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After yesterday’s post, we go from a pretty princess, to a spoiled, sadistic, rotten one. Focusing on the bad guys today, I’ve got a fairly decent chunk of Tesla Magnets-related art to start out, including her Cross Fusion form, and Mags himself.

They are followed by one of her lackies, Mr. fur sandals gorillion man, the creepy fun Desertman, battle-damaged armless Shademan, and finally, a nice assortment of Duo pieces that include him chargin’ his lazer, and his fists of justice.

Duo’s the best Gundam to double as a football field goal post there is! Referee Netto is just standing down there next to him ready to raise his arms up after the ball is kicked to go, “It’s good!” And that’s how the 13 with the Crest of Duo saved the planet…through American football…

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash

cosmicmangoes  asked:

Do you still answers asks about the gemmatsu au? What do you think a fusion between three of the boys would be? Like ichi, jyushi, and kara?

Yeah I do. I just forget about them, is all. X_X

But anyways! 3-way fusions between the boys wouldn’t be too different from their duo fusions, except being a little more unstable.

So for the Ichi/Jyushi/Kara fusion, we’d get this guy:

For those wondering about the name & color, I blended all 3 of their colors using this, & found the name for the color I got using this.

But anyways, Blue Haze is always kind of restless. Wants to do everything but constantly interrupting himself because of anxiety (wow a lot of the fusions tend to have anxiety & self control problems X_X) and just really wants to be loved.

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How tall would you say Stonipbel is? Since each duo fusion is about the size of a normal teen/adult, would they be twice the size of a normal person? Just a random question I had!

So here’s how the heights for Steven’s fusions work. Stevonnie, Maven, and Stepper are, like you said, all taller than Pearl but shorter than Garnet (and out of those three, the tallest is Stevonnie while Maven and Stepper are roughly about the same height (Maven’s about a millimeter taller because, well, because you know why lol (also that makes Stepper the shortest of Steven’s fusions which I find fucking adorable). The trifusions (Mabonnven, Convenper, and Dipevebel) are all about… oh, I’d say Jasper or Rose’s height (so the height of a usual Quartz, though maybe just a little taller). So Stonipbel, being a four way fusion, would probably be around Opal’s height, which would make them… oh I dunno, roughly around 20 feet tall. One day I’ll likely do a size chart for all these fusions, just because I kinda want a visual reference on this myself tbh. 


Gonna go back to the Cross Fusion team showcase for my next few posts, focusing on a couple of the ladies first. An assortment of Cross Fusion/Human/Navi images for Pride & Knightman and Jasmine & Medi today.

Also thrown in is the Crest of Duo, the awkward Galactus tattoo that fits in the palm of your hand and gets you into a special club if you can do the secret handshake right.

Constant summer contest countdown plug: 17 Days Left!

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash


@naniroxy *rubs my hands together* OH YEAAAHHHH.

Alrighty I need someone to force fuse him with, eenie meenie min-T̳̠̯ͅO̟͎̩̠̰̰R̫̯D̨̠̞͍̺.

Nobody knows how this happened. Not even Edd and Tord. All Tom and Matt heard was terrifying anguished screams coming from a lab room they didn’t know existed. As they dashed to the source of the screams, they nearly tripped over some barrels.

Hazmat barrels.

They seem to be empty however, and they proceed to look around the lab. There’s a massive puddle of blood and what seems to melted flesh. Matt gags at the sight of it and Tom isn’t feeling too well. Some beakers with colorful liquids are scattered on the floor, and the duo steps over them. Suddenly, Matt sees something hiding under a overturned desk.

“Edd? Tord? Are you guys okay? You’re giving us a real scare here!”

Nobody responds.

Tom approaches the desk, and suddenly hears guttural sounds. They vaguely sound like somebody saying no repetitively. Nonetheless, Tom pulls back the desk and is mortified.

