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What about Dunsparce? I'm not asking because I dislike Dunsparce, but because I actually really like them and I want to know your thoughts on them.

Very cute and very rare. I spent ages searching for one in Dark Cave in HeartGold but that 1% spawn rate wasn’t having it so I gave up. Interestingly, my coworker is playing Crystal and Dunsparce was the first Pokémon he encountered there.


As a kid I thought that Dunsparce was suppose to be some sort of dead fly with angel wings, so when I saw Shedinja for the first time I thought it was its new evolution

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If you could live in a fictional world, what would it be?

Two come to mind right away.

-Pokemon world because I would love to have Arboks, Sevipers, Dunsparces, Milotics, Serperiors you know, the serpent pokemon. And others of course. I always wanted a magical snake haha. Plus battling would be so cool. I’d take on Ash and destroy him. haha

-The world of avatar would be my other fictional world. I would be an Earth Bender. Except I would be an Earth bender/Water bender mix. Only of it’s kind other than the avatar hahaha I always dreamed of bending earth and water. save the world and what not. I’d be a Toph Bei Fong type of person haha

Those would be my two fictional worlds that I’d want to live in. 

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Eyyy, I'm a fan of pretty much every Pokémon as well! I certainly have preferences, but I can't think of any I outright dislike. Nuzlocking has definitely taught me to appreciate every Pokémon you find. As a matter of fact, on the Nuzlocke comments another reader asked me to find a redeeming quality in Dunsparce just to prove the point, so I typed up several paragraphs on the subject. They awarded me with the title of "Most Positive Person In The World" as a result, lol. All 'mons have upsides~

That’s so cool! And Dunsparce is adorable. As for Nuzlocking, yeah I can imagine how it would endear you to certain Pokémon. Same thing happened to me and how I played X and AS, made me really love unevolved Pokémon. Now most of my faves are unevolved.

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i must know: where do you stand on Dunsparce

I have never met a person who likes Dunsparce that I’ve not liked.

They are beautiful rare, yet humble creatures, just like their fans