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Aight so this is Haromi

I tried a different style with this one, it’s probably not for everyone but i like how he came out
He’s pretty obviously inspired by some of ThreeA’s figures

Thought he doesn’t have a real backstory yet but i’m thinking he could be in the same world as Cusoki or something

and i dunno why i made him a Bandai shirt but it looks kinda cool?

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really

I just made myself sad

Why is it that whenever I browse through the yuri on ice tag i always get ideas for an au.

Anways the au i’m thinking of is an Ano Hana AU. If you don’t know the anime, lucky you. This anime will make you cry like a little bitch. Hell i keep putting off the movie because i don’t wanna cry again.

I dunno how to explain this au properly so i shall post a short summary:

It has been years since the last time Victor Nikiforov danced on ice. It’s been years since he heard his laugh, seen his smile and heard the music he made with his body.

As much as his friends and family urged him to move on, he did not want to. What he had with Yuuri can never be replaced. And it was hard to move on when the object of his affection decided to haunt him.

“Come on Victor, won’t you skate for me?”

In which Yuuri Katsuki died of a tragic skating accident after winning the Grand Prix and Victor is terrified of the ice because he’ll remember what happened. Yuuris ghost decided to haunt his ass because Victor was born to skate and dance and be one with the ice. ALSO very supportive yurio and other skaters.

Random Request Time!

as requested by

@carolyn-the-sword : Purple = 1 character 

 faerill :Lucina  (for some reason i cant tag em dunno why)

@fancywailord : Y = Different class

@feignedblood : September = whatever i feel like atm

and i felt like a super anime promo art pose so i did that

this one wasnt as crazy but i really wanted to do it cus the witch dlc just came out and is the first thing that popped on my head, i still wanted to keep lucinas colors instead of going to black and purple tho, so i made some modifications

i said i was gonna do one a week but ill change that rule to “at least” one a week

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1h doodle based on yew’s diary entry on frosties

i believe with all my heart that after not being able to get a frosti accessory, yew made his own one-of-a-kind frostie plushie


Some ink and watercolour Sunset and Twilight

anonymous asked:

An anti literally made me cry tonight. They just spammed my IG page with hate, calling me names and just being really horrible to me. Calling me pathetic because I'm 21, a mum and a larrie. I've literally never said anything to any anti before in my life, I totally respect their opinions if they don't believe, I've never been involved in drama, I just post pictures and art and stuff, idk what I did wrong, I just feel really sad now, i dunno why this has got to me so much :(

i’m so sorry anon that’s absolutely awful and says so much more about the person doing that then it does about you.

you do not deserve that kind of treatment, the person who said that is an asshole, and you have absolutely nothing to feel ashamed or bad about.

that anti is a bully and a coward and would never act that way towards you if they didn’t know (or at least suspect) deep down that they’re wrong.

i don’t know how blocking works on instagram but definitely block them if you haven’t already and try not to let it affect you too much personally because you have done nothing wrong. this on them and their behaviour is appalling.

“We’re lucky,” Beth said suddenly.  “Say one of us would’ve died at the prison or just, I dunno, got bit out on the road or somethin’.  Say I never got outta Grady or you would’ve died in that bus crash trying to get to D.C..  We never would’ve met.  None of this would’ve ever happened.”

Tara held Beth tighter, an unease she couldn’t place curling its way around her bones.  “But it did, and you’re here now.  We both are.”

thewitherwizard  asked:

I dunno why everyone's sending you dem pick up lines (I prolly missed a post). Rather than an anon pick up line I wanted to say that you're super cool and your voice is really nice. Its obvious that you're a really sweet guy, cause I always do a smile when you end up on my dash, no matter what it is. Happy platonic valentines day \^^/

It kinda just…. happened? Not sure, honestly. This made me smile alot, you’re so nice <333

Tag Game Thingy

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Do I Get Asks Regularly: hahahahahahahhah I wish, I would love to meet new people
Why Did I Choose My Url: It was just a pay on my rp blogs url which got deleted unfortunately
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Fave Color: Purple, Black, or red 
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I Tag: @anyone who wants to do it, seriously, I love learning about people.

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I can give info on the UBOS one, since I watched that. It's episode 13, and the students made shrink potions. Except one did it wrong and made a grow potion. Both types got used while fighting baddies.

Ooh, neat!
I dunno why i seemingly randomly remember U.B.O.S, for a long time i thought it was smth i’d genuinely dreamed up but it’s nice to have confirmation it’s not!



But drawing like crazy over on Discord ha ha 

So I made this sketch dump thingy. Mostly shippy stuff :3c

Also a small appearance of @shiro-hunter ‘s Schwarzer 

I hope you guys like it!! (I still have more stuff piling over  here, I’ll post em later)