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Dynamic Duo Looks Back On Their Heartfelt Collaboration With EXO’s Chen

Highly praised by many listeners, the collaboration between Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen is a touching song that provides comfort and strength for those who need it.

Reflective of the praise, their track “Nosedive” marked first place on six major digital music charts after it dropped on January 24, despite the fierce and long-lasting competition from “Goblin” OST releases.

During a recent interview, Dynamic Duo commented on the single’s success, and talked about the inspiration behind it.

“It’s a track I produced while thinking about encouraging myself. The process of writing these lyrics and recording this song was a huge source of comfort for me,” Choiza explained.

Even before it came out, many people were curious to see how this mix of artists would play out, with both greatly acknowledged as some of the best in their respective fields as a hip-hop duo and idol. Notably, both parties previously named each other as artists they’d want to work with in the future, which makes this collaboration even more meaningful. Chen particularly expressed his excitement at being collaborate with seniors he admired for so long.

Gaeko complimented Chen, and how his addition helped elevate the overall encouraging message of their track. He expressed how the singer’s clear voice ringing out in the song makes it seem like Chen is reassuring the “tired” rappers. “I was really happy that a song we’ve had sketched out for a while now could finally be released to the world,” Gaeko added.

“Nosedive” is only the first part of a project between Dynamic Duo’s agency Amoeba Culture and Loen Entertainment. Named “Mixxxture,” it aims to bring people from different genres together to release meaningful music.

What are your thoughts on Dynamic Duo and Chen’s beautiful single?

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Rambles About Kim and Ron V. Marco and Star

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Ever since Star Vs began, fans have been drawing some parallels between this dynamic duo with Kim and Ron from Kim Possible. This post in specific got me thinking about this topic. 

Kim and Ron

Kim and Ron became a canon romance in the TV movie So the Drama. Before that, one other episode sets up and plays with the idea of the two getting involved romantically, “Mood Sickness.” By cartoon plot convenience, both Shego and Kim have mood-altering badges dubbed moodulators fall onto and attach to their necks. Shenanigans ensue and similar to the artificial “I’m in love with this person” state induced by love potions in other toons, there’s a “lovesick” setting on this device. In short, on this setting, Kim and Shego respectively become temporarily infatuated with the first guy they see. In Kim’s case, this is her best friend Ron.

What’s interesting is comparing how aggressive and relentless Kim is here compared to other times where she’s a bit more shy or low-key around her crush. Apparently, the moodulator cuts out inhibitions like beer goggles would. Kim’s approach is dramatically out of character, making the situation that much more bizarre and surreal. Kim isn’t a femme fatale or bordering on crazy tsundere. One of her few faults is that she gets really nervous and tongue-tied around most guys she likes. 

The rest of the episode focuses on how Ron wrestles with whether or not he wants to reciprocate Kim’s advances and start dating. He decides against it at this point in the series, but this episode does establish that he has some feelings for Kim. Or, at the very least, he likes the idea of their ending up together and would pursue the possibility given the right opportunity. 

Love potion episodes provide an interesting medium for exploring romantic interactions between characters without committing to setting up a relationship. In Jimmy Neutron, for example, “Love Potion 976/J” is the precursor to more plot hints and scenes focusing on Jimmy’s and Cindy’s budding romance. Granted, after this episode, there’s specific emphasis on “Yes, these two will be endgame canon.” So, there is merit in picking out an episode like this and using it as a launchpad for discussing when/how certain dynamics start up. In Kim and Ron’s case, though, the idea of their getting romantically involved is indefinitely shelved until “So The Drama.” No other episodes or scenes really hint at or suggest the idea. 

In “So the Drama,” charismatic smooth operator Erik enters the picture and steals both Kim’s heart and attention. Ron becomes jealous, realizing that he has deep-seated feelings for Kim. It’s sewn into the bigger, overarching theme of growing up and maturing. When Erik is first introduced, the movie makes a point of showing Ron and Erik clicking in regards to interests and personality. This could be used to show the biggest key difference between Ron and Erik is that, supposedly, Erik is more grown up and mature. Kim initially picks him because of these factors. Theme-wise, Erik is a foil to Ron and his existential crisis with figuring out what it means to be entering adulthood. 

Ultimately, Ron and Kim’s friendship is tested when Kim has to choose between staying with Erik at the prom or believing Ron’s claims about Dr. Drakken. Erik is, quite possibly, a kingpin move in Dr. Drakken’s best scheme ever. Though, it’s pretty convenient that Ron’s most meaningful romantic rival was the bad guy in disguise. It’s convenient that Kim decides to shelve her qualms about Ron and go with him to prom at the end. In this respect, Erik was more a plot device than a character. Ron doesn’t even consider his feelings for Kim until Erik enters the picture. Kim doesn’t really consider Ron a viable prospect until the big reveal outs Erik as Dr. Drakken’s synthetic minion. When Kim goes to prom with Ron, I understand the underlying implication. He’s always been there, he’s reliable, and there’s strong merit in furthering her relationship with him as they guide the unpredictable waters of adulthood. Though, Ron still comes across as a consolation prize or sloppy seconds. It’s unintentional, but him winning the girl at the end feels kind of hollow or a rush to the fairytale ending for lack of a better description. 

