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i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).

So as funny as the idea that Ron’s new sword is a kid’s toy from Funland was...

Sorry, but I won’t shut up about this episode :P Now I’ve seen all of the screenshots, I spotted in the night time scene that Ronaldo’s sword (which seems like the fool has dropped :D Perhaps he hasn’t learned; baaaalance is the keeey!) looks more like this colour…

And in daylight, it is really fuckin’ bright green, which is why my first thought was it was one of his replica swords from a con, or perhaps - hilariously - a plastic toy! XD But I digress, these two colours do kinda look the same as the hand ship’s colour scheme… granted the scenes in The Return were in very bright green light (probably from the hand ship itself) but it does look suspiciously similar, no?

I’ve been wondering for aaages what Ronaldo was gonna do with that big piece ‘o hand ship he nicked. OMFG if it is from the hand ship material, Peri is gonna kill him hahaha. Unless of course… she made it? No, that can’t be right… can it? *Wander squee*


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Rhyme instincts dont wear off that fast, Aober

justagayarmin and chim-chim-cherry are the cooliest tho

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