duo shoot

there’s a cockroach era photoshoot where everyone except ruki and reita are just posing to show off their stuff really hard 

it’s the most unintentionally hilarious thing 

I mean

what are you even trying to show??? “ohh yeah i have… pockets… and a shoulder…” actually Kai is too young and small here let’s move on i’m getting uncomfortable 

wait actually uruha is a bad example because this is just his natural state in this era but LOOK AT THIS

!!! boy is a hoe

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Why is Columbine so overrated? Virginia Tech surpassed it in kills, many kids who shot up schools were troubled teens and Eric and Dylan weren't the first duo to shoot up a school.

I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing here. It’s not about the kills. It never was about the kills.  Columbine was the first of it’s kind. It was the event like no other. Two boys, from good homes and a “top” school, working together secretly planning for months to blow up their school and kill a mass quantity of students. They caught the school administration and the authorities off guard with their pants down. The world watched in abject terror as they had never seen such a thing before calculatedly planned by our own kids. Luckily the bombs never managed to go off but the boys still managed a terrorist-like siege on the school. SWAT had no clue what sort of animal they were dealing and because of that fact, the boys were allowed the upper hand over the authority that stood outside helpless for hours.  Sure, there weren’t many kills but the psychological terror of something grand scale that had never happened before is what defines Columbine..and to this day.   Columbine was the blue print that defined all future school shootings. I hate to use this term, but this event became the “pioneer”.  Other disenfranchised kids got the message loud and clear from the boys - regardless of the Basement Tapes never being released.   Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech mentioned that he himself was inspired by Eric and Dylan and ‘got’ what they did and why.  Virginia Tech was a result of Columbine.  Without Columbine, it’s not too terribly likely that Cho would’ve felt compelled to do what E & D had done to make his own rage-cry mark on the world. Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and all the rest after it.. are a repeat performance to the point where people have become completely numb to these events.  No, it was never ever about surpassing kills.  In the end, surpassing kill count is meaningless.  Just look at Sandy Hook: massive kills and children. Yet, sadly, the world has managed to recover and forget so quickly. People tend to see it as ‘more of the same’ derived from Columbine.  Expecting to trump Columbine through kill counts is irrelevant.  It  just never was about that. Any would-be shooter that thinks it is, is deceiving themselves. They will always be another just another disillusioned, isolated, marginalized casualty jumping off the same death cliff of Eric and Dylan. Columbine will always be the definer, the start of the end of an innocent age. Yes folks, now even our youth can make war along side adults.  Other shootings thereafter are merely the ripple effect still echoing from that epicenter eighteen years ago.  The world is stuck on brushing yet another faceless, nameless shooter under the carpet and deflecting on how mental health should be better, bullying should be prevented or talks of tighter gun control.  Yet, nothing ever changes in society and the cycle of destruction continues on in this karma-like repeat spell that Eric and Dylan helped create in our global consciousness. 


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“In the mood of writing more bughead soooo… hit me with your prompts?…”

First of all thank you so much for creating such amazing stories! I’d love to read a story involving prom/ school dance. Betty wants to go with Jughead but he’s not crazy about the idea of going to a school event like that.

Hope you like it, dear!! Thank you for your lovely words and for requesting!! 


“But, Juggie—”

“Betty, I said no.”

A childlike pout adorned the blonde’s luscious pink lips as she dropped her back on her leather seat at Pop’s, the action filling the silence with an icky squish sound. The conversation was pretty much going on and on like that since she had entered the small dinner and sat next to her beloved boyfriend, who these past days wasn’t so beloved but seemed to drive her to the wall with his stubbornness and his nonexistent desire of earning any social skills. At this point Betty was either gonna give up or smother his ridiculously handsome face with that laptop of his, that had his attention the whole hour she was trying to change his mind.

