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you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
”As long as i’m with hyung, i’m happy no matter where we go. - Jeon Jungkook

When I read that Tae’s role in blood sweat tears was originally for yoongi, but bighit changed it because Jin and Yoongi couldn’t take it seriously I didn’t really pay attention to it, like it couldn’t be THAT BAD, but after today bts home party I totally believe it, these two combined can’t be trusted.

Taehyung wrote 네시 with lyrics and melody that are so deep and immensely emotional please keep this in mind and don’t romanise the song and make it about anything else, let’s not turn blind eyes on the emotions overflowing in the song, let’s not ignore the beautiful hard work Taehyung and Namjoon put in the song. The song is the emotions that lead to it, the bluish moment at dawn that puts your heart at ease and peace. Listen to the song with this thought in mind and admire the beautifully made song.