dunno know what im doing

You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same

so i remember coming out to people last semester, and this one girl asked “what are you gonna do about it?” And i was really confused, until she specified that she meant medically?

on one hand, you probably shouldnt ask questions like that right off the bat cause not everyone’s comfortable with that. but also like. heck, i dont even know?? i dont know if ill ever even get a job that pays well enough to get top surgery??? so fuck if i know man????

you’re the best bb ♥ ✧・゚:*

hI CUPCAKES!! i drew this a while ago for the new year and i’m finally posting it!! here’s snuggly lil darren and his bb from this because he was just too cute. i didn’t know what he was wearing for his pants so he gets some lil green sweatshorts ♥♥