • EW Photog: Okay, I guess this works too...

Robert Murl Daniels, 24, and 22-year-old John Coulter West (right) met while serving time at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield. The latter was convicted of auto theft while Daniels was imprisoned for robbery, and they both were released in the summer of 1948 for good behavior. Together, they embarked on a crime spree that ended with seven people dead and became known as the “Mad Dog Killers.” Their first murder was committed on July 10 during a hold-up at a tavern in Columbus, where Daniels later confessed West shot the owner Earl Ambrose four times. The pair returned to Mansfield to seek revenge against a guard by the name of “Harris,” but when they couldn’t find him, they targeted farm superintendent John Niebel. On the night of July 21, they entered his home and kidnapped the family to a nearby cornfield. Niebel along with his wife and daughter were forced to strip before Daniels shot each of them in the head. West was responsible for the two other murders of  25-year-old farmer James Smith and truck driver Orville Taylor. Daniels and West’s spree came to an end when they were stopped at a road-block in Taylor’s truck on July 23. West engaged in a gunfight with the police, and he injured two officers before being shot to death. Daniels was apprehended without a struggle and boasted about his role in the murders, claiming he would have wiped out all the faculty at the reformatory if he had more time. In an interview shortly after his arrest with the officer responsible for apprehending him, he admits to killing three out of the six people, then winks at the camera and says, “I got my share.” Daniels was convicted of murdering the Niebel family and sentenced to death. He was executed on January 3, 1949.

I will never be over that smirk that crossed Root’s face when she said “and darlin’, you got a great shape” to Shaw in the middle of a giant gun fight. And that Shaw finally gave in and enjoyed it a little. Her tiny smile made my heart just about explode. It was a quintessential Shoot moment and I’m so glad we got one last one to savor. I will just never be over this character or relationship.