duo lash glue

Duo Lash Adhesive-Green Box

(photo from google)

So Duo is a loved lash glue among many false lash lovers. They have different packaing and colors. Black and clear glue, as well as brush on, squeeze tubes and one for individual lashes. The one I have is in the green box and is a clear brush on applicator.

The packaging is pretty nice and sleek. The bottle is also clear so you can see how much is left. This goes on a iridescent white but quickly dries clear. I absolutely love this glue. It holds on all day without coming loose and the clear formula makes it easy for me to hide any mistakes I have easily, since I tend to make a mess with my lashes.

The reason I bought this one over the other kinds of duo glue is that it has a fine brush applicator. This makes is so easy to apply to any kind of lashes, including individual ones and if I need to touch up the corners when applying.

This takes about 30 seconds to get tacky and apply which is pretty basic for all lash glues. Overall I give this glue a 5/5 and is my favorite kind.