Topic of conversation: Riverdale High’s 20s decade dance. The whole school was filled with a gazillion of posters and excitement was pouring from every corridor of their high school, as this themed dance was a first time thing and very much anticipated. Needless to say, the Jones boy was grumpy and easily irritable this whole week that the preparations had reached their zenith. He didn’t quite get the big deal; it was just another event added to their long list of pep-rallies and jubilees, this being even worse, because it demanded attire from some too far gone golden era. Yeah, Jughead, wasn’t going to attend that.

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I understand Dre wanting Demika out if she wants to stand a chance at winning the game. What I don’t understand is why she is wanting to do it so early, like they will always be a bigger target then her as well as, they are two people who have her back 100% of the time!!!

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Target Ranks

Gonna open the floor up for MASSIVE DISCUSSION -AGAIN-!!!!!!  (This is all for research purpose, I swear.)

How do you rank the boys in terms of marksmanship with guns?  We know they can all shoot, and shoot well.  BUT how do you rank them?  If you have ranks for handguns and long range, include them!  Or if you just have a general rank.  You don’t have to include reasons if you don’t want to.  I want to see the fan consensus, because I may or may not have use for this information in a fanfic.

My rankings are a general rank.

1 - Heero:  Because he practically grew up with a gun in his hand, the ‘Perfect Soldier’ trope.

2 - Trowa: Same.  Child mercenary, his Gundam is pretty much nothing but guns, so he’s got some accuracy handy.

3 - Duo: He DID shoot Heero in the beginning of the series, so that takes some skill.  

4 - Wufei: Just because he prefers his sword over guns, in my opinion. (Based on his duels with Treize.)

5 - Quatre: He does use guns, but as the closest to pacifist, and anti-murder (anti-life taking?  Does that sound better?  I can’t tell), he’d use them the least.  Proficient in case of emergency, but not as skilled as Heero or Trowa, who could probably shoot with a gun in both hands at the same time.

‘Training’ (Hawkeye X Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Fighting


Request: Hello love! I just found your blog today and I’m already in love with it. And can I a Hawkeye x reader fluff where they’re both Archers and they love to prank the others? THANKS!

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You had known Clint for years. When you were both in the circus together, you were a duo together, shooting arrows together, and performing archery tricks together, like shooting fruits off each other’s body, and other challenges.

You trusted each other greatly through your training. You knew his weaknesses, and he knew yours. While his specialty was accuracy, yours was speed, and agility. This meant you were often the thing to avoid as he took shots, including him trying to hit targets on you while you performed tricks on poles and doing flips, and trying not to hit you.

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More catching up! These photos are from Katsucon when I shot with Destined Perfection Photography! I was so happy to be able to do this duo shoot with @lacee-girl as my Espeon! She’s so gorgeous! *_* Like seriously she’s too beautiful for words, I’m sorry my presence brings down the beauty of these shots. XD I also have a solo from this shoot! (I couldn’t find a nice way to arrange it with the other three so putting it down here instead so it doesn’t distract from how pretty the other three are!)


Cosplay Posing 102: Posing With Another Person

imprints of the words you chose to say

A/N: so here’s a new one-shot! honestly, I’ve been meaning to finish this and put it up but after the election, I had lost a lot of motivation to really write. But, this was a great distraction– hope you guys enjoy it! feedback is always appreciated :)
Word count: 3,304


“Lucas?” She whispers, poking her head into her roommate’s bedroom. It was close to 3AM and she had yet to fall asleep because of that stupid horror movie she saw with Maya a few hours ago. Every time one of her body parts was peaking out of her blanket, she felt as if some sort of horrific clown was going to grab at her and possibly kill her. “Lucas, are you up?” She asks again, tip-toeing to the opposite side of his bed.

The blonde stirs in his sleep, his eyes fluttering open lazily. His vision is somewhat blurry as he makes out a feminine silhouette in the dark. He’s about to fall asleep again until he hears Riley’s soft voice call out to him. “Riley?” He questions, furrowing his brows slightly. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

She ignores the strange feeling in her gut at the sound of how husky his voice sounds from slumber. It’s been 2 years since the two have been roommates and it was something she couldn’t get enough of– not that she’d ever tell him that. “Can I sleep here tonight? I think I might die on my own,” She explains, as if it’s the most logical thing in the world.