The forced fusion is barely human. It’s torso is too wide and it has four arms that are clawed. There are three legs, one jutting out of another. The fusion’s face is unpleasant too. A cluster of eyes is in the center, all looking in different directions. However, they’re Edd’s and Tord’s eye colors. Their mouth is wide and it goes all the way to the sides of their head, and is full of jagged teeth all sporadically placed. Their hoodie is ripped, but it’s a messy blur between red and a overpowering green shade. Their hair is messy and has light tan roots. There also seem to be eerie solid green quills sticking out of their back and spine, along with what seems to be a very small tail.

Tom screams and the fusion recoils at it. Matt nearly faints but catches himself on a nearby chair. The fusion backs itself deeper into a corner and is drooling. The duo KNOWS it’s Edd and Tord, since they can tell by the hoodie colors and that Tord’s pseudo-horn hair style is barely visible. The fusion whimpers when the duo stared at them. They need help. Tom and Matt slowly back out and make a mad dash to Eduardo’s. They know he’s also a scientist and that he knows how to deal with ‘stuff like this’. At first Eduardo dismisses them, ignoring their pleads for help. Eduardo was going to close the front door until Tom said that Edd’s hurt.

He hesitates.

Eduardo caves in to their pleas and helps with the ‘thing’ that’s in their house. They never really specified what was going on, since they were both sobbing and trembling. Eduardo makes himself into the lab, glaring at all the spilled chemicals and the overall raved state of the lab. Then he sees…….. Burnt holes in the wall?

Oh no.

Laser vision.

Did Edd’s powers came back? Well Eduardo had to dismiss this when he saw the fusion crawling on all fours (well sevens technically) towards him. Eduardo sharply screams and the fusion skids back into it’s corner. He can’t believe it. What had his rival gotten in to? After setting aside the overall fear and shock of seeing the fusion, Eduardo begins to coax it, calming it down. It seems frightened, but has enough claws, teeth, and spikes to essentially rip anyone to shreds. The fusion whimpers again, until Eduardo places his hand on their spiked shoulder. The fusion stops fidgeting and turns to face him. Half of their eyes are staring at the floor, majority having brownish-green irises. The others are trying to stare at him, most of them being grey. The fusion emits a slight growl, before wheezing. Eduardo is getting worried. The fusion seems to be in a lot of internal pain and he honestly has no idea how to split them up back into normal. The next few minutes are spent trying to get examples for Eduardo to test. The fusion got a little feisty but didn’t lash out. Eduardo spends the next few DAYS running tests on the blood and skin samples. He even got a tooth from the fusion, since it was so loose. The fusion itself crawls around Tord’s lab, seemingly trying to clean it up. It’s always moaning and coughing, keeping Tom and Matt awake at night in fear. The duo feeds the fusion daily, mostly meat. It’s disturbing to watch the fusion eat to be honest. It tends to shove the food whole into its mouth, just swallowing it. But one time they gave it a can of cola, and it seemed to squeal at just the sight of it. Yup,

That’s Edd.

They shoved the can into their mouth sideways, puncturing it with their teeth and letting the liquid drip into their mouth. They spat out the can afterwards and whimpered for more. After that, Tom and Matt feeds the fusion a six pack of cola everyday, watching it incase they don’t choke on the can.

Eduardo is getting peevish. He hasn’t found a cure yet and the fusion seems to be getting ill, somehow to radiation poisoning. One day he lashed out at Tom and Matt, out of sheer rage and frustration. The fusion overheard bits of the argument through the walls, and it wasn’t very nice.


“P-please, just try a little bit harde-”


After that they heard a door slam and Matt’s crying. Tom curses for a few moments and even punches a wall, until he reassures Matt and it’s all silence. The fusion is dumbfounded.

The next day Eduardo came over with a pack of cola and a apology. He says he lost his temper and wants to apologize to Matt for hurting his feelings. Matt accepts it and Tom isn’t mad at Eduardo. Eduardo makes it into the lab, somehow smelling the sharp smell of copper and something else foul.


