Hey everyone!

I’m hoping to go to Berlin, but that all depends on how much money I make. In order to raise some money, I set up an online store.


I mentioned maybe a month or so ago that I am trying to raise money and get rid of all my stuff.

I will be having a garage sale with all this stuff in it in about a week and a half. But in case you can’t make it, or if you can make it but are worried about all the good stuff being snatched up, feel free to purchase things at my store.

I also mentioned a contest, where anyone who reblogs this gets a chance to win a set of earrings, and that I would be picking two winners. I still plan on doing this! So if you already reblogged, don’t worry I wrote down your tumblr name. If you haven’t reblogged, please do! Help a sister out! I know that’s not much of an incentive for most guys, but if you reblog and win I’ll find something to give you. I have MAD stuff I need to get rid of, so I’m sure I can find you something cool.

I will be adding more stuff daily, so keep checking back.

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Thanks for staying tuned and thanks for the support.


(aka Stephanie)

The size limit in storenvy is pretty ridic, so there are better pics of the stuff here.

dunx replied to your post: Relationship statuses over the past 10 years.

You and me both! People tell me I’m cute, but I can’t help but say to myself- then why isn’t ANYONE EVER interested in dating me? I think it has a lot to do with hanging in mostly white circles all my life. People find me “funky” but not attractive

Yeah, I was always in mostly white circles (and still am for the most part outside of being at Howard) and I guess the people that I always would sort of have fleeting crushes on were white dudes, but idk I’m still really convinced that white dudes don’t usually find black women attractive and that sure as hell ain’t our fault because we are hot as hell sooooooo fanks societal expectations of beauty herp derp.