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“Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.”

Ship headcanons: Morro/Lloyd

I’ve probably already said some of these before but WHATEVER

- They first met up again when Morro returned from being a ghost (because he definitely made it through the rift and is still alive). They started officially dating several months later.

- Morro gets extremely flustered whenever he asks Lloyd out on a date, or if they do so much as hold hands.

- Lloyd made the first move when it came to kissing. Long story short, Morro fainted.

- Sometimes Lloyd will braid Morro’s hair because it’s so long, and likes weaving little flowers into it. Despite how much Morro says he hates it, he secretly loves it when Lloyd plays with his hair.

- Morro is the worst cook imaginable, but always tries to make Lloyd breakfast in bed. Lloyd repays him with cooking lessons.

- They almost never spar together, because Lloyd is reminded of how much suffering Morro put him through, and Morro is reminded of how awfully he treated Lloyd before. However, they slowly work towards being comfortable with it.

- Morro doesn’t think that Lloyd deserves someone like himself, believing that Lloyd should be with someone who has never hurt him before. However, Lloyd has forgiven him, even if it took a long time to do so.

  • person in the 1960s: the cia controls the media
  • other person in the 1960s: oh thats just silly conspiracy theory shit, you're just crazy its not true
  • person today: not only does the CIA control the media but the FBI too has been granted the legal right to control it.
  • other people today: yeah we know. lol what can you do am i right?

made this as a sketch to brighten up ellanainthetardis day a while back and decided to finish it with some colour since now we’re both in the whiskey and wine network OMG XD ♥

the muse was in anime mood apparently