dunno why i did that


all that suffer

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all those empty feelings

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all those sleepless nights

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all that pain

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and all that misery

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ended finally. And we get this beautiful, pure, angelic laughing boy again♥♥

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we’ve waited too long. And I believe, totally worth it..


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)

Dumb story I just remembered

In case no one likes Starco, just a heads up that there’s a reference to it

I was watching the latest season Star vs The Forces of Evil (beginning of season 2, which had just released that time)., and my brother walks in.
Now my lil brother, he’s like one of those kids who go “Eww Girly Shows! I’m a boy and I don’t like Girly Shows!”, and he likes walking into my room and see what I’m doing whenever he’s bored.
I was like “Oh no, he better not start complaining about the shows I watch.” Because I generally watch more cartoons than he does, and he likes to tease me about it
The screen showed this one scene with Marco and Star trying to clean up her closet, and my brother just stares at the screen for the longest time in silence.

The room was quiet, sans the laptop I was watching the episode on. And he spoke three words… “I ship it”

Ever since then, the two of us would watch Star vs. The Forces of Evil together and shriek over Starco and Janna like a bunch of nerds.