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Long Ass Post Regarding The Bastille Fandom and how it's really Not As Great as it's made out to be


so ive seen a Lot of posts lately praising the bastille fandom for being so “nice and sweet and chill and tolerant” etc etc.
and they bother me a lot.

I have nothing against the people making these posts. they’re happy with the corner of the group that they associate with, and that’s fine.

what I do have a problem with is the posts themselves.

they make out like this fandom is so nice and peachy and perfect when if you look even a tiny little bit further away from your own friend group within it, if you scrape a tiny bit under the surface, it’s obvious this is certainly not the case, and nobody acknowledges this.
no fandom is perfect, especially not this one.

we have our fair share of sketchy disgusting shit going on.
it may not be to the level of certain others but it is there and it’s bad, and the mentality of glossing over that completely is worrying me.

I have a few points I’m gonna go over, mostly relating to this fandoms treatment of Dan, and their treatment of each other.

•1 Treatment of Dan

this is probably mostly in reference to the twitter group of the fandom but it’s bad on tumblr too hoo boy.

to put it bluntly

y'all are fucking THIRSTY
and it’s disgusting.
because Dan doesn’t have a partner that we know of publicly everyone seems to take that as him being free range and make some pretty Ugly and Disgusting comments towards him- and even worse y'all do it on twitter too, on his tweets, which he can see?
the way you talk about him really rubs me up the wrong way.

he’s a human being for god’s sake and i don’t wanna sound like your mum but ACT LIKE YOUD WANT TO BE TREATED YOURSELF.

he is not free for you to treat like you do- and a good mirror for my point of the fact he doesn’t have a partner we know of is: you don’t make those kinds of advances toward woody, do you? y'all know he’s married and you respect that, which is great. but you can’t show the same courtesy towards Dan? (and don’t try to say that woody isn’t as attractive as Dan that has nothing to do with this.).

Even worse is your harassment of anyone involved with Dan’s life like his friends especially his female friends -
the AMOUNT OF TIMES i have SEEN speculation about one of his friends or a crew member or anything being his girlfriend- and then you go and harass the poor girls?? what the fuck??? it shouldn’t matter to you if he has a partner and if he does you DONT HARASS THEM LIKE THIS.
i find it really hypocritical especially after the whole glory thing.

•1a Treatment of the boys on twitter

I’ve said something about this before but the twitter fandom is SO bad. I’m not very involved with it so i won’t make claims but they’re some of the worst i think mainly because due to the nature of twitter they have direct contact with the band.
anyway, twitter fandom is awful, not going further bc y'all know

•2 Treatment of others within the fandom

oh boy!
y'all are not all nice
as someone who floated around Heaps before i settled within the space I had within the fandom when I was a somewhat active participant in it, I can tell you that a Good Percentage of you in the tumblr section of the fandom are demons.
I’ve seen people bully and harass others, send anon hate, more and more and more and i think maybe it’s gotten worse since the second album?
the main problem is I think you’re all too overprotective of the band as a whole.

•2a Treatment of the creative side of the fandom

this place is the WORST when it comes to art theft of various incarnations Holy SHIT
you steal and repost other people’s edits, their art, their gifs, with no credit and that is Bad. You know it’s bad but do you stop? no. do you check sources? no.
you follow and reblog from accounts that repost gifs and you dont give a shit- even when the original watermarks are Right There

And let’s get back into how y'all treat Greg shall we?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it as many times as possible-
how have you not learned? why do i still see leaked photos going around? why do you not check the source before you reblog? why do i, to this day, see photos from the photobook online when you’ve been specifically told not to post them?

it’s ugly and disgusting how you treat creators in this place, especially Greg.

• in conclusion

there’s more to this but this is long enough already.
what bothers me the most is how nobody seems to see this? how you praise each other for being so Great and Cool?
there’s some great circles of people in here, i agree, a lot of you are really great but there’s still the other side to it there.
no fandom is purely nontoxic!! you know that!!
it’s worse here than you think it is and that’s what i want you to take away if you got through this long ass terrible post.

sorry for being the one to crash your party but it’s the hard truth and I wish more people were aware of it because this ignorance worries me.

