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So my favorite Reaper76 headcanon is that Gabriel is a HUGE NERD (which is like, strongly implied btw - http://segadores-y-soldados.tumblr.com/post/157378862270/reaper-and-soldier-american-cultural-references ).

But only Jack knows this. After being Gabriel’s “best friend” for 30-ish years, Jack knows WAY TOO WELL how nerdy Gabriel is. And he loves it of course, because Jack is just as big a nerd and he loves everything Gabriel is.

But literally no one believes Jack because “Commander Reyes is such a badass.” or “Commander Reyes is so cool.”

So Jack suffers as Gabriel blatantly drops obscure sci-fi movie references or fucking video game quotes into his everyday conversations and NO ONE GETS THEM except Jack.

Gabriel: You gotta redo this budget, Jesse - your numbers don’t make sense, Mason.
Jesse: okay, cool, I’ll do that, boss - who’s Mason?
Jack *in the background*: Someone needs to stop him.

Jesse: I dunno what ta go as for Halloween this year. Any suggestions, padre?
Gabriel: Do you like lobsters?
Jesse: I - wha
Jack: …
Gabriel: how do you feel about shirts with only one sleeve?
Jack: Gabe.
Gabriel: do you feel like the ocean’s grey waves?
Jesse: ya’ll seriously lost me like a calf in a herd
Gabriel: it’s alright, Delores - how do you feel about Paint It Black in instrumental form?
Jack: *head in hands* oh my god

Gabriel and Jack pass Winston:

Jack: Hey Winston -
Winston: Hello, commanders!
Gabriel: Sup, Rajang?
Winston: …I don’t know what that means, sir.
Jack *so mad because he gets it*: Dammit Gabriel
Gabriel: No worries, Caesar. How’s that Tesla Cannon coming along?

Gabriel and Jack debrief Genji:

Gabriel: really glad you’re going to help us out, Genji.
Genji: Thank you, sir. I will do what I can to help cut out the corruption in the Shimada clan.
Gabriel: I really respect that. So you can use a katana, shurikens, and the Sharingan?
Genji: uh, yes, the katana and shurikens, I am very proficient in. What’s a sharingan?
Gabriel: Don’t worry about it. Angela is working on new cyborg upgrades for you.
Jack: whyyyyyyy

The worst moment is when Gabriel says that he “death blossomed the enemy squad” in the middle of a Blackwatch report and Jack practically starts sobbing with laughter because he knows Gabriel just dropped a fucking Last Starfighter reference and everyone else thinks Jack has lost his damn mind.

But the overall worst part is when Gabriel’s references work into Jack’s brain inadvertantly and then EVERYONE thinks Jack is a huge nerd.

Ana: Well, that mission was tough. Do you think we’ll see more from Null Sector after this?
Jack: Nevermore.
Ana: …what
Gabriel: *dry wheezing cackle* mierda, joder, holy shit
Ana (on the comms): Rein, Torb, you won’t believe this
Gabriel: how the fuck can you not like Poe??
Jack: Whitman is better -

many happy returns

i know robert’s birthday was months ago but it is my wife @inloveamateursatbest‘s birthday today so we’re all gonna pretend :)))

happy birthday my love, i hope you’ve had a good day and this makes you smile <3

Robert’s having a so-so birthday. 

He has to work, because apparently Nicola doesn’t count “wanting to spend the day with my sexy husband” as a reason not to turn up. Though, if Robert were married to Jimmy, he wouldn’t either. He pouts and whines and moans, but it’s not like he’d trust her or Jimmy with the meetings on the books, especially the Stevenson account - the guy is gross with women and Robert might be a dick sometimes, but he’s not that guy. 

Spending the day schmoozing clients when he could be still in bed with Aaron wrapped around him is bad enough, but it gets worse when he hits traffic on the M65 and ends up gridlocked. Wonderful.

Picking his phone up from the dash, Robert thumbs through to Aaron’s number. 

“You home yet?” 

“I wish,” Robert says, letting his frustration bleed through. There’s something about hearing Aaron’s voice that makes everything calmer. He wants to be home desperately, wants to be able to curl up with Aaron on their sofa, listen to Liv whining about her homework, and watching shit television until it’s time to go to bed. 

