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The final Nikoichi comic is “Both of Their Panties”, and it features Re:vale! They’re back in their dressing room after a program, so what are they talked about as they relax?

*tl notes: Yuki’s “if you insist” is more literally “Momo can’t be helped,” but the phrase used can also mean what I put above.  It’s probably worth noting that it’s said with the nuance of “oh, Momo, what a silly”.

Also, the uh, Butt Buddies, thing.  I think Momo was punning, but guess who gave up translating that to English (hint: it was me).  He uses 尻にしく (with “コンビ” or duo/combo) which as a PHRASE means “to dominate (usually one’s husband)”.  But taken in pieces, it can probably mean “spread out across [their] buts]”, aka their underwear.  So he’s making a pun out of them being a duo of people with paired pictures on their asses, while also making a Married joke.  Momo pls.

And then here’s the bonus rubber strap illustration: “The two of them are holding a peach and an apple, in connection with Momo’s favorite drink.  The wings that match their song are also cute ♥”

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He's not my favorite but I'm actually really worried for Ong when it comes to 1 pick. His rank dropped even though he was paired with the #1 biggest vote getter, a lot of those votes came from Daniel stans. Do you think he'll still be safe?

hes my fav so i’m rly worried for ong djkkjsdsjk, he’s really well-liked but def. has a smaller fanbase than guys like jihoon/dan/big woojin. but i still can’t really gauge his fanbase size compared to others because of this damn 2-pick system. 

but,, i feel like i really overestimated the voting pacts for pairings as well. i feel like there are many daniel fans that are company stans (bc jisung is so likable ajkdskd and mmo is shitty company) so they might be voting for the mmo duo instead.

another popular combo are the kang d’s…..

i feel like there are also many people (general audience) who don’t really care about pairings and just went for their faves lol. so yes while a number of people liked ongniel, there are also people who like ong+another guy and daniel+another guy. 

i feel like ong has been gaining some public recognition from ppl..his catch phrase has been used in some places ( jeongmal real daebak heol) and he has trended a while from being hong seokcheon’s no.1 pick so keep the faith and trust the ong fangirls (and boys he has lots of fanboys) anon <3

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me and my friend were a great duo bot combo he would always support I would always ADC and a lot of the time we won our lane we were so good he would play Tahm and just vore people or Braum and just be meat shield for me

i have a friend that i used to duo bot with alot (i switched from maining support to maining mid so we dont duo much anymore) and we were preeetty unstoppable for a long time ngl


Magic: the Gathering - Commander Thoughts

So I was going to work on a White / Black ‘Pillowfort’ build with Daxos the Returned and then I lost focus and decided instead to use Athreos with a ‘gain ‘n’ drain’ theme using extort with Blood Artist dating the Soul Sisters.

Long story short, the combo-rrific duo Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood make the cut - and then - I did a dick thing by putting Plea for Guidance in the mix.  Having a combo in your Commander stack is cool, but don’t expect to make friends at the table after putting tutors for the pieces in there too.

I fear I have become ‘that guy’   : (

“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” - Robert Oppenheimer

Even The Game Runners Ship it

The Fairy Tail Magic Ranbu mobile game recently sent out a notification to people’s phones announcing the new Gray and Juvia toons that are available, and instead of saying Gray and Juvia, they literally used the Japanese SHIP name to describe them:

“Gurejubi konbi” (thanks to chanting-to-u for the exact words) which literally means the “Gruvia pair/duo/combo.” So even the official FT games are using Gruvia’s ship name to talk about them! They ship it haha! It’s like it’s just accepted that they are a couple. ^-^

In fact, the Gray and Juvia toons offered are the GMG versions: 

And Juvia’s special attack is her “Wings of Love” (Gray-sama love) attack lol!

  • Aoi: tonight 2 a.m. RAJIGAZE!
  • Aoi: eh? the Shōnan duo...*? that’s like saying Tokyo Disneyland is actually in Tokyo...🐔 **
  • Aoi: well, they have perfect chemistry so I’m sure they’ll be so funny no one will be able to stop laughing! for example, even if the conversation stalls it’s only cause an angel passed by, not their fault.
  • don’t miss itー(๑*౪*๑)b
  • *Shōnan is a region in Kanagawa, Japan. Since Reita and Uruha (who will be on the radio show tonight) were born around there they are often called the Shōnan duo (or combo).
  • **It’s called Tokyo Disneyland but it’s not actually in Tokyo but in Chiba.

Double Combo wishing you a Happy New Year