(thanks to joyce for talking with me and helping me think out this post a bit)

Cuddling with Darkiplier would be like...

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

- Not much of a cuddler, but if you ask he’ll eventually give and cuddle with you. When he’s in a terribly bad mood he will simply refused to do that and leave you alone until he’s calm down some. 

- Most of the times when he does say no, you initiate the cuddles. 

- You’d crawl over to him on the bed - or move closer to him on the sofa depending where your at and rest your head on his chest, arm around him. 

- Like this, it’s really just you cuddling up to him while he silently fumes about you not listening to him, but he let’s you do what you want - sometimes. 

- In bed, cuddling like this, he likes to stroke your hair a lot. Liking the soft feel of it and the amazing scent of whatever shampoo that you use, knowing that it’s the one he likes. 

- Dark would be very possessive over you. When he cuddles you, you’re wrapped tightly, and securely into his chest, either facing him or your back to him. 

- Sometimes it’s just him holding you, other times it’s him with his face hidden in your neck. Lips moving across your skin there leaving marks down to your chest. 

- The moments when he is just holding you too him are ones that are sacred They are rare, and because of them being so rare that makes them mean so much more then other times you’ve cuddled him. 

- Because he’s holding you, wanting to protect you and keep you there with him. Its a moment of trust and vulnerability which he hates feeling but allows himself in these small moments with you. 

- While he uses you in most things, this is one of the times it’s not. Because deep down, a part of him cares for you. Though, it’s not his main emotion driving him, it’s still there.

- And you know this. And you can’t help but care for him too.


Have a bunch of random doodles I’ve done in the past while. Which has mostly been consisting of Danganronpa stuff mainly relating to @gngm-kmkm’s AUs, my own AUs (even though only one is featured here), @drawkill (even though only one is featured here too), and the occasional self art or OC doodle. I dunno.
Fun fact: I really enjoy drawing Eldritch Horrors.

(( so Easter passed and then I lost interest in doing an Easter thing

so have this instead. I know the Demon Days parody’s been done a lot before but I did it anyway. I didn’t really put much effort to stick to the art style either cause I kinda wanted to keep most of the elements of my own? But yeah. Was pretty fun ))


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V

SHEPARIA TRASH MIX - Fanmix for a paragon Shep/Aria

Closer - Sonna Rele Ft Ne Yo | FOOLS Remix - Filous | Aria Economy - C418 | Please Don’t Go - Mike Posner | Luv Sic (Part 2) - Jason Yang | Done With Love - ZEDD | Green Light - John Legend Ft. Andre 3000 Toxic - Glee | Get On Your Knees - Nicki Minaj Ft. Ariana Grande | Shape Of My Heart - 2Cellos |

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I’ve been debating a really meaty, drawn-out Heavensward retrospective, but I think in the meantime, I’m just gonna do something short.

(This wound up being a lot longer than I planned but you cannot imagine what the ‘long’ version of this was going to be.)

It’s been a really weird two years and there have been a lot of ups and downs.

In-game, there was of course that whole thing with what’s-her-fuck who tried to steal my FC, but I really can’t say that was the worst thing ever or that, honestly, it didn’t work out well in the long run.  It ultimately ended with Coral being stronger as an overall community and not being plagued with the presence of someone who, to this day, can’t stay in a free company because they can’t help but fall back on their worst habits.  There’s a lot I could say here, but I’ll just leave it at the fact I’m really happy I’m not someone people avoid because I consort with her.

My time in-game has really been good.  It’s been spent with old friends and a lot of new ones.  I spent a lot of Heavensward succeeding at being more social on a personal level.  I’ve gotten to know a lot of really cool people and, honestly, I’d sit here and hammer out a list of all the amazing new people I met throughout Heavensward, but it’s a long list and I’m sure I’d forget someone.  It’s probably every bit of twenty people though.