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Quotes are a Chekhov’s Gun: Duo
From Episode Zero to Episode 02: The Gundam Deathscythe


“It’s pretty obvious to anyone that you’re the bad guy here,” Duo declares smugly after sending a bullet to Heero’s arm to ‘save’ Relena.

It’s a playful albeit rare intro speech for someone who takes up the role of a knight in priest clothes and jodhpurs shining armor in a situation like this. Maybe he’s already there before Relena arrives. Perhaps he notices how Relena approaches Heero, and then sees how Heero looks at her and says her name. But once Heero pulls out a gun, he is quick to think, “Ah, yep, bad guy.” But why broadcast it, like it needs to be validated?

I know seeing someone being held at gunpoint and witnessing the horrors of wars are very different, but I’d like to think Duo’s view on battles have also touched his beliefs about other things, like in something smaller like this.

In his Episode Zero, the young Duo doesn’t believe there are good guys or bad guys in battles. Identifying the sides is pointless because all he knows is that war is the reason why there are many orphans like him and that it’s a reason he has witnessed so many deaths (which subsequently makes him believe in a God of Death or Shinigami instead of a God. “I’ve seen a lot of dead people but no miracles,” he says.)

In AC 188, a group of rebels takes shelter in the Maxwell church, where Duo is staying after being adopted by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. The rebels express their need to have at least one mobile suit so they can fight for their freedom and prevent the Alliance’s occupation. After the rebels hurt Father Maxwell and Sister Helen for “confusing people with talk of peace”, Duo says he’ll steal an MS so they would leave the church. He thinks, “Everyone hates war just the other day! Why go start another one?! If you want a war so much, then why don’t you jerks go fight each other and leave us alone?!”

He succeeds in stealing an MS, but when he returns he finds what would later be known as the “Maxwell Church Tragedy”: the Alliance has reduced the church to rubble, Father Maxwell is dead, and Sister Helen is alive just long enough to die in his arms. The incident is said to claim 245(?) lives.

After that—when he participates in Operation Meteor—I’m pretty certain he gets confused a lot. We’re doing the right thing, right? They’re the bad guys, yes? Am I a good guy? IS THAT GUY A BAD GUY?

Which, interestingly, are quite similar to the questions many viewers are asking themselves while watching the series. The pilots are basically terrorists, are they really who we should be rooting for? Are we supposed to hate OZ when they have their own valid points too? Which side should we be cheering for, WHEN EVERYONE REALLY WANTS PEACE but just has different ways of trying to achieve it?

Because I’m a dork with a penchant for overthinking, I’m assuming that the scene in the beginning is symbolic for the whole show. Remember that when Duo saves Relena from being shot, she jumps defensively in front of Heero, demanding Duo what he is shooting Heero for. This baffles Duo to no end, thinking, “How come I ended up being the bad guy here?”

Like what I said before, this is and will always be one of the beautiful intricacies of Gundam Wing: there are no cookie-cutter heroes or clear-cut villains in it. It makes the audience think. It teaches them to appreciate the characters because they’re more like humans—complex, flawed, a mixture of good and bad, capable of growth—instead of because they’re obviously portrayed as the “good guys”. :)



Character: Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton 

Warnings: mentions of child abuse


Tris and her mom ran through the city to where some members of abnegation were hiding. suddenly a large transport truck with dauntless members on it rounded the corner. Once the people in the truck spotted the mother daughter duo they started shooting at them making them duck into an empty alley way for cover.

Tris came out of cover and let out a few shots until she noticed two familiar figures. there was a tall boy with blonde hair falling into his eyes and a small girl with (y/h/c), (y/e/c), and (y/s/t).

