dunstan mcgill

We’re proud to announce our fifth anniversary book: a collection of humor writing ripped straight from the headlines, from our heads, from our beds, from our stomachs, and from our blog since we started this whole shebang in 2011. Here’s what the back cover says, and why would it lie?

Culled from thousands of satirical, pointed, sometimes absurd blog posts, Sexts from the Sea collects over 100 of the funniest pieces ever published on The Tangential — a pop culture and creative writing blog that just celebrated its fifth anniversary.

With posts like “What Your Bra Type Says About Your Boobs’ Personality,” “Charles Dickens’s Top Ten Asshole Moves,” “Excerpts from Batman’s Failed Poetry Blog,” “What Popular Fast Food Chains Would Be Like in Bed,” and of course the erotic titular collection, Sexts from the Sea is an amusingly skewed survey of contemporary culture — high, low, and everywhere in between. (Okay, mostly low.)

In addition to the best humor writing by The Tangential’s co-founders Becky Lang, Jay Gabler, and Katie Sisneros, Sexts from the Sea also includes funny stuff from Courtney Algeo, Linnea Goderstad, Amina Harper, Katya Karaz, Sarah Lansky, Dunstan McGill, Lisa Olson, Heidi Schatz, Chrissy Stockton, Chris Vondracek, Emily Weiss, and Jason Zabel.

It’s available both for Kindle and in a paperback edition with a cover beautifully designed by Caroline Royce. If you buy the paperback, you get the e-book for free! Yum.