A lot of the span of Heavensward was spent with me dealing with some pretty serious health issues that started getting a lot better towards the middle of last year and don’t much sign of returning.  I feel a lot healthier, I have more energy, and not being under the constant stress of a failing body has made me a lot happier and, hopefully in turn, a lot more pleasant to be around.

I’ve grown a lot closer with the friends I had going into Heavensward.  We’ve gotten to do cool stuff together and I’ve gotten to learn more about my friends as people and in a lot of cases develop into more than just “friends because we play the same game”.  Developing those stronger relationships and, more importantly, finally learning how to identify them has made me more secure in my bonds with people.  For the first time in a very long time, when the anxiety that the people around me don’t really care about me crops up, I have the presence of mind to will it away.  That has a lot to do with the healthiness of the connections I have with the people in my life and, to be a little mean, the lack of unhealthy relationships I have now.

Of course, I can’t really talk about the time I spent during Heavensward without talking about Fan Fest.  I got to hang out with some amazing people and shared some really fun times like accidentally eyefucking a fuckboy and reading about Filipino Jesus at CVS.

If I got to meet you to meet you at Fan Fest, I just want you to know I’m super grateful I did, whoever you are!  A truly BIZARRE number of people yanked me out of crowds and flagged me down to say hi and, honest to God, I had no idea I was so recognisable and not punch-on-sight.

Late in Heavensward, I got my desire to really interact with the community back.  I’m still really shy about going to public events and I think my sort-of-resolution for Stormblood is going to be to get serious about going to events because the times I’ve gone to them, I’ve been really glad for it.

I don’t really know what else to say other than that I’ve been really grateful for all the old friends I’ve grown closer to and the new friends I’ve gotten to meet.

FFXIV’s community has been a weird one, and even for whatever drama has been going on lately, I still say it’s a good community on the whole.  It’s one I’m happy to be part of and I’m glad for the people I share it with, including a lot of people I haven’t gotten to know yet.

Looking for more FR blogs to follow!

MY DASH, it is dead, and my crop of beautiful dragons to compliment lay barren. I’d really like to follow some fresh blogs, especially if you’ve got lore! Beautiful, beautiful lore. I’m finally kicking my butt back into writing gear, and seeing other people doing the same thing helps a load.

So, yeah. I’d appreciate it a ton, truly. I’d prefer close to 100% FR (I definitely don’t mind some discourse), and as close to as little drama as possible, please (even if you just tag it, that’d be great).


Edit: Oh god, I almost forgot. I follow from teamskulladminavalon. That me main.

Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Tagged by the lovely  @asktashigi (thank you so much for tagging me. Even tho I didn’t get he chance to do this till now)

1. How old are you?

2. What’s your current job?
Currently I’m a cashier at a craft store, tho I’m hoping to start up doing art commissions or sell some of my homemade crafts

3. What are you talented at?
um……baking, embroidery, making crafts, and dunno what else

4. What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?
A goal I really want to achieve is to write a book that ends up being successful

5. What’s your aesthetic?
uh….blue stuff lol and luffyko!

6. Do you collect anything?
I collect a ton of stuff. Lol I’m practically hoard everything. Stones, rocks, bottle caps, figures, Pokemon cards, regular cards, ribbon and tons of other stuff

7. What’s a topic you always talk about?
Anime, no doubt about that

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours?
hm…..people not calling my Luffyko, Luffyko and instead call her Luffy. That is a recent pet peeve of mine that developed and it’s starting to grind on my nerves. But besides that nothing that I can think of

9. Good advice to give?
….I feel like I’m awful at advice XD But if I have to give some good advice, it’s that don’t forget to do one thing everyday that makes you happy. Whether it’s listening to your favorite song and jamming out to it, or reading some of your favorite book. But try to find one good thing to do to make you happy each day.

10. What are three songs you’d recommend?
so many songs. So hard to choose. Probably

- Kamien z napisem love - enej (I think that’s how the band is spelled. enej)
- If team skull had a million dollars (Look it up XD It’s amazing)
- Better (Look this up on youtube. The person who uploaded it, is called Alyssa T)

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Hey I'm "i can stay quiet/ i stay quiet/ I will decide when I speak" anon, your sigil has been doing wonders for me! May I request one with the intent "I can do this" as in "I will not sabotage myself" and "I have the choice to try" ? My sense of obligation to do things perfectly has been really affecting me to the point I keep procrastinating and giving up even on things I used to enjoy because "if it won't be perfect, why try?"

