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Your name is Jude Harley.

Your mom died when you were very young, your pa is almost never home, and your babysitter is drunk most of the time.

Your house is a mess and there´s not much food to be found.

But that´s okay, you have older sister Joey, and even though she thinks you´re a weirdo you love each other.

There are also your pigeons and your pet, so its not that bad.

You love X-Files and theories, so you monitor everything including the strange alien portal thing in your attic you came across one day.

Joey tells you monsters and aliens are not real.

You know there is something fishy with your neighbors. You´re positive they are some kind of cult fanatics.

Joey thinks you´re paranoid, but you prefer cautious and prepared.

You were not prepared when the monsters attacked.

You were not cautious enough, because you sent one of your pigeons to his death.

Aliens are real, and your sister was abducted.

You guess you should be happy, because you were right all along.

Tears streaming down your face, you´d rather be wrong.

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Jinnie ! Would you like to do an improv with Jimin ? :000

Jin: Well.. uh.. we did film something when we were at the beach… 

Jimin: It was unplanned.. istg Jungkook wrote the script.. 

Joon: It’s a better love story than Twilight

Jungkook: Top 10 Anime Couples

Tae: *wheezes*


random twin doodles (click 4 lame captions)

Hey everyone!!! I’m back from the con!! So everything should be back on schedule! Sorry for the missed update on Sunday, I was wayyy too busy ;;; TO THE PEOPLE WHO CAME AND VISITED MY BOOTH: Thank you so much for coming by!!! I really do apologize if I wasn’t hyper or being silly.. A-kon rEALLY WAS STRESSING ME OUT??? I didn’t have a lot of energy and I had a lot on my mind (more than half of the artists there said they were not gonna come back next year due to the disorganization and layout :/// it was hella bad omg) But I seriously do appreciate seeing you all!! I wish I could’ve shown it more but damn, I was exHAUSTED by the end of Friday ahahHAHA TO COMMISSIONERS: I will start back up on commissions tomorrow! Any messages I received over the weekend will be read tomorrow (i need some slEEP SORRY)! I am really sorry for the lack of communication over the weekend. I had to use my phone for most of the booth commissions I received and transactions, so there were a lot of message notifications I missed ;;; Once again, thank you all for being wonderful and all around amazing!!! I had a good time with you guys and I hope to see more of y'all at afest! 💕💕

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Another YuGiOh bday prez for another student~*°

Olivia Coalwalker
  • Gender Identity: Female
  • Race: Worgen
  • Height: 5′3″ / 8′0″
  • Eye color: One Burgundy / One luminescent blue 
  • Hair Color: Firey orange

Fun facts —

  • Birthday: Good question
  • Occupation: Medic
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Criminal History: Her Criminal History consists of murder, torture, and unlawful forced confessions under the order of the scarlet crusade. With the Vultures, that is still developing.
  • Relationship status: Dating @bloodblade-blackwood

Favorites —

  • Favorite Food: Mid-rare steak
  • Favorite Drink: Cherry Grog
  • Favorite Artist: I dunno, something classical tho.
  • Favorite Scents: Sea salt from the deck of a ship.
  • Favorite person: Professionally, @zivandrya | Personally, @bloodblade-blackwood (duh xD)

Randoms —

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫️ Olivia is a Bastard Child.

⚫️ Olivia was born a scarlet crusader, and was trained in the way of the confessor.

⚫️ When she was born, her father shoved an infantile sayaad soul into her, along side her own. Her name is Isyrria

⚫️ Olivia is a trained medic in the cathedral of stormwind, and she’s ordained, being able to marry, if her services are needed.

⚫️ Her Blade, and torch were enchanted as a gift. They were etched with the ability to be ever burning, and being able to use them as an focus.

⚫️ If she wasn’t a career criminal, Olivia would still be caring for orphans, she loves kids.

⚫️ Olivia is an only child, none before, none after.

⚫️ Liv has a short fuse, no pun intended. Her ability is fueled by rage, and focus. So if she’s very angry with you, expect a bad time.

⚫️ Olivia’s fire can be fired with pinpoint accuracy, it can be used to melt eyeballs, and boil flesh with a thought, and a strand of flame lightning.

⚫️ Olivia adapted her accuracy with fire magic to healing, learning how to cauterize, and on her own…she managed to make her own technique. Bone welding. Using fire to weld bone, like metal. 

Five Things —

Things they like:

  • Sparring
  • Drinking
  • Fires of all types
  • One on one conversations with anyone she calls a friend
  • Singing

Things they dislike:

  • Disrespect
  • Cold weather
  • Being Threatened
  • Self-reflecting
  • Attacking her friends

Good traits/Habits:

  • Ambitious
  • Focused
  • Caring
  • Fair
  • Thorough

Bad Things/Traits

  • Quick-to-anger
  • Vindictive
  • Protective
  • Overly-Emotional
  • Easily Upset

Personalities they gravitate towards:

  • Outcasts
  • Extroverts
  • Artistic
  • Parental
  • Charming

Personalities they try to avoid:

  • Stoic
  • Cynical
  • Self-depreciating
  • Judgmental
  • Self-centered


  • Drowning
  • Freezing alive
  • Losing everyone close to her.

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