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(sometimes-flareon) Annabelle: Do you like flower crowns? I love making them for others since it almost always makes them smile! Bet you a clover crown would look amazing with your cute hat!


He really likes that idea! Can he help make it?

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National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2012-04-30 10:01:57 by stuart murdoch
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Napoleon beckons, but first a trip to the port potty is in order?


It’s that time of year again! My FAVORITE season! It’s Fall!

Thus prompts me to do my annual “girls in hoodies/sweaters” collection. This time I spiced it up a bit by doing a combination of hoodies, sweaters, AND coats. My goal was 12 characters, just like last year, but this time I put more effort into them.

Characters listed (according to the first image):

(PS: a few characters have gotten slight design tweaks)