`Will! (y/n)!` Tris screamed hoping that they would snap out of it and wake up.

Will and (y/n) showed no signs of recognition or that they were going to wake up instead they let off a few more shots nearly taking off Tris`s head.

Tris tried a few more time to get them to wake up but time was running short and there was no improvement. Tris ducked out of cover and shot Will in the head.

Just before Tris pulled the trigger to stop (y/n) she saw a glint of gold on (y/n)’s left hand and the beast in my stomach reared it’s head and without a second thought Tris squeezed the trigger and put a bullet in (y/n)’s heart .

The two Prior women ran into the cover of safety in another alley way. Tris leaned against the brick wall of the building bursting into tears, she killed one of her best friends.

All of the sudden Tris felt sick when she thought of what she did to the woman who she had always thought of as competition or in her way.

(y/n)’s life flashed before Tris`s eyes like it was her own


Putting on black and white clothes.


Running after Dauntless pretending to be one of them before her mom and dad scolding her for it


A young boy laying on the ground gasping for breath


Older sister cutting her palm and letting the blood drop into a bowl full of soil


Her parents crying


The mean boy Peter pushing her to the ground and being helped up by a lanky boy from abnegation telling her his name is Tobias


Parents yelling at her


The boy called Tobias cutting his palm and letting his blood fall in a bowl of coals


She is sitting in a chair and given a blue liquid by a dauntless woman named Tori


Grabs a knife and killing the dog that was attacking her


Cutting her palm letting the blood fall on the coals, closing her eyes at the anguished wails of her parents


Jumping off the building into the net bellow


Getting the crap kicked out of her by an Erudite transfer


Getting a tattoo


Winning a fight against the Erudite transfer


Sitting in a chair being injected with the fear serum


Coming first in initiation


Meeting Tobias again


Tobias and her first date


First kiss


Moving in




Laughing and hanging out with friends

(y/n)’s life started flashing by quicker and quicker until it was just flashes of colour and short images that were gone too quickly to make out.

Flash, Flash, Flash, BANG!

Then her life is over with a finger on a trigger and a bullet in a gun.

Only after watching (y/n)’s life did she finally realize that (y/n) was an amazing person and what Tris had done to (y/n) and treated her just because she was infatuated with (y/n) boyfriend was inexcusable.

“Tris…Tris… TRIS!” Tris snapped out of it once she heard her mother calling her name  “come on we have to go.” Tris nodded agreeing with her mother and continuing to the safe house.


The first thing out of Tobias’s mouth when Tris got him out of the sim was “where’s (y/n)? is she alright?”

Not knowing what to say Tris told him that she hadn’t seen her. She just hopes he doesn't find out the truth.


The guilt was eating her alive. She often had nightmares about Will and (y/n) ending with her waking up in cold sweat and screaming. It doesn't help that every time she sees Tobias that it hits her all over again.

Tobias is worried about her you can see it plainly on his face. He has this frown that is always on his face, and he keeps looking behind him as if hoping that she would somehow appear out of nowhere, and tease him endlessly about worrying so much, calling him a worrywart and telling him he is going to get wrinkles and start graying prematurely.

Tris knew that it would never happen, he would never kiss her, see her smile, or have her teasing him ever again, all because of her.

It was all her fault.

Tobias will never forgive her for this.



“Beatrice Prior what is your deepest regret?” Niles asked.

What do I regret? I don’t regret choosing dauntless, I don’t regret shooting the people guarding the control room. So what do I regret?

“I regret…” I trailed off as I looked over at Tobias whose face was expressionless but his eyes had worry and fear in his dark blue eyes and Christina who was beside him.

All of the sudden I couldn't breathe.

I close my eyes, no longer able to look at them.

I have to tell the truth

“Will, and (y/n),” I say sounding like a gasp. There is no going back now. “I shot Will and (y/n) while they were under the simulation. I killed them. They were going to kill me, but I killed them.”

