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some makeup tips for lower-budget beginners

hello younger girls, trans girls, and anyone who wants to learn how to do makeup and doesn’t have $3k to drop on a kit, here’s a compilation of things i’ve learned doing makeup on myself and others over the years, and overspending on like, everything

- if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in foundation that won’t clog your pores/irritate your skin
- nyx has good eyeshadow singles
- nyx primer is also a+
- nyx is just great ok
- morphe palettes are twice as big as sephora palettes and half the price, and they’re almost (if not equally) as good.
- if you’re spending over 8$ on mascara you probably have something to prove
- take care of your skin your makeup will look 10x better if you do
- makeup wipes are convenient but overpriced and wasteful: garnier miscellar water is like $6.50, works better, and lasts a long time. put it on a paper towel or a kleenex or a cotton pad.
- beauty blenders are just fancy sponges that soak up your product and grow bacteria. don’t let instagram tell you you need one
- all the brushes you need: foundation (there are lots of kinds, my favorite is a japonesque round tapered synthetic brush), big fluffy powder, little fluffy blender for crease, little flat one for eyelid, medium fluffy cheek brush, eyeliner brush (angle or tiny skinny one, whichever you like better. sephora has an amazing angle liner brush for ~$14), brow brush if your aren’t using gel. the rest are great but you can do a full face with just those 7.
- don’t use creams with natural hair brushes. morphe + real techniques have great synthetic ones.
- maybelline 24 hour tattoo gel eyeliner is $9 and better than every gel liner i’ve ever used
- light-medium foundation with buildable coverage: one foundation for everyday and full glam
- colourpop’s lip products are ~$6 each and they’re amazing
- spray brush cleaner!!!!!!!!! (you can use rubbing alcohol but it can dry out natural hair brushes, and make sure it’s dry before putting it near your eyes bc that shit hurts)
- buy lashes online, buy duo lash glue at cvs
- HALLOWEEN STORE GLITTER (make sure it’s cosmetic grade!)

doddlevlogle  asked:

what makeup were u wearing in ur selfie?

ooo let’s see!

  • kat von d lock it foundation in light 42
  • nyx vivid brights creme color in sugar rush
  • nyx faux whites eye brightener in white smoke
  • nyx vivid brights liner in vivid petal
  • anastasia dip brow pomade in auburn 
  • kevyn aucoin sculpting powder
  • huda beauty liquid lip in bombshell
  • dls blush in kitty pink
  • urban decay afterglow highlighter
  • it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer in light
  • kiss #11 lashes + duo lash glue
  • sephora outrageous curl mascara
  • hard candy setting spray

imlydiaa  asked:

Hi! 😊 I want to try out eyelashes and i just want to know where i could find some cheap/affordable lashes that looks real?

Hello!  Falsies are one of my biggest beauty guilty pleasures!  They’re the easiest way to take your makeup up a notch… from basic to BAM.  All it takes is a little practice, and soon it will be second nature to apply lashes and will only take a few moments in your routine.

When you’re first starting out with lashes, I’d say the best ones to pick up would be Ardell lashes.  They’re definitely the easiest brand to find (you can get them at pretty much any drugstore, beauty store, or supermarket) and they’re excellent quality for not much money.  They cost about $5 depending on where you get them (I can usually get them in my area for $3.99).  I like Ardell because they have TONS of different styles, and they’re really easy to apply because the lash band is flexible and never too thick.  The lashes themselves never seem to shed on me and as long as you take care of them and clean them after each use, you can use them multiple times.

My favorite lashes from Ardell are the Wispies and the #120 Demis, but if you want a natural look I’d recommend the #110s as seen above.  They’re nice and short but still give pretty volume, and the staggered lash length helps them to blend in with your natural lashes easier.  Plus, the lash band is clear (see how they look like little bunches at the roots?)  which makes them so easy to wear - you don’t need thick liner to hide the lash band with these!

As for glue, most Ardell lashes come with a little tube of glue that will get you through a couple of uses.  If you wanted to invest in a big tube that will last you a long time, I’d recommend these:

LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive - $4  This is very similar to Duo Lash Glue but isn’t as expensive.  This is also made by Ardell.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive - $4  I was recently turned onto this via YouTube, where I saw tons of people using this little cheapie that I had hidden in my lash drawer for who knows how long!  This has a brush applicator which is SO easy and quick to use.  Just remember to wait about 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky on the lash before you stick them on your eyes!

I hope this helps you!  Have fun playing with lashes.  For more tips and related posts, check the tags below.  

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existentialhouseplant  asked:

hello again im sorry, but what makeup products do you use? because when i try to do makeup you can see all my pores and shit and im so mad so can you help? :))

hey!!!! these are the products that i use in my Everyday routine as of rn:

  • smashbox photo finish primer 
  • kat von d lock it foundation (light 42)
  • tarte shape tape or it cosmetics concealer 
  • airspun or kat von d loose setting powder
  • brow wiz or dip brow pomade by abh
  • kevin aucoin contour sculpting powder
  • dls blush in kitty pink
  • (as highlighter) essence mono eyeshadow in the grammy goes glammy or laura mercier face illuminator 
  • (i use a lot of different palettes, lmk if you want to know the ones i have or smth!)
  • kat von d tattoo liner
  • sephora outrageous curl mascara
  • kiss #11 lashes with duo lash glue
  • hard candy setting spray

as for pores, i would say to invest in a good primer!!! i love the porefessional, photo finish primer, and love hangover!!!

Duo Lash Adhesive-Green Box

(photo from google)

So Duo is a loved lash glue among many false lash lovers. They have different packaing and colors. Black and clear glue, as well as brush on, squeeze tubes and one for individual lashes. The one I have is in the green box and is a clear brush on applicator.

The packaging is pretty nice and sleek. The bottle is also clear so you can see how much is left. This goes on a iridescent white but quickly dries clear. I absolutely love this glue. It holds on all day without coming loose and the clear formula makes it easy for me to hide any mistakes I have easily, since I tend to make a mess with my lashes.

The reason I bought this one over the other kinds of duo glue is that it has a fine brush applicator. This makes is so easy to apply to any kind of lashes, including individual ones and if I need to touch up the corners when applying.

This takes about 30 seconds to get tacky and apply which is pretty basic for all lash glues. Overall I give this glue a 5/5 and is my favorite kind.