Hello! I’m so happy to hear the sigil is helping! It really made my day, not gonna lie.

I’m awfully sorry for not getting to this sooner, today’s been crazy! To make up for it, I put together a few sigils for you. Also I couldn’t decide which one I preferred.

The first sigil follows the “I can do this” and “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” mentality. Because gosh dang it sometimes you just gotta do it! <insert Sia Lebouf meme here>

The second sigil is more along the lines of addressing the issue of getting started, of motivation despite the anxiety about perfection. Simply put, it’s meant to help you try anyway. It reminds you not to demand anything of yourself, but simply to invite yourself to at least make an effort, for your own sake.

The third sigil is pretty straightforward. In response to the question “why” it reminds you to ask “why not?” It’s meant to amplify that little spark of hope inside that says “So what if it’s not perfect? Why not at least try? Do it anyway. Go for it.”

I hope these help you, anon! I’m really glad to hear from you again! <3

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Name: keagan
Nickname: kale
Gender: nonbinary
Star Sign: aquarius
Height:  5’ 5″
Time: 10:45pm (boi I started this at like 10:14)
Last thing googled: how to spell silhouette 
Favourite Bands: broods, we lost the sea, tegan and sara
Fave Solo Artists: hayley kiyoko, someone else – I don’t really listen to a lot of singular artists anymore
Last movie I watched: WONDER WOMAN
Blog Birthday: I dunno sometime in october
What I blog about: supergirl, person of interest, that gay shit and memes
When did your blog reach its peak: back in like january when I made this post
Other blogs: yeah like 40 billion blogs hogging usernames and @detective-icecream
Do you get asks regularly: I can always count on someone sending me an ask like once a week, but I’m so sorry I almost never answer them D:
URL choice: it flows nicely
Following: 988 ik I’m trash
Posts: 10,749 (this’ll be 10,750)
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff!
Fave Colours: if you haven’t met me then hi my name is keagan and I don’t shut up about the color yellow
Average sleep: around 5-7 hours
Lucky number: what is luck
Fave Characters: lena luthor, kara danvers, alex danvers and maggie sawyer, root and shaw, bear, poussey, I am now realizing that I watch like three shows
Wearing now: jeggings and some old shirt that I haven’t seen in years
How many blankets do I sleep with: three, I like the weight
Dream job: I want to be a teacher (small dreams are still dreams kids)
Dream trip: I mean right now I’m craving a roadtrip across the country, but I’d like to go visit stockholm via a round trip through europe

I’m tagging @iwishiwereasleep @autistickryptonian @missmisanthropic and anyone else that wants to do this :D

PSA: Would like to follow some new blogs! :)

Hey guys! To celebrate 8k followers I’m gonna do this for the first time so basically…like / reblog this post if your blog fits the following requirements and I’ll check it out:

1) Multifandom anime / manga (I have too many fandoms to list here but basically I’ve watched a LOT of things so just try me if you’re a multifandom blog.)


2) Aesthetic (art, photography, fashion, etc.)

3) Non-anime fandoms (television shows, bands / artists, etc.)

4) Video Games

Basically, I’m looking for blogs which don’t just purely post anime. You MUST also tag things on your blog. Mutuals are welcome to reblog this to signal boost this for me too! Thanks in advance ^^

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Why Bonnie?

hey anon! (though i’m guessing this is you @lunalovey? if i’m wrong i’m so sorry anon!) and i’m guessing this is for the deleting my posts and whatnot? (i don’t know what else it would be for so…) 

i dunno i wanted a new tagging system (which i really love now) bc my old one was super messy and unorganized, and i kinda just wanted to clean out my blog. so i deleted 7 000 posts, and unliked 12 000 posts… eek i have too much time.