(He hopes, vaguely, there are presents in there somewhere, but they’re not a necessity to the happiness of his evening.)

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lesfemmesdangereuses  asked:

I have some horrifying food poisoning situation so DUMB PROMPT YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO FILL- 5 videos of Aaron Robert has on his phone that he probably sadly watched when he thought aaron was gonna leave him bc he wanted to hear his voice xxxx

we keep this love in a photograph 

ao3 link

Robert took a lot of photos, and videos. He was a sentimental sort of person, at heart, and he liked having the memories. He’d take all sorts of videos, silly ones, videos of a nice view, videos of Aaron doing entirely mundane things.

He had five favourites.

o n e. wales

“Robert, what are you doing?” Aaron asked, hands on hips as he glared into the camera lens, Robert’s sunglasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He was standing at the small barbecue that had been sitting in the shed of the little cottage they’d rented in Wales, burgers charring on the too high heat.

Robert remembered the heat of the late afternoon well. They’d gotten lucky, with the weather, getting a whole week of close to constant sunshine, the summer well and truly kicking in as they enjoyed their beachside holiday.

They’d decided to have a barbecue, their last day, buying all sorts in Tesco, burgers and salad and a crate of beer, overly enthusiastic about the summery sun and their last evening as a trio.

“I’m capturing the moment,” Robert’s disembodied voice replied. For posterity.”

“For posterity?” Aaron responded, barely holding back a snort. “I’m cooking tea, Robert.”

“Yeah, cooking tea on our first holiday together,” Robert responded, the camera still focused on Aaron as he flipped the burgers, sunshine blurring the focus of the camera. “I’ll want to remember this, you know. The first time we had a proper holiday together,” he explained.

Aaron’s face softened, more close up now as Robert moved across the small garden of their rented cottage. “We’ll have more holidays,” he said, decisive.

“But this will always be the first.”

Aaron smiled, really, genuinely smiled at the camera, tongs in hand. “You’re such a soft lad,” he teased, affection clear in his voice. “Now turn that off, and give us a hand. You’re supposed to be helping me, not arsing around on your phone.”

Robert had watched the video a hundred times, but the genuine love, and affection in Aaron’s voice, even back then, a mere few months after they’d decided to give their relationship a real go, astounded him.

It had been the beginning of something so good.

t w o. the beach

“Robert, are you filming me again?” Aaron asked, exasperated. He was sitting on a low sea wall, ice-cream in hand. The weather wasn’t half as nice as it had been when they were in Wales, but they’d braved the chilly day to spend a few hours at the beach.

“I wanted to record the day you won me a keyring,” Robert had the camera in selfie mode, pointed at the two of them now. He held up a gaudy keyring, a horrifically bright yellow and blue snooker ball. “Aaron Dingle, reluctant romantic, won me a keyring.”

Aaron rolled his eyes, tongue darting out to lick away some of the melting ice-cream. “Its only because I didn’t like it,” he shrugged, hoodie tugged up around his ears. His hair was mostly gel free, the aftermath of the quick splash they’d taken in the freezing ocean.

Robert nudged his shoulder against Aaron’s, wrapped up in his leather jacket. His own hair was lowing wildly in the wind, half flat against his forehead, cheeks flush with the late summer chill. “Have you had a good day?”

“You need it on camera to prove I’m not lying or summat?”

“I need it on camera because I want to remember all the good times we’re having,” Robert said, resting his chin on Aaron’s shoulder. “For when we’re old and grey.”

“You afraid we’re not going to be happy when we’re old and grey?” Aaron inquired, his focus on Robert now, an intent expression on his face as he licked at his ice-cream.

“I know we will be,” Robert said, stealing a lick of Aaron’s ice-cream.

“Oi, this is mine!”

“Whats mine is yours,” Robert said cheekily, taking another lick of the ice-cream, Aaron yanking it out of his reach.

“We’re not married, mate, and even if we were, I wouldn’t let ya have any.”