The fusion is propped across the room in their corner, their guts and internal organs spilled out unto the floor. Their face is full of tears and all of their eyes for once are simultaneously looking in one direction, to a desk with something on top of it. Their claws are dripping in their own blood and flesh, and their ever present open and toothy mouth seems to be finally closed for once. Eduardo nearly vomits at the sight and smell, until seeing their dead gaze at the desk.

It’s a letter.

It’s poorly scrawled out, but it’s legible.

“s….oRRy….. WE Fo…….Ug..hT…. iN Th…E LA….b wE dON’T W….an…t TO bE A pRo….b…lE….M……. LOVE, ED…D aND t….O..RD”

Eduardo drops his cola he brought for the fusion and weeps.

What has he done?…..

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((👏 Duo Chara fusion!))


Despite being an interesting mix, Pyrage was probably an accident produced in a heated moment. They have power and potential and they feel comfortable together, but the most that has been established is that they’re a master of sarcasm and a god of sass. Perhaps there’s more to this fused duo that they haven’t quite uncovered yet?

I feel this theme fits for lack of better idea!

Send “👏”and I’ll describe what a fusion between our muses would look and act like. // DISCONTINUED


Spilled Chai X UC Student of Color Conference at UC Berkley

November 6th - November 8th 2015

Almost two months ago, myself and Lil’ Spinach were given the amazing opportunity to be delegates from UC Riverside to go to the UC Student Of Color Conference up in Berkeley. Along with being delegates, we were given the opportunity to host a workshop called “Hair and Lovely: Discussing Euro-centric Beauty Standards” and perform as well. Your favorite duo did a fusion spoken word and bharat nataym performance. I wrote and performed a piece called “Gaar Ki Awaaz” (Sound of Home), while Palak danced to the story it entailed. The workshop was amazing, and so eye opening of the power embodied in our youth and the waves their voice creates. Also, the performance was not a failure!! Most importantly, from this entire experience I am filled with so much love and gratitude for meeting so many people. Helping be apart of a conversation and safe space to discuss the issues that plague one’s one’s identity is an experience that my words can never articulate. I had no idea so many people would show up to the workshop, I had no idea so many people would give us this much feedback for all our work. Yet, what matters to me is how much I learned from the workshop and the conference as a whole. It really makes you take a step back from the world you engulf yourself in, and see those surrounding you, and seeing their struggles. Meeting all these beautiful souls really is something else. We are all learners of this duniya, learners and students of so many forms and concepts. What I realized was simply having the opportunity to express yourself and educate yourself is a blessing that I know I’ve taken for granted.  Overall, it was humbling, just extremely humbling for my existence in this universe. (◕‿◕✿)  // Sumeera

Like Sumeera mentioned earlier, we had the amazing opportunity to attend the UC Student of Color Conference at UC Berkeley.  We hosted our first workshop discussing topics that touched upon issues of colorism, caste system, and european dominated ideologies of appearance and physical beauty.  The amount of love and light we received and from the students who attended our workshop was indescribable.  It was as if someone had turned the walls of our classroom, into enormous arms that scooped us up and cradled a group of strangers to embody such a beautiful understanding of each other’s presence in the room.  While standing and listening to the brave stories and insight of my peers, all I could feel was a wave of inspiration and empowerment flow throughout my body.  The fact that we were able to create such a magical space by connecting issues that not only affected the South Asian community, but many other ethnic groups as well was indeed a very satisfying reward.  We were able to facilitate a dialogue that opened up a platform that brought similar perspectives from different backgrounds into the forefront of our main topic of discussion.  Being able to be a part of a conference that brought about so much emotion, passion, and positivity regarding such a diverse group of individuals was something I will never forget.  Many thanks to the lovely people I got to meet and learn from during this adventure.  Shukriya // Palak