I feel a pain in my stomach so intense that I almost groan. I hurts to remember Will and it hurts to remember how horrid I was to (y/n) but because I was jealous that she had something that I wanted that she was dating Tobias and I wasn’t. It hurts every part of me.

I feel bare. I didn’t realize that I wore my secrets as armor until they were gone, and no everyone sees me as I really am.

“thank you for your honesty.” everyone said in a monotone voice.

Everyone but Tobias and Christina


I rise from my chair and look for a door. I wanted to run away to leave but the crowd was filing out making it impossible to make an escape.

Everyone was filling out but Christina who stands where I left her, but there were tears in her eyes.

“Christina,” I say, but the only words I can think of—I’m sorry—sound more like an insult than an apology. Sorry is what you are when you bump someone with your elbow, what you are when you interrupt someone. I am more than sorry.

“He had a gun,” I say. “He was about to shoot me. He was under the simulation.”

“You killed them,” she says then turns away and leaves with her little sister.

I then look for Tobias who was staking away angrily. His shoulders were hunched and his hand were shaking and he was clenching and unclenching them looking like he wanted to punch something, or rather someone.

“Tobias!” I called racing after him.

I placed my hand on his shoulder but Tobias jerked away violently and tenses.

“Don’t Tris… just don’t”

“They had a gun! They were going to kill me!” I say tears filling my eyes

“Don’t try and justify what you did Tris, you killed her! You killed my family!” Tobias yelled his voice breaking at the end “(y/n) and I were going to get married and (y/n) was pregnant.”

“Oh, god.” I gasped all of the sudden I felt the need to throw up.

“I will never forgive you.”


Robert Murl Daniels, 24, and 22-year-old John Coulter West (right) met while serving time at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield. The latter was convicted of auto theft while Daniels was imprisoned for robbery, and they both were released in the summer of 1948 for good behavior. Together, they embarked on a crime spree that ended with seven people dead and became known as the “Mad Dog Killers.” Their first murder was committed on July 10 during a hold-up at a tavern in Columbus, where Daniels later confessed West shot the owner Earl Ambrose four times. The pair returned to Mansfield to seek revenge against a guard by the name of “Harris,” but when they couldn’t find him, they targeted farm superintendent John Niebel. On the night of July 21, they entered his home and kidnapped the family to a nearby cornfield. Niebel along with his wife and daughter were forced to strip before Daniels shot each of them in the head. West was responsible for the two other murders of  25-year-old farmer James Smith and truck driver Orville Taylor. Daniels and West’s spree came to an end when they were stopped at a road-block in Taylor’s truck on July 23. West engaged in a gunfight with the police, and he injured two officers before being shot to death. Daniels was apprehended without a struggle and boasted about his role in the murders, claiming he would have wiped out all the faculty at the reformatory if he had more time. In an interview shortly after his arrest with the officer responsible for apprehending him, he admits to killing three out of the six people, then winks at the camera and says, “I got my share.” Daniels was convicted of murdering the Niebel family and sentenced to death. He was executed on January 3, 1949.

I will never be over that smirk that crossed Root’s face when she said “and darlin’, you got a great shape” to Shaw in the middle of a giant gun fight. And that Shaw finally gave in and enjoyed it a little. Her tiny smile made my heart just about explode. It was a quintessential Shoot moment and I’m so glad we got one last one to savor. I will just never be over this character or relationship.

“For it is in passing that we achieve immortality.”

I honestly started crying when I saw this picture. Pyrrha is such an important character to me and I wanted to show that through this costume. I based my design on her Greek influence and my goal was to bring out the gladiator warrior that I always saw in her. There truly are no words for how happy I feel when I look at this picture.

An huge thanks to @day-matt-aaaaaaaaaaahhhh for helping to keep me sane while creating this and LXM Duo for shooting this out in the August sun in Vegas.

Warrior Pyrrha Nikos (Original Design) from RWBY

Shot at Sabakon 2016 

Sony A7+Zeiss 35mm