I’ll just come right out and say it: I feel like Ron and Kim getting together would have a stronger impact if Erik wasn’t there. There’s so much potential in Ron’s existential crisis reflected by Kim going through something similar. Where he wonders if he has to let go of childhood and move on, Kim could wonder if she truly is ready for the future. Both would find some meaning in confiding in each other and opening to the idea of the other as a grounding anchor in a crazy, chaotic world. Kim finds that it’s a good idea to reflect on the past and what made her the person she is now. It’s important to keep track of what helped her become successful so she can continue to make such strides. In Ron’s case, he opens more to how necessary and unavoidable change is, but not every change is a bad thing. My big gripe is that Kim and Ron’s romance should have been a bigger focus and received more significant development. 

That’s unusual for me since usually, I prefer romance as a sub-plot. Considering how big of a plot point a Kim and Ron romance is here, though, I think it deserved more attention, consideration, and development. That’s just my ten cents, though. In general, “So the Drama” is a fantastic movie, especially since it’s Dr. Drakken’s brief moment in the sun. 

Star and Marco

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In the case of Star and Marco, “Blood Moon Ball” organically introduced the idea of a budding romance or planted the seeds for one. Technically, it was the first episode to establish that yes, Star and Marco might get together. Since then, the scene at the end of “Sleepover” added further fodder by introducing the idea that Star has a little crush on Marco. Certain scenes in the promos for “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown” elude to Star, possibly, grappling with the realization that she has feelings for Marco. 

This is where the parallels drawn between Ron and Kim with Star and Marco supposedly pique. Marco has a similar decision to what Kim faced at the prom: stay with his love interest or go help Star in her time of need. If a direct point-to-point compare/contrast held up here, Starco would be endgame by next week. Though, this is a pretty amorphous compare/contrast in many regards. If anything, it serves as an interesting foundation for saying what a viewer prefers about how the “best friends falling in love” narrative was set up in each series. I suppose that a viewer could argue that Starco may be the flagship romance for 2010′s preteens that Kim and Ron were for so many early 2000′s pre-teens. That’s about it, though. It’s not a precursor for whether or not Marco and Star will get together. 

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Continuing with the compare/contrast, I guess Jackie is a rough stand-in for what role Erik played. She slides back and forth between secondary character and plot device, depending on the given episode. Thus far, she’s played a significant role in plot threads focusing on Marco’s character development. Every time he works up the nerve to talk to her or make a move, it reflects him becoming more confident and self-assured. Jackie sits in a similar camp to what Sensei did as Marco’s thematic foil in “Red Belt.” She has enough character to be distinctive, but not really enough to stand alone or bring much significance to other plot threads beyond her interactions with Marco (at this point in the series anyway). In short, their romance is pretty one-sided at this point. Any scenes focusing on them feel like a victory lap for Marco beyond anything else. 

That said, though, I’d love to see a full-blown Marco and Jackie romance and watch things progress over the course of a season or so. Few cartoons follow a relationship from the beginning to end and there’s been enough build-up that it’d feel really abrupt if things stopped this soon. The next step is more significant character development on Jackie’s part. What does her relationship with Marco bring to her? At this point, Jackie could step up for more character development or end up bowing out and getting picked up again in a different, separate plot thread. Even if the episode ends favoring the idea of Marco considering a relationship with Star, Jackie is a levelheaded enough character that there aren’t going to be melodramatic theatrics and waterworks. 

On Star’s part, I can’t see her hating or seething with intense jealousy towards Jackie. Or at least, she’d make an effort not to outwardly show it. The way Jackie is written, it’s hard not to like her or at least, to be indifferent towards her. If Star Vs decides to set up Star grappling with jealousy towards Marco and Jackie, it’d be a humbling, maturing moment for her. She’s impulsive, but she’s not cruel. She’d find a way to cope if it meant leading to her best friend being happy. It’d be a quieter, more down-to-earth heartbreak than some toons present. In short, Jackie’s role presents some pretty intriguing routes for what kind of character development and dilemmas can come with an outside love interest in a “best friends falling in love” set-up. 

In Conclusion

I’ll be returning to this discussion after Monday’s episode. I just wanted to hash out some of my brainstorming and rambly thoughts now so I have a stronger base to start from.