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Before getting into the transcript, just a quick heads up on who’s who:

CaptainSparklez = Jordan
SynHD/Syndicate = Tom
II_JERiiCHO_II = Tucker
CommunityMC/16bitdec = Declan/Dec
Champwan = Ryley (but everyone calls him Champwan anyway; he’s not in this vieo but he’s talked about a lot, so I thought I’d include him)

Everyone is on TeamSpeak during this series, so even if one or more of them is not on the screen, they are still speaking, which is why I’m starting these transcripts. As the summer comes to an end, I may be opening up for mods to apply and help out with these. I’ll let you know.

I’m putting a few asterisks (***) every five minutes or so on each video transcript, so you can keep track better of where you are. Because the intro takes up the first near-two minutes of the video, I’ll be counting five minute incraments out from 1:57 onward, instead of from 0:00 onward.

Transcript below; episode dialogue under readmore

Intro (it’s not vital for you to watch the video portion of this; it ends at 1:57 in the video if you’d prefer to read this part and then watch with the transcript below.)

(Jordan speaking) 

Alright, what’s goin’ on dudes, and welcome to the world of Mianite. But what is Mianite? Well, it’s sorta like this cooperative-slash-competitive vanilla Minecraft server with a bit of a twist, which will be explained to you as the episode goes by, about pleasing the gods and choosing your side, dark or light. But that’s for later. Uh, for now, let me give you a little bit of background.

So the server was started off by Syndicate, and the idea was just to play with some friends, have a good time, build stuff, uh, probably most importantly, mess with and troll your friends, of course. Um, and I had a bunch of people asking me to like, chat with him about, I dunno, maybe playin’ on the server, and so I talked with him a few days ago. He was like, “Yeah, why don’t you stop on by?” And I was like, “You know, I’ve never actually done some sort of long-running cooperative series before.” And so it sounded cool, ‘cause I’ve always done like, solo series in the past. And so uh, yeah! Should be, should be super fun! 

Um, what they’ve been doing is, every day of the week that they’re free and not doing other stuff, at noon Pacific Time they’ve been livestreaming on the Mianite server, and then taking those livestreams and putting them over on YouTube afterwards. So I can’t commit to doing it every single day, but hopefully it’ll give me a, an excuse to stream more consistently, because I have been wanting to do that, so yeah. I’ll let you know if I’m streaming via Twitter, Facebook, or you can follow directly on Twitch as well. All those links are in the description and, uh, yeah. Stream over on Twitch, then put that stuff over on YouTube as it is now, and it should be some fun. We’ll see how things go. 

So anyway, just wanted to give you some background before we begin, but the rest will be explained as the episode goes by. So hopefully it’s something you think is pretty cool! It’s something new, something different. Uh, feel free to give the video a rating or something if you’re interested- I dunno, either way. Uh, we’ll call it there with my intro and we’ll get into things.

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Gif is mine

idk if imagines are open, but what about falling asleep all cuddled up with pride at the office, and waking up with the entire team staring down at you and smirking? 

Requested by Anon~

Thank God for Dwayne Pride. If he hadn’t of dragged you over to a couch, you probably would have passed out at your desk. And you’d much rather fall asleep in his arms, pressed back against his chest, with his nose dug into your neck.

You don’t know how long you and Dwayne were sleeping on that couch. Right now, it was the most comfortable horizontal surface ever, and you didn’t want to leave. Not while you had the warmth of Dwayne Pride right behind you.

But, you were awoken before you were ready to. A large hand curled around your upper arm, lightly shaking back and forth. Pride’s familiar voice said your name over and over, soft and welcoming. But it wasn’t until you fully woke up did you notice laughter in the background.

Your eyes shot open at this, instantly coming face with face with LaSalle. He was grinning annoyingly. “Mornin’, Sleeping Beauty. Cuddlin’ up with the boss, huh?”

“Alright, alright, we’re awake.” Pride’s voice lightly scolded. “We’ll join ya shortly.”

As the rest of the team left you both alone, you scoffed and sat up, rubbing your eyes. “How long were we asleep?” You asked drowsily.

Glancing up to Pride, he only smiled your way. “I dunno; few hours?” He answered before standing up, but not without pressing a kiss to your temple. “Ya kept kickin’ me, though. Didn’t get much sleep.”